WORLD VISION AND ABORTION FUNDING—World Vision recently found itself in a controversy over its support of a bill that provided abortion funding for Third World nations. A Congressman said World Vision's letter of support of the family-planning bill "tipped the scales" in favor of the measure (5/97 AFA Journal). Just over a year ago WV president Dr. Robert A. Seiple said the United Nations needs reform but said it fills a necessary role Christians should support (1/1/96 CC). World Vision is a radical new-evangelical relief agency that has used funds donated by Christians to help Communists, Muslims, and Catholics.

PK PAPERNew Man ceased being the official publication of Promise Keepers last month in a mutual decision between Strang Communications (publisher of Charisma) and PK (4/28 Chr. Today). It now has a circulation of 330,000 and aims to reach a broader Christian men's audience.

RON SIDER RETREATS FROM FORMER SOCIALISM—Eastern Seminary prof. and Evangelicals for Social Action pres. Ron Sider says his Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger 1977 book is being reissued with significant revisions (4/28 Chr. Today). This self-described "Mennonite farmer" says "The times have changed, and so have I." He has been called a "socialist," a "pacifist," and a "pro-Marxist." (See 5/15/90 & 7/1/92 CCs) He now says: "I say more explicitly that when the choice is democratic capitalism or communism, I favor the democratic political order and market economics. I am no longer as concerned as I was earlier with the ratio of money between the rich and poor."

CHURCH WITHDRAWS FROM WCC MEETING—An ongoing anti-homosexual campaign by Zimbabwe's pres. Robert Mugabe and a condemnation of homosexuality by Zimbabwe's Council of Churches have prompted a Dutch Lutheran church to withdraw from the forthcoming assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) set for next Sept. in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare (4/28 Chr.News). Mugabe, a Catholic Marxist, has said publicly that homosexuals are not welcome in Zimbabwe, and has described them as sodomites and perverts, saying it was extremely outrageous and repugnant that they had any supporters.

GENETIC DETERMINATION OR WILLFUL CHOICE?—A homosexual, or alcoholic, today is treated as a helpless victim of his biology rather than as a willful agent with control of his own conduct. This conveniently diminishes accountability and the capacity to choose. Gone is the sense of responsibility for bad choices, as social workers/ psychologists/biologists/criminologists scurry to find the "destining gene cluster" to blame for the abusive behavior, youth/gang violence, homosexuality, drunkenness, etc.

GRAHAM IMPRESSED BY CLINTON COMPASSION—Dr. Billy Graham in his new book indicates that Pres. Clinton made a big impression on him during the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy. He said "Seldom have I seen anyone express so movingly and sincerely a genuine sense of compassion and sympathy to those who were hurting. I felt that he, not I, was the real pastor that day." Our president is also a very superb actor.

SOUTHERN BAPTISTS & JEWS FEUD—Jewish and Southern Baptist officials have been trading brickbats over a resolution passed at the 1996 SBC meeting in New Orleans calling for a renewed emphasis on evangelizing Jews (4/21 Christian News). Baptists believe that Jews, and others, must accept Jesus as Messiah/Savior to be saved. Mainstream Jewish groups reject that as theologically insulting. Another problem for Jews: Intermarriage and assimilation are eroding Jewish identity in many quarters.

MUSLIMS WORSHIP AT LUTHERAN SCHOOL—Four thousand Muslims worshiped in April at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minn., a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod school (4/28 CN). Concordia's president Robert Holst has long maintained that the Bible contains errors, and says "multiculturalism" is the new mission of Concordia.

PACKER CALLS NEW NIV 'FEMINIST EDITION'—When it was reported in the March 29 World that the NIV Committee on Bible Translation the group with exclusive authority over the NIV, and to whom publisher Zondervan is contractually bound had decided to change the NIV to a unisex version, leading theologians spoke out (4/19 World). Regent College professor and author J.I. Packer, after examining specific changes, stated that the "adjustments made by what I call the feminist edition are not made in the interests of legitimate translation procedure. These changes have been made to pander to a cultural prejudice that I hope will be short-lived." He said the revisions are "blurring rather than clarifying the sense of the original."

WHAT ISLAM SAYS ABOUT JESUS—We were sent a document about Islam and an explanatory translation of the Koran last month. The document boasted that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, and that it has over 1 billion followers in the world. It said Muslims believe Jesus was a great prophet but do not believe he is God, or the Son of God, or God Incarnate. It said: "We do not believe in his death or crucifixion. We believe that Allah who created him caused him to disappear miraculously just as his birth." The Bible doctrine of the Trinity is regarded as a sin in Islam. Never let anyone tell you that the Muslim god Allah and the Christian God are the same.

EASTERN COLLEGE—On a visit last month to Eastern College (St. Davids, Pa.) we received literature that revealed the following: EC has a student body of 2400. It was founded in 1932 as a department of Eastern Baptist Seminary. It is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA (member of the NCC/WCC). Its chapels feature speakers ranging from Cardinal Bevilacqua to Habitat for Humanity's Millard Fuller. It has active chapters of Habitat for Humanity and Evangelicals for Social Action. It has or has had relationships with World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, YWAM, and Young Life. Its concert schedule lists United Methodist and United Presbyterian churches, and a concert by rock group Jars of Clay (see 2/15 CC). Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr. is on EC's board of directors. David Neff (Chr. Today exec. editor) was a Nov. 17 EC scheduled speaker. Dr. Roberta Hestenes ("liberal" feminist, activist) recently stepped down as EC president to become senior pastor of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (USA) in California. Honorary degrees were conferred on PK speaker Tony Evans and wife Lois last year. Tony Campolo has taught at Eastern for over 25 years. Nearby Eastern Seminary has students from over 20 denominations, 35 percent of which are women.

EVANGELICALS DECEIVED BY ORTHODOXY—From the 4/97 Berean Call we glean the following: Eastern Orthodoxy is the close twin of Catholicism. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are in essential agreement on doctrine, ministerial order and the sacraments. Seventy-five percent of Russians claim to be Orthodox, yet 63% are atheists. Billy Graham agreed with the Russian Orthodox patriarch that proselytizing was inappropriate. The Orthodox Church opposes the gospel throughout Russia and is not Christianity. Franklin Graham and Robert Schuller are deceived on this point. Campus Crusade has long accepted Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy as true Christianity. Frank Schaeffer had to renounce his parents' evangelical faith as a false religion in order to embrace the Catholic/Orthodox faith.

FALWELL FOOLED BY ORTHODOX TRANSLATOR?—Dave Hunt (4/97 Berean Call) says: "Evangelicals coming from the West to evangelize Russians naively look to the Orthodox Church for help and are often duped. Jerry Falwell was part of a large evangelistic outreach in Moscow last year involving a tour which many Americans joined to see the 'wonderful response to the gospel in the former Soviet Union.' Jerry was the principal speaker at a large gathering in Moscow's Olympic Stadium. According to Russian/English-speaking attendees, he gave a clear gospel message, but the translator changed it to conform to Orthodox belief. When Jerry gave the invitation to receive Christ (offensive to Orthodoxy), the translator made it sound like a call for all who wanted to join in prayer. Many raised their hands, leading Jerry and those with him to mistakenly believe there had been a great response to the gospel" The Russian Orthodox religion is false. It opposes the gospel and is not Christianity.

NEW BILL GOTHARD REPORT—Miles J. Stanford in a new 5-page report entitled "Gothardism" (free, from him at: 840 Vindicator Dr., #111, Colo. Springs, CO 80919) says: "Bill Gothard has one foot in the Charismatic (demonism) realm, and the other in the Covenant (legalism) realm." In a recent letter from Gothard to us, he confirmed that he attended and participated in Bill Bright's Dec. 1994 fasting and prayer meeting in Orlando, but did not say why he, a proclaimed fundamentalist, went. Nor was there any expression of regret for going, or surprise at the liberal/charismatic/new-evangelical attendees. The CC editor believes that Gothard does not deserve the support of fundamentalists if he is leading toward new-evangelicalism and Bill Bright ecumenism.

NAE '97—National Association of Evangelicals speakers for its 55th annual convention, March 4-6, in Orlando included: Josh McDowell, Crawford Lorritts, England's Baroness Caroline Ann Cox, Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter), Ted Haggard, David Erickson (PK), David Johnson, George Barna and Vonette Bright. Promise Keepers was prominently promoted. Worldwide Church of God leader Joseph Tkach was given a standing ovation. The NAE executive committee will vote in Sept. on receiving this "former" Armstrong cult group as an NAE member. Churches that maintain membership in NCC/WCC denominations are welcomed as NAE members. ACCC exec. secretary Dr. Ralph Colas attended the NAE meeting and his incisive report will be available in June. [ACCC, P.O. Box 19, Wallingford,PA 19086]

ASBURY SEMINARY & WOMEN PREACHERS—The Winter '97 issue of The Asbury Herald is devoted to "Women in Ministry." It says first century cultures were patriarchal cultures. It says it is not surprising that Jesus was crucified for saying things like women could be single for the sake of the kingdom and were no longer required to be mothers and wives. Asbury Seminary pres. Dr. Maxie Dunnam, whose daughter is an ordained United Methodist pastor, said Miriam "even dared to reproach Moses for his exclusive claim to divine revelation." Dunnam is a Senior Editor of Christianity Today. Wheaton prof. Robert Webber recently spoke at Asbury.

WEAKNESSES IN FUNDAMENTALISM - Lack of Consistency:—Militant Fundamentalists frequently criticize new-evangelicals for unscriptural cooperative mission endeavors, but then support missionaries associated with new-evangelical boards. We criticize evangelists for speaking in weaker churches then bring weaker evangelists to our pulpits! We strongly denounce religious rock music, but use its deceptively named equivalent CCM without reservation in our services. Lack of Cleanliness: We decry deterioration in external standards among accommodators without, while sometimes neglecting the equally vital matter of the heart within. Fundamentalists may maintain a flawless record of external standards, while having hearts filled with internal lust. Lack of Courage: Fear of fellowship disapproval, friendship disruptions and family divisions sometimes causes us to be silent on vital issues that need exposure. The fear of offending those with higher credential status in our ranks sometimes results in timidity in speaking out against damaging error [Adapted, Mar-Apr Fundamentalist Digest]

BLACKABY'S EXPERIENCING GOD BOOK—This best-seller by Henry Blackaby (with co-author Claude King), a Southern Baptist leader in prayer and spiritual awakening, is reviewed in the May/June BDM Letter by Pastor Gary Gilley. The reviewer says EG is full of errors and infiltrated with mysticism. He cites examples, and concludes that the teachings in Experiencing God are "a dangerous mixture of Biblical truth with mysticism, neo-orthodoxy, and good old fashioned misuse of Scripture."

NEW PK BOOKSO Timothy editor David Cloud has two books available on Promise Keepers (Vol. 1 is 44 pages, Vol. 2 is 53 pages). Volume 2 (at the end) has a list of other booklets and reports on PK, and a list of web sites with information on PK. Both of these books can be had for $9 (postpaid) from: Way of Life Literature, 1219 Harns Rd., Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Bro. Cloud has lots of other books/booklets and an electronic news service. Other PK reports: Dr. Don Jasmin has a large 152-page PK Report for $12 (postpaid): P.O. Box 2322, Elkton, MD 21922. Rick Miesel has a 33-page PK report for $2 (BDM, P.O. Box 679, Bedford, IN 47421). The ACCC (PO Box 19, Wallingford, PA 19086) has a report for $2.

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