LOTTERIES OPEN DOOR TO CASINOS—Alabama's Lt. Governor, and Democrat candidate for governor, proposes a state lottery to aid public education. The only thing keeping casinos out of Alabama is a state constitutional prohibition on lotteries. Once that prohibition is breached, casinos will dot our state (3/12 Ala. Bapt.). Mississippi faced that same problem a few years ago. It never voted to have casinos. It voted to start a state-sponsored lottery to help education. But there is no lottery in Miss. Instead, there are casinos. Once the ban on lotteries was removed, there was nothing to prohibit casinos. Gambling is unbiblical and destructive.

PORN ENTERS SCHOOLS BY INTERNET—There's a vicious new threat to children when they enter U.S. public schools. They can be exposed to the vilest pornography in school library computers connected to the Internet. Pres. Clinton has called for every child in America to be "online" (Internet) by the turn of the century (Nat'l Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families letter.). Congress is considering bills to restrict cybersmut, but this could be abused and will be challenged by "free speech" groups. This conduit of sexual filth from the child molesters and porn peddlers into the public schools is subsidized by taxpayers.

MORMONISM BIG IN BRITAIN—Mormonism is the fastest-growing religion in Great Britain. Membership has reportedly increased from 30,000 in 1960 to 180,000 today. The Mormon Church is the third-largest land-owner in Britain (What In The World). The second Mormon temple in England (its 52nd worldwide) is now under construction.

HOMOSEXUALITY A SIN—Pastor Perry Rockwood writes, in his 3/98 Gospel Standard: "Homosexuality is a high-sounding name for a vile, degenerate sin. It stems from the efforts of psychologists and some modernist preachers and others to excuse sin, to give it a different name and thereby respectability. Such men play right into the hands of the wicked sex deviates who like to deny any responsibility for their actions, claiming inborn weakness for which they are not responsible. No matter what they call it, no matter what the guilty one may claim, God calls it SIN and says that those who are given over to it are worthy of death (Rom. 1:26-32).The rising tide of this vile sin spells out judgment. Open acceptance of it preceded the downfall of [Sodom, and] the great Greek and Roman empires."

'GOSPEL OF THOMAS'—Religious historian Elaine Pagels (Princeton) gives lectures on the Gospel of Thomas, found in Egypt in 1945 (3/6 Atlanta Jrnl.-Const.). It has Jesus saying: "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

BOBGANS' NEW BOOK: CRI & PASSANTINOS GUILTY OF PSYCHOHERESY—Christian Research Institute, founded by Walter Martin, is now headed by Hank Hanegraaff. The CRI Journal had a four-part series on "Psychology & the Church" (1995) by Bob and Gretchen Passantino which left the door open to integration of secular psychological counseling theories and therapies with the Bible. Martin & Deidre Bobgan term such an unholy mix "psychoheresy" in their new book: CRI Guilty of Psychoheresy? They have shown in this and earlier books (e.g., The End of "Christian Psychology") that godly pastors (or spiritual Christian friends) and the Bible are sufficient for counseling, and adequate to equip us for every good work (2Tim. 3:16-17) and to provide all we need for life and godliness (2Pet. 1:3-4). Order their new 152-page book ($10) and request a free sample newsletter from: PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries, 4137 Primavera Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110.

PSYCHOTHERAPY A HOAX—Biblical theology survived without psychology for almost two thousand years. The very idea of a Christian psychology violates basic biblical principles and is a false religion. Psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies is one of the biggest and most vicious ripoffs and greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on the American public. It is possibly the greatest hoax and heresy of the twentieth century. [Most of the above is from a new book by Martin & Deidre Bobgan: CRI Guilty of Psychoheresy? which documents the "open door" approach of the Christian Research Institute, headed by Hank Hanegraaff, and Bob & Gretchen Passantino to integrating secular psychological counseling theories with the Bible. Get the book from: PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries, 4137 Primavera Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, $10.]

SPOCK DIES—Dr. Benjamin Spock whose Baby and Child Care book sold 50 million copies since 1945 died March 15 at 94. Critics branded him "the father of permissiveness," responsible for a "Spock-marked" corrupted generation of hippies in the 1960s (3/16 H. Times). He marched against nuclear testing and the Vietnam War, and ran for president in 1972 on the socialist-oriented Peoples Party ticket.

CLINTON AIDS SCIENTOLOGY?—John Travolta says he met with Mr. Clinton while in Washington for a Scientology meeting, just before playing the Pres. Clinton figure in a new movie. Clinton told him: "I'd really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology." (3/7 World). The German government says the cult is a scam and has applied legal restrictions. Clinton reportedly assigned his National Security Adviser to get the Germans to change their policy. He thus cleverly coopted this Hollywood fad, and Travolta says the film favors Clinton.

PK BAILOUT—In addition to Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney's plea for churches to send $1,000 each to help pay its staff, Campus Crusade founder and president Bill Bright has sent a letter to the 350,000 people on his mailing list, and a similar letter to 50,000 pastors, seeking support for PK (3/14 Huntsville Times). Focus on the Family's March 5 program let PK officials explain PK's financial plight. About 1,500 churches in early March had pledged about $1,000 each, on average, to PK. PK plans to hold 19 stadium conferences this year.

NEW PROMISE KEEPERS RESOURCE—Evang. Mark Sanford's Jan-Feb Bible Believers Message is devoted exclusively to the Promise Keepers movement. This very attractively-done compendium of articles from many publications includes almost 50 CC articles. Bro. Sanford is founder/director of Bible Believers Baptist Ministries (702 Hastings Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17109), a fundamental-separatist ministry standing for evangelism and the defense of the faith. Please send $2.00 per copy to help with mailing and other costs of this 21-big-page document.

AFEC/ECFC PROBLEMS—A 3/2 News Release from Dr. Bill Jackson, pres., Association of Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics, states: "Months of correspondence and personal visits have been exchanged among the parties involved (the late Wilson Ewin, Tom McMahon, Dave Hunt, Roy Livesey and myself). I have just received information that helps to understand what is at the root of the matter. In a letter of Jan. 28, 1998 to Wilson Ewin, Tom McMahon [one of the men who engineered the first ECFC (Ex-Catholics For Christ) conference] said that 'those of us instrumental in developing ECFC recognized that AFEC was by charter restricted in reaching the greatest numbers of ex-Catholics, most of whom were attending Pentecostal, Charismatic, and those churches viewed as neo-evangelical.'" The AFEC plans a resolution at its annual June meeting affirming its continuing stance as non-pentecostal and non-ecumenical. (See 9/1 CC).

TEMPLETON PRIZE TO INTERFAITH LEADER—British businessman Sir Sigmund Sternberg, head of the International Council of Christians and Jews, won the $1.2 million 1998 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. He helped mediate a dispute over the placing of a Catholic convent near Auschwitz. He is a strong interfaith dialogue advocate. Last year, along with Sheikh Zaki Badawi, principal of Muslim College in London, he established the Three Faiths Forum to find common ground among Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Past recipients of this award have been Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim leaders, an RC Cardinal, Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, and Bill Bright.

WHAT IS THE WCC?—From their own pen (e-mail): "The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of churches, now 330, in more than 100 countries in all continents from virtually all Christian traditions. The Roman Catholic Church is not a member church but works cooperatively with the WCC. The highest governing body is the Assembly, which meets approximately every seven years. The WCC was formally inaugurated in 1948 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its staff is headed by general secretary Konrad Raiser from the Evangelical Church in Germany." The words "Evangelical" and "Christian" above are misleading, and it would be more accurate to say "liberal" in both cases. The WCC's 8
th Assembly is in Harare, Zimbabwe, Dec. 3-14, 1998. ACCC executive secretary Dr. Ralph Colas plans to cover this WCC meeting as a reporter and file an in-depth report.

ABBREVIATIONS—For a free list of most abbreviations used in CC, send SASE. Pastors, ask us for quantity rates for sending CC to your church leaders and members, etc.

CBA'S DENVER SEMINARY OUT IN LEFT FIELD?—"Globalization" was the theme of the Winter/Spring 1998 issue of Denver Seminary's Focal Point. Prof. Craig Blomberg said Denver is committed to globalization of theological education and to hiring a director of globalization. He used terms like "social justice" and "contextualize the gospel," and said newer faculty seeking tenure must have a globalization experience comparable to that of Denver teams that visited South Africa, China, etc., in 1989, 1990, and 1991. He said the team visiting South Africa met with Desmond Tutu, and the Philippines contingent was hosted by Cardinal Sin and Bishop K.H. Ding (Red Chinese Marxist!). Denver is a Conservative Baptist school and the CBA is a member of the NAE.

TUTU WANTS WCC TO FAVOR HOMOSEXUALITY?—"Marxist" Archbishop Desmond Tutu heads a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. A 2/9 Chr. Today writer said "the crimes of the Afrikaner regime, and of the adherents of apartheid, far exceeded the crimes of the African National Congress and other resistance groups." This smacks of communist propaganda! Tutu said in 1986, "I think the West, for my part, can go to hell." (3/1/95 CC) He is the highest ranking Anglican to call for the ordination of practicing homosexuals, and has warned that rejecting homosexuals is "nearly the ultimate blasphemy." (6/1/96 CC) Tutu now says the World Council of Churches must take a positive stand on homosexuality at its assembly in Zimbabwe if it wants to stay credible (3/2 Christian News). Yet, Tutu was listed as a speaker for the American Baptist Churches' 6/95 meeting.

FALWELL & THE DEATH PENALTY—Jerry Falwell joined Pat Robertson, the Pope, and NCC-head Joan Brown Campbell in pleading to save Karla Faye Tucker from being executed for murder she confessed to and was convicted for in Texas. In his 3/98 Nat'l Liberty Journal, Dr. Falwell gave his rationale for wanting her life spared. He thought she was sincerely and genuinely converted and rehabilitated [maybe so], and said: "I believe women should receive special treatment. I [concluded] that God wanted me to help Karla." Falwell still believes capital punishment "is a deterrent to capital crime." [This is not its main purpose.] Does he, and others, think it is only for non-Christians? Surely not. If so, this could create chaos. Most, or all, killers would "get saved" to save their skin.

SCHULLER, FULLER HAVE REV. BERNICE KING—Speakers for Robert Schuller's Institute for Successful Church Leadership again featured Bill Hybels and John Maxwell, and also this year (Jan. 29), Rev. Bernice King (MLK's daughter). Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King, Jr. were listed as Jan. speakers at Fuller Seminary.

NRB '98—The National Religious Broadcasters, an arm of the NAE, held its 55
th Convention Jan. 31-Feb. 3 in Washington, DC. Speakers included Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Tim LaHaye, Jack Graham, Carlton Pearson (a charismatic), RC William Bennett (at Public Policy Breakfast), and Shirley Dobson. The "Laughing Revival," "Toronto Blessing" church had an exhibit. Dr. Ralph Colas attended the NRB meeting, with press credentials. Get his report from: ACCC, P.O. Box 5455, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Send offering to cover postage, etc.

GRAHAM TRAINING CENTER 1998 SPEAKERS—A brochure from the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove (NC) listed the following as 1998 speakers: Joseph Stowell, James Montgomery Boice (recent Cedarville speaker), David Jeremiah, Warren Wiersbe, Elisabeth Elliot, Anne Graham Lotz, Franklin Graham, Woodrow Kroll, Adrian Rogers, Jill Briscoe, Buster Soaries, Larry Crabb, Stephen Hayner, Jay Kesler, and Bruce Wilkinson.

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