VOL. X  NO. 17 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   September 1, 1993

EDUCATION REFORM & O.B.E.— Education reform through Outcome Based Education (OBE) is a major part of a sweeping Orwellian plan to radically restructure all of American society along revolution ary socialist lines. It's all part of a dumbing down process where facts, information and skills are downplayed,and right "politically correct" attitudes are stressed. Instead of the 3 R's,it's the 4 D's: Deliberately,Deceptively,Dumbed Down. OBE borrows heavily from B.F.Skinner's behavior modification research and Benjamin Bloom's Mastery Learning, wedding behaviorial psychology with socialist central planning (8/23 New American ).The goal is a planned society with no conflict of attitudes or beliefs. Students must demonstrate clearly defined outcomes to graduate.OBE is part of a sinister plan to destroy Christianity in America by taking control of children and families

JACK WYRTZEN ON 'CHRISTIAN COUNSELING'— We have often warned of the perennial slate of new evan gelical speakers featured by Dr. Jack Wyrtzen at his Word of Life camps. But he writes some good words in a letter to the Chr.Today editor (8/16): "As a youth leader from the 1940s until now, at age 80, I feel many of us were taken in by psychology, psychiatry, and so called Christian counseling. After counseling many who have spent thousands of dollars on these 'false teachers,' I am convinced that the Bible alone has the answers...." Freud admitted that his theories and practices stood in total opposition to Christianity (7/19 CT). The church somehow survived for over 19 centuries without pseudoscientific psychotherapy techniques deemed so necessary today.

REPRESSED MEMORIES OF CRIMES PAST— The mantra of the sexual abuse recovery movement is, "If you think you were abused then you were." A fast growing epidemic of New Age therapies is splitting families, scarring patients for life, causing pain for relatives, and sending innocent people to jail. Typically,a woman in her thirties seeks therapy for one or more symptoms (depression,anxi ety, headaches,etc.) whereupon a so called "traumatist" therapist decides "that the symptoms are caused by repressed memories of childhood abuse." (8/9 New Amer.). The more the patient denies it, the more convinced the therapist is that she is repressing painful memories. The patient may then be hypnotized,drugged,and repeatedly urged to remember the trauma,until images (false) form.

CHRISTIANITY A 'CULT'?— Our liberal media like to link Bible believing Christians with fanatics, terrorists, and cults. Recently a media bias expert did a computer search of newspaper articles and found 148 stories where the media linked the name David Koresh with the term"fundamentlist." After the Waco tragedy, Pres. Clinton expressed concern about a rise in religious fanaticism and said the government might have to deal with it again. A cult expert said: "The government had to search out an anti hero someone nobody likes to set a precedent for taking religious liberty away." (8/23 New Amer.) Dr. Cathy Moses of the Dallas Center for Religious Addiction and Abuse said her group is targeting mainstream Christianity. They are developing an intervention program to deal with religious addiction. Moses said the emotional dynamics of fundamentalist families are similar to those found in alcoholic families. A pamphlet urges "dysfunctional religion" vic tims to heal themselves by diluting their Christian beliefs with humanist concepts of self red emption. Moses says these believe "God is sovereign...don't make decisions without his leading."

CRIME NOT CAUSED BY POVERTY— A psychologist and psychiatrist in the 1950s set out to prove that crime is caused by environment. In their 17 year study, to their astonishment, they found that the cause of crime cannot be traced to environment, poverty, or oppression. Instead, it is the result of individuals making wrong moral choices (8/16 Chr.Today).They concluded that the answer tp crime is a "conversion of the wrong doer to a more responsible lifestyle." Other studies show that crime does not correlate with poverty. During the Great Depression, with widespread poverty and 34 million people unemployed, crime dropped. Crime is a moral and sin/spiritual problem.

FOOD AID TO RUSSIA BEING DIVERTED— The $700 million in U.S. food aid to Russia is being distrib uted by a tiny network of newly formed companies run by many of the same people who directed the corrupt Soviet food distribution system through the Communist government's official ministries. The 8/23 USN&WR says ex Soviet apparatchiks get rich off U.S. grain and the "old guard" elements of the Russian economy are supported and allowed to prosper. It documents evidences of wide spread corruption diversions,re processing,resale,and profiteering from our food aid shipments. (Meanwhile, Michail Gorbachev has a new pulpit as head of the new global earthkeeping organiza tion, Green Cross and Green Crescent. He will press rich countries and corporations to help with environmental cleanup. Never mind his devastating environmental record as head of the U.S.S.R.)

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