GENDER INTEGRATION LEADS TO TEMPTATION—Our military today is consumed with sex. Scandals are rampant. Female soldiers eat, sleep, and train with men in nearly every venue of military life. Chaplains even share barracks with female clergy in training exercises (6/7 World). Sinful natures guarantee that such gender integration will produce temptation and transgressions. Yet, the newest trend in school-age socializing involves co-ed fifth-grade birthday party sleepovers, and parents renting hotel rooms for high-schoolers after the prom.

CHILD-SEX TOURISM—Pedophiles travel to Asia to have sex with children. The World Tourism Organization estimates that a million children under 16 work there as prostitutes about 100,000 in the Philippines alone (World).

SEX ON TV—American TV keeps offering a steady diet of sitcom sex, gratuitous gore and proliferating profanity. A plethora of programs pander to viewers' base instincts, especially the real-people tabloid video shows. And 94% of TV sex is among people who aren't married to each other (World), which tells children that sex isn't only for marriage.

MORE MUSLIMS THAN ANGLICANS IN ENGLAND?—Surveys show that England's practicing Muslim adult population is growing by 30,000 individuals annually while the Sunday attendance for the Church of England drops by 14,000 each year (6/2 C. News). If those trends continue, there will be 760,000 practicing Muslim adults in England in 2002, compared to 756,000 Sunday church-going Anglicans. Prince Charles, a New Ager and the ceremonial head of the Anglican Church, urges closer links with the Muslim faith. He says "only Islam can save contemporary civilization from its present crisis." (6/16 Huntsville Times). Roman Catholic Cardinal Basil Hume attended a recent service in Canterbury Cathedral. He and Anglican Archbishop Carey work for unity of all Christian churches.

FBF RESOLUTION: PSYCHOLOGY, FALSE SCIENCE—The FBF condemns the approach of psychotherapy in solving spiritual problems, realizing that behavioral therapy can deal only with surface problems and fails to deal with the real problem of man's rebellion against God. Both Humanism and the New Age Movement which has filled the spiritual void left in the wake of the atheism of Secular Humanism, are products of this rebellion and depend on the false science of evolution and psychotherapy for their "respectability." Evolution has provided an alternative to accountability to God and psychotherapy provides an alternative for biblical answers to the problems rooted in sin; thus God is eliminated and man is encouraged. The Bible is sufficient for man's problems.

UNISEX NIV CANCELLED—Facing a nationwide revolt in pulpits and pews, Zondervan Publishing House and the International Bible Society abandoned changes in the New International Version of the Bible all the while claiming that the gender-neutral translation would have been more accurate (6/21 World). Pressure came from Southern Baptists, Focus on the Family, and other evangelicals who said the proposed NIV pandered to feminists. Focus then discovered that its own Odyssey Bible for children had gender-neutral language and at once decided to withdraw it! An agreement on the proposed "Stealth Bible project" then came from a meeting of theologians and publishers called by Focus's James Dobson. But Zondervan still publishes the New Revised Standard Version which violates the guidelines agreed to by Zondervan's president in the meeting. Don't look for principles here nor be surprised to see this project resurrected before too long, since the dollar sign is a big factor in publishing new Bible versions.

FALWELL & FLYNT: PASTOR & PORN KING—Dr. Jerry Falwell last month visited Larry Flynt for coffee and a friendly chat in his Beverly Hills office. Falwell had unsuccessfully sued "sleaze merchant" Flynt over a 1983 smutty Hustler magazine cartoon which suggested he had sex with his mother. But at the meeting, they acted like long-lost pen pals, per the 6/11 L. A. Times. Falwell praised Flynt: "He is a warm-hearted, very talented and very generous person whom I believe has much to offer the world." Hardly the language of Spurgeon, or Paul to a "child of the devil" and "enemy of all righteousness" (Acts 13:10)!

LESBIAN HEADS UCC WOMEN'S MINISTRIES—Rev. Loey Powell, the lesbian pastor of a small church in Tallahassee, Fla., has been appointed as Executive of the Coordinating Center for Women, which oversees the United Church of Christ's ministry to women and provides resources for women's fellowships in local churches (5/26 Christian News). The UCC is the only major Protestant denomination to permit the ordination of homosexuals.

ONE-THIRD OF EPISCOPAL PRIESTS GAY?—A homosexual lay delegate at an Episcopal convention said 33 per cent of Episcopal priests are lesbian or gay (2/24 Chr. News). He said: "They have lied to their bishop, they have lied to their congregations, and they have lied to themselves." He said "They have had to lie to answer the call to the priesthood."

PRESBYTERIANS' NEW LEADER—Losing members by the thousands and hampered by gay rights divisiveness the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s new leader, Patricia Brown (a social worker), intends to create one big happy family. She will try to stem the annual loss of about 35,000 members.

PALAU SPEAKS AT SBC MEETING—Evangelist Luis Palau was listed as a June 19 speaker at the Southern Baptist Convention's Dallas meeting. He is a Promise Keepers promoter and speaker and is often referred to as "the Billy Graham of Latin America." Evang. David Ring who often speaks on Jerry Falwell, Tim Lee and other pseudo-fundamentalist platforms was a listed June 17 speaker at the SBC meeting. The SBC June 15-16 Pastors' Conference speakers included Campus Crusade founder/president Bill Bright, John Maxwell, Wellington Boone, and Rick Warren. Maxwell and Warren recently spoke for liberal Robert Schuller (6/15 CC), and Boone is a Promise Keepers speaker. Life Action's Nancy DeMoss spoke at a Ladies meeting at the Pastor's Conference.

NEWBIGIN, WIERSBE TO SPEAK AT SAMFORD—Samford University's Beeson Divinity School (SBC) honored Bishop Lesslie Newbigin with a banquet June 23 and featured him as a speaker June 24 (6/5 Ala. Bapt.). He served 35 years as a missionary to India, retiring in 1974. He was the first director of the Division of World Missions and Evangelism for the World Council of Churches. His 1979 book "comes out more clearly on universalism" said reviewer David Howard (10/79 Evan. Missions Quarterly). He has criticized capitalism, and has struggled for ecumenical church unity (12/9/96 C.Today). Samford's Pastors School (July 28-Aug. 1), features Dr. Warren Wiersbe (prof. at GARBC-approved Grand Rapids Bapt. Seminary) and Wheaton College president Dr. Duane Litfin as speakers (6/12 Ala.Bapt.). Wiersbe is again listed as a 1997 speaker at the Billy Graham Training Center (in N.C.). Dr. Timothy George, a Senior Editor of Christianity Today, is the dean of Beeson.

WEF HONORS 'BROTHER ANDREW'—At its recent 10th general assembly the World Evangelical Fellowship presented Bible-smuggler Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors, with its Religious Liberty Award (6/16 Chr. Today). Brother Andrew is a Pentecostal/Charismatic from Holland who has been a big help to persecuted Christians. But he has shared platforms with or worked alongside Charismatics such as Reinhard Bonnke (at Pat Robertson's Regent University missions conference in Oct. 1994), Corrie Ten Boom, and Youth With a Mission. The NAE is a member of the WEF. Leftist Ron Sider represented the NAE/WEF at a March 1990 World Council of Churches convocation in Korea (5/15/90 CC; also see 12/15/93 CC for more WEF/WCC collaboration).

FBF RESOLUTION ON SEPARATION—The FBF asserts that there can be no true Biblical fundamentalism without a Biblical doctrine of separation, and that it is not sufficient to hold to the "fundamentals of the Faith" without a commitment to "earnestly contend for the Faith" (Jude 3) and to separate from those who deny that Faith outright, or refuse to obey it in practice. That which calls itself fundamentalism that does not insist on obedience to the Bible is a "pseudo-fundamentalism" from which true fundamentalists must separate. The notion that so-called "degrees" of separation exist is fallacious. Some have suggested that the man that holds hands with the heretic is a compromiser from whom we must separate just as we would the heretic, but that the man that holds hands with the compromiser is merely "questionable." We believe that if the so-called "questionable" man is holding hands in disobedience, there is no difference in his disobedience than that of the man who is clearly a compromiser. If he is "questionable," we say, "Ask your questions." The answers given will shortly reveal whether a man is disobedient or simply ignorant of the issues at stake. If he can be restored in a spirit of meekness, he should be; if not, separation is the Biblical response. This is not so-called "second-degree" separation, it is obedience.

FEMALE MEETING DRAWS 30,000—Nearly 30,000 women assembled in the Rose Bowl May 16-17 for "Chosen women: Daughters of the King," the largest women-only stadium rally since the Promise Keepers men's movement began six years ago (6/16 Chr. Today). Women of all ages sang, danced, did the wave, blew bubbles, batted beach balls, prayed and applauded the all-female slate of speakers. Chosen Women is led by its founder, Susan Kimes. Speakers included: Jill Briscoe, Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter), Elisabeth Elliot, and Bunny Wilson. Other PK counterpart groups have held smaller rallies around the nation. Eastern College psychology professor Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen says these PK-like groups should not tackle the same issues as PK: "Women don't need a wake-up call."

WALLIS REVITALIZES SOCIAL ACTIVISM—Some have described radical Sojourners editor Jim Wallis as Jane Fonda's male clone. He was pro-Viet Cong (communists) during the Vietnam War. He passes for an evangelical and heads the Call to Renewal which recently convened "A Christian Roundtable on Poverty and Welfare Reform." The 6/16 Christianity Today reported: "Wallis has been transformed from an antiwar and social justice activist to a coalition builder who is reaching out to people as diverse as Joan Brown Campbell, general secretary of the National Council of Churches, and Ralph Reed, exec. director of the Christian Coalition."

DR. CEDARHOLM WITH THE LORD—Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm passed into the presence of his Savior June 6. The funeral was June 13 with Dr. Arno Q. "Bud" Weniger, president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, presiding. Nine fundamentalist leaders (Drs. George Youstra, Fred Moritz, David Cummins, Gerald Carlson, etc.) gave tributes. Dr. Cedarholm was a valiant warrior for the faith, and is remembered as a pastor, evangelist, educator, and fluent Bible preacher. He held many positions within fundamentalism. He served as national dir. of the Conservative Baptist Association, as pres. of Pillsbury College, and on several ministry boards such as FBF and Baptist World Mission. The crowning achievement of his ministry was the founding of Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wis. in 1968. [Other recent deaths include: Drs. Wes Auger and Ralph Yarnell.]

IBFNA '97 DETROIT—(See 5/1 CC for partial list of speakers.) Much good preaching, music, and fellowship. Dr. Clay Nuttall is Moderator. Paul Gustine is the new editor of the Review. Richard Harris was honored for his service as editor. David Reinhardt was elected Secretary. Ralph Weer was reelected Treasurer. The 1998 meeting is set for Plymouth, Mass. Two long resolutions were passed one on Lawlessness, and one on Hermeneutics. The last paragraph of the latter reads: "BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we oppose all attempts through false systems of hermeneutics to blur the distinction between Israel and the Church as contained in covenant theology and progressive dispensationalism, and to culturally accommodate the commands and precepts of scripture to allow for a radical feminism or an acceptance of homosexuality in any of its abominable forms."

FBF '97 INDIANAPOLIS—(See 5/1 CC for partial list of speakers.) Twenty-three resolutions were passed on such topics as the charismatic movement, repentance, Disney, homosexuality, the "gender-neutral" NIV, and music. The Resolutions Committee was chaired by Dr. John Vaughn. A workshop on Biblical Separation (the only one scheduled on this vital topic) was replaced by a good one on Christian Counseling, but we wish both workshops had been included! The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship goes back to Schaumburg, Ill. for its 1998 meeting.

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