VOL. X  NO. 19 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   October 1, 1993

RUSSIA RESTRICTS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM— The exact status of a new law that Yeltsin neither signed nor vetoed, but sent back for changes, is uncertain. The 9/4 World said the Yeltsin changes were crafted under threat from a Russian Orthodox ultimatum: "If the July 14 law is not signed, the Russian Orthodox Church will turn against Yeltsin." It says the latest version of the law seems more restrictive than the original July 14 version, and confines foreigners primarily to worship activities in churches established by foreigners specifically for the use of foreigners.The 9/13 Chr.Today cited problems with the flood of religious groups,including bizarre cults,and insensi tivity to the offense to Orthodox Christians by religious rock concerts. The 9/93 Moody said the law will require registration and government accreditation of all foreign agencies and workers.

CLERGY WELCOME WITCH— Witches say "the earth is our mother" and practice Wicca, a pagan nature based religion. In recent years they seek to polish their image and portray their practices andbeliefs as part of the New Age movement saying they were politically correct environmentalistslong before "PC" was cool. In 1992 NPR had a witch reporter, and in 1989,a witches coven was de clared tax exempt (a status denied politically incorrect Bob Jones U.).In 1692 Salem,MA executed 20 suspected witches. Now, in 1993, the Salem Religious Leaders Assoc.officially welcomed a high priest witch to its ranks. An Episcopal priest said nobody in the interfaith clergy group "could think of any compelling reason" to forbid a witch from joining (9/13 CT). A U. Methodist pastor said it should become more ecumenical by also inviting Mormons, Buddhists, and Muslims to join.

U.N. CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD— This 1988 agreement created a charter advancing the children's liberation movement agenda. Much of it undermines parental rights and transfers them to the State. It is expected to be introduced by the Clinton Administration for Senate ratifica tion (8/93 NewsScan ). To insure State and UN control over their development, all children must be immediately registered after birth. Article 14 says children have a legal right to object to all religious training, and may assert their right against parental objection to participate in occult,Muslim or Buddhist worship services (7 8/93 Home School Court Rpt). Education is declared a "right" which is not only to be universally free,but compulsory. Many other dangerous "rights" are listed. Congress has introduced resolutions asking the President to sign this UN Convention.

FEMINIST SCHOLARS UNDERMINE BIBLE— A 9/13 Chr.Today article says that for the editors of an 1890s The Woman's Bible and a new Women's Bible Commentary: "[The] Bible cannot be viewed as a wholly authoritative and infallible standard of truth. Rather, it contains some true and good insights, as well as some false and harmful ideas. It is up to the feminist critic to determine which is which." CT says the WBC views Eve as having done well in "choosing knowledge." The 8/16 CT said: "The radical feminists seek to eliminate all masculine terminology used of God, either by sup plementing it with feminine terminology or by using only neuter or female images for the deity."

CHRISTIAN LEGAL DEFENSE— , in a 9/93 letter,says it "has been a voice for Bible believing churches in Washington, DC for nearly 20 years. We have consistently alerted Christians to action,lobbied against bad legislation and preached in your churches." In October, 1991, Dr. Al Janney retired as President, and CLD reorganized. Dr. E.Wayne Thompson was elected President,Dr.Richard Grammer is Vice Pres., Rev. Roger Salomon is Exec.Dir., Jack Clayton is Dir.of Research, Rev.James Hock enberry is Dir. of Lobbying, Wendell Bird is Legal Counsel, and Dr. John Stormer is a CLD Board member. CLD's address is: P.O. Box 66, Jefferson, MD 21755; Phone 301/473 8990; Fax 371 9246.

HORNBECK & O.B.E.— Eagle Forum says David Hornbeck, a Washington, DC lawyer and education con sultant,is a "social engineer" who is using the school system as one avenue to create "equity"in society (9/13 HT). He has theology degrees from Union Seminary and Oxford, and a law degree from Univ.of Penn. This non educator, who is redesigning school systems over the U.S.,works for Busi ness Roundtable, a group of CEOs which in 1989 adopted a 10 year plan to overhaul all U.S.school systems. Hornbeck is clear that the plan should include ALL children,and that society as a whole must adopt it. The goal is (as with Outcome Based Education) to produce "politically correct" students who demonstrate specific attitudes and behavior (they are "re educated" until they do).

MORE BUCKS DON'T MEAN BEST SCHOOL SCORES— Between the 1972 73 and 1992 93 school years,a 47% in crease in spending on public education for grades K 12 coincided with a 7% decline in school en rollment and a 35 point decline in SAT scores (9/13 HT). NEA's bloated bureaucracy was a factor.

OUTCOME BASED BASKETBALL— All high school basketball teams must use Outcome Based Basketball be ginning next season. To ensure that all teams feel successful,we will not keep score. It is more important that the team learn the process and finish the game at the skill level determined by the coach rather than be winners. To make sure everyone meets all the outcomes,poor players must be given more practice time and coaching.No scores will be kept and no winners will be announced During games, anyone who fails to make goals, double dribbles,fouls,or displays an uncooperative attitude toward the process, will be remediated during time outs. The better players must sit on the bench, help coach the others until they demonstrate the right moves, or engage in enrichment activities such as playing tag. These games will last much longer, so be prepared to stay. All teams will complete 12 games and will receive the same trophy. No records will be kept, no sta tistics will be needed, nor will we need any play offs, all star teams, or recognition banquets. Trophies will be meaningless,but everyone will get one.Psycho behavioral basketball experts feel that this will increase the self esteem of every player,who will feel great about his/her accom plishments. We discourage playing any games against teams that don't have the same regulations. It would be unfair competition to play against teams that emphasize excellence and winning. The peer pressure of not being part of our group should be sufficient motivation to conform the"tra ditional" team to the Outcome Based Basketball Model (6/93 Ed.Reporter). [In such Outcome Based Basketball, excellence is relative, all are equal, everyone feels great about his performance!]

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