DOBSON/FOCUS ON FAMILY BLASPHEMOUS RAP TAPE—Dr. Cathy Burns sent us a copy of a 1993 rap contest tape put out by Breakaway magazine, a teen guys magazine from Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family. The tape featured the top 40 winners of the rap contest, and a blasphemous rap by the Breakaway staff. The 4/95 Focus on the Family magazine promoted Disney's Lion King as a good family movie! We applaud Dr. Dobson's pro-family stance on many issues, but strongly disagree with his dangerous/worldly/ecumenical stance on movies, music, psychology, Promise Keepers, and Roman Catholicism.

ISLAM'S KORAN DECREES DEATH FOR NON-MUSLIMS—Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. This is due in part to its ban on all non-Muslim religions in many of its countries, and its taking advantage of religious freedom in non-Muslim lands (5/15/91 CC). Of 21 Arab nations, not one is a democracy. There is no freedom of religion. For example, one must be a Muslim to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Christian meetings are forbidden. The death penalty for blaspheming Mohammed has been in force in Pakistan since 1991. Christians in Sudan are being literally crucified (7/95 Berean Call). Sura 9:5 of the Koran tells Muslims:"Fight and slay the pagans [non-Muslims] wherever ye find them..." For [non-Muslims], Sura 5:33 says: "Their punishment is...execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet...or exile..." (3/15/92 CC). This is all unfair, and terrorism.

WHAT IS PSYCHOHERESY?—Psychoheresy is the integration of secular psychological counseling theories and therapies with the Bible. It is also the intrusion of such theories into the preaching and practice of Christianity, especially when they contradict or compromise biblical Christianity in terms of the nature of man, how he is to live, and how he changes. [8/95 PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter, 4137 Primavera Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. Free.]

NEIL ANDERSON WARNING—Dr. Neil Anderson is the latest rage in counseling. He combines elements of psychology with demon deliverance and claims to lead people out of demonic control through seven steps. Much of what he says is soundly biblical, but his message and methods are dangerously tainted by [his] "version of demonic deliverance, inner healing, psychotherapy, false memory syndrome, a steps approach, one naturism, ritualism, and generational curses." Countless Christians follow his steps to deliverance, and pastors are bringing in his seminars. (Psycho-Heresy Awareness Ministries). He says about 85 percent of Christians have demon problems.

ONLINE CYBERPORN—Kids with computers now have easy access to pornographic pictures of humans and animals engaged in sex (7/25 HT). On June 26 Carnegie-Mellon University released an exhaustive study of online pornography, finding that: "83.5% of pictorial images available on Usenet newsgroups are pornographic...99.1% of bestiality images depict women...98.9% of online consumers are men...." (7/19 Wash.Watch). Hard core pictures are readily accessible on the Internet. Pro-life advocates are appalled at an Internet online service called "DeathNet" which offers instructions on how to do suicide or how to assist in a suicide (8/95 C.W.Rpt.).

SURGE IN TEEN SMOKING—From 1991 to 1994, smoking increased 30 percent among eighth graders, 20 percent among 10th graders, and 12.5 among high school seniors (7/31 USN&WR). The new study also reported a rise in marijuana use among teens, but said: "Cigarettes will kill far more of today's kids than all other drugs combined."

C.O.R. & REFORMATION—The Coalition On Revival was formed in the 1980s and is headed by Fuller grad Dr. Jay Grimstead, who was 20 years on the staff of Young Life. Many of its leaders are post-millennialists and Reconstructionists, but its Manifesto has been signed by many others. It wants to mobilize conservative religious groups into a united army and establish the kingdom of God in America (1/28/91 Chr. News). Its Summer '95 Crosswinds says COR is deeply commited to revival and reformation of the church and society worldwide. But, the end-time world church will be headed by the Antichrist!

CHILDREN OF GOD/THE FAMILY—The Children of God (COG), now known as The Family, was founded in 1968 by David Berg (who died last year) as a ministry to hippies. With a radical communal lifestyle it drifted into deviant sexual practices. "Flirty fishing" was used, where female members used sex to lure new members. It began moving overseas in the late 1970s, but in recent years has reorganized and is moving back into the U.S. It reportedly still holds most of its bizarre beliefs but tries to hide them.

PAUL HARVEY PRO-ABORTION?—Conservative news commentator Paul Harvey supported the Equal Rights Amendment. The July 7 Wash. Post quotes him thusly on abortion: "I think that that choice should be left to a woman and her God and her doctor, and Paul Harvey [and the government] ought to stay out of it altogether. It's none of our business." (7/31 C. News). Harvey has Seventh-day Adventist roots, but joined W.A. Criswell's SBC church in 1979 (10/2/79 Blu-Print).

NEW GARBC CHIEF RESIGNED ALREADY—After being elected in June (see 7/15 CC), Dr. Richard Christen resigned in July as National Rep of the GARBC. Reason? Former interim National Rep Dr. Mark Jackson's secretary told us Christen "didn't have peace about it." More on this later.

TTU, REYNOLDS, SBF—Tennessee Temple University celebrates its 50th anniversary June 30-July 3, 1996. Dr. John Reynolds is leaving the Sword of the Lord and has been named the new vice-president of development and publishing at TTU (8/95 The Evangelist). New Sword editor Dr. Shelton Smith moves down this month from Maryland to Murfreesboro. Dr. Don Davis is the new chairman of TTU's Bible department. Dr. Barkev Trachian is president of Temple Baptist Seminary. TTU chancellor Dr. Lee Roberson's busy itinerary shows him speaking Sept. 29 at Dr. Jack Hyles' First Baptist Church, Hammond, Ind., then at the Southwide Baptist Fellowship Oct. 2. The SBF is back at Highland Park, Chattanooga, this year, and celebrates its 40th anniversary.

CBF INCHING CLOSER TO SPLIT WITH SBC?—Impatient rumblings were heard at the fifth convention of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the moderate/liberal wing of the So. Baptist Convention. A motion to vote next year on whether to split from the SBC was ruled out of order by the moderator. Registration was 2,969 compared to last year's 4,433. Meanwhile, the Women's Missionary Union announced that it will produce missions education supplements for the CBF. This astonished SBC leaders, since the WMU had strongly appealed in June to have its loyalty to the SBC recognized in SBC's restructuring.

SEPARATION PAINFUL BUT NECESSARY—Separation is a battle. When one takes a positive stand for holiness and truth, he embraces a cause that reflects God's nature. That cause also is contrary to every purpose of Satan. The separtist will have to identify false teachers and their doctrine. He will have to expose them and separate his ministry from them. Conflict with Satan and men whom he uses is inevitable. Bible believers will sometimes have to separate themselves with a heavy heart from brethren who are dear to them. [BWM Exec. Dir. Dr. Fred Moritz from his 1994 book "Be Ye Holy", BJU Press]

FULLER SEMINARY'S DANGEROUS APOSTASY—The 4/95 Foundation says: "Today, Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the most dangerous theological institutions in the world. While still appealing for support from old-timers who remember Dr. Fuller's early broadcasts and clear fundamentalist, old-fashioned Gospel messages, Fuller Seminary now boasts of its diversity and fellowships with Roman Catholics, charismatics and apostate Protestants. It has become a chief trainer and promoter of so-called Christian psychologists and an advocate of what has been called the 'Third Wave of the Holy Spirit' (so-called power evangelism accompanied by signs & wonders) which they consider essential to the conversion of lost sinners. While it is true that Fuller's size and worldwide influence has grown tremendously, this growth has been at the expense of obedience to the Word of God. Today, 48 years after its founding, Fuller is not training defenders of the Faith, but rather perverters of the Faith. A terrible price is now being paid for earlier compromises." The 4/12/ 93 Christian News said: "Fuller, which no longer affirms the inerrancy of the Bible, supports the charismatic movement, Reformed theology, and the ordination of women for the pastoral ministry."

FRANK SCHAEFFER'S ODYSSEY TO ORTHODOXY—In his 1994 book Dancing Alone author and film director Frank Schaeffer chronicles his journey from Protestantism to the Orthodox Church. His father, evangelical Presbyterian Dr. Francis Schaeffer, said evangelicals should not cooperate with the World Council of Churches, yet Frank now joins a WCC church! (See 2/15/91 CC). Along the way, he has developed some rather unorthodox views on salvation, the Bible, Mary, etc. He told ACCC Exec. Dir. Dr. Ralph Colas at the 2/95 NRB convention, in an exclusive interview, that confession to a priest (which he does) is helpful to bring absolution. He says Mary has earned the unique title of "The Undisputed Intercessor" and has been the hope of millions who have asked her to intercede for them (p274). He says the Bible and tradition came out of the historical church. In his favor, he is still a staunch opponent of abortion.

SCHAEFFER'S VIEWS ON SALVATION—Frank Schaeffer in his 1994 book Dancing Alone says this about salvation: It is a "sacrificial, long-term journey toward God achieved through sacramental, orderly worship" (p139). "Salvation is not a matter of instant experience...[but it is] a process, a struggle, a climbing of a spiritual ladder" (p206). "We will be saved when we become like Christ. We are gradually saved as we are deified, by doing Christ's teaching and His commandments" (p207). [It] is our "responsibility to imitate Christ and to struggle, through sacramental asceticism, to change the content of our characters...[The] sacraments enable us to come to Christ, to worship Him, to repent and to become like Him through doing the right things, through ascetic perseverance and faith" (p226). "There is no substitute for confession to a priest in our ascetic struggle to be saved" (p232). "The Church has always taught, that salvation is a journey, not a one-time experience" (p255).

NEW BOOKLET ON E.C.T.—Several evangelical and Catholic leaders in March 1994 endorsed a controversial document entitled, "Evangelicals and Catholics Together". Rev. Fred Zaspel in a new booklet faults evangelicals for knowingly overlooking major issues, such as justification by faith ALONE. Catholics disagree with alone, so it was omitted from ECT. He documents many other problem areas in RC doctrines. This excellent booklet is available from Pastor Zaspel at: 845 Elizabeth Dr., Orwigsburg, PA 17961, $1.50 for 1 copy, $.75 for additional copies, pp.

KATHRYN KUHLMAN'S LEGACY—Flamboyant, redheaded, faith-healing, Pentecostal evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman was featured by Charisma magazine in its 20th Anniversary issue (8/95). In listing her legacy it said: "Kuhlman had some things to hide: school and Bible college failures; a disastrous marriage to a fellow preacher who abandoned his family for her;the rise and fall of her Depression-era Denver ministry. She lied outright about her age and lived lavishly while her employees worked at starvation wages."

BOOK, TAPE ON RUCKMANISM—Dr. R.L. Hymers, Jr. has a new tape on the "Laughing Revival"and a 1989 tape on Ruckmanism: Doctrine of Demons." He has a book on Ruckmanism ($7) and one on the SBC. Address: P.O. Box 15308, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

RARE & OP BOOKS SEARCHED FREE—Dr. David Beale (Bob Jones Univ., Box 34558, Greenville, SC 29614) tracks thousands of rare and out-of-print book dealers around the world. Write him for details.

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