VOL. X  NO. 8 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   April 15, 1993

CATHOLIC 'WEEPING MADONNA' A HOAX— Throngs of Roman Catholic pilgrims have trekked to Medjugorje in recent years hoping to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary.One reported seeing the sun spin ning and "out of it rose the body of the risen Christ." (3/27 HT). We have read recent reports from Virginia and other parts of the U.S.of weeping statues of the Virgin Mary.The 3/29 USN & WR has an 8 page article which somewhat debunks these "miracles." It quotes skeptics who say there are dozens of ways to make statues weep. It discusses some such techniques. Don't be deceived!

SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE— Under President Clinton's emerging health care reform plan, a guaranteed "core benefits package" will provide basic coverage for everyone. We can expect taxes to go up, out of pocket costs to increase, and the loss of freedom to choose our own doctors and hospitals unless we pay for that choice. Abortion rights advocates are pressing for abortions to be inclu ded in the benefits package that all tax payers would be forced to fund. AIDS and veneral dis ease costs are soaring. So, the total costs of Clinton's reforms may be well over $100 billion a year (4/12 USN&WR). Despite all the government imposed rules,regulations and paper work of our present system, 85 percent of Americans are satisfied with it so it seems foolish to destroy it.

THE U.N. IS A FOE OF FREEDOM— President Clinton has called for massive defense cuts based on a perceived reduced nuclear threat, and has elevated to cabinet status his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (3/13 World). Former UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick warns of grave danger in all this and said national decisions to check first with the UN "as though it were the source of all legitimacy" make her uncomfortable. The 2/22 USN&WR said,regarding Bosnia: "By opting to seek UN security council approval for any new peace keeping force,Washington has handed Moscow and Beij ing a veto on any NATO deployment and invited the Russians and Chinese to extract concessions in exchange for their support." The UN's global designs are a threat to our sovereignty and freedom.

DESTROY MIDDLE CLASS A MARXIST GOAL— Communism is still very much alive in many countries of our world, and on U.S. college campuses. It may be called socialism or other names. Dr. Fred Schwarz says: "Deadly delusions concerning the nature and goals of communism continue to be widespread. Many people still believe that communism is a movement with the primary purpose of improving the well being of the poor by the redistribution of wealth. They do not realize its primary purpose is to perfect human nature and that this demands the physical extermination of a whole class of citizens,the 'middle class owners of property', as Marx called them in the Communist Manifesto." (1/1/86 CACC). Our president promised to cut taxes on the middle class, but now plans to raise them. His words and actions seem geared toward the destruction of our middle class and military.

'FREEDOM OF ABORTION ACT'— The so called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is a sweeping abortion bill now making its way through Congress. This radical bill prevents state restrictions on abortion. It goes far beyond writing Roe v. Wade into law. "Choice" is misleading. FOCA may force doctors and hospitals (who would not "choose" to do so) to perform abortions,denying them the "choice"to refuse. "Freedom of choice" means: For women,"choice" is abortion; for babies, "choice" is death.

NICARAGUA STILL RULED BY COMMUNISTS— We have given Nicaragua over $1 billion in foreign aid.It is now controlled by Sandinista communists,terrorists,thugs,thieves,and murderers at highest levels (3/22 New Am).It is no longer officially communist,but its socialist/Catholic president Violetta Chamorro agreed to let Sandinistas retain control of the military,police,and security apparatus.

IS TODAY'S CHRISTIAN MUSIC SACRED?— This is the title of a new 35 page book by Dr. Gordon Sears (PO Box 182, Coldwater,MI 49036, $6 postpaid). He says: "Music is a powerful force in our lives. Contemporary Christian music [CCM] has the same beat and sound of rebellion [as] secular rock." He says,"When our thoughts are centered on what is being done with the music instead of for Whom we are doing it, we lose the main purpose of music in worship.Without realizing it,the new music and the theatrical way it is presented, focuses all the attention and praise on those who per form." He asks (and comments): "If the new style and sound of music is of God,why is it causing so much confusion and division among Christians? ... Why is it not received by all fundamental, Bible believing churches? ... Why is it readily accepted by the non Christian world? ...Why [do] Bible denying universities and popular secular TV entertainment shows invite CCM artists to give concerts?...If it is of God, why do hundreds of [Godly churches in] America reject it?...If this new music is of God, why does it have such a strong [sensual] effect upon the physical body?"

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