VOL. X  NO. 18 NEWS & ; VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   September 15, 1993

U.S. TROOPS TO BE CONTROLLED BY U.N.?— The 9/6 USN & WR says the United Nations secretary gen eral "wants America to create a standing force that the UN can call on and command. Bill Clinton likely will sign a directive in September giving Boutros Ghali part...of what he wants." This is a huge step in "the emerging campaign to establish a standing army controlled by the UN." (8/22 Hunts.Times). This includes having Americans serve under foreign commanders on a regular basis. We see developing, a world army/police,world court,world government ("New World Order"). Ambass ador Smith Hempstone (1/11 New Amer.) said the humanitarian issue in Somali is compelling,but so it is in Sudan and dozens of other tragic theaters over the world. He said: "Operation Restore Hope is not about feeding the starving masses of Somali. The humanitarian rhetoric is a conven ient cover for its real mission: to restore hope in the UN as a messianic institution that will bring world peace." The UN has dismally failed, and has become just another Somali faction. It fails in Bosnia. To surrender U.S. sovereignty and soldiers to a standing UN army is treasonous.

HARVESTING ABORTED BABIES— Pres.Clinton last June signed legislation authorizing government fun ded research using tissue from aborted fetuses, making it legal to cannibalize and commercialize the tiny bodies of murdered babies. Dr.James Dobson in his 7/93 letter says: "A child born alive presents a major problem to an abortionist. It is the ultimate 'complication,' because legally, every effort must be made to keep a breathing newborn alive. That's why the physician usually crushes the fetus' head while still in the uterus. However, a baby born dead is of less value to researchers because brain tissue and other organs quickly deteriorate when deprived of oxygen. Thus the abortionist must extract body parts and brain matter from a living baby not yet expell ed from the birth canal. This method is called dilation and extraction,or D & X." Growing babies to be dismembered for the use of their organs (as "spare parts") appears to be on the horizon.

PAT ROBERTSON EMPIRE SHAKEUP— Regent University,founded by Pat Robertson 15 years ago as CBN Uni versity,has an enrollment of 1,400 students (9/93 Charisma). Its new president is Terry Lindvall a Fuller Seminary grad who rarely wears a tie. Some view him as a centrist and sometimes critic of staunch conservatism (7/26 NIRR). Regent also replaced its popular law dean, causing students to voice fears that the school is drifting from its conservative moorings. Alumni association leaders view the changes as signals of a philosophical shift "of earthquake proportions." Mean while, Robertson's Christian Coalition (a misnomer) whose 400,000 members include evangelicals, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews is relaxing its tight focus on abortion and homosexuality in favor of a broader and more conciliatory agenda of middle class tax relief, crime and welfare reform.

NEA FUNDS 'GAY' FILM FESTIVAL— Pres. Clinton wanted to increase National Endowment for the Arts funding, but Congress cut it by 5% in the final budget. The NEA still is a disgrace and waste of taxpayer funds. The Clinton NEA recently reversed a 1992 Bush NEA decision and approved grants for three homosexual film festivals,funds they "would have received" in 1992 (8/26 HT). The gov ernment will also pay $252,000 to settle a lawsuit by four filth purveyors whose grants were re jected by the Bush NEA. An NEA approved grant enabled three "artists" to give $10 bills to ille gal immigrants recently. Actress Jane Alexander is Pres. Clinton's new nominee to chair the NEA.

HYPNOSIS IS DANGEROUS— Hypnosis has been used for many centuries by witch doctors, mediums, sha mans, and Hindu yogis. One hypnotist admits in his book that "As recently as two centuries ago hypnotism was the exclusive property of witch doctors, Greek oracles, Persian Magi,and Hindu fa kirs." But it is rapidly becoming popular in the counseling arena and the courtroom. But in its deeper levels of trance states it is certainly occult, and the Bible denounces all such occultic and demonic false religions.So,is it a cure or curse? Dr.Cathy Burns has spent the past 11 years doing research on the New Age Movement, Masonry,etc.,and answers this question in a booklet. Get it from: Sharing,212 H E.7th St.,Mt.Carmel,PA 17851. We suggest $1 for it,& list of other items.

ABORTION'S LEGACY— Paige Cunningham (pres. of Am.Un.for Life) testifying against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg,said: "Judge Ginsburg has testified before you that abor tion is 'central to a woman's dignity.'But what is the legacy of Roe v Wade? Has a generation of abortion on demand solved any of the problems for which it was offered? Has abortion reduced the rates of child abuse? Illegitimacy? Teen pregnancy? Spouse abuse? Has it reduced the numbers of women in poverty? Has it enhanced respect for women? After 20 years of abortion on demand, abortion has flunked the test as the miracle cure for the social problems it promised to solve."

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