ABORTION BILL: GRAHAM & POPE VS. NCC & CLINTON—Pres. Clinton recently vetoed legislation to ban late-term "partial birth" abortions, where a baby is but inches and seconds from birth. The abortionist partly extracts the baby feet first then suctions out its brain to let the head pass through the birth canal. The Pope and Billy Graham criticized Clinton for vetoing the ban on this gruesome "infanticide" procedure. The National Council of Churches leader supported the veto. Leaders of several liberal churches (Presbyterian-USA, Episcopal, UCC, Methodist) praised Clinton by letter for the veto.

THE NCC 'GOSPEL'—Over a decade ago, Reader's Digest and Sixty Minutes documented that the National and World Councils of Churches gave money to African terrorists. After this exposure, the NCC defended itself by quoting a letter from one of its supporters (see 11/14/83 Chr.News): "We feed the hungry, help the poor, and liberate the oppressed. If that isn't the Gospel, I don't know what is." There is no Gospel apart from the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (I Cor. 15:1-4, Gal. 1:6-9).

RC CARDINAL WANTS BIBLE CURED OF ANTI-SEMITISM—Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, labeling parts of the New Testament "problematic," called on Christianity to confront its anti-Semitic past and consider reinterpreting parts of the Bible (3/24/95 Chicago Sun-Times). He cited John 8:44, where John "placed on the lips of Jesus" the belief that Jews are the children of the devil. But God does not have a special way of salvation for those Jews who reject Christ, regardless of what Bernardin or Billy Graham say.

JILL BRISCOE, WOMAN PREACHER—Jill Briscoe is a popular author and speaker. Her husband, Stuart, pastors the 3,000-member Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wis. She serves on the boards of Christianity Today and the NAE's World Relief. The 4/8 CT quotes her thusly: "And for eight years I preached and taught and saw people come to Christ on the streets. The hierarchy of the mission was thrilled and affirmed that gift in me...The people who have set me free to minister to men as well as to women have been men, not women. In my own church, through my husband and the elders, women have gained huge freedoms--we have 'come a long way.' We have women pastors on staff. We have women in every echelon of leadership, apart from the council of elders." She said she "happily submitted for years" to a "hierarchical, male-oriented view of the church". She has spoken at Word of Life, Moody Bible Institute, and brought the Sunday evening message at the 3/96 NAE convention.

CCM: COMMERCIAL CHARISMATIC MUSIC—That's what CCM has now become. It is not "Christian"--it is mostly rock, salted with watered-down "Jesus" lyrics. It came to us twenty-five years or so ago. When hippies, dopers, and dropouts from the 1960s "converted" to the "Jesus movement," they mostly gave up their drugs, long hair, etc., but held on to their rock music. Charismatics were the main performers and market for this "new" music. The May 20 Chr. Today said: "Now, the industry is celebrity-driven. The song is almost irrelevant. The focus is on the person." Many small "Christian" record labels have been bought out by large secular companies, and "money" is the thing. CCM has been co-opted, and now stands for "Commercial Charismatic Music."

YOGA IS DANGEROUS—A 5/10 Huntsville Times article says: "Yoga is considered an ancient mind-body endeavor that also encompasses the emotional and spiritual side, paving the way for reducing stress and getting in touch with your spirituality." But the practice of yoga is pagan at best, and occultic at worst. Its teachings emanate from Eastern religions which teach that self is God. Yoga teachers are, in effect, Hindu or Buddhist missionaries (5-6/96 BDM Letter). Yoga is a means of reaching an altered state of consciousness--a doorway to the occult--demonization in the name of developing one's full potential. Be warned, be wise, beware!

TUTU WANTS HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTS—So. African socialist Bishop Desmond Tutu, a 1984 Nobel Prize winner, recently became the highest-ranking Anglican to call for the ordination of practicing homosexuals (5/6 Chr. News). He wrote the foreword to a collection of "Christian" liturgies for homosexuals and warned that rejecting homosexuals is "nearly the ultimate blasphemy."

SAN FRANCISCO'S HOMOSEXUAL 'WEDDINGS'—Dr. David Innes (4/8 S.F. Chronicle) said: "Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, in a contemptuous and brazen attempt to turn the social order upside-down, foisted upon city residents a new civil ceremony for homosexual and lesbian 'marriage.' This attempt to institutionalize 'alternative relationships' will...further the social disaster that already surrounds us...." On March 25, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to sponsor a mass "wedding" ceremony for homosexuals. Mayor Willie Brown officiated.

'TRUSTED PARTNERS' IS PK FOR BLACK MEN—Rev. Henry Lyons is pres. of the National Baptist Convention, USA, and last year founded Trusted Partners, a black counterpart to the majority-white Promise Keepers (4/27 Dallas Morn.News).

'LIBERALS' TO SPEAK AT GRAND RAPIDS?—In recent years Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, a GARBC-approved school, has moved in a new-evangelical direction. It has a full-page ad in the 5/20 Christianity Today (New Evangelicalism's main magazine) for a May 17-18 Ministry & Worldview conference which lists Thomas Oden, Richard Middleton, and Brian Walsh as "facilitators." Oden is Prof. of Theology and Ethics at Drew University, a liberal Methodist school, and a CT Contributing Editor. He is for female ordination, and very ecumenical (5/6 C.News). Dr. Carl Henry last year discussed a new book by Walsh and Middleton and a promotional interview. He said Walsh used neo-orthodox terms to deplore "propositional theology" [verbal inerrancy, etc.]. Henry quoted Middleton: "Even the truth of the gospel...is a human construction." (7/1/95 CC). Henry said Middleton and Walsh reject any identification of Scripture as revelation. Two GRBS professors have questioned heaven/hell's literality. Will the GARBC now sever ties with GRBS?

ODEN NO LONGER A LIBERAL?—Becoming disillusioned (in the late 1960s) of modernity and the consequent vacuum of meaning, and of his far left neo-orthodox position, theologian Thomas C. Oden turned rightward. He is Professor of Theology and Ethics at liberal Drew University (Methodist) and affirms a role for women in the pastoral ministry, yet some think he is now an evangelical. But, he says (9/24/90 CT): "I am praying that I might become evangelical...If it is possible to be thought of as an 'ancient ecumenical' evangelical, I would celebrate that. I am sometimes told by evangelical friends that I am very Catholic and sacramental [he praises RC priest Richard Neuhaus--see 5/6 CN], only to be told by my Catholic friends that I am very evangelical and pietistic...Evangelicals are... impoverished by the lack of a deep sacramental life. Much is to be learned by a conversation between E. Orthodox, Anglicans, and Roman Catholics on the one hand, with evangelicals, charismatics, and Pentecostals on the other. This is the pertinent ecumenical agenda that...ecumenical bureaucrats have failed to grasp. One thinks of a church like St. Aldate's in Oxford, England, where there is a wonderful blend of sacramental, liturgical, and charismatic elements...."

GREENING TO BE GARBC'S NEW NATIONAL REP?—The 5/96 Baptist Bulletin had this statement from Will Davis: "On behalf of the Search Committee and the Council of Eighteen, I am delighted to announce the unanimous recommendation of Rev. John R. Greening to become the national representative for the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches...." Messengers will vote on him June 24 at the Annual Conference in Lakeland. He studied at BBC, Trinity, and Grand Rapids. He is on the Council of Eighteen, and serves on the boards of ABWE, BBC, and Western. Interim Nat'l Rep Dr. Mark Jackson said: "...I have concluded that a very large body of our churches and pastors take the historic, clear position of our GARBC and are not compromised in their relationships or doctrine...." But, sadly, the converse is more true: A very large body do NOT take the GARBC's historic position. And, even those who seek to do so are increasingly being harmed, testimony-wise, to the extent that they tolerate compromise in certain schools and mission agencies (GRBS, ABWE, etc.).

TWO RON BLUES—A CC reader says there are two Ron Blues. Dallas Seminary confirmed it. The one who spoke with Pat Robertson(see 4/1 CC) is not the one referred to in the rest of the article.

NAE MOVING TO MAINSTREAM—The National Association of Evangelicals met in Minneapolis March 3-5. It leaders admitted they are moving into the "mainstream of religion" in America, turning to social action and salvaging of neighborhoods and cities. The new chairman said: "It is important for NAE to be less male, less gray, and less Anglo." The new emphasis on social action and racial reconciliation positions it ever closer to the NCC liberal denomination stance. NAE speakers included: Luis Palau, MBI-Pres. Joseph Stowell, Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney, Habitat for Humanity head Millard Fuller, Jill Briscoe, BGEA's John Corts, Bishop Gilbert Patterson, and Church of Nazarene head John Allan Knight. Most of these are very ecumenical. ACCC Exec. Dir. Dr. Ralph Colas attended this meeting with press credentials and has written a long report. Get it from: ACCC, P.O. Box 19, Wallingford, PA 19086. Send offering.

GRAHAM USES ROCK MUSIC TO ATTRACT YOUNG VIEWERS—Billy Graham went worldwide April 14 with an MTV-style telecast aimed at a young audience. This largest-audience-ever telecast used music from Nirvana, whose lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide. It used two dramatic films featuring DC Talk and messages from liberal Andrew Young and Glen Campbell. Graham has reoriented his crusades the past two years, and now his TV ministry, to attract a younger audience.

NOT IMPORTANT WHETHER BIBLE IS WORD OF GOD?—In an interview on "Who Is Jesus?" in the Winter 1996 Asbury Herald, Asbury Seminary Prof. Dr. Jerry Walls said: "I don't think that you have to believe the Bible is the Word of God in order to see that Christ is the Son of God. I do think you must believe that the Bible is an essentially reliable historical document..."

BBC, ROSENTHAL, MacARTHUR—A news release from Dr. Clay Nuttall's Central Challenge states: "Professor Dan Hayden, Division Director and Associate Prof. of Pastoral Ministries, Baptist Bible College [GARBC-related] in Clarks Summit, Pa., will be speaking at the 'Renaissance Conference' Nov. 16-21. Headlining this 'Pre Wrath' conference is Marv Rosenthal. The errant doctrine of this movement, let alone its 'cult like' organization should be enough for any serious Biblicist to stay away, let alone speak. But it is the same problem that other 'professing separatists' have. Dr. John MacArthur, Jr. defends his own presence on the board of directors of this group's Masters Mission out of Robbinsville, NC. A written response from a MacArthur administrator stated: 'Since the timing of the rapture is not a fundamental doctrine, John has seen no problems with continuing these relationships.' On goes the downgrade of doctrine and a shading of the term 'Fundamental'."

RESOLUTION ON ECCLESIASTICAL SEPARATION—[Maranatha Bapt. Church, Elkton, MD, 3/11-14]: "We deplore the compromise with unbelief prevalent today in Churches, schools, mission boards and evangelistic organizations. We are concerned about the silence of many so-called Fundamentalists on these trends of compromise. We denounce the Charismatic movement, so-called 'Faith Healers," as being unscriptural and harmful to the cause of Christ. We repudiate the inconsistency of those Fundamentalists who avoid separating themselves from New Evangelical compromisers. We pledge ourselves to continued militance against liberalism, New Evangelicalism, and all forms of compromise while at the same time spreading the Gospel of Christ."[Excerpt].

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