VOL. XVII  NO. 6      NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM      March 15, 1999

METHODIST PASTORS BLESS LESBIAN UNION - A lesbian couple was "blessed" January 16 by 95 United Methodist ministers before 1,500 people in Sacramento. CA (3/1 Chr. Today). They used the ceremony to advocate homosexual rights and to protest their denomination's ban on same-sex unions. The pastors may now face discipline. 

LIBERAL LOVE - The following quotes concerning the recent impeachment of Pres. Clinton are from PMU's 3/99 The Missions Banner: "If we lived in another country, we would all right now go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death." (Actor Alec Baldwin) "A vote against impeachment is a vote against fundamentalism, the right-to-life movement, and the radical right." (Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz) "Bury the hatchet...I want to bury the hatchet IN Kenneth Starr!" (Clinton crusader James Carville). 

PUBLIC WANTS 'R' MOVIES - A Spartanburg, S.C. theater owner who had banned R-rated movies for moral reasons, is bringing them back - for financial reasons. Attendance had dropped by 40 percent. He excused the "give them what they want" ban reversal by saying "I don't want to sit here and go broke." Understood, but if he has "moral" convictions, he is in the wrong business.

L.A. TIMES STOPS SEX ADS - The Los Angeles Times began a policy last December of refusing advertising from topless bars, clubs with nude dancing and live sex shows, massage parlors and hardcore pornography providers (3/99 Charisma). The stated ultimate goal is to improve the performance of society. May their tribe increase!

PERSECUTION BY HINDU EXTREMISTS DOES NOT JUSTIFY ECUMENISM - Christians in India are coming under attack by militant Hindus who burn churches and recently murdered a missionary and his two sons. The 3/1 CT reported: "Christians [under siege] now have been forced to rethink their role and calling in society, put aside their denominational differences, and work together." A Catholic priest said: "This is the first time since independence 50 years ago that I am made to feel that I am a Christian in India." Evangelicals do great harm to Roman Catholics by putting aside doctrinal differences and thus tragically lead them to believe that their works-salvation, false gospel makes them Christians. 

CONSEQUENCES OF ROE V. WADE - It is estimated that there have been over 38 million abortions since 1973. Abortion stops a beating heart 3,700 times a day. Fifty-three percent of women think abortion at least should be illegal except for rape, incest and saving the mother's life.

PLAN TO SPY ON BANK ACCOUNTS BACKFIRES? - Federal bank regulators proposed a new regulation in Dec. to reduce money laundering and drug trafficking. It would force banks to develop a financial profile database and turn bankers into a police force to spy on personal customer transactions (2/27 Huntsv. Times). But the outcry has been overwhelmingly negative. The FDIC by late Feb. estimated it received an unprecedented 80,000 comments, with just 20 of them positive! This attempted assault on our privacy smacks of "Big Brotherism." Some big banks already have similar policies. Be warned, be wise, beware!

SBC DROPS AMER. AIRLINES OVER GAY ISSUE - American Airlines is no longer one of the recommended airlines for travel to the Southern Baptist Convention's annual June meeting in Atlanta (2/18 Ala. Bapt.). At issue is AA's broken pledge to discontinue support of homosexual and other groups destructive of family and society. AA gave $50,000 to the media awards of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which nominated the play Corpus Christi (depicted Christ as engaging in serial homosexuality with the disciples) for an honor, and gave another $25,000 to a pro-"same-sex" union group.

OUR SOCIETY CAN'T TOLERATE 'INTOLERANCE' - Intolerance is considered the greatest sin today. The intolerant person is the one thing that can't be tolerated. Unless Christians agree with abortion, homosexuality, adultery, etc., they are seen as intolerant, and thus hated by society (John 15:19). Liberal logic is illogical. One is not tolerant of something unless one objects to it. I do not tolerate something I accept or am indifferent to, because it requires nothing of me. The least tolerant person is one who accepts everything (1/11 CT). Christians tolerate freedom for the sinner to sin, but cannot condone his sin.

HUNGARIAN SCHOOLS TEACH ABOUT JESUS? - Bill Bright writes: "Concerned about the decline of morals... the Hungarian government passed into law a mandate to bring Jesus Christ into the schools...They have agreed to let Campus Crusade develop [a curriculum], come into public schools, and teach their youth about our Lord and Savior." [CC's "Four Spiritual Laws" is weak/unscriptural.]

AIDS RAGE ON BLACKS - AIDS is the top killer of black Americans in the prime years between 25 and 44, most infected from dirty drug needles or heterosexual encounters (2/26 HT). One in 50 black men and one in 160 black women are infected. Blacks are diagnosed later than whites, receive worse care, die faster. They comprise 12 percent of U.S. population but 45 percent of new HIV infections. Blacks are a too-often-neglected mission field!

FALWELL'S BBF ADDRESS - Dr. Arthur Houk sent us a tape of Dr. Jerry Falwell's Feb. 15 message at the annual Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting, San Diego. We can now edit and expand our "paraphrased" 3/1 CC article. Dr. Bruce Melton introduced Falwell as "the BBF missionary to the Southern Baptist Convention." Falwell chronicled his BBF roots, and said (to applause): "I'm a BBF pastor, have been, and will be, whether you like it or not." He defended his "Mars Hill" ministry (with Geraldo, Larry King, etc.) and joked about his "friend" Larry Flynt, "just a lonely, hurting soul." [One might infer that he was saying Flynt wasn't evil, though he didn't directly say that.] Falwell said he often speaks in synagogues, Roman Catholic churches, and just about wherever they will let him. He said, "I love Bob Jones University...but their [traditional] music is terrible." You're not gonna reach the youth of today - and I'm not talking about noise - but I'm talking about praise and worship. And you'd better decide to change or the world's gonna leave you behind in the dust and forget your name....Teenagers can change, as Noel Smith used to say, a multitude of theology." He said liberalism is bankrupt, "dead and gone," tradition is gone, formalism is gone. "The problem today is dead orthodoxy." He said there's a place for dc Talk (a CCM/rock band of Liberty U. grads that started there). Billy Graham uses them in his crusades. "These kids have got something going out there, so hold your nose and let 'em do it!" He mentioned going on a 40-day fast (a year and a half ago) when "heavy money" was needed, then 25 days later, a fast of 105 days, 80 without any food. [See Matt. 6:18 regarding fasting.] He explained/downplayed his SBC links, but will speak at its annual meeting in June. He said, "I am a BBF pastor. I also fellowship with the Southwide Baptist Fellowship and ... Bible-preaching Southern Baptists."

STOWELL, LITFIN, WAYBRIGHT MEET WITH RC CARDINAL - MBI President Dr. Joseph Stowell joined Wheaton Pres. Dr. Duane Litfin and Trinity Internat'l University Pres. Dr. Gregory Waybright as dinner guests in the home of Cardinal Francis George, Dec. 16 (2/2 Moody Student). A "relationship" was established and a "partnership" discussed. Stowell said the four "agree on social issues," but said cooperation could not compromise "theological understandings." George "wanted to talk theology" and discussed the possibility of "entering into the next millennium with a call to our congregations to pray and worship with services that might contain some common elements." Litfin said he didn't know what the relationship with the cardinal might lead to, but "it's better to have such a relationship than not to have one." The [new] evangelicals quickly recognized that the focus of their differences with George was "justification by grace through faith alone." "Social issues" seems to be the devil's enticing bait in our day, to hook new evangelicals into ecumenical relationships with false-gospel adherents who lure them to the one-world church of Antichrist. [Note: Ecumenicals Bill Hybels, Luis Palau, and Franklin Graham were recent Moody speakers - see 1/15 CC.]

GEORGE DISMAYED AT POPE'S USE OF 'SECT' - Pope John Paul II provoked Protestants on his recent visit when he referred to non-Catholic "sects" that are "causing trouble." Especially in Latin America, "sect" is a four-letter word. RC priest Richard John Neuhaus and Fuller Seminary's Cecil Robeck expressed concern about all this. Beeson Divinity School (Southern Baptist) President Timothy George took issue with it and insisted that denominations like his that teach orthodox doctrine simply cannot be considered sects (2/15 Chr. News). Dr. Bill Jackson quoted George from a 1/30 AP report: "We are part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church."

WCC & MARXISM - American Council of Christian Churches Executive Secretary Dr. Ralph Colas attended the recent 50th Anniversary meeting of the World Council of Churches in Marxist Zimbabwe. Much of the information below is gleaned from his in-depth report. We had a long article, "WCC & Catholicism," in the 2/1 CC from Dr. Colas' report. The WCC has long supported communist liberation movements and years ago gave money to revolutionists to convert Rhodesia into marxist Zimbabwe. It calls for rich "have" nations to cancel the debts of poor "have-not" nations. South Africa's marxist president Nelson Mandela spoke at the WCC meeting as did Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. The latter stirred international controversy last fall by calling homosexuals "lower than dogs and pigs." (11/29 HT). He said, "Animals in the jungle are better than these homosexuals because at least the animals know how to distinguish between a male and female." The WCC opposes capital punishment but vigorously promotes a woman's right to choose an abortion, even a gruesome "partial-birth" one. Dr. Colas' report also mentions the Orthodox dispute with the WCC over women's ordination, etc., and the compromise of evangelical groups (NAE, WEF, AWANA, e.g.) with the WCC or a member church(es). The WCC report, and many others, are available from the ACCC, P.O. Box 5455, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Small offering appreciated.

IFCA SPEAKERS - IFCA's annual convention is set for Eugene, OR, June 22-26. Speakers this year include Dave Hunt, Elwood McQuaid, and Thomas Ice. McQuaid is listed as a Crista speaker at Alderbrook '99 (Wash.) this summer, along with Stuart & Jill Briscoe, George Sweeting, etc. A new president will be elected at this year's IFCA meeting and a vote will be taken to ratify the Exec. Committee's appointment of a man to take Dr. Richard Gregory's position as Exec. Director. The IFCA National Youth Conference meets at George Fox University, a Friends (Quaker) school. IFCA's 1-2/99 Voice magazine had the usual full-page ads for John MacArthur's Master's College/Seminary. It also had an ad for Cornerstone College's Bible Conference which featured new-evangelical speakers. IFCA Int'l, continues to feature non-fundamentalist speakers who run with new evangelicals, and thus refuses to practice separation. 

LCMS TOLERATES EVOLUTIONISTS, LIBERALS - While the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod officially opposes evolution, it is allowing its professors and pastors to promote it (2/22 Chr. News). The lead story in the Jan. 18 CN, "Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Releases 1999 Clergy Roster - LIBERALS, CHARISMATICS, EVOLUTIONISTS, UNIONISTS REMAIN ON LCMS ROSTER" named some evolutionists from this roster. Although CN (an independent Lutheran paper) has supplied top officials of the LCMS with documentary evidence that evolution is being promoted and defended by some liberals on the LCMS clergy roster, LCMS officials continue to defend evolutionists and leave them on. 

LYONS FOUND GUILTY - Rev. Henry Lyons, pres. of the National Bapt. Convention USA was convicted in Feb. of grand theft and racketeering for swindling millions from companies seeking to do business with members (2/ 28 HT). He still faces a federal trial in April on 54 counts such as tax evasion, money laundering and extortion.

WHITCOMB BOOKS, VIDEOS, CHARTS, CASSETTES - Popular author/speaker/theologian Dr. John Whitcomb sent us a list of the above. Subjects include Bible, Science, Prophecy, and History. Write for list to: Whitcomb Ministries, 2798 Admirals Walk Dr. W., Orange Park, FL 32073. Or, e-mail him at: jcwhitcomb@juno.com

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