VOL. XVI  NO. 22    NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM     November 15, 1999

MOMS WITHOUT MARRIAGE—"Young men father children whom they have no intention of caring for, by women whose welfare checks support them…." But the 10/25 Christianity Today says the real emergency is not the teen pregnancy crisis, but is really about the decline of marriage. Unwed teen moms (under 18) account for only 13 percent of children born out of wedlock. In one recent year there were 376,000 births to single teen mothers (under 20) , but 439,000 births to single moms in their early 20s. Our culture stigmatizes early marriage. 

ALCOHOL USE INCREASING—Alcohol is the gateway drug to illicit drug use and abuse—the great scourge of our culture. In families where parents use alcohol as a beverage, 66 percent of the children experiment with it sometime in life, but only 16 percent from families who abstain try it (8/99 Light). An estimated 13.9 million Americans use illegal drugs at least once a month, and at least 31.9 million could be classified as binge drinkers. 

ALABAMA VOTES 'NO' ON LOTTERY—Alabama voters solidly rejected a lottery bill last month. It would have been a regressive tax hurting the poor most. The 9/30 Ala. Baptist said an in-depth study "found that lottery players with incomes below $10,000 spend more than any other income group, an estimated $597 per year. Further, high school dropouts spend four times as much as college graduates. Blacks spend five times as much as whites…." 

HARVARD APOSTASY—Harvard University, founded in 1636 as a training school for ministers, has become the icon of American higher education with a $13 billion endowment and an annual income of $1.6 billion. Of 18,000 students attending, undergrads pay a hefty $32,000 a year in tuition, fees, and expenses (10/9 World). Liberal positions—pro-abortion, anti-military, racial preferences, radical feminism, and religious relativism—are considered gospel on campus. The Harvard Divinity School, headed by a Roman Catholic priest, prides itself on liberalism and open-mindedness, diversity (but there's no diversity in those issues), and political correctness. A prejudice against Christianity is said to pervade Harvard. 

RENO QUOTE A HOAX—We first saw the quote where Janet Reno implies that fundamentalists are cultists in the 2/10/95 Sword of the Lord, and carried part of it in the 3/15/95 CC. Soon after, we were told that her acting Asst. AG denied she said it. We ran a retraction (5/1/95 CC) entitled, "Reno Quote a Hoax." We haven't mentioned it since, but it keeps being reported, partly because it sounds like something she would say! But until proven that she said it, we will continue considering it a hoax. 

PETER WAGNER, SPIRITUAL WARFARE—Longtime Fuller Seminary professor and church growth guru C. Peter Wagner is more well-known in recent years for his "third wave" Power Evangelism, and demonic stronghold deliverance ministries. His current Colorado-based ministry, Global Harvest, sponsored an Oct. 1 praise and worship event in Ephesus, Turkey for the final stage of spiritual warfare (8/99 Charisma). Participants were to declare the lordship of Christ over the ground where pagans once protested Paul's preaching. The "Operation Queen's Palace" event was to underscore the breaking of the power of the "strongest ruling demonic spirit" still blocking the spread of the gospel—the Queen of Heaven ("the force most responsible for the population of hell"). Wagner, who convened the event, is also coordinator of the AD 2000 & Beyond's United Prayer Track and is one of the world's leading authorities on spiritual warfare. The 6/99 Vanguard said that in spiritual warfare preferably two or more "lock ourselves" into a hotel room and "discover the name of the 'principality' in charge over the city then bind that principality and then the city will be released to be evangelized…." We believe in the Eph. 6 spiritual warfare, but not Wagner's charismatic version. 

'HATE CRIMES' LEGISLATION—Since Cain murdered Abel, all crimes of violence have been "hate crimes." True Christianity has always been known for its lovingkindness —never for a hateful spirit….Christians do not believe in approving sinful behavior….Scriptures command those that "…love the Lord to hate evil" (Psalm 97:10). The homosexual lobby backs "hate crime" legislation, which goes far beyond dealing with crimes of violence. Their real target is…those who would criticize their ungodly way of life. The White House and various members of Congress have backed this legislation, much of which is aimed at "thought control" rather than crime control….If a serious effort was made to enforce the death penalty much of the violent crime would disappear….This legislation could threaten the church's freedom to proclaim biblical precepts which expose and condemn sin and are contrary to currently acceptable political correctness… [Adapted, ACCC resolution] Why should an assault against a homosexual be punished greater than one against a heterosexual? The Constitution provides for equal protection under the law. This is not the time to tone down denunciation of any sin, nor to "dialogue" with sinners—in our churches of all places, as Dr. Jerry Falwell recently did! Until pressure came, he also planned to break bread in his church with the 200 "gays." How can he now effectively fight dangerous hate crime legislation and, at the same time, maintain a "bridge of friendship" with "gay activists" and not provoke them? 

WHY DO COLSON AND EVANGELICALS THINK CATHOLICS ARE SAVED?—Why are over 70 percent of Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship chaplains Roman Catholic? Why did Colson, a co-developer with Catholic priest Richard John Neuhaus of the "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" accord recently turn over the reins of Prison Fellowship to Michael Timmis, a practicing Roman Catholic—and why is Timmis a Promise Keepers board member? Why would Dallas Seminary have William Bennett, a founding director of Catholic Campaign for America, as a keynote speaker last month? (10/99 Berean Call) Graham, Bright, Robertson, Dobson and other new evangelicals consider Catholic leaders as brothers. They [and Falwell and Van Impe] have praised the Pope, and worked alongside RC leaders in evangelism crusades or other endeavors. Pity the poor, deceived RC cultists! How can they be evangelized and freed from false-gospel bondage, when their leaders are deemed as partners in evangelism? Cultists are objects of evangelism and not to be partners with the evangelizers. [Some Catholic laity may be saved, but if so, they will not remain in the RCC.] 

CHARISMATICS HELP BUILD WORLD CHURCH—The charismatic movement has divided many churches and caused much confusion. It builds ecumenical bridges between Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church. Former Catholic priest Bart Brewer says "the charismatic movement is being used worldwide by the leaders of the ecumenical movement for…questionable purposes….The two movements have been channeled into the same furrow. Why? Because many charismatics and ecumenical leaders claim that through the Holy Spirit the differences between denominations disappear and become meaningless. The present ecumenical movement toward a super one-world church [to be headed by the Antichrist] is gaining momentum from the charismatic movement…" [Adapted from Jeffrey Khoo's new Biblical Separation book, $6, from febcbkrm@singnet.com.sg] 

MBI'S STOWELL SPEAKS ON NEW EVANGELICAL PLATFORMS—Moody Bible Institute President Joseph Stowell's Sept.-Feb. speaking itinerary includes (Moody Alumni magazine): Promise Keepers, Bill Hybel's Willow Creek Community Church, Billy Graham's The Cove, NRB, Dallas Seminary, Word of Life, Cedarville College (GARBC-approved), and Louisiana Baptist Convention. By quiet progression, Stowell erects an ecumenical legacy. 

MASTER'S MISSION, MASTER'S COLLEGE LINK—The Master's Mission (Robbinsville, NC) is a "Prewrath" mission. Marv Rosenthal, and others, have gone with this group. Bob Van Kampen funds this and other Prewrath ministries. These are Reformed theologians, as is Dr. John MacArthur. MacArthur and Paul Teasdale (Exec. Dir. of MM) serve on both the MM and MacArthur's Master's College boards. Roger Best (former GARBC), a Prewrath convert, also served on the MC board (see 6/1/96 CC). Dr. Clay Nuttall (Piedmont Baptist College), who provided the above information and verified with Master's Mission that MacArthur is still listed on its board, asks: "How could anyone who says they believe in the 'any moment return' officially link up with Prewrath?" 

GOOD SOURCE FOR BIBLE-CENTERED LITERATURE—The Middletown Bible Church has hundreds of helpful literature items including pamphlets, tracts, booklets, books, SS materials, doctrinal studies, studies for new believers, etc. These deal with a wide variety of subjects, including separation, new evangelicalism, evangelism, dispensationalism, Christian life, etc., all available at cost. Request a literature list from: George Zeller, 349 East St., Middletown, CT 06457 (e-mail: georgezeller@juno.com). 

FULLER SEMINARY AND NEO-EVANGELICALISM—Neo-evangelicalism is an attitude or spirit of compromise popularized by Harold J. Ockenga in 1948. He positioned it between modernism and fundamentalism. It differed from modernism in its acceptance of the supernatural and its emphasis upon the written Word as inerrant. … It differed from fundamentalism in its repudiation of separatism and its urge to engage itself in the theological dialogue of the day….Fuller Seminary, begun in 1947, became the school to train a whole new generation of ministers with this new compromising mindset and spirit. It wanted to be known as a school of high "scholarship." Fuller neo-evangelicals wanted to impress the modernists and go about converting the neo-orthodox, modernists, agnostics, and atheists by way of infiltration instead of separation. Fuller today is modernistic, ecumenical, and charismatic. [From Jeffrey Khoo's Biblical Separation book: FEBC Bookroom, 9A Gilstead Road, Singapore 309063, $6.00 postpaid. Web address: www.lifefebc.com] 

ACCC REPORT—The CC editor attended the Executive Committee meeting and 58th convention of the American Council of Christian Churches, Oct. 26-28, at Hardingville (NJ) Bible Church. Pastor Mark Franklin and his people did a super job as hosts. Speakers included Drs. David Beale, John Ashbrook, Duane Brown, Morris McDonald, George Youstra (Pres., Clearwater Christian College), Frank McClelland, and John McKnight. We served on a panel chaired by ACCC Exec. Secretary Dr. Ralph Colas on, Has the Battle for Truth Become Passe? Resolutions on the following topics passed unanimously: Opportunities in a new Millennium, "Hate Crimes" Legislation, Shrinking Influence of Biblical Christianity, Final Opportunities of This Century, Is the Protest Over?, New Evangelicalism, The Doctrine of Separation & its Importance. Next year's convention is scheduled for Toronto. Special Prayer Request concerning major physical/medical needs for Dr. Colas, ACCC president Dr. Dick Harris, Dr. Jim Singleton, and Bill Worrilow.

SBC CHURCH FACES OUSTER OVER HOMOSEXUALITY—Oakhurst Baptist Church (Decatur, Ga.) will become the first congregation removed from the Georgia Baptist Convention in its 177-year history if the GBC approves an exec. comm. recommendation at its Nov. 15 meeting. Oakhurst is "a welcoming and affirming place [where] lesbian/gay Christians are embraced as full members…."

NOT LOVE—Some Fundamentalists today are embracing a false view of love, claiming that love is always positive and never negative. In the name of love, the Christian soldier is asked to put down his sword; the watchman is instructed to be silent; the shepherd is told he must not warn about the wolves in the flock who draw away disciples after themselves. In the name of love, the Scriptural ministry of reproof and rebuke is placed "off limits."… [T]rue Fundamentalists must once again say, "This is not love—this is disobedience. [M.H. Reynolds (1980), May-June, 1999 Foundation] If you are FOR sheep you will be AGAINST the wolves who would devour them.

FOUNDATIONS COLLEGE HAS NEW PRESIDENT—Dr. H. Talmadge Spence, II was installed Sept. 26 as the second president of Foundations Bible College (Dunn, NC), succeeding its founder, his father, Dr. O. Talmadge Spence (voice problem) who resigned Aug. 20 after 25 years.

NEW FBF DIRECTORY—The 1999-2000 Fundamental Baptist Fellowship directory, listing over 1400 individuals and their worldwide ministries, is available from: FBF, c/o Faith Baptist Church, 500 W. Lee Road, Taylors, SC 29687, $8 for members, $12 for non-members (+ $1 s&h).

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