VOL. X  NO. 21 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   November 1, 1993

NewsNotes— Pro lifers have signed an agreement to buy an abortion facility where 90 percent of Chattanooga's abortions were done,making Chattanooga the largest city in the U.S.without an abor tion clinic. (10/4 CT). * * * One third of all American adults claim they prefer the King James Version over other Bible translations. (9/20 CN). * * * The Boy Scouts of America is said to be a "magnet for pedophiles." It removed about 1,800 scoutmasters suspected of molesting boys be tween 1971 and 1991, but some simply went elsewhere and continued to abuse scouts (10/14 HT).*** In Japan,where civilian gun ownership is virtually nonexistent and gun control laws are extreme ly strict, the homicide rate is 2.3 times as high as it is among Japanese Americans living where guns are easily available and gun laws are far less restrictive (10/4 NA). * * * MBI writer in residence & longtime Moody editor Jerry Jenkins will assist Billy Graham with his memoirs (MM).

SODOMITES GAIN MORE POWER— Sodomy between consenting adults is legal in the District of Columbia for the first time because Congress allowed the local law barring it to lapse in September (9/19 HT). Five children have been placed in homosexual homes in WDC. (10/93 CLD). A "gay" umbrella group,just awarded consultative status with a key UN body,has denounced "age of consent"laws and counts NAMBLA (No.Amer.Man/Boy Love Assoc.) and another pedophile group among its members.Chris tian View of the News editor Dr. Norman Pyle says: "It looks like that in the next five years we will have child molesters marching in the streets demanding their legal rights to our children."

DISABILITIES ACT IS DANGEROUS— The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is using the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,signed and promoted by Pres.Bush,to write new workplace rules that bar employers from providing unequal health insurance to employees with disabilities or chronic illnesses, e.g., AIDS (6/21 USN&WR). It is a federal offense not to comply with this very vague statute.When a hospital in Washington state fired an HIV positive nursing assistant from his job bathing, feeding,and moving patients,it violated the ADA which forbids job discrimination on the basis of a "handicap." (10/2 World). The man was fired because he refused to cover the tattoo on his left arm that reads: HIV POSITIVE. But the EEOC intervened, and he may return to work soon.

SILEVEN,DIXON: RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN CRISIS— Pastors Everett Sileven and Greg Dixon have recently spent time in prison over religious freedom issues. Sileven warns: "Preachers need to realize that when they stand at their pulpits and say abortion is wicked, and sodomy is wicked, and the social security or income tax is wicked, and that people should be doing what is righteous, they may be violating the law in the eyes of the government." (9/6 New Amer. ). Dixon is pastor of the 8,000 member Indianapolis Baptist Temple, and Chairman of the American Coalition of Unregistered Churches (Sileven is Co chairman). He was jailed for a few days for refusing to surrender church records to the government. He said (tape): "Now you need to understand that the main culprit in this whole thing is the (brilliant, but cunning and ruthless) FBI." He said the FBI has prepared a white paper on cults by which it is hard for any fundamental church not to be classified as a cult.Sileven and Dixon are "politically incorrect," and controversial even among fundamentalists.

DANGEROUS TO CUT MILITARY— A 10/4 Christian News article says President Clinton is proposing more gun control and more police, and is "greatly weakening our military forces by funding cuts even though national defense is one of the few things the government does today that it is actually authorized to do by the people in the Constitution even though national defense is one of the few things the government does well.He is further compromising our sovereignty by wanting to put U.S.forces under U.N.control.Thereby he weakens the forces designed to defend us against foreign invasion while he wants to strengthen forces the police that can be used against American cit izens." With the global dangers confronting us today, this is the wrong time to cut our defense

HINN RENOUNCES SOME OF HIS HERESIES— Charismatic Benny Hinn, pastor of the 7,000 member Orlando Christian Center,says New Age word of faith doesn't work. He greeted his stunned congregation in June with his renunciation of the faith message,which includes positive confession,the prosperi ty gospel,and the divine right to be healed concept (8/16 Chr.Today). In an 8/93 Charisma inter view, Hinn says: "The Lord has been showing me some things I have been wrong about...such as the "little gods" teaching,and Jesus dying spiritually." He said: "There have been times in the past when I have been mistaken about what I thought was a revelation.I thought I was hearing from the Lord, but I was wrong." But skeptics say Hinn has done this before to no avail,and the only real way to demonstrate his rectitude is for him to pull his books which still promote these errors.

OUTCOME BASED BASKETBALL— All high school basketball teams must use Outcome Based Basketball next season. To ensure that all teams feel successful,we will not keep score. It is more important to learn the process and finish the game at the skill level determined by the coach rather than be winners. To make sure everyone meets all the outcomes, poor players are given more practice time and coaching. No scores are kept and no winners are announced. Players who fail to make goals, double dribble, foul, or display uncooperative attitudes toward the process, are remediated dur ing time outs. Better players sit on the bench and help coach the others until they demonstrate the right moves,or engage in enrichment activities such as playing tag.OBB games will last long er,so be prepared to stay. All teams will complete 12 games,and receive the same trophy. No rec ords will be kept, no statistics needed, nor will we need any play offs,all star teams,or recog nition banquets.Trophies will be meaningless,but everyone will get one.Psycho behavioral basket ball experts feel OBB will increase player self esteem, because they will feel great about their accomplishments.Competing against teams that don't emphasize excellence and winning would be un fair and is discouraged. The peer pressure of not being part of our group should be enough moti vation to conform the "traditional" team to the OBB Model (6/93 Ed.Reporter). [In such Outcome Based Basketball, excellence is relative, all are equal, all feel good about their performance!]

BIBLICAL SEPARATION IN MUSIC— Fundamentalist singer Gordon Greer writes: "...I travel all over the country and find people in our churches who seem to see nothing wrong with the music of "The Phantom of the Opera" or "Les Miserables," for example.No wonder they see nothing wrong with the music of a Steve Green, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, Carman,Phil Driscoll,Dino,Ralph Car michael, Bill & Gloria Gaither, or whoever. How in the world can we expect them to see the even more deceptive problems with less blatant, but still Neo evangelical musicians such as John W. Peterson, Don Wyrtzen, Harry Bollback, and so many others. Must we continue to support and aid the enemy in this music battle? Why not support fundamental songwriters, arrangers, singers and musicians, and publishing firms instead of lining the pockets of these people who continue to thumb their noses at obedience to the Word of God in the area of Biblical Separation in music?"

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