VOL. XIV  NO. 17  NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   September 1, 1997

12-STEP PROGRAMS ARE HARMFUL—Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 and the spread of its 12 Steps has been devastating. Thousands of groups and most codependency/recovery groups utilize the 12 Steps in some form. Tim Stafford (Chr. Today) says the 12 Steps are Christian yet they don't mention Christ. Bill Hybels' Willow Creek Church is one of thousands sponsoring 12- step programs (8/97 Berean Call). Dave Hunt says the 12 Steps of A.A. came by direct inspiration from the demonic world and open the door to the occult. He says: "12-step programs are doing great harm by turning people away from the true God to a false higher power, and by denying the sufficiency of God's Word and robbing multitudes of its transforming power." Martin & Deidre Bobgan (4137 Primavera Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110) and Cathy Burns (212 E. 7th St., Mt. Carmel, PA 17851) have books on this.

CATHOLIC NOW HELPS DIRECT PK—Mike Timmis, a Roman Catholic, is now serving on the Promise Keepers Board of Directors. He is scheduled to speak at the 1997 Catholic Men's Conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a staunch Roman Catholic institution which holds annual conferences defending the RC doctrine of Mary as the sinless Queen of Heaven. The conference brochure also announces the "Mary, Mercy, and the Eucharist Conference," and a photo has a Catholic priest holding a rosary, a set of beads used to count ritualistic prayers to Mary. [July-Aug. 1997 Proclaiming the Gospel]

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY IS ABOUT MONEY—Millard Fuller, President and Founder of Habit For Humanities Int'l (HFH) addressed the Plenary Session of Habitat II last June in Turkey. He expressed a kinship with the United Nations Habitat. "Sustainable" was the buzzword of this conference. Sustainable housing as a global human right is a goal. But HFH is also mainly about money. It sold 3,500 houses last year, just in the U.S. It sold 10,000 worldwide (7-8/97 Christian Conscience). In addition to mortgage interest payments per house, HFH gets government funded administrative expenses, free building materials/equipment, 12,000,000 free man-hours /year of carpenter labor, and much more. HFH's Church Relations Department says by the year 2000, Habitat "will have formed partnerships with half the churches in the U.S." Local churches will be expected to tithe 10% to help fill the HFH's ecumenical international collection plate.

NEED LESS GOVERNMENT—"It is not the business of government to do good but to prevent harm. When governments try to do good they generally get themselves and other people in trouble." (Calvin Coolidge, 8/1 Baptist Vision). Good advice to be heeded, from a former president!

UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE 2000—Episcopal Bishop William Swing wants a United Religions to locate in San Francisco's Presidio. He envisions many satellite centers around the world. He says: "For the next four years, we will be meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area to write the charter, and in the year 2000, on June 26, we want people of all religions to walk down their village or their town or their city to be a walking symbol of the religions together and also to sign the charter." (May-June Foundation) Dr. Marion Reynolds says: "Satan's scheme is to replace the Lord Jesus Christ, God's coming perfect Prince of Peace, with an ecumenical Tower of Babel. The United Religions Initiative is yet another vain attempt of man to bring unity and peace among men and religions apart from God's way as found only in the Bible."

WYCLIFFE USED BY CIA, ROCKEFELLERS? - A 1996 book is reviewed by Sarah Leslie in the July-Aug. Christian Conscience (P.O. Box 17346, Des Moines, IA 50317) which covers a long history of interlocking connections between the Rockefeller family, Wycliffe Bible Translators and the CIA. Though written by liberal leftists, there are 65 pages of small-print, documented footnotes. It says missionaries were often used to "pacify" the Indian tribes (So. America, etc.) while their land was being raided for oil or mineral reserves. Wycliffe began enjoying the favor of CIA agents and government officials, and corporations who donated lots of money, planes, land, etc. to WBT. Liberals have made similar charges before, and that missionaries cooperated in the genocide of tribes, but Leslie, admittedly skeptical at first, said the documentation became overwhelming. The book's authors opined that most missionaries in the field were unaware of the big picture. Wycliffe, and its Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), has a long history of collaborating with Catholics, liberal denominations, the UN, etc. (e.g., see 3/15/89, 9/15/93 CCs).

NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION SCANDAL—Funds from the National Baptist Convention USA, U.S.'s largest black denomination, reportedly went toward the down payment on a $700,000 Florida house that NBC president Rev. Henry Lyons bought with a woman who is not his wife. He had denied this, but his wife was arrested for setting fires there after she learned he owned it with Bernice Edwards, a convicted embezzler (8/15 H. Times). Other charges against Lyons relate to deception regarding his marriages, and his and Edwards' lavish spending.

BIBLE IS COMMUNISM'S MAIN ENEMY—Recently, Jiang Zhemin, pres. of China and head of the Communist Party, said, "Our enemy is not those with guns, but missionaries with Bibles." (WITW). Christians take note!

SBF SPEAKERS—Speakers for the Oct. 6-8 Southwide Baptist Fellowship (Highland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga) include Drs. Gary Coleman, Tom Farrell, Bradley Price, Bob Gray, David Gibbs, David Wood, and Lee Roberson. Price is pastor of Northside Baptist Church, Charlotte, and, sadly, has Southern Baptists and other new-evangelicals in his pulpit on a recurring basis.

BAPTIST CHURCHES—The 1997 itinerary of evangelist Tim Lee as listed in his official publication contains a strange admixture of churches with ecclesiastical positions that vary from pro-ecumenical and Charismatic, to New-Evangelical and professing Fundamentalist stances (Jul-Aug Fund. Digest). FD editor Dr. Don Jasmin lists many of these churches by name, some of which we have earlier mentioned also. Lee, a dynamic preacher, is a dangerous "bridge-builder" to some linked to apostasy.

WHY CHRISTIANS CAN'T REMAIN CATHOLICS—The July-Aug. Proclaiming the Gospel lists and discusses six good reasons why Christians cannot remain in the Roman Catholic Church. 1) Its worship is idolatrous. 2) Its dogmas condemn Christians. 3) Its rituals are rooted in paganism. 4) Its authority is not divine. 5) Its doctrines are demonic. 6) Its teachings deny Christ.

EX-CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST, CHARISMATICS—A statement from the Association of Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics notes: "The Code of Behavior sent from Ex-Catholics for Christ (E.C.F.C.) specifically forbids exclusion of charismatics. They plan to hold their first conference in John MacArthur's church with John MacArthur, Dave Hunt and Joe Jordan as main speakers. Participating speakers include a charismatic ex-priest. Dr. Bill Jackson, President of A.F.E.C., writes: 'We realize the importance of the issue of Pentecostalism in the light of Roman Catholic evangelism. We regard Pentecostalism as a dangerous perversion of the message of the infinite Christ of the Bible. E.C.F.C.'s ignoring this danger causes us to approach them, as brothers in Christ, in the light of Gal. 6:1. We urge them to reconsider their Code of Behavior and exclude Pentecostals from participation. This would help, but other problems [e.g., separation] still exist that would keep us, as fundamentalists, from cooperation with E.C.F.C.' A.F.E.C. is a small group of nine missions whose bylaws state clearly they are non-ecumenical and non-charismatic.

SCHULLER PUNISHED—Televangelist Robert Schuller pleaded innocent to an assault charge of "shoving a male flight attendant" (see 8/15 CC). Prosecutors will drop those charges if he completes six months of federal supervision. He agrees to this and to pay a fine of $1,100 to the FAA.

DENVER SEMINARY, CBA, CULTS—Denver Seminary is a member of the Conservative Baptist Association which is a member of the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals). Both Denver and CBA have become increasingly ecumenical, and strongly new-evangelical (e.g., see 9/1/91 CC). But more recently both seem to have a weak stance concerning cults. Denver has promoted books by Quaker "mystic/New Ager" Richard Foster, and its Focal Point (Sum.'97) said of new professor of Old Testament Dr. Richard Hess that he is a member of the Catholic Biblical Association. A book by Conservative Baptist minister Richard Allen Farmer was published by Seventh-day Adventists (9-10/96 Fund. Digest). Farmer is listed as a major participant at a Church Development Conference on "Waging Spiritual Warfare" Nov. 9-10 in Dallas, along with John MacArthur, Tony Evans, and Howard Hendricks (7-8/97 Fund. Digest). These are sad signs of a growing apostasy!

GARBC REPORT—David Gower replaces Vernon Miller as editor of the Baptist Bulletin. The General Association of Regular Baptist Churches at its recent annual meeting in Grand Rapids reported a loss of 24 churches over the past year with 10 new ones joining a net loss of 14. Next year's meeting will be at Lancaster, PA. The GARBC-approved schools and agencies are exercising ever greater control over the churches. Cedarville College and Cornerstone/Grand Rapids are very new-evangelical. Some other GARBC entities lag not too far behind. Rick Miesel cites "psychoheresy" inroads at Cedarville, and says "many, many GARBC churches are supporters of Promise Keepers" [notwithstanding, the resolution against PK]. ABWE hardly qualifies as separatist-fundamentalist. Fundamentalist Digest editor Dr. Don Jasmin comments on the GARBC's "Ecumenical Problem" thusly: "Dr. Bill Rudd has served as chairman of the GARBC's Council of 18, probably the most powerful and influential position in the GARBC. Rudd also serves as the chairman of the Cedarville College Board of Trustees. Rudd sent his men to a recent PK conference with his blessing. Rudd also promotes CCM music."

FALWELL LEADS MANY IN BBF TO COMPROMISE - Dr. Jerry Falwell, a Baptist Bible College (Springfield) grad, has long boasted membership in the Baptist Bible Fellowship. It is difficult to tell whether he is Southern Baptist, Interdenominational, Charismatic, or BBF. He associates with them all, and his church is now affiliated with the So. Baptist Convention. Pastor E.L. Bynum, editor of Plains Baptist Challenger (Tabernacle Baptist Church, P.O. Box 3100, Lubbock, TX 79452, $5/yr.) says Falwell is also listed in the directory as a BBF member, and says quite a few in the BBF are following Falwell.

ACCC MOVES FORWARD—American Council of Christian Churches Executive Secretary Dr. Ralph Colas says: "Our recent move to Bethlehem [Pa.] is to enable us to move forward in the ministry we have had for 56 years. We want to cover religious meetings and give a vital perspective not available elsewhere. The religious left as represented by the NCC/WCC would silence the voice of Bible-believing separatists if they were able to. No one can expect those in the inclusive National Association of Evangelicals to raise an effective testimony against the apostasy of the groups in the NCC/WCC. This would be difficult to do since the NAE accepts members from denominations still a part of the NCC/WCC. They remain an inclusive organization with a large representation of charismatic groups." Dr. Colas has press credentials for the Sept. 11-19 Central Committee meeting of the World Council of Churches. The WCC is in a state of great change. Decisions at this meeting will greatly influence the WCC's 8th Assembly, Dec. 3-14, 1998 in Zimbabwe. It will finalize documents on topics that require vital decisions at Zimbabwe. Dr. Colas says "Relying on God's help and strength, the ACCC is not in a mode to retreat from the battle against God's enemies, but to go forward!"

BOOKS TO CONSIDER—We recently received a copy of a 324-page book by Michael D. McCubbins, entitled THOUGH I SPEAK: A Biblical Study of the Qualifications of a Prophet. It is recommended by several fundamentalist leaders. This well-researched study of the "sign gifts" and the Biblical meaning and qualifications of a prophet is helpful in refuting the Charismatic "wild fire" of our day. It is available from the author at: 20422 Tuba St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, $15 (in USA). * Dr. McCubbins' 1996 book, Sedition In Missions, is on special sale during Sept. for only $6 postpaid. It is a critique of problems among churches, missionaries, and missions (with special focus on GARBC/ABWE). Order from: Bethel Baptist Bookstore, 754 E. Rockhill Road, Sellersville, PA 18960.

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