VOL. X  NO. 13 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   July 1, 1993

NEA: THE 'NATIONAL EXTORTION ASSOCIATION'— The 6/5 World (from 6/7 Forbes) cites a direct corre lation between the unionizing of U.S. public school teachers over the past 30 years and the poor academic performance of the students they teach. While public school costs have gone from $974 per student in 1945 to $5,216 last year (inflation adjusted), academic performance continues to tumble. In addition to forcibly deducted dues, the 1.7 million member socialist oriented pro abortion NEA the most politically powerful and dangerous U.S. trade union rakes about $10 mil lion a year off the top of life insurance premiums paid by its member teachers to Prudential.

ARGENTINA PROMOTES CATHOLICISM— Argentina's political charter states that the government of Ar gentina sustains the Roman Catholic faith (6/5 World). The RC Church is fast expanding its radio broadcasting, while evangelical broadcasters fear a crackdown after three stations were recently closed. The RC Church gets free air time on state television, and its broadcasters face lesser risks than others because the government deems their programming to be in the public interest.

MOON EXPANDS EMPIRE— Rev.Sun Myung Moon,founder of the Unification Church,says he is the Messiah of the Second Coming and that his family is the first true family in all history (5/31 Chr.News). He is behind an international network which includes the Washington Times, the Intern'l Cultural Foundation, the Washington Institute for Values and Public Policy, Paragon House Publishers, the Christian Bernard jewelry chain, and Happy World toy and clothing outlets. (6/21 Chr. Today). A 10,000 member strong alliance of academics founded by Moon, the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), recently rescued the small University of Bridgeport (CT) with a $50,000 loan and grant package. In exchange,PWPA received control of UB's board of trustees.This has prompted a lawsuit from a Bridgeport coalition. PWPA is by charter independent but 90 percent of its money comes from the Unification Church,and it resolved a decade ago "to work with Rev.Moon toward the estab lishment of a God centered world of universal fellowship and harmony." Steven Hassan, a former Moon rising star,says Moon is deadly serious and dangerous.He says no Moon affiliate is indepen dent,but that all are links in his scheme for "taking over the world." Be warned,be wise,beware!

PRES.CLINTON WILL CONTINUE THE NEW WORLD ORDER— That's the title of a new 50 page book by Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy which give a chronology of one worldism events and leaders from 1901 to 1993. It discusses Rhodes Scholars,the CFR,Trilateral Commission,socialism, "powerful international bank ers who virtually run the U.S.government", the Carnegie Corporation, the UN,etc. A 1988 excerpt: Ernest Boyer (CFR/Carnegie) is referred to as saying that schools should no longer be seen as academic centers but should be turned into "social service centers," that school based health clinics should be combined with day care facilities,and that schools should assume the responsi bility for feeding students all three meals a day since they would be in school from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Order from: Southwest Radio Church,P.O.Box 1144,Oklahoma City,OK 73101,1 800 652 1144.

NEA GETS MORE FUNDS— The National Endowment for the Arts uses taxpayer dollars to fund the vilest of homosexual pornography and anti Christian "art." But Pres.Clinton's promised spending cuts do not include the NEA. Budget Director Leon Panetta has proposed a $134,000 budget increase over the current $175 million (6/93 AFA Jnl.). Taxpayers are forced to fund filth that is so perverse the news media cannot show it pictorially. The issue is not censorship, but forced sponsorship.

CLINTON'S PRO GAY,PRO ABORTION AGENDA— Pres.Clinton has emerged as a full fledged social liberal. He appointed Roberta Achtenberg,who with her lesbian partner (a judge) fervently kissed and hug ged as they led a 1992 gay pride parade,as Asst.Sec'y of Housing and Urban Development. This in tolerant extremist is the first open lesbian appointed to such a high post as fair housing chief The 6/5 World says Clinton is a wholly owned subsidiary of the pro abortion lobby.If he succeeds in making abortion a mandated health benefit, he will sharply increase the demand for abortion. He had promised to make abortion rarer, but when you subsidize something you get more of it.

MILITARY RIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST HOMOSEXUALS— The armed forces discriminate against peo ple who are lame, blind, overweight, mentally deficient, and homosexuals and for good, common sense reasons. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf opposes lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military. Medical science confirms that sodomy causes a host of serious, often contagious diseases, inclu ding: syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, herpes,cytomegalovirus,intestinal parasites,chronic diar rhea,and the deadly scourge,AIDS (4/1 CACC). There is no constitutional right to spread disease.

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