GOVERNMENT PRESSURE TO PUSH HOMOSEXUALITY—Radical homosexual activist and open lesbian Roberta Achtenberg is Pres. Clinton’s assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She has issued a mandate and new guidelines requiring supervisors and managers who seek an “outstanding” rating to partake in “culturally diverse” activities such as participation in homosexual groups (5/94 AFA Jrnl). This means: To advance your career, do everything you can in and out of the workplace to promote homosexuality.

CATHOLICS ‘HONOR’ AMY GRANT—St. John’s University gave its highest award to rock star Amy Grant last month (5/7 Houston Chron.). She is the third woman to receive the Pax Christi award, often called a jewel in the crown of the Roman Catholic Church. Pax Christi is the radical International Catholic Peace Movement. Grant, a charismatic, was called “a contemporary Christian role model for today’s generation” and praised for the “Christian values” in her life and music career.

FALWELL REVIVES MORAL MAJORITY?—Richard Sumner in the 4/94 Target says: “Dr. Jerry Falwell has recently announced the formation of a new organization, MISSION AMERICA, to be used as a vehicle to inspire concerned Americans to get involved...to save our country from moral self-destruction. MISSION AMERICA is the new replacement for Moral Majority (started in 1979...disbanded in 1987).”

SOUTH AFRICA TILTS TOWARD COMMUNISM—Joe Slovo is chairman of the South African Communist Party (SACP) which controls Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC). Slovo is a white Lithuanian and a colonel in the Russian KGB. (McAlvany). He is the new minister of housing and welfare in Mandela’s cabinet. The communist terrorists who have butchered over 60,000 So. Africans since 1990 are now to be merged with the security forces who have been trying to stop their slaughter. South Africa is the largest gold producer in the world, and also has the largest known deposits of chrome, platinum, etc. The SACP will soon control 60% of the world’s gold supply, and a big share of other vital metals/minerals- -making it the wealthiest Communist Party in the world. The U.S. government has supported the ANC/SACP alliance for over 20 years. Pres. Clinton now offers South Africa a $600 million aid package. Mandela now must deal with the Zulus; allay the fears of businessmen, etc., by going slowly in redistributing the wealth and socializing the economy/ industry; at the same time he must meet the high expectations of his followers. Donald McAlvany says the communists will ultimately self-destruct, destroy the economy and the people’s freedom.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER—Donald McAlvany in his 4/94 44-page paper says South Africa is in the first stage of a Marxist-Leninist pattern of two-step revolutions. It has been delivered to communism all in the name of democracy by traitors in the National Party government, by the West, by the New World Order establishment, and by powerful interests who want to exploit the vast mineral wealth. The New World Order (NWO), he says, “is a world/global government under the United Nations which international elitists in the financial and power corridors of America, Europe, Japan, So. Africa, etc. believe they can install by the turn of the century. [It] is being pushed by the world’s most powerful socialists, communists, internationalists, occultists, and New Agers.” Some of the elements would be a global taxation system, a world court, a world army, a world central bank, a world welfare state, abolition of private firearms, mandatory population and environmental control, centralized control of education, and a world police force (under the UN, with the U.S. and Russian militaries as the core). The New World Order will have three major regional governments: (1) The United States of Western Europe, (2) The North American Common Market (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) - launched by NAFTA, and (3) A Pacific Rim regional headquartered in Japan or Singapore. The NWO will have four secondary regional governments (Latin America, Middle East, So. Pacific - Australia, New Zealand - and Africa anchored by ANC government in Pretoria. The NWO’s cornerstone is the merger/convergence of the common interests of America and Russia into a strong alliance.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT UNDER ASSAULT—Recently Joseph Coe was arrested and charged with spanking his “out of control” 23-year-old retarded daughter with a belt. Coe is a Bible-believing Christian and member of Harvest Baptist Church in Torrington, CT. The state’s attorney decided not to prosecute, due to lack of evidence, but the judge refused to grant a motion to dismiss the case, and the Department of Mental Retardation commissioner, clergy, and social welfare proponents seem intent on getting the law changed regarding spanking children. A movement is underway to amend or repeal that section of the law which rendered Coe’s alleged conduct legally privileged. The popular sentiment there seems to be that corporal discipline is always improper. For more info on this issue, contact: Pastor Dave Reinhardt, 14 Granville Ave., Danbury, CT 06810, 203/743-5184.

DOBSON SAYS HE LOVES AND LISTENS TO ROCK MUSIC—Dr. Ed Dobson in a 1993 book, Starting a SEEKER SENSITIVE SERVICE, describes the music used in a Saturday night service he began in his church five years ago: “The style of ‘Saturday Night’ is basically late sixties and early seventies rock. We have a lead guitar, a bass guitar, a synthesizer, a piano, drums, and sometimes a saxophone...(We wanted a style of music that communicated to people aged twenty to forty-five. That style of music, without question, is rock. It is the language of my generation. It is the musical style that I love and listen to. It communicates in a language that I understand.” [p42]. At the front of this book [p10] is a one-page “testimonial” by a young man who attends “Saturday Night” and who tells of “inviting Jesus into his life again” in 1992. He said: “And I know he heard me because a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a few minutes.” Salvation based on a butterfly instead of the Bible? This was an interesting, but sad, book. Dobson pastors Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, the old De Haan church which hosted the 1988 IFCA convention. He was named 1993 “Pastor of the Year” by Moody Bible Institute, and MBI Pres. Joseph Stowell, on the back cover, ”highly recommends” this book.

RADIO BIBLE CLASS TAKES PSYCHOLOGICAL TURN—Radio Bible Class was started over 55 years ago by outspoken fundamentalist Dr. M. R. De Haan. Rick Miesel says: “It is currently run by Dr. De Haan’s three ecumenical, neo-evangelical, psychologically-oriented sons: Richard, Dennis, and Martin II....Sometime in the mid-1980s, RBC took a decidedly psychological turn, incorporating the world’s pop psychology into almost every area of its vast media empire.” [Miesel’s 10-page detailed report on RBC’s teachings is available for $1.00 from: BDM, P.O. Box 6154, Bloomington, IN 47407.] RBC programs feature new-evangelical speakers. RBC’s “Our Daily Bread” has new-evangelical writers (e.g., Vernon Grounds) and favorably cites liberals and new evangelicals (1/15/91 CC). RBC editor Herb Vander Lugt, in RBC booklets, has classified Catholicism as a Christian denomination, and implied that Hell is not a place of literal fire.

 ‘1994’ THE END FOR FAMILY RADIO?—Family Radio founder Harold Camping claims in his 1994? book that the Lord will return in September, 1994, and that no one can become saved after Sept.6. He has now produced a second book to provide more evidence that the Rapture will occur this year. For such foolish date-setting he is being called a “heretic” and “false prophet..” Family Radio officials try to convince him that his rigid views and unteachable spirit will mean the demise of the ministry. “Harold believes so intently that Christ will return in 1994 that everything else holds no meaning. His family has turned against him, the church community doesn’t support his views, and the majority of staff members here at Family Radio fear that the end just might be near...not for the world, but for Family Radio.” (3/14 Chr.News). [Dr. D.A. Waite has an analysis of Camping’s book for $1.50 from: BFT, 900 Park Av., Collingswood, NJ 08108]

IBFNA SPEAKERS—Speakers for the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America’s annual conference, June 21-23, Merrillville, IN, include Drs.: Ernest Pickering, Ed Nelson, Robert Delnay, Richard Harris, Tom Nieman, and Lee Taylor. Dr. L. Duane Brown is moderator. Dr. Harris is editor of IBFNA’s The  REVIEW. For more info, contact Dr. Clay Nuttall, Hobart, IN.

PROMISE KEEPERS IS ECUMENICAL—Promise Keepers was founded by University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney in 1990 to target men of all denominations and ethnic groups who desire to promote integrity and moral accountability. But a 12/8/93 “Promise Keepers Statement” says they support homosexuals “being included and welcomed in all our events.” Their present or past conventions have featured some pop psychologists and most notorious ecumenicals, such as E.V. Hill, Luis Palau, James Dobson, Jack Hayford, Howard Hendricks, and Gary Smalley. A hypercharismatic influence is seen in Promise Keeper’s recent partnership with Charisma editor Stephen Strang to publish a new men’s magazine titled New Man, and in the fact that McCartney is a member of a John Wimber “signs and wonders” Vineyard Christian Fellowship church. (BDM has a 5-page report on Promise Keepers for $1.00: P.O. Box 6154, Bloomington, IN 47407).

LIFE ACTION CONTINUES NEW-EVANGELICAL DRIFT—The “Contents” and Itinerary pages of Life Action’s 4/93 Spirit of Revival paper clearly indicate the new-evangelical course being pursued. There were articles by pro-Catholic ecumenical Charles Colson, John MacArthur, Church of Christ pastor Max Lucado, and one each from Broadman Press and NavPress. Southern Baptist, Evangelical Free, and Assembly of God churches were on the itinerary--and Bryan College also. Life Action Singers performed at the 6/91 Southern Baptist Convention. Life Action proclaims a message of revival, but sadly routinely fellowships with ecumenicals and new evangelicals.

EVELYN CHRISTENSON’S ECUMENICAL PRAYER SEMINAR—Popular author Evelyn Christenson has led prayer seminars since 1968. The 4/94 Charisma, the charismatic movement’s main paper, had a long article on reconciliation by Christenson where she said one prerequisite for her to come for a prayer seminar was that “all the churches of the community had to be welcome.” She later said, “[Our Lord’s] credibility in the world hangs on our unity.” She approves of demon deliverance ministries for today. Her ecumenical pro-Catholic “friend” Charles Colson wrote the “Foreword” for one of her books. She sometimes speaks in charismatic and So. Baptist churches.

TILTON FOUND GUILTY OF FRAUD—Charismatic TV evangelist Robert Tilton was taking in $65 million a year in 1991 when ABC-TV’s “Prime Time Live” exposed his lavish lifestyle and deceptive fund-raising methods. Since then, it has been downhill all the way. Income plummeted, causing him to lose his TV program. Last year, he divorced his wife of 25 years. And now last April, a jury found him guilty of fraud and awarded a suing couple $1.5 million in damages.

FBF SPEAKERS—Speakers for the Fund. Baptist Fellowship’s 74th annual national meeting, June 14-16, at Dr. Jim Singleton’s Tri-City Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ, include Drs.: Singleton, FBF Pres. Rod Bell, Bob Jones, John Vaughn, Mark Minnick, Doug McLachlan, and Brian Green. Workshop speakers include Drs.: Dave Innes, Frank Bumpus, J.B. Williams, R.L. Hymers Jr., and Phil Shuler.

PASTOR McLAUGHLIN EARNS DOCTORATE AT BJU—Dr. Greg McLaughlin received a doctor of ministries degree May 7 from Bob Jones University. He has a degree in business admin. from Illinois State U., a master of divinity from Tenn. Temple Seminary, and an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. August 1 marks 15 years as pastor at Calvary.

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