VOL. X  NO. 11 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   June 1, 1993

MEDIA MISLEADS US ON AIDS— Cardiovascular ailments kill more people each month than AIDS is pro jected to kill this year (5/93 R.Digest). Among the leading causes of death in America,including cancer and cardiovascular disease,AIDS ranks ninth.Yet,thanks to greedy AIDS activists and their success at manipulating the media, our government spends over twice as much to fight the No. 9 killer as it does to fight the No. 1 killer. AIDS in the U.S. remains overwhelmingly confined to "media supported" homosexuals and intravenous drug users,who account for 85 percent of all cases.

FAILURE TO IMMUNIZE IS CHILD ABUSE?— A proposed Clinton administration billion dollar program re quires all children to be vaccinated and registered at birth (or before age 2) in a centralized computer databank (4/93 FWR Report). Parents who choose not to immunize could be found guilty of neglect and have their children removed from the home. A N.Y. judge recently ruled that failure to immunize a pre school child constitutes child abuse. A federally mandated vaccination law is another dangerous tool for removing children from fundamentalist and politically incorrect homes.

MONEY TO A 'TAX & SPEND' CONGRESS— Sending tax dollars to Washington and then having them sent back is profoundly inefficient. There is the cost of federal tax collection;the cost of the fed eral bureaucracy; the cost of complying with federal paperwork; the cost of navigating red tape; the costs associated with lost flexibility; and the cost of delay (1993 book, The Ruling Class). The 5/8 World says: "Giving money and power to government is like giving drunken teens the keys to your car, in which you are sitting, locked in the back seat, unable to escape." And, govern ment help is "like giving oneself a blood transfusion from the right arm into the left arm,wast ing half of the blood in the process." Socialism is a highly inefficient, wasteful system of le gal plunder (theft). It doesn't work. It will steal you blind so it can give you contact lenses!

SCHOOLS TEACH HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS— With the support of the Clinton administration and the liberal National Education Association, homosexual activists are pushing schools to promote their sexual orientation as being morally equivalent to heterosexuality. The NEA is training teachers how to offer "equal opportunities" to homosexual students (5/17 CT). A Mass.governor's commission has a broad new program to encourage acceptance of homosexuality among students, and wants high school libraries to stock books and films promoting acceptance of homosexuality. Parents teach children homosexuality is wrong,then teachers tell them it's right.Children interpret society's tolerance of homosexuality as tacit approval. When a nation ceases to resist immorality,it seals its doom.

MILITANT MUSLIMS ARE RELIGIOUS STALINISTS— The 3/22 USN&WR said "Islam's militant strain is on the verge of replacing communism as the principal opponent of Western...democracy....In most of the Muslim world, politics is religion and religion is politics. Militant Muslims feel that for eign ideologies...have caused Muslims to forsake...the Koran". These radicals condone bombings, murder, brutality, and terrorism as just and honorable. Sudan's leaders, determined to create an Islamic state, persecute Christians in their policy of coercive Islamization of non Muslims(5/17 Chr.Today). Measures include closing church properties,requiring conversion to Islam in order to receive food aid in refugee camps,and beatings and executions. Similar atrocities occur in other Muslim nations. Yet, Islamic countries beg the U.S.to stop Serbs from killing Muslims in Bosnia.

LANSBURY HONORED BY NRB— Angela Lansbury, star of "Murder, She Wrote," was given the Centurion Award by the National Religious Broadcasters at its recent convention in Los Angeles. The pro homosexual paper, Record (Spring 1993) by Evangelicals Concerned, said Lansbury shocked some by "quoting approvingly" from Maya Angelou's inaugural poem about "the rabbi, the priest,the sheik, the gay, the straight." It said Lansbury has been a long time supporter of gay/lesbian rights.

FREE WORLD RESEARCH REPORT (Formerly Iowa Report) This good paper is packed with vital informa tion for educators, home schoolers, Christian schools,and parents. The April issue was 16 11x17" pages,plus a 4 page special report on "Outcome Based Education." Other articles include:"America 2000 And The Intern'l Agenda" [Clintonized version is "Goals 2000"], "The New Age in Education," "Clinton To Register And Vaccinate Children," "Eviscerating School Boards," "The Transformation Of The Church" [Holistic Truth,Acculturation],and others discussing eco science,crisis pregnancy centers/abortion, etc. A good article on educational "Choice" says vouchers are the seal of doom for private schools, and "government funding always means government control" not just strings attached,but chains. FWR is monthly,subscriptions are $20/yr.,from Box 4633,Des Moines,IA 50306.

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