VOL. XIV  NO. 3  NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   February 1, 1997

HEROIN POPULAR WITH YOUTH—The psychedelic '60s turned on with LSD; the strung-out '70s found energy in amphetamines; the hard-charging '80s got kicks from cocaine. Today's pop culture is cultivating a dark, depressed mood, the fruit of decades of spiritual rootlessness and family collapse. Young people dressed in black, indulge themselves in bleak, moody introspection, and their music wallows in cynicism, anger, and despair. Their drug of choice increasingly is heroin (11/9 World). Teenage drug use is soaring, as rock groups now openly promote it.

PRO-ABORTIONISTS' INSANE LOGIC—When the president of the U.S. defends a procedure [partial birth abortion] that aborts babies who are three-quarters born - and does so in the name of morality - is it really so surprising that some people take the natural next step and assume that killing the baby a few seconds after the journey of birth is also a moral act? Is it logical or consistent that obtaining an abortion at nine months is fully legal but killing a newborn baby gets you prosecuted for murder? (1/97 CVN). Roe v. Wade was the disastrous first step toward devaluing all human life.

MARRIAGE & MILITARY UNDER FIRE—Former Marxist David Horowitz says he and others who hated America concluded that it could be destroyed from within if feminists and homosexuals undermined the moral foundations of society. Their chosen targets--marriage and the military--are now under assault by activists and liberal judges (1/3 Wash. Watch). In feminizing the military, sexual harassment has wrought havoc. Homosexuals plan to challenge laws banning same-sex marriages. An activist boasts that same-sex "marriage" is "the final tool with which to dismantle all sodomy statutes, get education about homosexuality and AIDS into public schools and change how society views and treats us."

MARILYN MANSON'S SATANIC CD POPULAR WITH YOUTH—Satanic death-rock band Marilyn Manson's new album Antichrist Superstar was the third top-selling CD in its first week of release. With his stage name taken from suicidal sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and serial killer Charles Manson, this ordained Satanist priest and his head-banging band openly defy every moral principle (11/16 World). Wearing T-shirts that read "Kill God, Kill Your Mom and Dad, Kill Yourself," the band celebrates hate, racism, sexual depravity, violence, and blasphemy. Religion is a favorite theme as they mock God and rant against Jesus. Marilyn said: "Raise your kids better or I'll raise them for you." He said, "I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me."

ABORTIONS DECLINE—The U.S. abortion rate has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years. About 1.2 million abortions were performed in 1994, down from 1.3 million the year before, and the fourth straight decline. In 1976, 988,267 abortions were performed (1/4 HT). The peak year was 1990 when there were 1.4 million abortions.

THE KORAN'S FALSE JESUS—Islam's Koran depicts Jesus as a great miracle worker and one of the greatest prophets, but says He did not die on a cross. Muslims believe that when the Jews sought to crucify Him, God called Him up to heaven and threw His likeness onto someone else, who was crucified by mistake (12/96 Discerner). Muslims deny the Trinity, deity, and lordship of Jesus, and His crucifixion and resurrection. The Koran offers a false Jesus, and a religion that relies upon violence and force.

HOMOSEXUALITY ACCEPTED—The media and cultural elite promote the idea that homosexuality is as virtuous as heterosexuality. Before, homosexuals were seen as immoral and mentally ill; today, those who oppose their wicked lifestyle are portrayed that way. The 1/4 World said: "Gays have been so favorably portrayed by movies, sit-coms, and the news media that popular opinion seems to be turning their way. The acceptance and legalization of homosexual marriage is a real possibility, something allowed in no other culture [in history]." Those who defend homosexual marriage logically have to also defend polygamy, marriage between siblings, or marriage between a man and a female animal.

MORMON TEMPLE DISINFORMATION—The Mormon Church currently has 49 operating temples with at least 15 more planned or under construction. Mormons claim to practice the same ordinances in modern-day temples as were practiced in the temple of the Bible (12/96 Evangel). But where are the daily sacrifices? Mormon temples are used 98% of the time on behalf of dead people; the temple of the Bible was for the living.

O'HAIR AND $627,500 MISSING—Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son, and granddaughter mysteriously vanished in summer 1995. Two of her tax-exempt organizations filed documents in Dec. saying $627,500 disappeared about the same time the three did. Some say she, in poor health, disappeared to die secretly away from Christians she had fought so long (1/5 Dallas Morn. News). Estranged Christian son, William Murray has filed petition for a court order to become guardian of her estate. Someone said she should not be hard to trace--just look for a bunch of money with "in God we trust" scratched out!

NAE HEAD ADDRESSES NCC—For the first time since its creation in 1942, the National Association of Evangelicals' top leader, with the blessing of the NAE's board, has addressed the general assembly of the liberal National Council of Churches (1/6 CT). NCC head Joan Brown Campbell says she and NAE chief Don Argue have become friends through prayer breakfasts with President Clinton, and by cooperating on causes such as the Religious Alliance Against Pornography and helping to rebuild burned churches.

CATHOLIC PRIEST TO SPEAK AT ASBURY SEMINARY—Roman Catholic priest and former Lutheran Richard John Neuhaus is a universalist and theological liberal (5/2/94 CN). He is president of the Institute of Religion and Public Life, and is the Theta Phi lecturer at Asbury Theological Seminary, March 6-7 (Asbury Herald). Asbury Pres. and U. Methodist minister Dr. Maxie Dunnam has praised the Rosary, and is a member of the Roman Catholic-Methodist Int'l Dialogue Commission (see 1/1/96 CC). Other recent Asbury speakers were: Fuller Seminary Pres. Dr. Richard Mouw and Dr. Clark Pinnock. Wheaton College Prof. Robert Webber (Episcopalian) is a listed speaker for Asbury's 1997 Ministers' Conference, Feb. 3-6. He also was a listed speaker for Dr. Jerry Falwell's recent Super Conference (6/15 CC).

TILTON'S WIFE FORMS NEW CHURCH—The second wife of healing evangelist Robert Tilton testified during their divorce trial that she has formed a new church. Married for two years, she said his church's main purpose is to collect offerings, and that he has absolute authority there.

ROBERTSON PRAISES POPE—Religious broadcaster and Christian Coalition head Pat Robertson had a seat of honor at Pope John Paul II's Oct. '95 Mass in New York. He praised the Pope profusely (see 12/95 CC). In his 1993 book, The Turning Tide, Robertson said (p279): "Pope John Paul II stands like a rock against all opposition in his clear enunciation of the foundational principles of the Christian faith." He said the Pope at his 1993 Denver visit urged American Catholics to reach out in fellowship to their Baptist brothers and sisters in faith.

BOB JONES UNIVERSITY & DOMINION DBS—Dominion DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) system is now the electronic delivery system for Bob Jones University's home-schooling channels. It also carries programming by charismatics and other groups. BJU President Dr. Bob Jones III likens this to an electronic Mars Hill and to churches having radio programs on secular and foul religious stations. But some good men disagree with this analogy. Dr. Jones says the channels are given for educational purposes and that BJU is not identifying itself with any other programs (ESPN, CNN, Charismatics, etc.) using the satellite. He says BJU for ten years had its Show My People television program on secular and Charismatic stations. BJU Press recently published two of the strongest books on separation of the past decade--one by Dr. Fred Moritz and the other by Dr. Ernest Pickering.

NEW MINISTRY FOR DR. FAST—Dr. Marion Fast has pastored two churches over the past 42 years-- New Buffalo, MI (1956-78), Longmont, CO (1978-97). He is highly recommended by fundamentalist leaders as he now enters a new ministry of helping fellow pastors in Revival meetings, church-school advice, pulpit supply, building programs, Missions, and other areas. Contact him at: 1426 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501, 303/776-7029.

FULLER SEMINARY APOSTASY—Fuller Theological Seminary supports women's ordination and has some women theological professors. It was founded in 1947 to promote Biblical inerrancy. It repudiated inerrancy under Pres. David Allan Hubbard (12/16 Chr. News). Hubbard endorsed Robert Schuller's heretical Self-Esteem book which re-defined sin as the loss of self-esteem, salvation as the creation of self-esteem, and Christ as Self-Esteem incarnate (O Timothy). Fuller has now become "a headquarters for indoctrinating students in ecumenism, psychology, and charismatic heresies." (See 8/15 CC).

SCHULLER A UNIVERSALIST, NEW AGER?—As one of 16 writers who responded to Pope John Paul's Crossing the Threshold of Hope book, in a new book, A Reader's Companion to Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Robert Schuller said (p163): "God has promised salvation to all of us. But only when we realize that we have been saved and we accept God's love do we open ourselves to Jesus Christ..." He speaks of experiencing "the Christ within" us, and "innermost potential." He said "meaning" lies in a God who is committed to our happiness, and that belief in God helps us become possibility thinkers. Schuller said: "When we know we have been redeemed and we know we are part of God's family, we are ready to dream that great divine dream of building the kingdom of God in the world."

WEBBER ON SALVATION—Wheaton College professor and Episcopal lay theologian Robert Webber conducts seminars on worship in ecumenical settings (and at Jerry Falwell's 1996 Super Conference - see 6/15/96 CC). As one of sixteen writers who responded to the Pope's recent book (see 12/15 CC), Webber seems to praise, promote and endorse much of the Pope's false salvation teachings. He says: "While the Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic ways of speaking of union with God contain various nuances, the meaning is the same...." He said: "Today, when people say to me, 'When were you saved?' I always answer, 'At my baptism.' I see the whole of my Christian life as a calling to live out my baptism....Salvation as a process moving from evil to ultimate good is a constant calling...."

HISTORY OF OBF'S SEPARATION FROM IFCA—Rev. John Ashbrook and three other "older men" of the Ohio Bible Fellowship are writing a series of four messages in the OBF Visitor addressing the OBF's key principles and history. Rev. Ashbrook discusses the 1968 OBF withdrawal from the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, and says: "The IFCA was fond of that cliche, 'We stand where we have always stood.' That is the favorite quotation of declining organizations." Write OBF, 3865 No. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43214, concerning availability of copies.

ACCC REPORTS—American Council of Christian Churches Exec. Sec'y Dr. Ralph Colas has new reports available on the WCC, and the Fasting and Prayer Meeting. He attended Urbana'96, and plans to cover the NRB and NAE conventions again this year. These reports will be available in the weeks/months ahead on a free-will offering basis from: ACCC, P.O. Box 19, Wallingford, PA 19086.

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