VOL. X  NO. 20 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   October 15, 1993

HOMOSEXUALS RIOT AT FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH— Dr. David Innes, pastor of the Hamilton Square Baptist Church (1212 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94109) and an FBF board member, writes: "Last Sunday evening,Sept.19, at our 6:00 service our church was stormed by a mob of rioting homosexu als and lesbians. They came to protest the presence of Rev.Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. Because of the political stranglehold that the homosexual community has on this city, they were allowed to commit numerous criminal violations with impunity....What has happened here will be happening all across America if God's people do not establish a beachhead, draw the line and take a stand." The mob of 75 100 blocked entrances to the church, and committed acts of van dalism, terrorism and assault. Police appeared overwhelmed,and were unable to control the situa tion.Pastors may want to take an offering to help Dr.Innes and his church,or at least send $1.00 (we suggest) and a SASE and get his news release/report. Christians everywhere should call three vocally hostile San Francisco Board of Supervisor members and express their outrage: Angela Ali oto, 415/554 7788; Carole Migden, 415/554 4033; and Terence Hallinan,415/554 7766. This historic church was long pastored by Dr.Arno Q.Weniger,Sr. and housed the San Francisco Baptist Seminary.

A CHURCH WITHOUT GOD— A Zen Buddhist petition at the recent Parliament of the World's Religions said: "Buddhism is not a religion of God....We can practice religion with or without God." (9/13 C.News).From the 9/93 Chalcedon Rpt.: "The anti church [says]: If God exists,He should exist for man's benefit, to serve man and to bless man forever. [It] offers man centered,not God centered, religion. Its goal is the fulfillment of man, not the glory of God. In the name of Christ, it proclaims man. Karl Barth wrote, 'Since God himself has become man, man is the measure of all things.'..." A 7/93 AP article said the Washington Ethical Society is "a church without God." It said 20 such free thinking ethical societies are "founded on the belief that there is no God except the experience that people have in doing good." These humanists spell God with two o's.

PORNO 101: 'WHY JOHNNY'S A PERVERT'— At the University of California at Santa Barbara,70 students received credits for watching pornographic films such as Deep Throat (9/93 Rdr's Digest ). Prof. Constance Penley, whose class viewed all kinds of pornography ("straight, gay, lesbian, feminist and even amateur"), said: "We're trying to understand porn by studying the history of its con tents and its stylistic forms." She plans to offer the course again for the winter 1995 term,and said she wants to demystify pornography and get over the misconceptions of what porno films are.

MAKING CRIMINALS OF US ALL— The number of federal regulations is so large businesses can't keep up with them. It's virtually impossible to operate many businesses without violating some regu lation. The massive size and staggering ambiguity of the IRS tax code make nearly every taxpayer an almost certain lawbreaker.The 3/27 World had a story by a young Polish man of life under com munism. He said communist authorities were obsessed with legality.They didn't cart people off to prison for no reason. To guarantee they would always be able to pin some legal violation on any citizen,government officials passed huge numbers of laws and regulations so many that the aver age citizen couldn't possibly keep track of them all,let alone obey them. Thus the Polish people knew they could always be charged with some violation,depending on the whim of local authorities By the sheer number of laws, the communists destroyed the law and criminalized every citizen.

WHAT THE A.C.L.U. IS FOR AND AGAINST— American Civil Liberties Union founder Roger Baldwin said: "I am for Socialism, disarmament,and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I see social ownership of property...Communism is the goal." Today, the ACLU supports legalization of child pornography, drugs, polygamy, and prostitution; abortion on demand,busing,mandatory sex education,and tax exemption for satanists. It opposes: Church tax exemption,home schooling and vouchers,parental consent laws,voluntary school prayer,prison terms for criminals,and public religious displays (D.J.Kennedy flyer).Supreme Court Justice Ruth Gins burg was a women's rights attorney for the radical pro abortion,pro homosexual ACLU in the 1970s.

ELDERS' RADICAL SOCIAL AGENDA— The Senate recently confirmed Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General. She has been outspokenly in favor of taxpayer funded abortions, federally mandated sex education in public schools for grades K 12, school based clinics that distribute contraceptive devices to students, and Medicare funding of Norplant contraceptives. Under her "leadership", Arkansas went from having the fourth highest teen birthrate in the U.S. to the second highest. Under her, Ark ansas's teen pregnancy rate rose 15 percent and sexually transmitted diseases rose dramatically.

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