VOL. XII  NO. 18   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   September 15, 1995

'CHRISTIAN' COALITION IS A MIXED BAG—The so-called Christian Coalition has a strategy to broaden its evangelical base by reaching out to conservative Jews, Mormons and especially Catholics (9/3 H.Times). These groups, who have long been mortal enemies over theological issues, are now uniting around social issues such as abortion, pornography, and homosexuality. The Christian Coalition's annual "Road to Victory" conference was set for Sept. 8-9 in Washington, and was to be attended by most of the Republican presidential hopefuls. It was to include a Catholic Mass. Three of the Christian Coalition's four lobbyists on Capitol Hill are Catholic and the other is Jewish. Of its 1.5 million supporters, almost one in five is Catholic.

NEA'S DAYS MAY BE NUMBERED—The House in July approved a bill to abolish funding for the National Endowment for the Arts by Oct. 1997. The NEA has awarded millions of taxpayer dollars to fund homosexual film festivals and vile and blasphemous "art," such as: child pornography, graphic homosexuality, sexual violence, public nudity, and vicious attacks on Christ (9/95 Nat. Lib.Jrnl). A 4/89 Wash. Times editorial said the NEA has "become a feeding trough and a public latrine for a pack of pornographers who can't even make a living peddling honest smut and who flourish because the only art they understand is how to rape the imprisoned taxpayers."

WHAT GAMBLING DOES—Gambling affects all of us because it corrupts our society, increases crime and police and crime prevention costs, and perverts politicians (bribery, etc.). It hurts low- and middle-income people, mainly because the rich have no reason to gamble. It violates the principle that we should earn our bread by the sweat of our brow, and the commandment, "Thou shalt not covet." It creates compulsive gamblers and criminals. Bank robberies on the Mississippi coast increased 400 percent in one year after casino gambling came. Governments should never be promoters of gambling.

EPISCOPAL BISHOP ORDAINS HOMOSEXUAL—Retired Bishop Walter Righter says the Episcopal colleagues who charge him with heresy for ordaining an openly homosexual man threaten to push the church back into the 19th century. (8/29 HT). Only once before in its 206-year history has an Episcopal bishop faced such a serious charge. [Bishop Spong ordained a homosexual in 1989, but later forced him to resign.] A 1979 resolution states that it is inappropriate for "practicing homosexuals" to be ordained, but an alarming number of openly "gay" men and women continue to be ordained by Episcopal churches.

'Z MUSIC TELEVISION' VS. MTV—Z Music Television, a religious alternative to raunchy MTV, advises parents that their too vocal approval might derail the new music video network. The message is different from MTV, "but the musical styles - from rock to rap to heavy metal - have the sound and fury found on other music television networks." (7/28 Houston Chron.). Z Music performers include: Amy Grant, Petra, and DC Talk.

PUBLIC SCHOOLS: CHILDREN AT RISK—David and Sharon Williams once viewed their children as Christian missionaries to their public-school system. But in 1982, Sharon, herself a former public-school teacher, re-evaluated that stance in light of her children's three hours daily on a school bus, inadequate instruction, harmful peer influence, and, in one case, a sexually explicit film in a French class (7/17 Chr.Today). Public school teachers are heavy users of private schools. Discerning ones see that the public schools around them are not suitable for their own children. Some are fairly content with suburban schools but in 71 of the largest 100 districts, they choose private schools more than parents at large. The 8/5 World says the trend holds true in all parts of the country. "In Miami, 31 percent of public school teachers enrolled their children in private schools, while 13 percent of the general public did. In Detroit, it's 33 to 17 percent; in Cleveland, 40 to 25 percent." In L.A., it's about 33 to 19. In Jersey City, it's over 50 to 34. Fathers/ parents have a biblical responsibility for the who/what/where of their children's education.

DR. COLAS COVERS NRB, NAE, & WCC MEETINGS—ACCC Exec. Sec'y Dr. Ralph Colas writes: "This year I have attended and provided reports on three major religious gatherings: the National Religious Broadcasters, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the U.S. Conference of the World Council of Churches. [Send $5 to the ACCC, PO Box 19, Wallingford, PA 19086, and get all three reports.] I have tried to share important news with our constituency of the major religious movements of the day -- ecumenism, New Evangelicalism, and the Charismatic Movement. All of the above religious bodies claim identification with Jesus Christ while they drift further away from Biblical truth. And instead of suffering persecution, they enjoy unparalleled popularity. Think of the irony of these groups claiming to be the true disciples of Christ while helping to build the church of the Antichrist...." Dr. Colas plans to cover and report on the meeting this month in Geneva, Switzerland of the powerful Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.

TBN'S 'SPECIAL CATHOLIC PROGRAMS'—Paul Crouch is head of Trinity Broadcasting Network. His 2/95 Praise the Lord paper said: "Not long ago, Paul [and two TBN staffers] had the joy of actually meeting the Pope. Pope John Paul II can now see many of the TBN programs, which also includes some of the special Catholic programs and guests....The body of Christ is coming together as we all move closer to Jesus!" But is it "closer to Jesus", or closer to Rome? Crouch is quoted in the Spring '94 Witness Inc. News as saying: "I just, sometimes I wonder if the whole study of theology isn't a waste of time."

G-C WOMAN PASTOR DEFINES BEST/WORST WITNESS—Rev. Donna Hailson recently pastored a church in New Hampshire and is currently completing her Ph.D. at Stirling University in Scotland. She is one of four Gordon-Conwell Seminary alumni/ae pastors who debate the church's mandate for evangelism in G-C's Winter '95 Contact. She is quoted thusly: "...The best witness for Christianity is a loving, faithful Christian, and the worst witness for Christianity is a narrow, fundamental Christian...." [Perhaps one that would say a pastor is to be the husband of one wife?] Dr. Robert E. Cooley, a Pentecostal, succeeded Harold Ockenga as president of Gordon-Conwell in 1981. Dr. Billy Graham is chairman of G-C's board of trustees. Liberals and radicals are featured as speakers.

SHIRLEY DOBSON'S ECUMENICAL 'DAY OF PRAYER'—Shirley (Mrs. James) Dobson is chairman of the National Day of Prayer. Over 1,000 attended the Washington May 4 symbolic observance. Dobson said: "Following Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's traditional Jewish call to prayer, the day featured extended times of petition and challenges from Dr. D. James Kennedy [and others]." Kennedy, Rabbi Joshua Habermann, and Father Paul D. Lee were liaisons for this ecumenical event.

STANLEY'S PROBLEMS WORSEN—Dr. Charles Stanley's wife says their marriage of 40 years cannot be salvaged. They have lived separately since 1992 and she filed for divorce in 1993, amended it to separate maintenance, but refiled last March. Stanley stepped down from all administrative duties of First Baptist, Atlanta, in an emotion-charged four-hour Aug. 13 meeting, but retained preaching responsibilities (8/29 Indiana Bapt). He will resign completely if the divorce becomes final. Anna Stanley's divorce filing asks for a jury trial and seeks alimony, division of assets and possession of their home. A seven-member committee was approved at the Aug. 13 meeting to assume administrative duties and to recommend a policy within 90 days concerning pastoral divorce, etc. A committee will study the feasibility of constituting the northside satellite congregation (estab. in 1988) into a separate church. Stanley's son Andy resigned Aug. 2 as pastor of this group and feels his father should step down as leader of First Baptist (8/26 Bib.Recorder). Stanley was Southern Baptist Convention president in 1984 and 1985.

FALWELL PAPER PROMOTES JEWISH RABBI—Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein has lectured in new-evangelical schools and has been praised by Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, and Jerry Falwell for his ministry of building bridges between evangelicals and Jews. It seems incredible that evangelical leaders would promote this Jewish rabbi who defends the ancient Pharisees who Jesus said were of their father the devil. But Eckstein says Jesus never said those words recorded in John 8:44. In 1994 Eckstein plainly said: "But I'm not a Christian, I'm a Jew... I'm still a rabbi..." (See 5/15/94 CC). Falwell's 9/95 National Liberty Journal features a guest editorial by Eckstein entitled: "Building Bridges Between Christians and Jews".

FALWELL'S ECUMENICAL TIES—Dr. Jerry Falwell's 9/95 Nat'l Liberty Journal featured a "bridge-building" article by a Jewish rabbi, and announced that Falwell's Old Time Gospel Hour is now being aired on Paul Crouch's charismatic TBN. Falwell's Super Conference 95 features ecumenical speakers such as E.V. Hill, and three So. Baptists. Since 1993, full-page ads have appeared in World magazine promoting Liberty University Prof. Robert Mateer's CEBA videos featuring Roman Catholics. Apparently, Falwell learned his ecumenical ways from working with Catholics, Mormons, etc., in his Moral Majority.

SBC'S HMB TRUSTEES OBJECT TO WMU AIDING CBF—Southern Baptist Home Mission Board directors voiced opposition to Women's Missionary Union leaders' decision to produce materials for a competing missions organization. (8/29 Indiana Bapt). They asked HMB pres. Larry Lewis to write a letter to the WMU protesting its production of missions education material for the moderate/liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

PALAU SENDS CONVERTS BACK TO CATHOLICISM—The headline in Rev. Ivan Foster's 8/95 Burning Bush said: "Baptist pastor and Roman Catholic priest agree that Luis Palau sends converts back to Rome". The article said a Palau Londonderry campaign organizing committee member (a Baptist pastor) was interviewed on BBC Radio Foyle in company with a Roman Catholic priest. The pastor did not refute the claims of the priest that Luis Palau sends Roman Catholic converts back to Rome. As with Billy Graham crusades, Catholics are routinely involved and supportive of Luis Palau ecumenical campaigns.

EVANGELICALS DECEIVED BY ROMAN CATHOLICISM—The May-June Foundation says: "When Billy Graham calls the pope 'one of the world's greatest evangelists'; when Jack Van Impe considers him to be a prophet of God; and when Bill Bright pleads with more conservative evangelical leaders not to expose the continuing heresies of Romanism, it isn't difficult to see why millions of those who claim to be truly born again are now disobeying the clear commands of the Lord to separate from false teachers. Instead, they are joining with Roman Catholics in joint prayer, worship and witness. Never in the history of the church has a greater number of professed believers been deceived by Roman Catholicism." Evangelical leaders are "deceiving, and being deceived" concerning Catholicism.

COLSON A SPEAKER AT WESTMINSTER—Charles Colson was the speaker at Westminster Theol. Seminary's 1993 commencement. He was listed to speak again at its Conference on Contemporary Issues, March 14-16, 1995, along with new-evangelical theolog Carl F.H. Henry (WTS Bulletin). Dr. John Perkins was listed as the 1995 WTS commencement speaker. Perkins favors "redistribution of wealth," a socialist tenet, and Colson is the pro-Catholic ecumenical co-author of the 3/94 Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) agreement.

DR. CHARLES WOODBRIDGE DIES—Dr. George Dollar sent us this note: "Dr. Charles J. Woodbridge, 93, went to be with the Lord July 16. He was the son of Presbyterian missionaries to China. In his passing, Fundamentalism has lost one of its keenest minds, staunch defender of the King James Bible, and a militant foe of compromise in all its forms. Along with J.G. Machen and Carl McIntire he fought Liberalism in the Presbyterian Church, USA and Princeton Seminary. He pastored on Long Island, Salisbury, NC (where he got his Ph.D. in church history from Duke), and Savannah. He taught at Fuller Seminary and left when the school followed Harold Ockenga and E.J. Carnell into open New Evangelicalism. He became one of the finest Bible expositors in Fundamentalism. He lectured at Piedmont, Grace, Bob Jones, and Dallas but his warnings were rejected by faculties and students, and that was one factor in the many compromises which have come along since his day. He was a scholarly writer and one of his best booklets was Neo-Evangelicalism which clearly marked the path of a weak separation, but his voice went unheeded. He became an independent of the independents. He [championed] second degree separation which simply meant we are to separate from Modernists and from those who cooperate with modernists. But his voice faded away as a new generation of so-called Fundamentalists succumbed to new alignments and a complex of compromise....His latest booklet exposed the theological errors of John MacArthur. He was buried in Ferndale, Wash...." Sadly, his son John has gone the route of New Evangelicalism which his father so intensely warned against.

DON'T COMPROMISE!—You cannot follow the plain teaching of the Bible and fellowship with those who compromise it. Balaam, the prophet of God, ran with the Midianites, and died among these enemies of God (Num. 31:8). Peter ran with the Judaizers, trimmed corners, misled Barnabas, and so was "withstood to the face, because he was to be blamed" (Gal. 2:11). We love God's people everywhere, but are against those who would break down the lines between Christians and non-Christians, between those who believe the Bible and those who don't.[Adapted, 9/95 Gospel Std.].

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