VOL. X  NO. 16 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   August 15, 1993

BIRDS OF A FEATHER APOSTASIZE TOGETHER— The United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ are two of the most liberal denominations. They allow their clergymen to deny some cardinal Bi ble doctrines. Last month they met together in a joint convention in St. Louis. Liberal Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu preached at a joint worship service (7/26 Christian News). The Disciples elected a minister who supports the ordination of homosexuals as their next president. The UCC reelected Rev. Paul Sherry, the only top official of any mainline denom, to march in the April homosexual rights demonstration in Washington.The UCC officially allows practicing lesbians,homo sexuals,and Catholic priests to serve as pastors of UCC churches. It supports active euthanasia.

ABSTINENCE: A RADICAL SEX ED CHOICE— Sex education in public schools is designed to break down the natural inhibitions that prevent kids from discussing sex. With its advent, teen pregnancies have soared from 300,000 to 750,000 a year between 1970 and 1987, even though more teens are us ing contraceptives (2/8 C.Today). Yet Joycelyn Elders, the Clinton pro abortion nominee for Sur geon General,favors condom distribution in schools and more sex ed. But giving kids sexually ex plicit materials and how to information in a supposed neutral,valueless way itself sends a wrong message (5/30 HT). It tells impressionable kids that we know abstinence is unrealistic,that sex ual activity at an early age is inevitable, so forget rules,follow your instincts,but be careful.

TV'S HARMFUL EFFECTS— A large study shows that the more television they watch, the more violent and disobedient elementary school children become (8/93 AFA Jnl.). Watching TV can lead to anti social behavior,obesity,gender and racial stereotyping,bad grades and various troubled behavior, per the American Psychological Association (3/23/92 CN). Profanity, promiscuity, and perversion portrayed on television affects all ages,especially those who spend many hours daily watching it

JUSTICE GINSBURG IS NO MODERATE— Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, recently confirmed in the Senate by a 96 3 vote,served on the National Board and as general counsel for the leftist ACLU (1973 80). Some have tried to deceptively present her as a moderate,but others call her an ACLU socialist and liberal activist. She is extremely pro abortion, and says abortion is a Con stitutional right. Her writings betray her as a radical feminist. She is definitely no moderate!

BENNY HINN AN ERROR PRONE HERETIC?— Over the past year or two we have reported many of Charismat ic Benny Hinn's weird beliefs and practices, and doctrinal errors. He is but one of the "Word of Faith" advocates that Christian Research Institute's Hank Hanegraaff labels as heretical. Hinn has publicly apologized for some past errors, such as "triple Trinity" and that men are "little gods." His brother Christopher says Benny gets carried away sometimes, and that when he erred in his sermons or on TBN he would often make a public correction the next week (7/17 World). Thomas Nelson Publishers keeps printing,promoting and profiting from Hinn's bestselling heretical books.

RUSSIA BANS FOREIGN MISSIONARIES?— The Russian Parliament voted last month to ban foreign mission ary activities. The measure,which needs Yeltsin's approval to become law,requires foreign relig ious groups to affiliate with Russian churches or organizations or to obtain state accreditation

BIG GOVERNMENT IS ENEMY OF FAMILY— Advocates of big government favor conditions that erode the family,since they desire to transfer family responsibilities to the state so as to make everyone dependent on,and loyal to,the state (7/12 New Am.). The late Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin saw this anti family trend early on and predicted a tragic breakdown of marital and family life. He rightly observed that since "even an illiterate mother,endowed with kindness and common senseappears to have been a better moral educator of children that most of the highly trained educa tors of schools," it is not right to withdraw children "from the educational influence of the home at a progressively younger and younger age." Strong families are a vital force for freedom.

MALE FEMALE DIFFERENCES— Differences between men and women, aside from obvious biological func tions,are now held by some to be but a matter of cultural conditioning and social learning. Thus these sexual stereotypes could readily be dismantled or reversed by suitable childhood training and media censorship, per a new book reviewed in the 7/26 New American. The reviewer says: "Pre sumably,according to social learning theorists,with different childhood training boys might play with dolls and girls with toy guns; men might rear children and women lead armies;women might op erate heavy machinery and men keep house." "Equality" dreamers stray from reality into absurdity.

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