VOL. X  NO. 10 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   May 15, 1993

SBC MONEY TO INAUGURAL POET— Maya Angelou, who read a "Rock, River, Tree" poem at President Bill Clinton's inauguration, describes herself in interviews and books as a former madam, prostitute, burlesque stripper,and advisor to Malcolm X (4/27 Ind.Bapt.,4/17 World). Wake Forest University, where she teaches only two weeks a semester, has appointed her "Professor for Life" at a salary of over $100,000. Wake Forest has a Southern Baptist heritage but broke governance ties with the N.C. Baptist Convention years ago, but still receives some SBC money. The 3/93 Flashpoint said Angelou "frequents Moslem mosques, Jewish synagogues, Buddhist temples, and pro gay Protestant churches with equal enthusiasm." It called her a "Mother Earth religious poet," "darling of the New Age crowd",and said she once joined in a demonstration against the American Embassy in Ghana

THE WACO HORROR STORY— We deplore David Koresh's wacko teachings and actions, but are even more appalled at our government's cruel heavyhanded reaction. The FBI used a powerful torturous CS chemical banned for warfare (it can't be used militarily on Iraqi soldiers) against the children (5/3 Chr. News). A strange way to show ultra concern for children! Koresh had sex with minors (as have the Portland Trailblazers and maybe Woody Allen),he practiced polygamy (as some Mormons do), and he called himself God (as Shirley MacLaine). This is wrong and disgusting, but does not excuse 100 or so "keystone cops" from storming his home and killing his children (4/10 World).We do not see the FBI using tanks and CS gas against inner city gangs which sell illegal drugs and kill innocent people. Would they so readily gas Muslim terrorists,renegade Catholics,weird Jews, bungling Baptists,or radical Presbyterians? The government has no right to approve or disapprove religious groups on the basis of their beliefs.If it can so swiftly and heavyhandedly crack down on kooky cultists such as Koresh, "politically incorrect" pro family Bible believers may be next. As someone said earlier, Koresh thinks he's Jesus, and "the federal government thinks it's God."

AMBASSADOR TO THE VATICAN— President Clinton's decision to appoint Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn as the next ambassador to the Vatican is being opposed by about 30 groups, ranging from evangelical and church/state separation groups to liberal Catholics and the NOW. Flynn is a prolife Catholic and Democrat. He says he hopes to be a bridge between the White House and the pope on social and economic justice concerns. But this violates the First Amendment. And Flynn's three predecessors have all been Catholics, so apparently "a defacto religious test for this office" is established

MORE SOCIAL PROGRAMS WON'T HELP HOMELESS— "Communist" Jack O'Dell, a leader of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition, says we have 3 million homeless (4/3 HT). Mitch Snyder also used to say this, but the 1990 U.S. Census gave the figure as 272,000 (2/8 New Amer.). A 5/93 Reader's Digest art icle indicates that more social programs won't help the homeless. The NA article said: "If you subsidize something,you'll get more of it." It said 91 percent of homeless men and 80 percent of the women display mental disorders, many on drink or drugs. Thus, more housing is not the answer.

GLOBAL WARMING HYSTERIA DEBUNKED— University of Alabama in Huntsville scientist Dr. John Christy says March was the coolest one in the past 15 years, and that a global cooling trend that began with the June 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo may not have hit bottom (5/3 HT). He and NASA's Dr. Roy Spencer developed a way two years ago to extract global temperatures from weather satellites. Pres.Clinton says he'll sign a biodiversity treaty,and agreed to a strict timetable for curtail ing gas emissions that add to global warming (5/3 USN&WR). Radical eco nuts demand even more.

WHY LIFT BAN ON HOMOSEXUALS IN MILITARY?— Why is consideration being given to lifting the ban on military service by homosexuals? Has our nation been living in the moral dark ages and are we now being enlightened? Are we a morally progressing nation now ready to take our next step to ward freedom or, in fact, are we hastening down a path of degeneracy leading toward total moral decay? Were there ever valid reasons for prohibiting military service for homosexuals and,if so, what invalidates those reasons today? Are the underlying causes of the administration's propos als constitutional, moral, military, or political? Whose interests are in view and what is at stake in the final resolution of these issues?...The so called minority status of the homosexual is based on his/her choice of sexual activity and is not related to any immutable or non behav ioral characteristic....Sexual orientation is by choice and is changeable...Homosexuality cannot be classed with legitimate minorities in the area of rights....Our military has rightly excluded numerous groups from military service.[Excerpted from ACCC Pres.Allen Griffith's 6 page testimo ny to Sen.Nunn's Armed Services Committee. Available from ACCC, PO Box 19,Wallingford,Pa.19086.]

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