MILITARY DOCTORS REFUSE ABORTIONS— Pres. Clinton his first day on the job issued five executive orders promoting the slaughter of millions of unborn babies. One of these lifted the ban on abor tions at U.S.military bases overseas.But all 44 U.S.military doctors in Europe refuse to do abor tions (4/10 World). Clinton had promised to make abortions "safe and legal,but rare." He now pro poses federal funding (under Medicaid) of abortions and this is the opposite of making them rare.

CHAVIS IS NEW NAACP LEADER— Rev. Benjamin Chavis, executive director of the ultra liberal United Church of Christ's Commission for Racial Justice,was chosen last month to succeed Benjamin Hooks as head of the NAACP (make that NAALCP, the "L" for Liberal). Chavis spent four years in prison in the Wilmington 10 firebombing case. He has been supported by communist Angela Davis, and had a brief association with the Communist Workers Party(5/26/86 Chr.News). He honored rapper Sister Souljah last fall, and opposes the death penalty. He served on Pres. Clinton's transition team.

WE ARE FORCED TO FUND NEA FILTH— The National Endowment for the Arts uses tax dollars to fund the vilest homo erotic "art" and offensive blasphemy. It is wrong for our government to subsidize pornography and obscenity.Bill Bennett said, "We do not believe that filth is a cultural achieve ment worthy of public support." NEA artists demand a right to offend us,at our expense. To force us to pay for it adds insult to injury much like having to accept a collect obscene phone call.

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY DANGERS— Dr.James Dobson in his April letter listed four reasons why he would not (normally) send his son or daughter to a secular college/university: 1. Secular universities today are bastions of moral relativism that leave no room for (and are often antagonistic to)the Christian worldview. 2. State universities are dominated by "politically correct" (PC) thought that can be contradicted only at great personal sacrifice (250 now have "speech codes" to whichstudents must conform). 3. The PC philosophy on many campuses disdains Western civilization,with its emphasis on Christian heritage (one can now graduate from 78% of U.S. colleges/universities without a Western civilization course). 4. State universities are breeding grounds for sexuallytransmitted diseases (HIV, etc.), homosexual behavior,unwanted pregnancies,abortions,alcoholism, and drug abuse. U. of Calif. (Berkeley) leaders were paralyzed last fall over what to do about "the Naked Guy" who walked around campus, jogged, dined,and attended classes totally naked. Stu dents were nervous to sit where he had recently sat,yet it took months to deal with this outrage.

FEMINISTS INFILTRATE LADIES' JOURNALS— A recent study of Ladies Home Journal & Good Housekeeping articles found that since the 1960s the "homemaking and child care" focus has shifted. It indi cated "a slow but steady increase in stories with feminist themes" and a "decline in traditional themes of mother and homemaker" (4/93 BB). A 4/93 GH article on Marlo Thomas (Mrs. Phil Donahue) quotes her: "...our beliefs are out there the gay rights,the pro choice,the feminist agenda..."

AID TO RUSSIA?— A danger exists that "aid pumped into Russia will end up in Swiss bank accounts as Russians flee their debased currency" (4/19 USN&WR).Even Pres.Bush "warned his successor that providing too much direct assistance to Moscow might be a mistake because of the corruption and inefficiencies of Russian society" (3/22 USN&WR). More aid to Yeltsin would be pocketed by hard liners if they replace him."Throwing money at Russia is no more a solution today than it was whe Gorbachev's Soviet Union got tens of billions in aid to little good purpose. Financial aid will likely wind up in overseas bank accounts of former Communist Party apparatchiks (3/29 USN & WR).

COLSON COZIES TO CATHOLICISM— Charles Colson's latest book, The Body, is endorsed by Jerry Fal well, Pat Robertson, Carl Henry and Cardinal O'Connor. Colson,ever ecumenical,praises the Catho lic chain of command,and includes the Catholic Church as a part of the body of Christ.In blindly praising the RC church he says it,"to its great credit,does call heretics to account." Dave Hunt (4/93 Berean Call) responds: "Indeed she does, having burned more than a million at the stake!"

WOMEN INVADE SEMINARIES— While seminary enrollment for all schools last fall was up 5.1 percent (to 63,171),much of the increase is attributed to an influx of women and minorities(4/10 World). Female students make up 31 percent of all enrollment. The number of ordained Southern Baptist women has almost tripled since since 1986, to over 900 today (4/93 Baptist Challenge). The 4/12 Christian News said Fuller Seminary "which no longer affirms the inerrancy of the Bible,supports the charismatic movement, Reformed theology, and ordination of women for the pastoral ministry."

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