VOL. XIII  NO. 4   NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   February 15, 1996

1995: THE YEAR SODOMY BECAME SANCTIONED ON TV—A 12/25 Huntsville Times article said of 1995: "Suddenly, gayness was cool. Although gay characters still weren't allowed to connect physically in prime time, homosexuality became a topic deemed safe, sanctioned, and wide open for discussion on series old and new." It said 1995 was the year Gay Came to Stay on prime-time TV. And it promises to get worse. A 1/17 HT article said that on network television today, being gay or lesbian is OK, perfectly acceptable, and that, "Hollywood producers as well as gay activists are convinced that the current flood of 'innocuous' gays will open the door to more honestly portrayed characters."

CRYOGENICS: NEW PRETEXT FOR ABORTION?—Cryogenic Solutions, Inc. (Houston) says it can freeze an aborted baby, so that later, when the mother is "better able" to care for it, the "interrupted pregnancy" can be resumed. So far, it only has the technology to freeze cells, not to thaw them and "reanimate" the baby--that's another 5 to 10 years away (1/27 World). It costs $356 to have a baby's cells preserved for 10 years. A pro-life activist says: "This is a way to broaden the market for abortionists. They're hoping that thousands of women who are unsure, who go to an abortion mill with questions, can be persuaded to have an abortion. After all, according to CSI, they're not killing their baby--they're just postponing the pregnancy." Another pro-lifer says cryo-preservation is a high-tech attempt to avoid feelings of guilt.

EPISCOPAL GROUP TERMS SOME SUICIDES OK—The Episcopal Diocese of Newark (NJ) whose leader is the radical Bishop John Shelby Spong deems suicide and assisted suicide morally acceptable for the terminally ill and those living with persistent physical pain (1/29 HT). A resolution for all this will be brought to the floor of the national convention in 18 months.

CHARISMATIC MISSIONARIES CONVERT TO CATHOLICISM—Reacting to a report in the 12/95 Charisma, a letter writer (2/96) said: "I am shocked that two Assemblies of God missionaries have converted to the Roman Catholic church! If this is a trend...then all of America's churches will fall apart and die. We can destroy our Bibles and...praise and adore the pope. The super-enticing ecumenical movement led by Chuck Colson is now working with Charisma and Pat Robertson to destroy Reformation principles." We disagree that ALL American churches will "fall apart and die." God has a remnant that will obey Rev. 18:4 (Eph. 5:11, 2 Cor. 6:14-17, etc.) and remain separate from the deepening apostasy.

HOSPITALS PROMOTE WITCHCRAFT, ISLAM?—Watchman Fellowship director Craig Branch (Birmingham), maintains that a therapeutic touch therapy offered by the Univ. of Alabama (UAB) through a $355,000 DOD study grant is based on ancient witchcraft rituals and is popular in the New Age movement (1/13 Huntsville Times). Houston's (TX) Methodist Hospital is opening a Muslim Prayer Center, specially designed to look like the outside of a mosque (1/20 Houston Chron.). Wonder what John Wesley would say to this?

GLIDE CHURCH, CECIL WILLIAMS—Glide Memorial U. Methodist Church, San Francisco's largest congregation, ministers to society's castoffs and also to its wealthiest elite (1/27 HT). Hollywood stars and the Clintons have visited and praised it. Pastor Cecil Williams's 1980 autobiography was laced with four-letter profanity and revolutionary social pleas. He has repudiated basic doctrines of Christianity and said he was "tired of hearing about Jesus." Glide has hosted a National Hookers Convention, had a "Rabbi in residence" and promoted all sorts of radical causes (5/15/85, 2/1/93 CCs). But despite its sordid history/practices, it has received huge sums of government funds for social programs. Ironically, Glide was endowed in the 1920s by a Christian widow of an oil millionaire.

OBE IS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION—Parents have been told that Outcome-Based Education (OBE) has nothing to do with changing children's attitudes and values; that OBE (sometimes called Performance-Based Education or other name) improves learning. What parents are NOT being told is that the research base for OBE is from the field of psychology, not education; that in psychology, the term "learning" is synonymous with the term "conditioning." Parents are NOT being told that OBE is not education at all; it is but the hollow substitute of psychological conditioning or, as it is sometimes called, behavior modification. Jed Brown [1/96 Christian Conscience - our source for this article] said psychologists have ripped the schools from parents and teachers, and their objective is to create children who behave the same, think the same, and believe the same. Sadly, the only "outcome" of OBE will be a baser society.

RUSSIANS MURDER 2 OF EVERY 3 BABIES CONCEIVED?—Russians abort their children at the world's highest rate. Three million Russian children were murdered by their mothers in 1994. (12/95 Am.Info.Newsl.) Two of every three conceptions are aborted. Russian women prefer abortion to contraceptives as a means of birth-control. Abortion is always a key element of socialism.

TOM ELLIFF NEXT SBC PRESIDENT?—Tom Elliff, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, OK, will be nominated for president of the Southern Baptist Convention at the SBC annual meeting in New Orleans in June by Fred Wolfe, pastor of Cottage Hill Baptist Church, Mobile, AL. (1/16 Indiana Baptist). Elliff, a former president of the SBC Pastors' Conference, said he will serve if elected. His church is a big supporter of the SBC's Cooperative Program, which for many years has paid the salaries of liberal seminary professors and other SBC leaders. His churches' 1995 $3 million budget allocated 4 percent to CP and associational causes.

CHARISMATICS KICKED OUT OF SBC—Two Southern Baptist missionaries who served 13 years with the Foreign Mission Board were fired Dec. 12 because of charismatic activity in the church they pastor (2/96 Charisma). They founded the Praise Baptist Church in Singapore and encouraged the practice of "falling" under the power of the Holy Spirit (ala Toronto). FMB president Jerry Rankin at his election in 1993 admitted to "praying in the Spirit" and to interpreting a message in tongues. He says the SBC's FMB allows charismatic practice in an individual's personal life, but views with concern questionable public practices that cause dissension.

COLSON CONTINUES TO PROMOTE CATHOLICISM—Chuck Colson, along with RC priest Richard John Neuhaus, was a prime mover behind the 1994 "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" document. In a new book, Gideon's Torch (a novel), he continues to press for the acceptance of Roman Catholic dogma as mainstream evangelical teaching (Dr. James Holly, 1/8 Chr.News). After meeting with the Pope last Oct. (along with an elite group of "evangelicals"), he depicted the Pope as a great moral leader and a friend of biblical orthodoxy. O Timothy editor David Cloud says Colson represents an apostate form of modern evangelicalism which is so nonchalant about the truth that it cannot resist error. He is a pro-Catholic ecumenical bridge-builder.

SWORD EDITOR ON NEW EVANGELICALISMCommenting on a report of Franklin Graham succeeding his father, being named v-p of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, identified with the social gospel approach to ministry, etc., Sword of the Lord editor Dr. Shelton Smith said: "Our position has been for many years that new evangelicalism is watered down, soft-soap, diluted and weak. We have often raised objection to the ecumenical evangelism practiced by the BGEA and anyone else who espouses it. We are today more convinced than ever that our position has been right on this. This appointment will probably move the BGEA even further to the left... and make it more like what we would want less of. We believe new evangelicalism and ecumenical evangelism efforts are unscriptural and should therefore be avoided by folks with a serious heart to honor and please the Lord."

LEE, FALWELL, FEATURE SOUTHERN BAPTISTS—Dr. Jerry Falwell's 2/96 paper has large ads for a "Singles Aflame" and "Youth Alive" conference at Charlotte in June. Southern Baptists such as former SBC president Bailey Smith are to speak at these events, erstwhile (?) fundamentalist Randy Ray speaks at "Singles Aflame," and Johnny Pope at the "Youth Alive" segment. CCM singers/groups will perform. Lee has sadly followed Falwell into new evangelicalism. At his 3/94 CORE conference, he defended having So. Baptist Adrian Rogers as a speaker (4/1/94 CC).

E.V. HILL A PK SPEAKER—Promise Keepers is led by charismatics and was started by members of John Wimber's Vineyard Fellowship. PK features pop psychology, rock music, worldly entertainers, and ecumenical speakers (1/22 Chr. News). Having drawn 725,000 men to 13 stadium conferences in 1995, it convenes its first Clergy conference for men this month in Atlanta. This is the largest gathering of clergy in history. Over 35,000 clergy had pre-registered prior to the end of 1995. Speakers include Jack Hayford, Joseph Stowell (MBI), Chuck Swindoll, and E.V. Hill. Hill pastors Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles (NCC-denom member). He is a member of the Los Angeles NAACP, Urban League, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (which sponsored the 1993 Gay Rights march on Washington), according to the 5/95 M. to C. Challenger. He has been featured on diverse new-evangelical, liberal, and charismatic platforms such as Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Center.

VAN IMPE'S LUCRATIVE SENSATIONALISM—Dr. Frank McClelland writes in the Nov-Dec Canadian Revivalist: In our last two issues we have written about Jack and Rexella Van Impe's flirtation with Rome, and their mean-spirited attack on Dr. Paisley. Now comes a short TV exposure of the Van Impes on 'A Current Affair.' The program examined Van Impe's fantastic claim that a Russian invasion force is already in the U.S. poised to topple the Government. The TV crew found this 'force' in Gulfport, MS. It turned out to be a collection of old surplus E. German ambulances and water carriers that the owner was refurbishing for use as ambulances and garbage trucks in third world countries... [Other Van Impe 'gems' were rebutted.] One erstwhile Van Impe supporter said, 'First they get the money, and then the money gets to them.' Quite a lot it seems. Their operation brought in $15 million last year, and the combined salaries of Jack & Rexella were quoted as $350,000."

SILENT WATCHMEN, DUMB DOGS—A watchdog that won't bark when a prowler comes is of no value as a watchdog. God called the pastors of Judah blind watchmen, "dumb dogs" that cannot bark (Is. 56:10). He didn't accuse them of false doctrine, but of being asleep at a time when they should have been warning the flock. Calvin said: "A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw God's truth attacked and yet remain silent without giving a sound." Christ's undershepherds have a duty to speak out, take sides, take a stand. Neutrality helps God's enemies, not His Cause. The May-June '95 Foundation said: "A silent watchman is more dangerous than no watchman because people feel a sense of security if they know a watchman is on the job 24 hours a day." Silence encourages the compromiser, not the contender for truth.

PICKERING BOOK IN RUSSIA—In Georgi Vins 2/96 paper, we read: "...Biblical Separation by Dr. Ernest Pickering stresses the need for a pure faith and the urgency of coming out of unbiblical organizations or liberal churches. Remarkably, a Russian Orthodox priest wrote to us, emphatically agreeing with what he'd read and asking for more copies to share with other priests!" [Dr. Pickering is Deputation Director for Baptist World Mission (BWM), and his newer 1994 book, The Tragedy of Compromise, published by BJU Press, is available from BWM, P.O. Box 1463, Decatur, AL 35602. Booklets on Promise Keepers, Lordship Salvation, and other timely topics are also available from BWM.]

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