VOL. X  NO. 22 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   November 15, 1993

RUSSIAN TURMOIL KILLS RELIGION LAW— Pressed by the 60 million member Orthodox Church, Russia's Parliament twice passed a bill restricting religious freedom of foreign groups in Russia. But Boris Yeltsin, under pressure from the West, twice vetoed it and later disbanded Parliament (10/ 25 Chr.Today). In effect, this scuttles the proposed law, and "buries" it, at least temporarily.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS WARN OF HEALTH PLAN DANGERS— Religious liberals love the Clinton socialistic health reform plan, except NCC head Joan Campbell says it's not radical enough. Evangelicals for Social Action president Ron Sider says it's an "outrageous sin for 35 million Americans not to have health care." (11/93 Moody). The "35 million" figure is a myth. Some Catholic, So.Baptist, and evangelical leaders are concerned over the abortion coverage. This clearly affects church related hospitals,etc. The Clinton package promises "comprehensive reproductive health services" and "pregnancy related services" that are "medically necessary or appropriate." The White House says this is status quo,because "most health care plans already cover abortion." But a House Pro Life Caucus report says this is not true,that many do but many don't. It says "None are required to pay for abortion on demand." Its chairman says the Clinton plan "will force every American, every taxpayer, every employer...to be a party to the chemical poisoning or dismemberment of in nocent children. It treats pregnancy as a disease or illness and unborn children like tumors or warts..." SBC's Ben Mitchell says: "Government intrusion into medicine will inevitably determine decisions of a moral and religious nature,such as abortion,euthanasia,and living wills." Beware!

CCM: MONEY OR MINISTRY?— The 11/93 Charisma said Contemporary Christian [Charismatic] Music (CCM) is a hot commodity, that the "Christian" recording industry is a $500 million a year industry. Revenues have tripled in the last decade. The celebrity status of popular singers has increased, too. But trumpeter Phil Driscoll says the gospel music industry, for the most part, is "market driven,not Spirit led." He says a lot of contemporary Christian music is "so much like the world you can't tell the difference." A CCM group's former manager says: "I think it's sad that Chris tian music has become an industry rather than a ministry." Profitability is the bottom line in what's recorded. CCM record companies are linking up with, or selling out to, secular companies

BIBLICAL SEPARATION IN MUSIC— Fundamentalist singer Gordon Greer writes: "...I travel all over the country and find people in our churches who seem to see nothing wrong with the music of "The Phantom of the Opera" or "Les Miserables," for example.No wonder they see nothing wrong with the music of a Steve Green, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, Carman,Phil Driscoll,Dino,Ralph Car michael, Bill & Gloria Gaither, or whoever. How in the world can we expect them to see the even more deceptive problems with less blatant, but still Neo evangelical musicians such as John W. Peterson, Don Wyrtzen, Harry Bollback, and so many others. Must we continue to support and aid the enemy in this music battle? Why not support fundamental songwriters, arrangers, singers and musicians, and publishing firms instead of lining the pockets of these people who continue to thumb their noses at obedience to the Word of God in the area of Biblical Separation in music?"

GORBACHEV'S GLOBAL PULPIT— Ex Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the "butcher of Afghanistan," is now president of Green Cross and Green Crescent,an environmental group whose parent organiza tion (Global Forum) provides an interfaith meeting ground for doomsday scientists, utopian poli ticians, and world religious leaders. He also heads the Gorbachev Foundation with offices in San Francisco and Moscow, but is mainly a speechmaker. A recent U.S. lucrative tour brought fees of up to $70,000 (10/25 USN&WR). A Nov. 4 fund raiser speech at the National GOP Senatorial Commit tee was to pay about $50,000.This may help finance a run for president in Russia's Dec.election. Gorbachev tried to preserve the "evil empire" Soviet Union, and has never renounced communism.

NAFTA IS NOT FREE TRADE— Dr.John Stormer says the 2,000 page North American Free Trade Agreement is "an ingenious plan to replace American sovereignty and what's left of states rights with a frightening array of perhaps 200 different costly three nation councils,commissions...tribunals, review boards, dispute settlement panels, working groups...." Someone termed it a first step to wards a "new world order",and said if "free trade" were the real agenda we could just remove our tariffs NAFTA wouldn't be necessary. Letters in World say NAFTA moves us more into socialism,that: "NAFTA is 10 percent trade and 90 percent changing America.", and that: "Side agreements [now make NAFTA] an agreement to surrender our national sovereignty to an international 'EPA'con trolled by radical environmentalists." We must be alert to any erosion of God given liberties!

OUTCOME BASED BASKETBALL— All high school basketball teams must use Outcome Based Basketball next season. To ensure that all teams feel successful,we will not keep score. It is more important to learn the process and finish the game at the skill level determined by the coach rather than be winners. To make sure everyone meets all the outcomes, poor players are given more practice time and coaching. No scores are kept and no winners are announced. Players who fail to make goals, double dribble, foul, or display uncooperative attitudes toward the process, are remediated dur ing time outs. Better players sit on the bench and help coach the others until they demonstrate the right moves,or engage in enrichment activities such as playing tag.OBB games will last long er,so be prepared to stay. All teams will complete 12 games,and receive the same trophy. No rec ords will be kept, no statistics needed, nor will we need any play offs,all star teams,or recog nition banquets.Trophies will be meaningless,but everyone will get one.Psycho behavioral basket ball experts feel OBB will increase player self esteem, because they will feel great about their accomplishments.Competing against teams that don't emphasize excellence and winning would be un fair and is discouraged. The peer pressure of not being part of our group should be enough moti vation to conform the "traditional" team to the OBB Model (6/93 Ed.Reporter). [In such Outcome Based Basketball, excellence is relative, all are equal, all feel good about their performance!]

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