VOL. XI  NO. 21   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   December 1, 1994

ASSISTED SUICIDE: MERCY OR MURDER?—Oregon last month became the first state to legalize assisted suicide. Jack Kevorkian, "Dr. Death," has helped 20 people commit suicide since 1990. While there is a clear distinction between sustaining all the life to which a person is entitled as opposed to just prolonging the process of dying, if doctors are licensed to kill, what jury would convict family members for the freelance killing of suicidal loved ones? And if suicide is a basic right of the terminally ill, how can it be denied to those who aren't terminally ill? Imagine the court fights when some who don't qualify for doctor-assisted suicide claim a violation of their legal right to die under the equal protection clause. The "right" to suicide would thus translate into an obligation of others to kill or help kill. The right to die could become an obligation to die.

CHRISTIAN COALITION NOT CHRISTIAN—Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition just prior to the recent election distributed millions of helpful voter guides listing candidates' stands on a broad range of issues. Its views are mostly "religious right" conservative, but we object to the word "Christian" in the title. Maybe "interfaith" or "conservative" would be better. Just over half are Republicans, 33 to 40 percent are Democrats, two-thirds are Protestant--and one third is Catholic, Greek Orthodox, or Jewish (10/29 World). In the opening session of the Coalition's annual conference (in Sept.) the podium was dominated by Jewish and Roman Catholic speakers(10/5 Chr. Century).

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY PROMOTES ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT—Millard Fuller, who in 1976 founded the ecumenical housing ministry known as Habitat for Humanity, has a new book The Theology of the Hammer. Fuller's list of resources used in writing the book include social gospel ones (9/26 C.News). Former President Jimmy Carter, Chuck Colson, Amy Grant, Madonna, and Cedarville College have all assisted Habitat in recent years. Fuller says (p. 84): "Habitat is in sympathy with the efforts of the World Council of Churches and other groups to influence churches and God's people to cooperate and work together...[It] is in agreement with the general purpose of the National Council of Churches....Our desire is that we be even more of a unifying force, bringing more churches...to work together..." He adds, "So get out your hammers, Catholics and Protestants, liberals and conservatives, Reform and Orthodox, Unitarians and Trinitarians, Gentiles and Jews. We have some houses to build to the glory of God! 'The theology of the hammer' binds us together in common ministry"

LICENSING PARENTS, CHILDREN'S RIGHTS—Socialist crusaders today battle the family for children's "rights." UN masterminds inform us that children are to be "brought up in the spirit of the ideals enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations." Shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution, Soviet educators were told: "We must remove the children from the crude influence of their families..." Professor of psychiatry Dr. Jack Westman, in a new book, calls for licensing of parents. He says children have a moral right to competent parents and that those who cannot be competent parents need relief from the responsibilities of parenting by terminating their parental rights" (11/28 New Amer.). A judge who wrote the foreword to this book says: "The child has a right to be brought up by his or her parents, but he or she also has the right to be placed in an alternate family setting should this be necessary." The state would decide when it would be necessary.

PROMISE KEEPERS IS DANGEROUS—A total of 233,600 men attended six Promise Keeper conferences in 1994. Every man who attended the 1993 PK convention in Boulder, CO received a copy of The Masculine Journey by Robert Hicks. This book is filled with Freudian and Jungian myths and fables of psychology. Hicks mixes these with his own personal experience of what it means to be a man, and with the Bible. He says: "The Bible simply defines manhood by the phallus." He identifies Jesus as being very much phallic, a "regular guy" and "sexually tempted as men are." Promise Keepers continues to endorse this blasphemous book, and made it available at the 1994 summer conferences. [Most of the above came from an Expanded Promise Keepers Warning Package by Martin and Deidre Bobgan and is available for $10 from PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries, 4137 Primavera Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110. It includes two tapes, a large booklet, and a Media Spotlight Special Report. The burgeoning PK movement is not going away anytime soon so we best be informed of its dangers. It promotes psychoheresy and ecumenicism, and features charismatics and "Christian Rock" music.

PREACHER KILLER A SATANIST OR DERANGED MURDERER?—Eileen Janezic was found guilty Oct. 27 of the Aug. 1993 murder of a Huntsville charismatic pastor. Her life sentence was postponed for 90 days of treatment/observation in a mental institution. She was an avowed Satan worshiper who allegedly shot the pastor to prove herself worthy of Satan's love. She was diagnosed with mental problems.

FOCUS ON MORMONISM—Mormonism is based on fairy tales. It teaches that God is an exalted man, and that Jesus is the spirit-brother of Lucifer. Last June Howard Hunter, 86, replaced Ezra Taft Benson (who died at 94) as president/prophet. Mormons boast of a superior morality, but in 1988 Utah's divorce rate topped California's. Yuppie Massachusetts' divorce rate is 2.8 per thousand, and Utah's is 5.1 per thousand. Mormon feminist Janice Allred authored an essay called "Toward a Mormon Theology of God the Mother" where she contends there is a "heavenly mother" who is God's partner. Her local church board has put her on probation and told her to keep such ideas quiet. Question for Mormons: "If Mormon families will live together forever, where will the in-laws be?"

CEDARVILLE TEAM HELPS ECUMENICAL HABITAT—Cedarville College is a GARBC-approved school and continues to collaborate with New Evangelicals. It has invited speakers such as Vernon Grounds, Warren Wiersbe, and John MacArthur to its campus, and last summer its engineering team was to assist a new-evangelical organization in Liberia (see 6/15 CC). The Spring '94 Cedarville Torch said: "Working with Habitat for Humanity, a 22-member Cedarville team constructed homes in Mexico City [during spring break]." The ecumenical Habitat's goal, according to founder Millard Fuller is to "completely eliminate poverty housing and homelessness" and to unite all religions. (9/26 Chr. News). "Shouldest thou help the ungodly...? 2 Chr. 19:2

FOCUS ON THE POPE—Pope John Paul II's October trip to the U.S. was canceled due to his broken leg problem. But a Rome clinic medical official questions the Pope's mental health, and said he believes John Paul is psychologically troubled. Meanwhile the Pope's new book, the first ever published by a pope, is a best seller in Italy. In it he says "the Catholic Church knows that it has received the fullness of the means of salvation..." (10/31 C.News). The Pope in Nov. said the Catholic Church must mark the year 2000 by confessing its sins (including violence) over the past 2,000 years. His 71-page letter suggested that richer nations substantially reduce, if not cancel, international debts of Third World nations (11/15 Houston Chron.). The Pope proposes joint meetings of Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land to prepare for the celebration of the Third Millennium. He has often said that Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christians worship the true God and can get to heaven without a saving knowledge of Christ.

TIM LEE'S SECONDARY SEPARATION THEOLOGIAN—As noted in the 10/15 CC, Dr. Tim Lee's 8/94 Target paper had a long article by Andrew Sandlin which sought to refute "secondary separation" teachings and practices of biblical fundamentalists. Sandlin in the 11/94 Chalcedon Report says: "I am the founder and moderator of the Reconstructionist Society of Ohio (RSO)..." He adds: "[T]hough the leadership of the RSO is heartily postmillennial, we allow premills and amills to join as long as they hold that the church's task and destiny is to exercise dominion in the earth." Christian Reconstruction patriarch R.J. Rushdoony in a 3/88 letter said "[Our objective is] nothing less than the re-Christianizing of America." The unscriptural teachings of those who refuse to practice "secondary (Biblical) separation" lead to sundry compromises and "bridge-building" to apostasy.

TEDS PROF. MURRAY HARRIS & RESURRECTION—A major controversy has raged over the doctrine of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School's Prof. Murray Harris (see 6/1/93 CC). He earlier this year "clarified" his confusing/heretical views on the resurrection. But as Dr. Norman Geisler says, a change from "nonfleshly" to "flesh" is clearly more than a clarification (5/2 CN). But TEDS denominational leaders (Evangelical Free Church) and Christianity Today had pronounced his earlier views "orthodox." So, will Harris, Chr. Today, and EFCA all acknowledge that they all erred in calling Harris's former views "orthodox," or has Harris's views really changed?

VATICAN BARS NRSV—After U.S. Catholic bishops had approved it, the Vatican in Nov. barred the use of the NCC's gender-neutral New Revised Standard Version "Bible" in Catholic liturgy.

ACCC RESOLUTION: SECONDARY SEPARATION—Whereas Tim Lee and Jerry Falwell in recent years have embarked on a course of "bridge-building" to Southern Baptists and to other New Evangelicals who are linked with apostates; and So. Baptists, in turn, are themselves also "bridge-builders" to Roman Catholics, since at their June 1994 convention in Orlando they endorsed the Colson/ Neuhaus pact signed last March by New Evangelical and Catholic leaders; and New Evangelicals come under the wrath of God for their unequal yoke with unbelievers, as did Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. 19:2); and Drs. Lee and Falwell erroneously argue that because So. Baptist conservative leaders are our "brethren," to separate from them would be "secondary separation" and wrong; and Lee and Falwell say that "secondary separation" is a recent phenomenon, overlooking the fact that it is rooted in Scripture (e.g., 2 Th. 3:6, 14) and has long been practiced by true Fundamentalists; and C.H. Spurgeon said, "That I might not stultify my testimony I have cut myself clear of those who err from the faith, and even from those who associate with them"; and we too must separate from apostasy and also from brethren who help finance and promote it, even though New Evangelicals and pseudo-Fundamentalists today call the latter "secondary separation" and thus do not practice it; Be It, Therefore, Resolved that we, the American Council of Christian Churches...affirm our unwavering stand for consistent, total separation (including "secondary"); and it is our conviction that those who indirectly help our Lord's enemies are traitors in the battle for truth; and we urge true Fundamentalists to recognize that those who decry "secondary separation" are usually enemies of biblical separation in general and distort its meaning in order to justify their compromise; and that we exhort all true Fundamentalists to continue to practice true, biblical separation, withdrawing from compromisers while counting them not as personal enemies but admonishing them as brethren.

A CALL TO SEPARATE FROM ROME'S FALSE TEACHINGS—The Bible commands us to separate from false teachings/teachers and to contend earnestly for the faith. It sets forth the principle that there can be no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but that it is our duty to reprove such works. The Church of Rome is the synagogue of the false Christ because it has given its allegiance to its popes and withdrawn its loyalty and allegiance to Jesus Christ. It has just published its new catechism which reinforces all the abominations and idolatries of the evil and satanic teaching formulated by the Council of Trent. The Roman Church has reiterated its belief that its priests have the power to turn the wafer in the ceremonial Mass into the actual body of Christ and the wine into the actual blood of Christ, and has the power to offer them again as a sacrifice for the propitiation of the sins of both the living and the dead. We repudiate and denounce so-called evangelicals and Protestant leaders such as the following who have forged new links with Rome: Bill Bright (Campus Crusade), Charles Colson, J.I. Packer, Pat Robertson, and Southern Baptist officials Richard Land and Larry Lewis. Billy Graham, a near living idol to many evangelicals, more than any other single person is responsible for leading the evangelical community into a cozy relationship with the Church of Rome. [Adapted from a 10/94 resolution of the 21st Annual Congress of Fundamentalists, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Va., signed by Drs. Rod Bell, J.B. Williams, Ian Paisley, et al.]

MACHEN AN ANOMALY—J. Gresham Machen left Princeton and began Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia in 1929 and founded the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1936. Two of his famous quotes serve to indict the ecumenical evangelism of Billy Graham and Luis Palau in our day: "There can be no true evangelism which makes common cause with the enemies of the Cross of Christ.", and, "The worst sin today is to say that you agree with the Christian faith and believe the Bible, but then make common cause with those who deny the basic facts of Christianity." The first critical biography of Machen (by D.G. Hart) is reviewed in the 10/22 World and the 11/14 Chr. Today. From these we learn that Machen was a bundle of "anomalies": a conservative intellectual who opposed modernism for social reasons as much as religious ones; an unlikely ally of secular modernists such as Walter Lippmann and H.L. Mencken; and a libertarian anti-prohibitionist who voted for Al Smith. He was said to be largely indifferent to the debates over evolution and inerrancy.

KING'S COLLEGE TO CLOSE—The King's College, founded by radio evangelist Percy Crawford and long led by Robert A. Cook, has been ordered by the state of New York to close on Dec. 30 due to financial problems and an insufficient number of qualified faculty (11/14 CT). Alumni and church support started declining over a decade ago when a small group of disgruntled teachers started leading King's down a liberal path (12/ 13/93 CT). More recently, a few faculty sought to present a pro-choice position on abortion and acceptance of homosexuality as an evangelical lifestyle. New President F.K. Radandt who came in 1985 could not solve the inherited problems.

NO FUNDING FOR NON-CATHOLICS—A Canadian appeals court ruled July 6 that an education policy of granting public funding to Roman Catholic schools while denying similar funds to Jewish and Protestant is not a violation of the Canadian Constitution (10/94 CWR).

SPURGEON ON FELLOWSHIP—"Where there can be no real spiritual communion there should be no pretense of fellowship. Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin."

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