VOL. XI  NO. 3   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   February 1, 1994

'SAFE SEX' INCREASES PROMISCUITY, DISEASE—Since the federal government began a major sex education program in 1970, and has spent billions of tax dollars since then to promote contraceptives and "safe sex," unwed pregnancies have increased 87 percent among 15- to 19-year-olds (F.OnTheFam.). And abortions among teens rose 67 percent, unwed births went up 83.8 percent, and VD has infected a generation of young people. Condom distribution programs radically increase the number of kids exposed to disease. They send a mixed message, like saying: "It's wrong to shoplift, but if you do it, here are tips on how to avoid getting caught." Should we teach kids the safest way to drive drunk, on the assumption that they're going to do it anyway? Abstinence/virginity is still best.

'TRUE LOVE WAITS' PROMOTES ABSTINENCE, ECUMENISM—Over 500,000 teenagers are expected to publicly pledge to stay sexually pure until marriage as part of a nationwide abstinence campaign called True Love Waits (12/93 AFA Journal). This program was begun last April by the So. Baptist Sunday School Board, but now has a partnership with Roman Catholics, Campus Crusade, Youth for Christ and an amalgam of charismatics and evangelicals. The goal is for 100,000 signed covenant cards for the SBC Orlando meeting in June, and 500,000 for YFC's DC'94 in July. Great, but wait: A leader is quoted in the 12/11 World as saying, "It's high time we got together to fight the common enemy. We all have the same things at stake...There are differences between us, yes, but I think those can be ironed out, and we can expand on our common beliefs. This campaign is a start."

FEWER GUNS DOESN'T MEAN LESS CRIME—The Brady Bill was just a first step to a goal of total gun control. To drive many of America's 250,000 licensed gun dealers out of business, our government wants to raise the $66-a-year gun-selling license to $600. But fewer dealers doesn't automatically mean less crime. Florida, with 8.6 licensed dealers per 10,000 people, has America's highest violent-crime rate. N. Dakota, with 25.8 dealers per 10,000, has the lowest (1/17 USN&WR). You don't reduce crime by disarming honest citizens. Criminals get guns from: theft, 32%; retail purchase, 17%, black market or borrowing, 40% (12/6 USN&WR). They fear armed victims far more than police. After Kennesaw, Ga.'s law requiring a gun for each household, violent crimes decreased sharply.

TAXPAYERS FORCED TO FUND ABORTIONS—The Clinton administration's new policy requires states to finance Medicaid abortions in cases of rape or incest or if the woman's life is endangered. Some states require that the rape or incest actually be reported, but the new directive says an abortionist must be allowed to waive that requirement at his discretion (1/8 World). The Clinton national health care plan as now written requires that every health insurance policy provide unrestricted health care, and that includes abortion. And every American would be forced to buy into such a plan, and pay for those abortions. The 1/94 AFA Journal says abortion is hidden in the Clinton plan, that all it takes is the doctor (abortionist) and the woman to agree that an abortion is "medically necessary." Then the murder would be paid for through the national health plan.

JESSE JACKSON CANDID CONFESSION—After his own home and neighborhood were invaded by street punks Jesse Jackson dedicated himself to fighting black-on-black crime. He confesses: "There is nothing more painful for me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start to think about robbery and then look around and see it's somebody white and feel relieved. How humiliating." (1/17 USN&WR). Reminiscent of what he said in 1975, "A black man selling dope hurts communities more than a white man dangling a rope", Jackson now says: "We lose more lives to young blacks killing each other annually than to the sum total of lynchings in the history of the country" (12/19 Parade). Statistics show that blacks and Hispanics commit a very disproportionate share of felonies

SOCIALISM & RELIGION IN CUBA—The failure of socialism is very evident in Havana, "a city falling apart." (1/94 Charisma). There is no paint or mortar to renovate crumbling schools and apartment buildings. Government-controlled hospitals and doctors' offices lack basic supplies like aspirin and rubber gloves. Cars sit idle on the street, lacking spare parts and fuel. Stores are empty. Castro's daughter defected to the U.S. in December, calling him a tyrant, and saying she associated Cuban socialism with economic collapse and food shortages (12/23 HT). Jesse Jackson met with Castro Dec. 26, and earlier called for easing of our economic boycott of Cuba (1/10 CN). The National Council of Churches has delivered $800,000 in aid since 1992 (1/10 CT). Santeria, an African spiritist religion, is practiced by a quarter of all Cubans. About 75 percent of Methodist pastors in Cuba are charismatic. Churches have grown since Castro's 1990 apology to Christians. He and some other leaders have been more open to churches, but those implementing policies are not.

EVANGELICAL AFFINITY FOR WILLIAM BARCLAY—The writings of British theologian and Scottish preacher William Barclay reveal him to be a universalist who denied historic Christianity. The 1/94 Catholicism Today (C.E.C., PO Box 99141 Louisville, KY 40269) says: "Barclay denies the deity of Christ, the inspiration of the Scriptures, the miracles of Jesus, and His substitutionary atonement. He believes in the eventual salvation of all mankind. Yet his books are sold in the majority of Christian bookstores. He is widely quoted by prominent evangelical leaders..." Jerry Falwell's 3/84 Fundamentalist Journal had an ad promoting a Barclay book. Instead of exposing false teachers, new-evangelicals tolerate them and promote their writings.

THE GAITHERS ARE ECUMENICAL—Dr. Jerry Falwell recently used Bill Gaither videos, and featured Gaither many times on his TV program, to raise funds for Liberty University. O Timothy editor David Cloud (12/93) said: "The Gaithers are radically ecumenical. They performed at the North American Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelism [charismatic], Indianapolis, August 1990. I was at the meeting with press credentials. One-half of the participants were Roman Catholic, and many of the speakers were Catholic priests. A Catholic mass was held each morning. There was a large Catholic book store which sold every sort of Catholic literature and paraphernalia, including rosaries and Mary statues. The Gaithers were right at home in the midst of this ecumenical wickedness, and for Falwell to promote them and their fleshly music in order to raise money is inexcusable."

'NO SIN MORE UNPARDONABLE THAN TO SCORN MARY'—A recent special edition of the Fatima Crusader said: "Since God decided to manifest His plan of love, which is to grant His Graces to men through the mediation of the Immaculate Virgin, it seems that their refusal to submit with docility to that Divine Will is a sin which particularly wounds His Heart and for which He no longer finds in Himself any inclination to forgive. That sin appears unpardonable, for there is not, as far as Our Savior is concerned, any crime more unpardonable than to scorn His Most Holy Mother and to outrage Her Immaculate Heart which is the sanctuary of the Holy Ghost. That is to commit 'blasphemy against the Spirit...'"

CHURCHES LEAVE EPISCOPAL CHURCH—The liberal Episcopal Church has long tolerated radical blasphemy and heresy from the likes of its Bishops Pike and Spong. Charismatics and others are now "jumping ship" and leaving this NCC/WCC denomination over homosexuality and liberal theological compromises (see 1/94 Charisma and 1/10 Chr. Today). Bishop James Dees, weary of its acceptance of bishops and priests who openly repudiated Bible doctrines, left the apostate Episcopal Church over 30 years ago and formed the Anglican Orthodox Church, November 16, 1963.

DR. GRIFFITH NEW MINISTRY—ACCC Pres. Dr. E. Allen Griffith has resigned from a 26-year pastorate at Bible Baptist Church, W. Chester, Pa. He says: "Patricia and I, along with most of my children, will establish a home base for ministry at Lake side Christian Conference Center in Cleveland, Ga. We will host camps, conferences, and retreats geared to the family. We will also travel as a ministry team to churches preaching evangelistic/revival campaigns centering on God's message about the family and related issues..." New address: Biblical Family Ministries, Rt. 7, Box 7402, Cleveland, Ga. 30528, Phone 706/219-2398.

SOUTHERN BAPTISTS & MASONRY—A Masonically dominated Supreme Court legalized abortion and put Christianity out of public schools. Masonry is an anti-Christian religious cult rooted in Hinduism, occultism and other forms of paganism (10/93 Berean Call). There are Muslim Masons. Masons, because of their universalism, deny that it was Christ who created the universe. (12/93 Discerner) Masons are now exultant that Southern Baptists last June passed a resolution that leaves Lodge membership up to the individual. SB physician Dr. James Holly says: Southern Baptists have become the first Christian denomination that essentially blesses the Masonic Lodge. (12/20 Chr. News). SBC conservatives staunchly fought for an inerrant Bible but wouldn't defend it against paganistic Masonry. A book reviewed in the 1/14 Sword reveals secrets of Masonic rituals. Author Elmer Garitson asks: "Can you imagine swearing to allow your brother Masons to cut your throat, tear out your tongue by its roots, pluck out your heart and feed it to the wild beasts of the field, have your body cut in two and your bowels burned to ashes, if you so much as revealed the least little secret of the lodge?"

TIM LEE & SBC 'BRIDGE-BUILDING'—Drs. Tim Lee and Jerry Falwell recently spoke with Southern Baptist leaders at a "Building Bridges" conference at Montrose Baptist Church(SBC), Rockville, Md. Falwell said "we're headed toward some major mergers" within a couple of years that will probably "surprise a lot of people"(12/15 CC). Now, Tim Lee's 12/93 Target paper has a letter from the SBC host pastor saying: "The Bible Conference truly 'built bridges'. Just after the meeting on Wed. evening some of the independent brethren approached me and wanted to know when we would pursue the next step of cooperation. I will contact them this morning to set up a meeting to chart out our course from here. Truly this...was an historic Conference."

NEW EVANGELICALS PROMOTE RICHARD FOSTER—Quaker psychologist Richard Foster is the founder and head of Renovare, an international ecumenical mystical movement with a Charismatic, Catholic, and Quaker constituency. Dave Hunt warns that a Chr. Today article touts Foster and his "contemplative prayer" techniques, which "involve passivity and visualization taught by such occultists as Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) and Agnes Sanford"(12/93 Berean Call). Miles Stanford (840 Vindicator Dr., #111, Colo. Springs, CO 80919) has a 7-page Polemic Paper discussing Foster and Renovare in great detail, and reporting a Renovare retreat sponsored by the Navigators. Life Action ran a Foster article with no warning of his dangerous views. Foster praised Pope John Paul II at the 10/91 Renovare meeting in Pasadena (1/15/92 CC). His "New Age" teachings have influenced Denver Seminary.

MILES J. STANFORD has books, booklets, and Polemic Papers on many vital issues and men/movements of our day. This editor was first introduced to his writings in the 1970s via Dr. Weniger's Blu-Print. Get the Polemic Papers from Bro. Stanford at above address, but order other of his literature from Ed & Bettie's Christian Books, 1430 Carr St.(Rear), Lakewood, CO 80215.

POLSON TO ABWE—Dr. John Polson has resigned as pastor of Wealthy Park Baptist in Grand Rapids to become ABWE's West Coast Planned Giving Rep. This disappoints fundamentalists, given ABWE's clear new-evangelical bent and Polson a speaker at the separatist IBFNA'93 meeting (Fund. Digest)

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