VOL. XIII  NO. 21   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   November 1, 1996

'PRO-CHOICE' ON ABORTION IS ILLOGICAL—It is illogical to say that the fetuses belonging to pro-choice people can be killed and the fetuses belonging to pro-life people can't be killed, as if they have different value or no value at all. "Choice" is a consumerist, libertarian word that effectively keeps morality at bay. (John Leo, 10/7 C.Today). In the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1860, Douglas was pro-choice on slavery. He said the 1857 Dred Scott decision gave slave owners the "right to choose." (4/ 15/92 CC). Lincoln's answer applies to abortion today as it did to slavery then: "No one has the right to choose to do what is wrong." "Pro-choice leaves "no choice" for the baby.

MORMON LINK TO BIBLE VIDEOS—The video series "Animated Stories from the Bible" was produced by Mormons (9/28 World). A researcher says the cartoons are mostly accurate retellings of Scripture, do not contain overtly Mormon teachings, and are suitable for children. But he warns that the workbooks accompanying the series contain Mormon ideas such as salvation through human effort. Be warned, be wise, beware!

TRUTH ELUDES OUR POWERFUL MEDIA—"...[T]ruth is fallen in the street...." (Isa. 59:14). Our liberal news media are the most powerful propaganda machine ever known. We recently read that politicians in a certain nation hires professional liars for a small fee to sit in coffee shops and spread rumors about their opponents. In America these "liars" are given microphones and teleprompters and rake in millions of dollars a year. Their liberal bias and leftist agenda are evident for all with an ounce of discernment to behold. They are pro-abortion. They present homosexuality not as behaviorally deviant but as an alternate lifestyle. Mainstream journalists tend to be globalists and in recent elections have voted near 90 per cent for Democrats. Our media elite have praised political movements run by brutal, atheistic thugs. They misrepresent, mislead, and deceive. They call evil good, and good evil.

CHURCH BURNINGS & BLACK METAL ROCK—Fans of Satanist rock groups known as Black Metal are blamed for a rash of church burnings in Norway (9/28 World). The leader of Norway's Black Metal scene has been imprisoned and is circulating tracts saying, "Kill the Christians. Burn their churches. Destroy their homes. Torture their children." In America, we now have the openly occult "Gothic Metal" style and the in-your-face evil of the group Marilyn Manson (a band that wears T-shirts saying, "Kill God. Kill your Mom and Dad. Kill Yourself.")

AIDS: A DISEASE OF HOMOSEXUALS AND DRUG USERS—AIDS has killed over 300,000 Americans. A Wall Street Journal report says our government for 10 years has deliberately lied to us about who is at risk of AIDS. According to the Centers for Disease Control, homosexuals - who are 2 percent of the population - represent 61 percent of all new AIDS cases. Gay monogamy is a myth; gay promiscuity is a well-known reality. (10/96 CVN). When the body is used in ways nature never intended, nature takes revenge.

FROM SCANDAL TO GLORY—The Gennifer Flowers affair hardly hurt our president in 1992. When the "man from Hope" has no bedrock beliefs, and the morals of an Arkansas sow, it is no great surprise when his chief advisor instantly rebounds after resigning in disgrace over an affair with a prostitute. After the notoriety, Dick Morris got a $2.5 million dollar book advance. A 9/30 U.S. News article said: "His reputation may not stay down for long. It used to be that famous offenders served some time in a state of disgrace before emerging, good as new. Now the rehab phase is skipped entirely by just ignoring the bad behavior. Sleazeballs and felons are instantly recycled as respectable characters." Ps. 12:8 says: "The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted."

GRAHAM'S USE OF ROCK GROUPS—Dr. Billy Graham uses rock groups to draw crowds for his crusades (see 6/1 & 8/1 CCs). Dr. Gordon Sears writes (8/24 letter): "I was sent a copy of Billy Graham's paper this week. He made the statement: 'The message--the Gospel of Jesus Christ--is timeless, but the packaging for the message needs to change according to the culture'. This was in reference to the use of rock groups, etc. Isn't it strange that for years, missionaries have said that the Gospel lifts the cultures of paganism up and changes lives, but now the opposite is taking place?"

FEED THINE ENEMY?—Seventh-day Adventists recently sent medicines and medical supplies valued at $500,000 to North Korean health clinics (6/3 CN). And 40,000 tons of new food aid was more recently donated by a Catholic charity, the World Food Program, etc.(9/15 HT). The U.S. donated $6.2 million to help the WFP buy food. But food has historically been a military weapon (9/30/89 CT). Much of it went to do good, but wound up doing evil. Giving aid through communist governments invites corruption, abuse, and misuse as a weapon. Totalitarian governments dispense it selectively in a way to keep their slaves in line. It also frees up other funds they can use to buy arms for terrorism.

MERCER PRESIDENT'S BOOK BOTHERS SO. BAPTISTS—Mercer University, Macon, Ga., is a Southern Baptist school. Twenty-five years ago, Catholic revolutionary Bernadette Devlin from Northern Ireland promoted communism in a chapel message at Mercer. Today, Mercer's president, R. Kirby Godsey, in a new book, says he will not be tied to creeds (9/30 Chr.News). His other ideas include: Everyone will eventually get to heaven. The Bible is not infallible. And "the notion that God is the all powerful, the high and mighty principal of heaven and earth should be laid aside." The backlash from these "ideas" could affect school funding. We should hope so!

RAWLINGS' CHURCH FEATURES ROCK MUSIC—Dr. John Rawlings is co-publisher of Dr. Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal and chairman of Liberty University's Center for Ministry Training (10/96 NLJ). He is a former Baptist Bible Fellowship president, and former pastor of Landmark Baptist Temple (Cincinnati) where his son Harold now pastors. For over two decades he has shared platforms with and promoted Southern Baptists and new evangelicals. The 9/8 Current Trends & Updates reported that a Campus Crusade rock group, The Convertibles, was scheduled to perform "real live [secular] rock-n-roll" from the 50's at Landmark, Sept. 28th.

SEPARATION FROM MBI—Moody Bible Institute practices the new-evangelical policy of inclusivism, infiltration, and cooperation with ecumenism rather than practicing biblical separation....In regard to associating, as Moody does, with the enemies of the Gospel, our attitude ought to reflect the words of the prophet Jehu to Jehoshaphat: Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? (2 Chron. 19:2). In regard to fellowshipping with true brethren who are disobeying the clear command to remain separate from apostasy and compromise (2 Cor. 6:17), we must "withdraw" ourselves, "note" the disobedient ones, and "have no company with" them (see 2 Thes. 3:6,14)...[This] is meant to make the sinner see and repent of his sin, act as a deterrent to others, and maintain the purity and distinctiveness of the one true Gospel. Fundamentalists would love to see MBI renounce its sin and return to the place of God's true blessing but until this happens, we must separate. [Jack Stephens, OBF Visitor (excerpt), Reprints of 6-page article, 10 for $4, 3865 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214.]

NON-CONTENDING NEUTRALIST 'FUNDAMENTALISTS'—A major hindrance to a warning and informing ministry today is those non-contending neutralists who, in giving a rationale [excuse] for not being scripturally militant in the battle against apostasy and compromise of truth, thus undermine those who are intensely defending "that one little point" where Satan is making the most headway and where the battle rages fiercest. In the process of justifying/excusing their non-militancy, they confuse, divide, and weaken the testimony for Christ, and discourage faithful contenders and make them appear unloving and extreme. But per 1 John 2:10, if THEY loved US, they would abide in the light and fellowship, and obey the commands of our Captain.

TBN FEATURES CULTS, CHARISMATICS—Paul & Jan Crouch's Trinity Broadcasting Network features a hodgepodge of charismatics (Hinn, Copeland, Roberts), Catholics, and Seventh-day Adventists (It Is Written), but also has DeHaan, Van Impe, and So. Baptists (Stanley, Rogers, Young). E.V. Hill and Robert Schuller are also TBN regulars.

PETER KREEFT & MARY'S BLOOD—Ecumenical Roman Catholic priest Peter Kreeft is quoted in the Sep-Oct C.E.C. Journal: "...But there is a fourth way Mary links us to Christ; literally, by her blood....Christ's literal blood, which redeemed us, was our blood because it was Mary's blood. Mary was one of us, biologically connected with us....Christ took our blood only because He took Mary's blood. So he shed his own blood, our human race's blood, to redeem us, to redeem the human race through the mediation of Mary." Is this not utter blasphemy?

FAITH & VALUES CHANNEL CHANGES NAME TO ODYSSEY—Garry E. Hill is the new CEO of Faith & Values Channel (formerly known as VISN). It changed its name to Odyssey, to attract "the broadest audience possible." (9/16 CT). VISN was formed in 1988 and included Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and cults. The Southern Baptist ACTS network linked with VISN in 1992 (see 9/1/92 CC). The ACTS/F&V program schedule for Jan-Feb-Mar. 1996 included Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, SBC, and U. Methodist programs. Sadly, it also listed the DeHaan "Day of Discovery." Proselytizing, fundraising, and maligning of other faiths is prohibited. Odyssey's syncretism and interfaith pluralism would seem to consider any emphasis on a "Christ Only" gospel as "proselytizing."

TIM LEE SPEAKERSDr. Tim Lee's Jumpstart 1997 conference is set for Dec. 30-Jan. 1 at Trinity Baptist Church, Asheville, NC. Speakers include: So. Baptist David Ring, Liberty Baptist Theol. Seminary dean Danny Lovett, and Ralph Sexton.

WHERE DALLAS SEMINARY FACULTY SPEAK—The DTS Autumn 1996 Kindred Spirit lists the following Fall speaking engagements for some Dallas Theological Seminary faculty: DTS President Charles Swindoll at Philadelphia College of the Bible; Larry Moyer at an Evangelical Free Church, Youth For Christ, and IFCA conference; Ramesh Richard at Promise Keepers conference; Howard Hendricks at a Moody Men's Conference; Kerby Anderson at Christ for the Nations (charismatic); and Robert Pyne at Campus Crusade Fall Retreat. It is sadly evident that Dallas is in the mainstream new-evangelical orbit.

INDEX OF CC ARTICLE TITLES—Some keep asking when/if a list of Contender article titles can be made available. Annette Lozensky (Calif.) has made giant strides in going far beyond "titles" capability, and has prepared summaries of CC articles. She has generously and graciously purchased special Info Select software, and given it to me, for searching CC data bases, etc. So now, the ball is in MY court, I am the hold up. I need a computer expert in residence. Please pray that the Lord will provide such, or else allow me to have the time needed for this. I'm writing this 11/1 issue Oct. 9 and hope to get it mailed Oct. 11 or 14, attend a Promise Keepers meeting in Memphis (with press credentials), attend the ACCC meetings in Lebanon, Pa., and visit with our daughter and family (Pa.) all later this month.

LOCAL CC CYBERSPACE ENTRY ABORTED—The local Email and Internet capability (see 9/15 CC) has not worked well. FAX info remains as stated.

NEW BOOK FROM BOBGANS, "COMPETENT TO MINISTER: The Biblical Care of Souls," just received, hope to review/excerpt in 11/15 CC, 252 pages, Price $11.99 postpaid, 252 pages. Request free newsletter. PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries, 4137 Primavera Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

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