VOL. X  NO. 7   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   April 1, 1993

SMOKING IS A FIRSTHAND & SECONDHAND KILLER— A 40 year study of the health of British doctors in dicates that smokers are three times more likely to die before the age of 70 than nonsmokers(3/1 Chr.News). Cigarette smoking may raise a person's risk of leukemia by 30 percent, and a long time smoker runs about a 1,000 percent increase in risk of lung cancer (2/22 HT). An EPA report says secondhand smoke kills 3,000 Americans each year because of lung cancer, and raises other risks (1/6 HT). More die from cigarettes than from heroin, crack, homicide, car accidents,fires and AIDS combined. Yet today 50 million addicted Americans still pay $26 billion for almost half a trillion cigarettes each year. We salute Mrs. Clinton for banning smoking in the White House.

HOLLYWOOD A POISON FACTORY— Hollywood produces an endless stream of films filled with profanity, nudity, sex and violence. Film critic Michael Medved says the industry has become a "poison fac tory" which assaults our most cherished values and corrupts our children. He says Hollywood reg ularly releases movies that encourage date rape or show women who love being beaten and degraded.

ABORTION INVOLVES WHOSE BODY?— The main argument justifying abortion is that a woman should have power to do as she chooses with her own body. But, the 2/26 Sword notes: "(T)he choice she makes has [little] to do with her body. It has to do with the body of an unborn infant that is totally distinct from the woman's body." The baby has its own RNA/DNA, arms, legs, ears,heart,lungs,etc.

WHAT WOULD LIFE BE, WITHOUT TV?— Following the coming of television to the U.S. (1945 74), the annual white homicide rate increased by 93 percent. Without television in the U.S. today, data suggest there would be 10,000 fewer homicides each year, 70,000 fewer rapes, and 700,000 fewer injurious assaults (11/9 CT). We of course will never know the full influence TV's emphasis on sex has had in perverting the minds and morals of our nation, and the liberal politicians it has helped elect through its left wing indoctrination campaigns of lies, distortions and deceptions.

DEMOCRACY VS. REPUBLIC— Pure democracy is what some of our Founders feared most. They thus ex plicitly created a republic. Benjamin Franklin responded to a lady who asked, "We have given you a Republic, madam, if you can keep it." Our Pledge of Allegiance is "to the republic for which it stands..." Yet our leaders today stress "democracy" and lead us toward socialism. Ross Perot proposed an electronic"town hall"democracy. MBI President Joseph Stowell confusingly says (9/92 Moody) "...democracy remains the best form of government on this planet." But democracy is mob rule, such as that which crucified Christ. The 2/93 Evang.Methodist said: "Democracy is when two wolves and one sheep vote on what to have for lunch." A British historian over 200 years ago wrote: "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess (huge handouts) out of the public treasury.From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most 'benefits'...."

GOVERNMENT APPROVAL OF RELIGION— The U.S.is pressuring South Africa for political reform.One rec ommendation to negotiators alarms evangelicals (2/6 World): "An interfaith advisory board would be created to advise the new government on which religions to approve. If such a board is put in place...'those who claim that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man would automatically disqualify themselves.'" Freedom to worship is under fire in many places around the globe today.

PETRA'S 'CHRISTIAN ROCK'— PETRA is the oldest and most popular "Christian Rock" band. Its 1992 modern rock album,"Unseen Power" was influenced by Motley Crue and Motown,etc.(4/29/92 HT).Petra lead singer John Schlitt says, "I became a Christian because it was either that or suicide...the least of two evils." Two "evils"? Petra performs at youth rock festivals (with Josh McDowell and Tony Campolo, e.g.), and last year with Willie Nelson at a big Farm Aid concert (6/92 Charisma).

SCHOOL VOUCHERS A TRAP— The decaying educational monopoly is a most clear testimony to the fail ure of socialism in America and proves the need for competitive private schools and home school ing. But Dr.Gary North says vouchers violate the most important principle of education,viz.,that parents are responsible for financing their children's education (3/22 New Amer).Regarding state funding,he says: "If you take the state's nickel,you accept the state's noose." He contends that vouchers are the most promising tool for the suppression of independent private education now at the disposal of state educational bureaucrats, since they offer vast new powers of control over a vibrant and growing independent school system that threatens to undercut government schools.

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