VOL. XI  NO. 6   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   March 15, 1994

FEDERAL FUNDS FOR MISS. LESBIAN COLONY—Ovett, Miss. is the unwilling host of a lesbian enclave called "Camp Sister Spirit." Brenda and Wanda Henson, a lesbian couple, purchased the land for this camp last July. The 3/7 New American says they are "well-connected to various influential leftist groups and have received taxpayer funds through an 'emergency management' grant." Ovett residents protest what amounts to federally subsidized colonization by the sodomite subculture. Some fear the retreat will become a lesbian recruiting center for vulnerable women and children. They say they are "being invaded by activists with a radical agenda, but media so far seem to favor the lesbians. AG Janet Reno is considering a request by homosexual activists to intervene.

ABORTIONISTS ON THE ATTACK—The Supreme Court recently ruled that pro-life protesters can be sued under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Congress may clarify this since it clearly was not their intent in passing RICO in 1970. Planned Parenthood's $10 million campaign to persuade Congress to include abortion coverage in any national health care plan would force people to fund abortions against their conscience. Meanwhile, a pro-life group seems to be softening its opposition to abortion. The Christian Action Council has changed its name to Care Net (1/15 World). It will de-emphasize what it is against (abortion) and reemphasize what it is for (women). The CAC was founded in 1975 by a group of evangelicals that included C. Everett Koop and Billy Graham. Koop now promotes pro-abortion health care plans and Graham, despite his opposition to abortion--except in cases of rape and incest--refuses to preach against it as sin.

BILLY GRAHAM'S CLEVELAND CRUSADE—A mixed multitude of 589 churches are cooperating in Dr. Billy Graham's June crusade in Cleveland. An Ohio Bible Fellowship resolution says: "This list includes apostate churches of the National Council of Churches as illustrated by the names of 46 United Methodist churches, uncounted charismatic churches, the new evangelical churches of the area, and more than 60 Roman Catholic churches..." Rev. John Ashbrook observes: The Graham Crusade welcomes unbelieving churches of all shades to participate, furnish counselors and receive the cards of inquirers. Over 10% of the participating churches are Roman Catholic. Participation has been approved straight from the Vatican. The crusade has a tacit agreement not to say anything anti-Catholic--including the fact that salvation is by grace and not by the sacraments. Converts directed to the Catholic Church will be initiated into the 'full sacramental life of the church,' (read: 'the mass')." [Order this Jan-Feb OBF Visitor from 3865 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43214, $1]

SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT FOR CREATION—The basic laws of science, the laws of thermodynamics, are precisely predicted by creation theory. They show that evolution by strictly natural processes violates natural law, and therefore is impossible. The fossil record provides no evidence that evolution occurred: No basic category of life ever changed into any other basic category. The fossils show sudden appearance and stasis, just as predicted from the creation model. The incredible design of living things shows the necessity of a Designer behind it all. Neither natural selection and mutation, or any other evolution theory, provides a credible explanation for this high degree of order. Many scientists throughout the world have recently abandoned evolution theory. It has never been supported well by science. Most scientific giants of the past were Christians and creationists. Large groups of creationist scientists exist today throughout the world. (2/94 Impact)

WORSHIP OR THEATRICS?—Forty years ago the music of the church was distinctively different from the music of the night club. Even the ungodly person could identify a hymn of the church back then. Today's contemporary Christian music makes no distinction between Christian and non-Christian. The decline in moral and spiritual values in our country has left its toll on the church, where many seem to have no discernment in determining what is holy and what is profane anymore.. "Give the Lord a hand!" they say. Is it not theatrics when Christian singers strut around like a Frank Sinatra or some other pop singer, with microphone in hand and copying all the gestures and professionalism of the Hollywood crowd? Since music is an essential part of Christian worship, contemporary music, it's sensual sound and style, which demands and encourages applause, lands a devastating blow to true worship and the spiritual life of the church. (Dr. Gordon E. Sears, 2/94)

MISS.'S 1832 CONSTITUTION:—"No person who denies the being of a God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State....Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government, the preservation of liberty, and the happiness of mankind; schools, and the means of education, shall forever be encouraged in this State."(GP)

CRISWELL A MASON?—Thousands of Southern Baptist pastors and prominent leaders are Masons. The 1/31 Christian News said: "Dr. W. A. Criswell, senior pastor of First Baptist Church [Dallas] and one of the SBC's most famous pastors, is a Mason [as was his predecessor, Dr. George Truett]." In some of its official writings Masonry claims to be a religion, but denies the deity of Jesus Christ. (2/94 BB). Criswell has written books defending inerrancy but has said (Look Up, Brother, p.74) of German higher critics: "If they believe the Bible to be the Word of God, even though they accept some of these higher critical conclusions, I have no word to say against them." (O Timothy). Criswell has long been linked with SBC modernists, and donated millions of dollars to pay their salaries. He has endorsed other modernists such as Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller. He has had a Catholic choir, a Jewish rabbi, and alleged KGB agents in his pulpit (4/15/89 CC). Yet Tim Lee and Jerry Falwell have highly praised Criswell, and seek to link fundamentalists with such ecumenical SBC "conservatives."

STOTT PROMOTES THE WCC—Anglican ecumenicist Dr. John Stott has been a key pusher for social action, liturgical reform, and ecumenical relations with Roman Catholics and the World Council of Churches. He has said we should join with the WCC in fulfilling Christ's mission to the world (8/1/89 CC). In a review of Stott's new book (2/7 CT), Dr. J.I. Packer said: "Only once did I find myself disagreeing strongly enough to merit comment in a review. I was sorry that Stott assumes [as many do] that ecumenism means some form of involvement with the doings of the World Council of Churches. My opinion is that through what strikes me as demonic politicization, the WCC has twiddled itself into insignificance so far as true ecumenism is concerned, and those who care for the true unity of the churches must now work through other channels...I wish John Stott had recognized this." Stott spoke at the 1975 WCC meeting in Nairobi, and then at Moody Bible Institute in 1977.

COLSON'S SUBVERSION OF CHRISTIANITY—Our former pastor, Dr. James A. Zaspel, sent us the Jan. and Feb. issues of The Trinity Review which was an 8-page review of some Charles Colson books. This two-part series by John Robbins was entitled, "The Counterfeit Gospel of Charles Colson." He notes Colson's ecumenical views, his praise of Roman Catholics, and his affinity for the Roman church. Colson says: "...I go to Catholic mass occasionally with my wife...." He says "every Christian is a fundamentalist" and that we need to all get together. His books are endorsed by such people as John Cardinal O'Connor, Jerry Falwell, and SBC's Adrian Rogers.

COLSON/NRB CLARIFICATION—Charles Colson was the keynote speaker at the recent NRB Meeting, but was not introduced by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin as we erroneously indicated in the 3/1 CC. Bernardin did, however, introduce Colson at the earlier Templeton Prize presentation (see 1/1 CC), and a Catholic addressed the NRB.

A PERSONAL REQUEST—Please pray for this editor as we attend an out-of-state funeral this week, drive to Dallas Saturday to attend (with press credentials) the NAE convention, then the following week, attend a day or two of Tim Lee's CORE conference in Montgomery. And, in the meantime as we try to get this issue of the CC out while trying to convert our files to a new confusing Word Perfect system and a new printer.

BIBLICAL FUNDAMENTALISTS & THEIR DUTIES—Christians are commanded to "earnestly CONTEND for the faith," "FIGHT the good fight of faith," "be not unequally yoked with unbelievers," to "WITHDRAW from" and "ADMONISH" brethren who walk disorderly," and to "EXHORT" one another. But we are also to "endeavor to keep the UNITY of the Spirit in the bond of PEACE," and "Speak the truth in LOVE." It is good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in UNITY. But FIGHTING and PEACE are both important. Fighting and separation are necessary for PURITY. Love and unity are vital for PEACE. Sometimes we can't have both PEACE and PURITY. In the case of "divinely ordered divisions," PURITY takes priority over PEACE. The wisdom from above is first PURE, then PEACEABLE (Ja. 3:17). Thank God for those who are willing to pay the price and separate from apostate or compromising denominations where doctrine or vital biblical principles are at stake. God honors those who so obey His word and separate. But, with so much fragmentation within Biblical Fundamentalism today, we wonder if some of it is not due to politics, personality clashes, vague doctrinal differences, or maybe just precipitous. This editor has served as deacon for some 30 years under five or so pastors. A few have on a few occasions had a speaker we would not have had. But we either voiced our concern privately, or kept silent. Our church has never been perfect but we don't believe it wise to publicize its shortcomings. We have a duty to protect its testimony unless there is a Scriptural reason to separate from it. If a PATTERN of compromise develops, then of course we should leave it. We likewise usually wait for a pattern of compromise before reporting on a speaking engagement that we do not agree with. Often a phone call or letter is better in an early stage. Maybe one was uninformed or misjudged. All should be given liberty to make an occasional misstep. But if a "pattern" develops, he has already tainted his testimony, and exercising our duty to warn others helps rather than hurts the cause of Christ. Is all this wrong, and a cover-up? Feel free to advise. We're teachable. Isn't it better to downplay minor differences than to exaggerate them to major prominence? On the other hand, we don't want to wait too long to switch from the "support" mode to the "warning" mode. This is at times a tough call, and we covet your patience and prayers for godly wisdom. We must CONTEND for the faith. A pacifist Fundamentalist is a practicing New Evangelical.

COMPROMISERS HATE SIN EXPOSERS—"Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" Those of our day who warn of compromise and expose error are often called "troublemakers." Ahab said to Elijah, "Art thou he that troubleth Israel?" But Elijah told him it was HE who troubled Israel by his sin. Survival for some fundamental ministries today seems to dictate a broader constituency, which then seems to dictate fellowship with compromisers. Then when this is exposed, they defend the compromisers over the faithful exposers. Defending the faith necessitates exposing those who would destroy it. "Fundamentalist" compromisers don't mind if a new-evangelical publication publicizes their new-evangelical speaking engagement, but let forth an unholy howl when a fundamentalist paper informs their fundamental supporters. "We find it impossible to avoid offending guilty men, for there is no way of avoiding it but by our silence or their patience; and silent we cannot be because of God's command, and patient they cannot be because of their guilt." Paul, at the last, had to stand alone. Elijah, however, thought he stood alone, but God revealed 7,000 others. We need to stand fast, but not be too fast to dwindle the number down to ONE.

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