THE GREAT DISNEY BETRAYAL—Disney movies have long promoted magic, occultism, etc., and were never as pure as their reputation. But the new Disney under Michael Eisner has become a money-making machine, outraging three generations of shocked devotees by anti-Christian films released by it and its subsidiaries such as Miramax, Touchstone, and Hollywood Pictures. A 156-page 1996 book Disney and the Bible by Perucci Ferraiuolo [Horizon Books, 3825 Hartzdale Dr. Camp Hill, PA 17011, phone 717/761-7044], says of Disney: "Biblically based family values are attacked; Occultism, Satanism, Eastern religions and New Age philosophy are promoted; Sexual perversion is modeled and applauded as an acceptable alternative lifestyle." The book gives an interesting biographical peek at the man Walt Disney, and cites examples of Disney declension. It has become a haven for homosexuals, has homosexual theme nights at its parks, and provides health insurance to partners of its homosexual employees. Its publishing company Hyperion has anti-family books such as Growing Up Gay in America. Disney now owns ABC which has NYPD Blue, and the lesbian Ellen. Sadly, the new Disney is an unabashed peddler of immorality, licentiousness, and in-your-face homosexuality.

MORMONISM A FALSE CULT—Mormons opened a new temple in St. Louis last month. Their Christ is not the Christ of the Bible. They reject the entire Christian faith. Mormonism's founder was a liar (5/5 Christian News). The Golden Tablets he claims to have translated never existed. Mormonism is an incredible fairy tale, a works-righteous false religion with connections to magic and Masonry.

U.S. TARGET OF 'HOLY WAR' IN SAUDI ARABIA—A leading financier of Islamic militants says U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia are now the main target of his "holy war" against the U.S. (5/11 H. Times). He said: "In our religion, it is not permissible for any non-Muslim to stay in Arabia."

WIMPY AMERICAN MALES—Men as leaders and protectors of society have meekly allowed women to be placed in harmful situations. Women are given guns and told to take on murderers and drug dealers, and may soon face military combat. We are a society of men turned weak and women turned ugly. Ugly with anger at men who have no backbone. Our schools and churches have produced meek little robots, not only by preaching, but mainly by example. Both men and women have lost their identity. A strong man or feminine woman is looked upon as politically incorrect and in this society is scorned unceasingly. Today's male keeps quiet, works hard to support huge government programs, and whiles away his existence between entertainment and lethargy. [Adapted, May '97 Network]

PARTIAL-BIRTH BAN WON'T STOP ABORTIONS—Banning barbaric partial-birth abortions, the gruesome technique of murdering late-term unborn infants, will not stop this slaughter of the unborn. Medical monsters can do their dirty work using other methods. As one abortionist noted, if he kills the baby before performing the grisly partial-birth technique, any congressional ban against aborting "a living fetus," would not apply (5/12 New Amer.). So he injects a lethal solution into the womb which kills the baby. He then grabs the dead infant, pierces and crushes the skull, drags the dead baby out and disposes of the parts. His tactic begins by killing the fetus in the womb so that he can't be accused of doing an abortion on "a living fetus."

MUSIC IS DIVIDING CHURCHES—Dr. Hugh Pyle in the 5/2 Sword of the Lord said: "The admission of 'beat' music into churches was bound to lead to this. Churches now have two morning services, one still resembling New Testament Christianity with sound Bible exposition and traditional music; the other, a laid-back 'contemporary' gathering with religious entertainment and rock 'n' roll. The driving beat of contemporary music is supposed to make the worldlings lose their distaste for religion and 'turn them on' to God."

WHAT THE ACLU SUPPORTS—The so-called American Civil Liberties Union supports legalization of drugs, child pornography, and prostitution. It supports abortion, tax exemption for satanists, mandatory sex education, and the right of homosexuals to become Big Brothers and scout masters. It opposes chaplains in the armed forces, tax exemptions for churches, and the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. It has almost 300,000 members, dozens of staff lawyers, and thousands of volunteer attorneys. Several of its original executive board members were later prominent leaders in the Communist Party USA.

PSYCHOHERESY'S MODERN ACCEPTANCE—Because of the inherent conflict between psychological systems of therapy and doctrines of Scripture, Christians were wary of psychological therapy until Narramore, Brandt, Minirth Meier, Dobson, Crabb, and McGee made it palatable and enticing, by assuring trusting Christians that, when secular ideas are "filtered" through Scripture, they are helpful and even essential. But these worldly theories and therapies are mixed into Scripture in such a way as to conform the Bible to the psychological system that takes priority.[Adapted, Martin/Deidre Bobgan, 5/97 Dallas/Ft.W. Heritage.]

RUDY ATWOOD VIDEO—Dr. Gordon Sears has a new, classic one-hour memorial video by Rudy Atwood, "beloved pianist" of Dr. Charles E. Fuller's Old Fashioned Revival Hour. Write: Songfest, PO Box 182, Coldwater, MI 49036.

CATHOLICS BOOST GRAHAM'S ATTENDANCE—Roman Catholics played a key role in Billy Graham's recent San Antonio crusade as a sort of payback for the Baptist show of support during the Pope's 1987 San Antonio visit. Rock stars also provided a big boost (see 5/1 CC). Graham praised the cooperation of Hispanics and Catholics, including an early endorsement from Archbishop Patrick Flores, the top Catholic official in Texas (5/19 Chr. Today). Flores taped radio spots encouraging Catholics to attend the crusade to help bring them to a closer commitment to their faith. Graham said: "The Devil has separated us, and a crusade like this is used of God to bring people of all denominations together." To be Scriptural, this sentence should read: "God has separated us [from false-gospel systems such as Roman Catholicism], and a crusade like this is used of the Devil to bring people of all denominations together."

RONALD NASH SPEAKS AT CORNERSTONE—Dr. Ronald Nash, a prolific writer and speaker and a Prof. of Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, spoke in chapel at GARBC-approved Cornerstone College (Grand Rapids), April 1 and 2 (5/97 Baptist Bulletin). In his 1987 Evangelicals in America book, Nash referred to a "Catholic-Protestant consensus" and called Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox "orthodox Christians" (10/15/88 CC). Nash is not a fundamentalist, Cornerstone is not a fundamentalist school. Dallas Seminary professor Dr. Robert Lightner in the Preface to his 1979 Neoevangelicalism Today book called Nash's The New Evangelicalism book "a defense of neoevangelicalism and a vigorous attack on fundamentalism." Lightner said Nash stated his dissatisfaction with the fundamentalist doctrine of Scripture very plainly (p75). He quoted Nash as saying (p82): "Strictly speaking, the Bible does not teach the inerrancy of its original manuscripts." How can the GARBC keep approving Cornerstone each year?

CEDARVILLE HAS STOWELL AS SPEAKER—Dr. Joseph Stowell, the president of Moody Bible Institute, was scheduled to speak at GARBC-approved Cedarville College Jan. 15 and 16 (1/97 BB). Stowell in recent years has kept company with ecumenicals and has spoken at National Religious Broadcasters and Promise Keepers meetings. He is a member of the NAE, and was involved in the Luis Palau "Say Yes, Chicago" crusade last year. A Cedarville Parents' Weekend May 2-4 was to include a concert with CCM singer Steve Green (4/97 BB), who also is often featured at Palau, NRB, and PK meetings.

TIM LEE & DAVID RING TO BE AT NORTHSIDE—Dr. Tim Lee and David Ring (Southern Baptist) are again scheduled as speakers at Northside Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC, for a June 16-19 Youth Alive conference. Northside is pastored by Dr. Bradley Price and in recent years has had a string of SBC/new-evangelical speakers, but has also hosted a couple of Southwide Baptist Fellowship conferences. It grieves us that a fundamental church would continue to routinely feature non-separatist speakers. Lee is also scheduled to speak at Adrian Roger's Bellevue Baptist Church (Memphis) at its June 27-29 Celebrate America conference. This is an SBC church and Rogers, though an excellent pulpiteer and former SBC president, pulpit-shares with ecumenicals. "Bridges" on the road to apostasy are deadly dangerous!

FREE PREACHERS FELLOWSHIP HAS CRISWELL- Southern Baptist patriarch Dr. W. A. Criswell and evangelist Bill Stafford (SB) are among the scheduled speakers at the Nov. 1997 Free Preachers Fellowship, Tuscaloosa, AL (4/97 Fund. Digest). The FPF was formed in 1992. Some FPF "freedoms" are weaknesses in the areas of separation and music (see 8/15/92 & 10/15/95 CCs).

IS IT WRONG TO PUBLICLY REBUKE A BROTHER?—Rev. Bob Dalton (5/1/97 Bapt. Vision) discusses six myths concerning ecclesiastical separation. The first one: "We should never publicly judge or criticize any Christian brother." The Bible records numerous examples where one believer publicly rebukes another for inconsistent or foolish conduct. Christ Himself found it necessary to openly rebuke Peter, more than once. In Galatians two, Peter was again severely rebuked, this time by Paul and "before them all." Paul also found it necessary to expose Demas for his worldliness and desertion. The Apostle John refused to spare the ambitious and self-seeking Diotrephes from public exposure in his third epistle. The letters which record these incidents were written to be circulated among the churches. One purpose for open censure is to make misconduct painful and hopefully lead to the correction and restoration of the offender. It is also to protect weak Christians from the influence of the wayward, to remove the leaven before the whole lump is affected. But motives for such exposure must be pure. We must avoid a quarrelsome spirit that relishes strife.

DALLAS IS 'DESTROYING DISPENSATIONALISM'—Dr. Manfred Kober (Professor, Faith Baptist Theol. Seminary, Ankeny, IA) has a scholarly two-part-series paper on "The Problematic Development of Progressive Dispensationalism" in the March and April Faith Pulpit. He says: "It is sad to observe what has occurred at Dallas Theological Seminary, the stronghold of dispensationalism, where many of the instructors here at FBBC&TS have studied." He says the system has been "totally changed by Bock, Blaising and their followers." He cited a 1992 "assuring" letter from then president Donald Campbell to DTS alumni, but said: "The new president of DTS, Chuck Swindoll, has not helped matters at all [by saying] he would "no longer emphasize dispensationalism.", that the term may and perhaps should disappear, etc. Kober considers the changes at DTS significant, and said Thomas Ice's warning is well-placed that "these men are in the process of destroying dispensationalism." In conclusion, he warns that progressive dispensationalism "appears to be rapidly moving toward covenant theology."

MISSIONARIES ADAPT TO CULTUREChr. Today Exec. Editor David Neff reports on an experiment being conducted by a Southern Baptist mission couple in West Africa on new Muslim converts to Christianity. He says: "Like their brothers and sisters [?] who worship Allah at the mosque, they leave their shoes at the door, they kneel or sit on mats or carpets, they chant biblical psalms, they cup their hands in prayer, and they worship segregated by sex." Other missionaries in other places do similar experiments, "not only replacing Western hymn- singing with the chanting of the Scriptures in Arabic and substituting prayer rugs for pews, but worshiping on Friday instead of Sunday." (5/19 CT). These experiments would seem to be carrying contextualization much too far.

NEW BOOK: ROME AND THE BIBLE—This book by O Timothy editor David Cloud traces the history of the Roman Catholic Church and its persecution of the Bible and of Bible believers. It covers the RC Inquisition from the 11th to 19th centuries, giving the history of the English Bible from Wycliffe to Tyndale, and the history of the Spanish, German, French, and Italian Bibles. This indexed book (200 big 8 x 11 inch pages) is available from: Way of Life Literature, 1219 Harns Rd., Oak Harbor, WA 98277.Special sale price is $14.95 + $4 postage.

PREMILLENNIAL ESSAYS, compiled by Nathaniel West in 1879,out-of-print book, is now available at special sale price of $11 postpaid, from: Bryant Avenue Baptist Church, 5601 Bryant Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55419.

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