OUR TAXES FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABORTIONS—Of Planned Parenthood's $443 million annual budget, $158 million is government grants--our tax money. Planned Parenthood operates the nation's largest chain of abortion facilities (Chr. Coalition "Fact File"). Its clinics perform about 140,000 abortions each year. PP's sale of birth control pills provides an estimated $65 to $70 million in profits annually. The American taxpayer is the largest single contributor to PP, and these monies are used to promote PP's radical social agenda and to indoctrinate America's children into its "safe sex" philosophy. PP's "sexual revolution" has resulted in an epidemic of AIDS, VD, teen pregnancy, soaring divorce, abortion-on-demand, and a generation of children lacking a sense of right and wrong.

DISNEY'S 'POCAHONTAS'—Disney's heavily hyped animated movie, Pocahontas, will be the biggest film of the summer. It is "eco-politically correct" and "puts a strong spiritist spin on history." (6/10 World). It depicts Pocahontas introducing her friend John Smith to Grandmother Willow, a 400-year-old mystical tree spirit (6/ 17 H.T.). The 6/13 Greenville (SC) News says: "Yet for all the studio's care, there remain questions about turning the 12-year-old Pocahontas into an animated Playboy playmate, about how true [it] is to history and about what impact the film is likely to have on its target audience--children." GN quotes Russell Means, the voice of Pocahontas' father (Chief Powhatan) in the movie: "Because it's Disney, millions of children forever are going to see this in their most formative years, and it's going to affect how they see my people..." The article says Disney has turned a 12-year-old Powhatan princess into "a ravishing beauty with the body of Demi Moore and the soul of Gloria Steinem."

UNWED MOMS: WHITE RATE NEARLY DOUBLES—The stigma of unwed motherhood is fading fast. Schools used to exile teens to special homes, but now provide day-care for their children. The unwed black birthrate rose 7 percent since 1980, the unwed birthrate for whites leaped 94 percent (6/19 USN&WR). The highest unwed birthrates are among Hispanic women (95.3 per 1,000), followed by black women (86.5) and white women (35.2).

POPE WANTS UNITY, PAPAL POWER—Pope John Paul II wants improved ties with Orthodox churches, but has ruled out any chance he would relinquish final authority over the Roman Catholic church and its flock (5/31 Houston Chron.). This message came in his 12th encyclical, released in May, dedicated to ecumenism, and warmly received in the U.S. by the National Council of Churches.

TIME WARNER A CULTURAL POLLUTER—To fight the increasingly coarse, corrupt and brutal cultural polluters in Hollywood, some say we should shame them into accepting moral responsibility for what they do (6/19 USN&WR). Others ask: "How many rap songs about slicing women's throats does the world really need?" Apart from Time Warner's cop-killing song by Ice-T, Time Warner has sponsored other glorification of brutality and misogyny, such as paying a performer to say a woman deserved to get raped and murdered because she left her curtains open.

'GAY DAY' AT DISNEY WORLD—Dr. Norman Pyle says: "The Walt Disney Co. is the world's best known 'family entertainment company.' It is rapidly becoming a leading purveyor of anti-Christian bigotry, perversion and immorality (6/95 CVN). Attendance at this year's Gay and Lesbian Day (6/3) at Disney World was estimated at 35,000, the most ever (6/24 World). Until 1995, it had more than doubled each year, from 500 to 2,000 to 8,500 to 23,000. Disney does not sponsor it but works with the organizers. (5/30 HT). The homosexual paper Out says Disney has hired lesbian Lauren Lloyd to produce films featuring lesbians and promoting the lesbian lifestyle.

AMG PAYS MOODY FOR PLAGIARISM—Spiros Zodhiates's Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel has agreed to pay a lump sum to Moody Press for "copyright infringement" after borrowing significantly from Moody's 1980 Theological Word-book of the Old Testament (6/19 CT). AMG editor Tim Rake had noticed parallel material in the forthcoming NIV edition of the Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible he had been editing for Zodhiates, and has resigned because of AMG's failure to apologize properly for the "egregious and scandalous breach of academic integrity...."

PROMISE KEEPERS THREAT TO LOCAL CHURCH HEALTH—Promise Keepers poses a threat to the health of local churches by building a network of men whose express purpose is to minimize the doctrinal distinctiveness of the churches and whose intense loyalty is won primarily through the experience of the Promise Keepers rallies, not its doctrinal beliefs. Promise Keepers radically advocates the spirit and practice of an ecumenism which clearly contradicts God's Word [excerpted from a 6/14 Fundamental Bapt. Fellowship resolution]. The 6/3 The Economist said: "...The Promise Keepers' values are distinctly conservative, but so concerned is the movement to avoid controversy that it has switched its plans for a gathering of one million men in Washington [DC] from 1996 to 1997, lest it get embroiled in presidential politics...."

WOMEN PREACHERS WIN TOP AWARDS AT SBC SEMINARY—One week after Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville) trustees affirmed a decision by President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. to hire only professors who agree that women are biblically prohibited from being pastors, an all-male committee of six students and two faculty members selected three women for the top three awards at the annual preaching competition (6/19 CT). The 6/12 Christian News said over 900 women are ordained SBC clergy persons.

ANGLICANS WANT 'ADULTERY-FRIENDLY' CHURCH?—A Church of England panel recommends that the phrase "living in sin" be abandoned, in recognition that some people choose cohabitation as a way of expressing their deepest commitments. (6/7 H.T.). Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway declared that "the Church should not condemn (adulterous) affairs as sinful and wrong."

ORAL ROBERTS HAS NEW AUTOBIOGRAPHY—Oral Roberts claims to be a faith healer and that God speaks to him audibly. His new autobiography tells of being twice pulled from the brink of death, and how he was destined to be a "John the Baptist" of healing ministries--by personally praying for 1.5 million sick people, etc. His oldest son was killed by drugs, and his daughter and son-in-law in an airplane crash. He says he has heard the voice of God 23 times in his life (6/17 HT), and that a 900 foot Jesus told him in 1987 to raise $8 million to keep his City of Faith medical center running or God would take him home. A dog track owner came up with the final $1.3 million three hours before the deadline. [But City of Faith later, in 1989, had to close.] We wrote in a 5/15/87 "DO OR DIE DEATH WISHES" article: "Rachel said: 'Give me children or I die.' John Knox: 'Give me Scotland (souls) or I die.' Oral Roberts: 'Give me MONEY or I die!'" The 8/1/88 Chr. News said: "Roberts is a liar and fraud. He claims to have spoken face to face with a 900 foot Jesus. Every time he needs some money he gets a new vision from God. Many charismatics are gullible enough to believe his phony visions."

BBN'S MIXED SIGNALS—The Bible Broadcasting Network (Charlotte, NC) airs many good fundamentalist programs, and much of its music is good. But its programming also features new evangelicals and ecumenicals. BBN's 6/95 Voice lists Hank Hanegraaff as a 6/10 "Conference Pulpit" speaker. Hanegraaff said in the 10/93 Charisma that he teaches in an Assemblies of God church, and a 7/12/93 Christian News article says that while his Christian Research Institute has exposed certain abuses of Roman Catholicism, it is disturbingly weak here (10/15/93 CC).

WERE OLD TIME FUNDAMENTALISTS HARSH?—Dr. J.B. Williams gave a workshop paper by this title at the recent FBF meeting. He said during the past 100 years there has been three waves of protest to deviations from Scriptural truths. The first began just before the turn of this century, the second in the early 40s, the third in the 70s and 80s. In each case, strong defenders of the faith strongly denounced the propagators of false doctrine. It was not just personality clashes, nor were these men mean-spirited. "The rhetoric of the liberals, neo-evangelicals, and the world...was extremely inflammatory." He pointed to strong reactions of the prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul to apostasy in their days. He ended by reading the long article in the 5/1 CC by Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen, "A New Softness Within Fundamentalism."

FBF RESOLUTIONS—The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, at its June 13-15 annual meeting unanimously passed good resolutions regarding the following: 1. EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS TOGETHER - Called this 1994 document "treason to the cause of Biblical Christianity" 2. POPE JOHN PAUL II - Said "We disagree with Billy Graham that the Pope is one of the world's great evangelists, but rather look upon him as a deceiver and antichrist." 3. MARKETING THE CHURCH 4. EVANGELISM 5. INTEGRITY 6. SUCCESS 7. THE "LAUGHING REVIVAL" 8. PASTORAL AUTHOR- ITY 9. CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 10. JERRY FALWELL MINISTRIES 11. SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION 12. LUIS PALAU 13. MILITANCY - Called on preachers to "boldly contend for the faith, and not compromise our militancy because some have displayed a wrong disposition in practicing it." 14. PROMISE KEEPERS 15. EXPOSITIONAL PREACHING 16. TRANSLATIONS 17. JACK HYLES ON THE "INCORRUPTIBLE SEED" AS THE KJV 18. ECCLESIASTICAL SEPARATION & PRAGMATISM 19. PREPARATION OF A WRITTEN HISTORY OF THE FBF 20. "ORLANDO '95" 21. HOMOSEXUALITY 22. JOHN MACARTHUR - "While contending for the truth, MacArthur continues to associate with those who by their actions and associations aid those who dilute and destroy the truth." 23. SCRIPTURAL UNITY [Dr. James Singleton was chairman of the Resolutions Committee. Other members: Drs. Rod Bell, Dave Doran, Tim Jordan, Matt Olson, and John Vaughn. Order this 7-page "Resolutions" document from: FBF, 717 N. Whitehurst Landing Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23464. Send a dollar for postage, etc.]

FBF CALL TO MILITANCY—In every generation the faithful Church has been and must be Militant: contending for the faith and the purity of the doctrines of God's Word, exposing error and denouncing heresy. The errors do not wear the same masks from generation to generation. The heresies take on different forms, and the war is not always fought on the same battlefield and under the same conditions; but the battle is always one of Truth versus Error. Thus the true Fundamentalist must contend for the Faith against its enemies as they manifest themselves in each generation; and he must press the battle with the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. The battle is always against Satan and his hosts. No man can rightly call himself a Fundamentalist, therefore, if he is not Militant and a Contender; and our generation should beware lest we "fall from our own steadfastness."

INTER-VARSITY EMBRACES RELATIVISM?—Evangelical theologian Carl F.H. Henry in the 5/27 World, says that postmodernism denies the existence of objective truth/meaning and is an attack on Christianity and reason. He discusses a new book, Truth Is Stranger Than It Used To Be, by Richard Middleton and Brian Walsh and a promotional interview of the authors by IVP editor Rodney Clapp. Henry says Walsh uses neo-orthodox terms to deplore "propositional theology" (which champions divine revelation and verbal inerrancy of Scripture) for affirming timelessly true doctrines. Middleton says: "Even the truth of the gospel...is a human construction." Henry said the authors reject any identification of Scripture as revelation. Not only does IVP herald/support this forthcoming book, but, Henry added: "Much of the same revolt against truth emerged during the recent theology conference of postliberal speakers sponsored jointly with Inter-Varsity at Wheaton College. Not a single representative of historic evangelical orthodoxy committed to the unbroken authority of the Bible was featured..."

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