VOL. X  NO. 12 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   June 15, 1993

REAGAN SAYS STAR WARS STILL NEEDED— Defense Secretary Les Aspin announced last month "the end of the Star Wars era." The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) now will be called the Ballistic Mis sile Defense Organization,with emphasis on a ground instead of space based system (5/24 USN&WR). But former Pres. Reagan warned Citadel grads last month: "I may not be a Rhodes scholar,but I do know this: If we can protect America with a defensive shield from incoming missile attacks, we should by all means do so." (5/31 Chr.News). He said: "If the new administration in Washington thinks we are no longer at risk, they need to open their eyes and take a long, hard look at the world".Some say SDI is not needed,Russia's no longer a threat,but where are its nuclear missiles aimed today? And Russia seems willing to sell its technology to the highest terrorist bidder.

RODNEY KING,L.A.RIOT,DOUBLE JEOPARDY— Rodney King had consumed the equivalent of a case of regu lar 12 ounce beers, to put his blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit, prior to his arrest after a high speed chase last year. When arresting officers were mostly acquitted, a riot by anangry 100 person mob of mostly blacks and Latinos ensued, leaving over 50 people dead, 2,300 in jured and $1 billion in property damage. Covetousness more than rage was the cause they just used the verdict as an excuse to party (5/31 USN&WR). Recently,in a flagrant case of double jeo pardy, a federal "civil rights" re trial of the policemen brought guilty verdicts for two of the men. These two now face prison terms of up to ten years and fines of up to $250,000. Meanwhile, habitual criminal Rodney King seems criminally untouchable, and may collect millions of dollars ransom from the City of L.A. because he got drunk and violently resisted arrest.(5/31 New Amer.)

ALCOHOL A KEY FACTOR IN L.A.RIOT— When last year's riot erupted, South Central Los Angeles had a staggering 728 licensed liquor outlets 13 per square mile one at almost every major intersec tion (5/31 USN&WR). Liquor outlets were the stores most targeted by looters. Alcohol lubricated the rioters and helped ignite the orgy of looting and mayhem. Bottles proved to be handy weapons.

STILL CONCERNED ABOUT WACO— We are strong believers in law and order. We think our government was wrong to re try on federal "civil rights" charges the policemen who had been acquited in the Rodney King arrest in L.A. We deplore the recent PBS smear of J.Edgar Hoover.We do not deny that kooky cultist David Koresh should bear primary blame for the Waco massacre. But we get nervous when our government moves in such heavy handed fashion against even the wackiest of religions, especially when it turns to ungodly crackpot psychiatrists for counsel. Koresh today, Christians tomorrow? No tanks, of course. But some psychiatrists and other liberals perceive fundamentalist Bible believing Christians who would discriminate against calling a homosexual as pastor,e.g.,as posing just as much a threat to their one world goals and are just as fanatical in their eyes as a Koresh. Our government is moving ever closer toward making it a crime to say sodomy is sinful.

PAUL CAIN'S PROPHETIC DREAM ABOUT CLINTON— Paul Cain is a false prophet of the Charismatic "pro phetic movement," and was until recently linked with John Wimber's Vineyard movement.Cain claims that in an election eve prophetic dream,he saw the Lord putting His Spirit upon Bill Clinton and changing him into another man just as He did King Saul,and that God will give Clinton "the power of the Holy Spirit to lead this country. What some people in the church regarded as a defeat is actually a blessing from the Lord. If the church will pray for this, it will come to pass."(6/93 Charisma). A perfect out! If it doesn't happen, it will be the church's fault because it didn't pray for it. Since Cain's Nov. 2 prophetic dream, we have seen Clinton appoint a cabinet of pro abortion liberals. The Charisma article writer said: "I pray that Bill Clinton does experience a Nebuchadnezzar type conversion,but it's more likely that he and Hillary will be a repeat of Ahab and Jezebel." The only thing scarier than Clinton in the White House is Paul Cain in the pulpit!

HOMOPHOBIA OR HOLINESS?— This is the title of one of the best pamphlets we have seen on the sub ject. It is available from the author, Pastor Fred Zaspel,Word of Life Baptist Church,302 N.Cen tre St., Pottsville, PA 17901, 8 pages. Cost is 10/$2, 50/$4, 100/$7.50, postpaid. After dis cussing several Scripture passages, Rev.Zaspel concludes: 1) Homosexuality iscontrary to Scrip tures. 2) Homosexuality iscontrary to nature. 3) Homosexuality is worthy of severe judgment.

CHRONOLOGY OF EDUCATION— A 40 page spec.edition of the Florida Forum has a lengthy "Chronology of Education" (with quotes), by Dennis L.Cuddy, Ph.D, dating from 1762 to 1993,showing a pattern of exploitation of U.S.education. Get it from: P.O. Box 1059, Highland City, FL 33846, $1, 12/$10).

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