VOL. X  NO. 23 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   December 1, 1993

ARMSTRONGISM DIVIDED OVER DOCTRINAL SHIFT— Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of the Worldwide Church of God,denied the doctrine of the Trinity. He taught that the Holy Spirit is an impersonal force and that faithful believers could in a sense become God.Since his death in 1986,the church under Joseph Tkach has gradually distanced itself from those teachings (10/93 Moody). These and other doctrinal changes being considered, could trigger a mass exodus of from 10 to 50 percent of its 100,000 membership (11/8 C.Today).Two splinter groups still revere Armstrong as a prophet of God

'MR.CONSERVATIVE' HAS GONE LIBERAL— Far from being a friend of Christian values, the Barry Gold water of today is downright hostile to the Religious Right.He credits his wife,whom he described as a founder of Planned Parenthood, for his u turn on religion, morality, and politics. He has campaigned on behalf of a leftist Democrat and a liberal Republican (9/27 Chr.News). He is pro abortion. He pressured the Phoenix city council for a "gay rights" ordinance and favors allowing homosexuals to serve in the military. He said (12/17/84 USN&WR) Russia has always been our ally.

SHIFTING THE HOMELESS DEBATE— "Homelessness...is a condition of disaffiliation, a lack of bonds, a pathology of connectedness, and not an absence of proper housing." (11/8 USN&WR). A consensus of researchers says 40 percent of homeless adults are alcoholics. One study puts it at 66 per cent. A 1992 New York study found that 83 percent of single adults in homeless shelters tested positive for cocaine. Nationally, up to 85 percent of all homeless are alcoholics, drug addicts or mentally ill. Two authors of a new book on homelessness say giving money, food and housing (but no therapy) to street addicts make us "enablers," and,in essence, "accomplices of addicts."

HOMOSEXUALITY HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH— Dozens of studies, including a study of 5,371 obituaries over a 5 year period in 16 homosexual newspapers reveal these stunning statistics: The average age of men dying with AIDS is 39; the average age of homosexuals dying of all other causes is 41;of 106 lesbians, the average age of death was 45; less than 2 percent of "gays" survived to old age; Homosexuals are 25 times more apt to commit suicide; "gay" men are three times as likely to be alcohol or drug abusers, 14 times more likely to have syphilis, 23 times more likely to contract VD, and thousands of times more apt to contract AIDS; and, the murder rate for homosexual men is 50 times that of the general population. (adapted from ACCC Resol. & 8/93 Pulpit Helps article). [A logical conclusion to these grim statistics is that sodomites are not gay,they are crazy! They (and heterosexual adulterers) are sinners who need a Savior to deliver them from their bondage.]

EPISCOPALIANS,LUTHERANS SAY IT'S OK TO BE 'GAY'?— Seventy percent of the nearly 20,000 Episcopal ians in a recent survey said faithful Christians can be sexually active gays and lesbians, while three quarters approved of living with someone of the opposite sex without marriage. (11/1 Chr. News). In recent years, the question of ordaining homosexuals has been a major issue. The United Church of Christ is the only major denomination to permit this. A recent first draft of an Evan gelical Lutheran Church in America(the largest Lutheran body) social statement on human sexuali ty supports homosexual unions,and is praised by ELCA top bishop Herbert Chilstrom who is said to desire official ordination of practicing homosexuals and lesbians into the ministry (11/15 CN).

OUTCOME BASED BASKETBALL— All high school basketball teams must use Outcome Based Basketball next season. To ensure that all teams feel successful,we will not keep score. It is more important to learn the process and finish the game at the skill level determined by the coach rather than be winners. To make sure everyone meets all the outcomes, poor players are given more practice time and coaching. No scores are kept and no winners are announced. Players who fail to make goals, double dribble, foul, or display uncooperative attitudes toward the process, are remediated dur ing time outs. Better players sit on the bench and help coach the others until they demonstrate the right moves,or engage in enrichment activities such as playing tag.OBB games will last long er,so be prepared to stay. All teams will complete 12 games,and receive the same trophy. No rec ords will be kept, no statistics needed, nor will we need any play offs,all star teams,or recog nition banquets.Trophies will be meaningless,but everyone will get one.Psycho behavioral basket ball experts feel OBB will increase player self esteem, because they will feel great about their accomplishments.Competing against teams that don't emphasize excellence and winning would be un fair and is discouraged. The peer pressure of not being part of our group should be enough moti vation to conform the "traditional" team to the OBB Model (6/93 Ed.Reporter). [In such Outcome Based Basketball, excellence is relative, all are equal, all feel good about their performance!]

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