BUCKLEY SAYS ABORTION IS RACIST—William F. Buckley shocked political and community leaders recently by stating that some abortion rights activists consider abortion a means of limiting the black population. (6/2 Huntsville Times). He said: "A lot of people think that abortion is a tactful way to limit the number of blacks who are born in the United States."

PLANNED PARENTHOOD, ABORTION, RACISM—Planned Parenthood operates the largest chain of abortion facilities in the U.S. It receives substantial government funds, forcing taxpayers to indirectly subsidize abortion. It has received funds from United Way and other charities. PP founder Margaret Sanger was a radical socialist, a racist, and drug/alcohol addict who advocated free sex and sterilization of blacks, Jews and Catholics (4/89 AFA Jrnl.). PP has engaged in genocide against minority group women (10/ 9/89 CN), especially black and Hispanic women.

DC TALK: LIBERTY UNIVERSITY'S ROCK BAND—The Apr. 27 Houston Chronicle said: "With a goatee, glares, and shabby shirts, members of dc Talk look the part of a typical alternative rock band on the back cover of their new CD. The music, which opens with a screeching guitar and distorted vocals, also sounds like the genuine article. Only the lyrics reveal something else is going on." dc Talk's Jesus Freak has been on MTV. It won an award for "best rock recorded song." It "marks a stylistic shift toward rock from rap." dc Talk was formed at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, and it was proudly praised in Falwell's 6/96 National Liberty Journal: "This year's top artists are Liberty University's own DC Talk, whose Jesus Freak CD experienced never-before-seen sales figures for gospel music." DC Talk, in April, drew the largest concert crowd in Liberty U.'s history.

CHRISTIAN COALITION LEADER PRAISES POPE—Pat Robertson's "Christian Coalition" has many non-Christian/false-gospel members (e.g., Catholics, Jews), but its voter guides are often helpful. Ralph Reed, the Coalition's exec. dir., has built a support base of one million members. But he says (4/96 Imprimis): "There can be no better testimony to the faith of our nation than the reception that Pope John Paul II received when he came to the U.S. recently. Millions of Protestants and Catholics welcomed his message of spiritual renewal. Americans of every faith and no faith at all watched and listened as this remarkable man of God called on us to remember that there is more to life than ourselves. The Pope's message was far from new. It was the same message delivered by our founders...." ??

TV RATING SYSTEM A CON JOB—A rating system for TV shows is a fraud and con job (6/96 AFA Jrl). The problem is not lack of labeling. It's content. It's gratuitous and graphic violence. It's vulgarity. It's profanity. It's explicit and gratuitous sex. You don't get rid of garbage by labeling it "garbage." You throw it out.

PLOTTING FOR NEW POPE, NEW WORLD ORDER—Vatican expert Malachi Martin, a Roman Catholic, says: "There is an unspoken alliance today between powers inside the Vatican and leaders of major international humanist organizations who would change the Roman Catholic Church from a sacred institution to one whose primary function is to act as a stabilizing social force in the world." (6/10 USN&WR). He says Cardinals who will elect the next pope are about evenly divided in two rival factions, traditionalists and conciliarists. But he says the latter--liberal globalists who want to liberalize church doctrine on divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, etc.--hold the positions of power.

HAGIN'S VISIONS—Kenneth Hagin, Sr. is the founder of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa and of the Positive Confession movement, a charismatic form of Christian Science (per Dave Hunt). He says Jesus appeared to him in a vision in 1950 and gave him a special anointing to minister to the sick. (4/96 Word of Faith). After a 1952 vision, Hagin says: "[N]ow when I minister and lay hands on people, I can tell if there is an evil spirit present either through the word of knowledge or the discerning of spirits." He relates a time when "there stood Jesus right in front of me" (after a failed healing) and said Jesus pointed His finger at him, almost touching his nose. Jesus supposedly said, "I told you, 'If you feel that fire jumping from hand to hand like heat waves, there is a demon or evil spirit in the body. Call him out in my name and he will leave.'" Charismatics, with their "demonic" extra-Biblical revelations, are deceiving and being deceived.

CCM'S MARK LOWRY CALLS SEPARATION 'LEGALISM'—Contemporary Christian musician Mark Lowry (5/ 96 CCM), concerning standards and ecclesiastical separation (which he calls "legalism"), said (BJU's WITW): "Legalism is as sickening today as it was 2000 years ago. It's just wrong. On my new video, that's one thing I'm trying to take a whack at....I tell people at my concerts, 'Isn't that somethin'? We've got Catholics, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Baptists, and Pentecostals all under one roof! And you know what? Somebody's wrong!' That's why eternity is gonna last so long. God's gotta straighten us out."

VAN IMPE SUCCESSFUL, DECEIVED—The 6/3 Christian News says Jack Van Impe airs weekly in 25,000 cities in No. America and 160 other nations, but his first TV ministry went bankrupt. It says: "Now that Van Impe no longer takes the strong stand he did at one time against theological liberalism and Roman Catholicism, he has become a great success." Financially it does not pay to oppose liberalism and Catholicism--major donors/foundations avoid association with those who urge separation from apostasy, CN says. The 4/1 Detroit News quotes Van Impe: "My main message today is love." It says Van Impe "deeply regrets the days early in his career when he showed a lack of tolerance for other faiths." It says the Van Impes believe that Christ will return between the years 2001 and 2012. Van Impe is sadly lacking in spiritual discernment and has joined with those who praise the Pope and are racing toward Rome.

SAD SIGNS OF COMPROMISE IN FALWELL PAPER—Dr. Jerry Falwell's 6/96 National Liberty Journal was replete with sad evidence of New Evangelicalism. 1) Billy Graham was praised: "...Mr. Graham remains a passionate preacher, a champion for racial healing and a proponent for ending religious oppression in countries such as Russia, No. Korea and China." (Some say he was "used" by the Russians to spread their propaganda.) Falwell's NLJ said "Graham continues to be on the cutting edge of ministry." 2) Franklin Graham brought Liberty University's baccalaureate message this year (Justice Clarence Thomas was LU's commencement speaker). 3) Falwell cited the notorious Promise Keepers as an indication that we may well be on the verge of a spiritual awakening. He said its explosive ministry among America's men cannot be explained apart from a visitation of God upon our families and our culture. 4) NLJ proudly praised a "hip-hop rock" group, Liberty University's own DC Talk, whose Jesus Freak CD experienced never-before-seen sales figures for gospel music. (DC Talk's appearance at Liberty in April drew the largest concert crowd in Liberty's history.

JOHNSTON TO START A CHURCH—Evangelist Jerry Johnston recently announced that he will start a new "seeker-sensitive" First Family Church in Kansas City this year. This Liberty University alumnus was pictured in the 4/91 Charisma as a speaker at a 4/91 Spiritual Warfare Training Conference at the Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland Fla.(See 1/15/91 CC). He and other speakers (charismatics) were called "qualified deliverance ministers," who will "provide a total approach to deliverance and healing."

RELIGIOUS LEFT UNITES—Thirteen hundred people met April 14-16 in Washington, DC for a Summit on Ethics and Meaning. The moving force behind this meeting was the Jewish monthly Tikkun, whose editor is Rabbi Michael Lerner, an advisor to Hillary Clinton (6/96 Nat'l Lib.Jrnl.). Speakers included Lerner, New Agers Matthew Fox and Marianne Williamson, radical Sojourners publisher Jim Wallis, and Harvard's Harvey Cox. Leftist participants planned strategies on how to stop the growth of the "religious right."

ECUMENICAL ANGLICANISM—Anglicanism throughout Southeast Asia generally is more evangelical, charismatic, and conservative than that of the Church of England (4/29 Chr. Today). Anglican head George Carey said: "Anglicanism at its very best can hold differences of thought together." He added: "Catholicism, evangelicalism, charismaticism, and liberalism all contribute."

CORNERSTONE COLLEGE & URBANA—A News Release from Dr. Clay Nuttall's Central Challenge says: "Professor Jerry Babbitt of Grand Rapids Cornerstone College led an 'Urbana' chapel at the institution, April 12, 1996. An eyewitness stated that in addition to a promotional video on the upcoming Urbana 96 Conference, Babbitt encouraged students to attend. He also announced a mechanism for them to go as a group. According to Logos Communication Consortium, Urbana 90 was immersed in 'The New Age political agenda.'[See 6/15 CC]. The speakers, their subjects and content bear this out. These men turn out to be on a list of 'who's who' from the religious left. Two of them, Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo, for example, were invited to the neo-pagan Summit on Ethics and Meaning in Washington, DC, April 14-16. The liberal Sojourners, TIKKUN, and Utne Reader [were] sponsors. Urbana is sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship with a long commitment to the left. Most recently their 'Whitewashing Homosexuality,' pro-choice position and avid ecumenism, including support from liberal charismatic and so-called evangelical denominations have clearly identified their commitment to the left. Cornerstone is an approved school of the GARBC denomination."

TEMPLETON AN 'ANTI-CHRISTIAN'—John Templeton's religion prize's current value is over $1 million. Dave Hunt, in the 5/96 Berean Call says: "In spite of being an evolutionist, pantheist, universalist and occultist who rejects the gospel of Jesus Christ, Templeton is highly regarded and endorsed by leading evangelicals....[It is] the worst kind of hypocrisy for Graham, Colson, or Bright to accept a huge monetary prize from a man who is thereby hoping to promote all religions, and then to use the occasion to declare that Jesus Christ is the only Savior!"

THOSE DEVIOUS, DANGEROUS, DECEPTIVE LIBERALS!—Fundamentalism started during a time of theological confusion. "Gray lines" separated believers and orthodoxy from apostasy, heresy and various kinds of liberalism. To further confuse the situation, liberals used orthodox terms but redefined the terms (hence "neo-orthodoxy"). Therefore, it became very difficult to distinguish friend from foe. Liberals used ambiguous words invested with private meanings. That strategy was used purposely so others would misunderstand them. That way, they could conceal their liberalism, enjoy the tactical advantage of being misunderstood and gain the sympathy of the naive. [Dr. Rod Bell, Frontline].

'THE CAMBRIDGE DECLARATION'—Calling for churches today to return to the Reformation roots of evangelicalism, 80 theologians, pastors, and church leaders signed a declaration in Cambridge, Mass., at the conclusion of a four-day summit held by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. (5/27 Chr. News). Westminster's Robert Godfrey noted: "If we evaluate the pragmatism of the pragmatists on a pragmatic basis, we have to say that by their own standards they have failed. Why don't American medical statistics reflect the healings of the charismatics? Why don't our crime statistics reflect the holy living of evangelicals? Why, after a generation of church growth methodology and user-friendly worship, is church attendance down significantly?"(5/18 World). The Cambridge Declaration condemned "the church growth movement" for allegedly stressing "that a sociological understanding of those in the pew is as important to the success of the gospel as is the biblical truth which is proclaimed."

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