VOL. X  NO. 24 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   December 15, 1993

TOBACCO IS TOP KILLER— Tobacco is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. and its use led to an estimated 400,000 deaths in 1990, per the AMA Journal (11/10 H.Times). The study found that smoking caused more deaths than alcohol, firearms, motor vehicles and illegal drugs combined. All three of the leading causes of death tobacco, diet and lack of exercise, and alcohol were the result of be havioral choices. Tobacco is the single biggest cause of preventable death in our society today.

PEDOPHILES AS TEACHERS— The North American Man/Boy Love Association is basically a group of homo sexual child molesters. New York city school officials have tried to remove from the classroom a teacher who is an active NAMBLA member. The ACLU has backed Peter Melzer who has professed his sexual desire for "boys up to the age of about 16" (11/20 World). A school special investigator acknowledges that Melzer has certain rights, but cannot automatically be assumed to have a right to teach the very children whose abuse he advocates. A pedophile has no more right to a job as a teacher than an embezzler has to a job as a banker, or a drug addict to a job as a pharmacist.

BAPTISTS THREATEN DISNEY OVER 'NYPD BLUE'NYPD Blue is network TV's first R rated softcore porn program. Its producer arrogantly boasted that it would push the limits of family time TV. It has gutter language,profanity,nudity,and casual promiscuous sex. Southern Baptist Convention leaders recently wrote Walt Disney asking it to reconsider sponsorship (via Touchtone Films ads) of NYPD Blue,else the SBC may refuse to promote Disney World at its annual meeting in Orlando next June.

MADONNA AN OUTRAGE— Madonna's X rated show with hokey simulated sex acts,combined with her porno Sex book,makes one wonder why she's dubbed "the most popular female vocalist of all time" (3/15/ 92 CC). Why the market for such sleaze? She has been quoted as saying, "I'm a tormented person. I have a lot of demons inside of me." Now,in a recent HBO special,at the end of an erotic number she and two dancers descended into a ring of fire, "symbolically going to hell" (11/28 HT). La ter she chanted, "Gonna beat my drum, gonna ring my bell, I don't give a d , if I go to hell."

GUN CONTROL HURTS LAW ABIDING, NOT CRIMINALS— The Second Amendment guarantees to individuals the right to keep and bear arms. Gun control almost exclusively hurts law abiding citizens,not crim inals. Gangs won't turn in their guns. If police can't control the criminals, why waste time and officers' lives trying to control and disarm the law abiding leaving them vulnerable to the real criminals. About 90 percent of guns used in crimes are illegal guns (11/21 HT). "Assault" wea pons are used in less than 1 percent of crimes. A senator proposes increasing taxes on bullets.

SOUTH AFRICA: CIVIL WAR OR MANDELA MARXISM?— Nelson Mandela is likely to be South Africa's next president. In a six city tour of the U.S. last summer, he sought to raise millions of dollars to aid his terrorist African National Congress. Our president awarded Mandela the coveted Liberty Medal on the Fourth of July (7/12 CN), and assured him of our backing. The ANC was taken over in 1985 by the S.African Communist Party. Zulus and Afrikaners have joined forces to oppose the ANC

STEVE GREEN'S WEIRD APOLOGY FOR 'SINS OF AMERICA'— CCM singer Steve Green has assumed the role of ambassador,hoping to heal the rift between the U.S.and Latin American countries (11/93 Charisma). During a recent concert at an Assemblies of God church in Brazil, he could sense a wall between the audience and his team. He prayed about it and realized that the people were offended because the band members were Americans. So he began to confess the sins of the American church.He said: "Because we are a wealthy nation,and we send many missionaries to other countries,we set oursel ves up as God's gift to the world.On behalf of America's Christians,I repent.Please forgive us."

WEF LEADER: EVANGELICALS MAY STAY IN WCC DENOMS— World Evangelical Fellowship President Theodore Williams of India made a revealing statement on ecumenical cooperation in the Aug. issue of the WEF newsletter. He said the WEF is not in competition with the World Council of Churches,but has no official cooperation with it. He said his position was that evangelicals in WCC member denom inations "who can be evangelicals within that church...should remain there and take an evangeli cal stance and seek to bring evangelical influence into that church."(9/4 World). Williams later resigned as WEF president,admitting to an adulterous relationship. He had served in a leadership post with Back to the Bible and had recently been appointed cochairman of AD 2000 with Billy Graham and Bill Bright. WEF representatives in 1989 participated with WCC & LCWE representatives in an ecumenical joint worship service in Germany (3/23/89 CB). The NAE is a member of the WEF.

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