LIQUOR ADS ON TV—The Distilled Spirits Council decided in Nov. to end its longtime self-imposed ban on broadcast ads for whiskey, gin, vodka, etc. Networks vow to continue their own rules against liquor ads, but many local stations and cable operations have no such policy (11/18 USN&WR). Distillers say "a can of beer has about as much alcohol as a mixed drink, so either ban beer from TV or let liquor adson." Alcohol is a drug, and we have a long tradition of regulating drug ads (12/9 USN&WR). TV liquor ads will increase consumption, with predictable increases in addiction and drunk driving.

AIDS IS MAIN KILLER OF BLACK AMERICANS—In 1994, the HIV virus overtook homicide as the leading killer of African Americans aged 25-44. One out of every three black male fatalities in the 25-44 age bracket is the result of AIDS. (12/8 H.Times) Blacks constitute only 12 percent of the population, but make up 40 percent of all AIDS cases. Over 60 percent of all children with AIDS are black. Yet black leaders are derelict in confronting and warning of this. [Meanwhile, the 10/14 USN&WR said a report indicates that racism may be reversing. It found that blacks charged with serious crimes like murder, rape and drug trafficking are more likely than whites to be acquitted by juries.]

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY A GLOBAL RELIGION—Habitat for Humanity is ecumenical to the core and is basically a global "religion." It has its own credo, its own liturgy, a multi-faceted theology, and an international collection basket. Its Utopian Mission is to eliminate poverty (11/96 Chr.Conscience). Its founder Millard Fuller in his 1994 book The Theology of the Hammer (p84) said: "Habitat is in sympathy with the efforts of the World Council of Churches and other groups to influence churches and God's people to cooperate and work together." (12/1/94 CC). He added: "So get out your hammers, Catholics and Protestants, liberals and conservatives, Reform and Orthodox, Unitarians and Trinitarians, Gentiles and Jews. We have some houses to build to the glory of God! 'The theology of the hammer' binds us together in common ministry."

POPE & CASTRO SOUND ALIKE ON SOCIALISM—Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II met last Nov. Cuba is overwhelmingly Catholic. Catholics are allowed to join its officially atheist Communist Party. The Pope sounds very Castro-esque in his frequent condemnations of capitalism, consumerism and the suffering of the poor (11/19 HT). He told the Nov. UN World Food Summit that the imbalance between the rich and poor ("the haves and have-nots"?) cannot be tolerated.

EVANGELICALS EULOGIZE EVOLUTIONIST POPE—John Paul II's election as pope in 1978 was enthusiastically endorsed by Poland's Communist Party and by World communism in general, says Dr. Henry Morris (12/96 Acts & Facts). Morris adds: "Since his election, he has seemingly been promoting a syncretistic agenda, not only with Protestants but also with Hindus...and others...[H]e is not a recent convert to evolution, as the media have implied....All cults and movements associated with the "new world order" of the so-called New Age Movement have two things in common--evolutionism as their base and globalism as their goal. It is disturbing now to see even many large evangelical movements (e.g., Promise Keepers, charismatic ecumenism) inadvertently drifting into the same orbit while eulogizing this evolutionist pope."

SPITTLER IS FULLER PROVOST—Assembly of God theologian Russell Spittler has been elected provost and vice president for academics of Fuller Theological Seminary. He has been a member of Fuller's faculty since 1976 (12/96 Charisma). He is a frequent lecturer on ecumenical dialogue and Pentecostal-charismatic traditions.

DID BERNARDIN TEACH US HOW TO DIE?—Chicago's Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's death and funeral received much publicity. He was a leader of Roman Catholic liberals. Many said he showed a person how to die. Newsweek said: "In any tradition, a good life is the best preparation for a good death." But Christian News editor Herman Otten says: "All religions, except true Christianity, teach that a person is saved by 'the good life' and at least in part by his own works. All religions with the exception of historic Christianity are religions of the law. Christianity alone is a religion of grace which teaches that only Jesus Christ saves and that works are only the fruit of faith and in no way the cause of salvation and eternal life."

NOUWEN DEFENDED HOMOSEXUALITY?Christianity Today (11/11) said of Henri Nouwen who died Sept. 21: "Acknowledged as one of the world's great spiritual writers, the renowned Catholic theologian left behind a wealth of insights..." The Fall'96 Record (a pro-homosexual newsletter of Evangelicals Concerned) said Nouwen taught psychology at Notre Dame and theology at Yale/ Harvard. It said: "For the past quarter century Nouwen was supportive of "a deep personal relationship based on a strong mutual attraction between two men or two women. "It quoted Nouwen as writing (1971) that he who pretends not to have homosexual feelings is "like a man who pretends to be able to live without a heart."

BILLY GRAHAM TO SPEAK AT FALWELL SCHOOL—Liberty University confirmed in Nov. that Dr. Billy Graham will bring the commencement address May 3. Dr. Jerry Falwell's 12/96 Nat'l Liberty Journal said: "It is befitting that Dr. Graham will speak at Liberty's 1997 Commencement, since his grandson [Will] will be among the graduating seniors. (Another grandson...is a freshman at Liberty.)" Graham's son and successor [Franklin] was Liberty's 1995 baccalaureate speaker.

FALWELL: ETHICS, HONESTY, OBEDIENCE, CONFUSION—In his 1981 Fundamentalist Phenomenon book, Dr. Jerry Falwell said: "I have always made it clear that I am a Fundamentalist--big F!...I am also a separatist...." (p219-220) But he appealed to Evangelicals: "Do not be embarrassed because we believe the same things you do. Acknowledge us. Accept us...." True Fundamentalists in the late seventies rightly perceived that Falwell's "big F" fundamentalism in practice was a big "pseudo" fundamentalism, or New Evangelicalism in a thinly veiled disguise. Dr. James Singleton published a 75-page book of a dozen Fundamentalist leaders (plus this editor) reviewing Falwell's 1981 book and warning of his confusing doublespeak and blatant disregard (e.g., Moral Majority) for the Bible doctrine of separation. In 1987, Falwell briefly chaired PTL, a TV network operated by charismatics. In his 1987 autobiography, he referred to Jim Bakker as "a major minister of the gospel," but in his 1996 autobiography he called PTL ("in hindsight") "a moral cancer." (12/9 CT). The 12/9 Christianity Today, whose founder and board chair is Billy Graham, has a largely disparaging interview with Falwell and called the PTL debacle one of his "strangest alliances". Falwell is now linked with the SBC through donations from his church. He also claims to be "what Southern Baptist churches have always been, independent..." But this is misleading, since no contributing SBC church is truly "independent." Confusion reigns supreme!

METZGER A LIBERAL—Princeton Prof. Bruce Metzger serves on the board of the American Bible Society, and was a 2/92 speaker at Dallas Seminary (9/1/92 CC). He served on the committee which produced the RSV and the New RSV. He was chairman for the butchered Reader's Digest Condensed Bible. O Timothy Editor David Cloud says (Vol.13, Iss.10): "Bruce Metzger is a Liberal. He piously claims on one hand that the Bible is the inspired Word of God; but out of the other side of his mouth he claims the Bible is filled with myth and lies. He denies the Bible's history, its miracles, and its authorship...."

KAY ARTHUR SPEAKERS AT U. METHODIST CHURCHES—Precept Ministries' Kay Arthur--a broadcaster, author, and dynamic Bible teacher--has spoken (preached?) in recent years at such ecumenical forums as the following: Billy Graham Training Center, National Religious Broadcasters, National Association of Evangelicals, and Campus Crusade conferences. This month she is to speak at the ecumenical Mission America and NRB conferences. [See 1/15 & 11/15/93 and 5/1/94 CCs for other "unbiblical" associations and teachings.] Other Precept Ministries staffers are to speak in United Methodist (liberal denom) and So. Baptist churches in the coming month. Paul Smith, pastor of People's Church in Toronto, says, "Kay Arthur is by all odds the best Bible teacher we have had at People's Church for a long time. Within two or three minutes after the beginning of her message, all of us lost complete track of whether she was a man or a woman...."

NRB '97 SPEAKERS—NRB'97 is set for Anaheim, CA for Jan. 25-28. Speakers include: Franklin Graham, Church of Christ minister Max Lucado, Beverly LaHaye, MBI Pres. Joseph Stowell, David Jeremiah, and Stephen Olford. Actress Dyan Cannon is listed as a panel speaker, pending her movie schedule. Campus Crusade is sponsoring an All Media Breakfast. Music will be provided by Steve Green, Kim Boyce, and others.

MOODY FOUNDER'S WEEK SPEAKERS—Moody Bible Institute's 1997 Founder's Week conference is set for Feb. 3-8. Speakers include: Franklin Graham, Howard Hendricks, Crawford Loritts, Ravi Zacharias, and MBI Pres. Joseph Stowell. All of these men were scheduled speakers for 1996 Promise Keepers rallies. Hendricks is also a PK board member. Zacharias spoke at NRB'94, and at the Billy Graham 3/95 "Global Mission" satellite evangelistic outreach in Puerto Rico.

MacARTHUR, FALWELL AT BAILEY SMITH CONFERENCES—Former SBC president Bailey Smith is presenting Real Evangelism Bible Conferences in 1997, some of which are in Southern Baptist churches (12/9 CT). Listed speakers include: John MacArthur, Jerry Falwell, E. V. Hill, Adrian Rogers, and Paige Patterson. Janet Paschal, and The Cathedrals quartet are listed for music.

PREVO ON LU BOARD—Anchorage Baptist Temple (Alaska) pastor Dr. Jerry Prevo was added to Dr. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University's Board of Trustees in Oct. (12/96 NLJ). He has had SB evangelist Bailey Smith as a speaker, and gave strong cooperation to the 1984 Billy Graham Crusade (12/86 Maranatha). Prevo has also had Tim LaHaye and James Robison in his BBF pulpit.

FUNDAMENTALIST FLESH VS. NEW EVANGELICAL FLESH—Some in the ranks of biblical Fundamentalism are dissatisfied with certain elements within Fundamentalism. Consequently, they are embracing portions of New Evangelical thought and, therefore, methodology. [This] grieves me.... Fundamentalism in the 1970s and 1980s could be largely characterized by the word pragmatism. Philosophy and methodology were often adopted because "it worked" for So-and-so. Perhaps the success syndrome became an underlying motivation. Dictator mind-sets smelled of arrogance. Even some on the "right wing" functioned on a largely pragmatic level. Hence, the "leftward" reaction. The foundation of methodology is philosophy, and the basis of philosophy should never be pragmatism. To depend on pragmatic means is to depend on the flesh. To depend on the flesh is to be unprofitable, counterproductive, and sinful in God's sight (Jn. 6:63, 2Cor. 3:6, Ro.14:23). But the answer to the problem is not to exchange one form of pragmatism for another. New Evangelicals thrive on surveys, meeting felt-needs, entertaining, marketing what appeals to the consumer--all of which reveal a pragmatic basis: the flesh. New Evangelical flesh may appear more appealing that Fundamentalist flesh because of its soft-line approach to issues and its glamorous presentation. However, it is still the flesh. God is not impressed.... [Evang. John R. Van Gelderen, adapted]

DR. RICHARD CLEARWATERS, militant fundamentalist leader from Minn., entered into the presence of his Savior, Sept. 30, at age 96. He pastored 5 congregations, including 42 years as pastor of Fourth Baptist Church, Minneapolis (1940-82). He founded a theological seminary, a Christian day school, a Bible institute, & helped establish other ministries. [Fund. Digest]

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