NEW WORLD ORDER'S MEN, MONEY, METHODS—Historian and political analyst Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., in a newly updated edition of his Secret Records Revealed book, chronicles the efforts since 1890 of Rhodes Scholars and others to erase national barriers and bring in a world government with "no war and only one language." He discusses the role of President Clinton, the UN, CFR, international bankers, New Age networking, etc. He says the eventual goal of the power elite is a synthesis of capitalism and communism into a World Socialist Government. This would entail a world court, our disarmament [we are now depleting our cruise missile arsenal in Kosovo] and a world police force [an all-powerful UN Peace Force], and giving the UN the power to levy "international" taxes to support all this. The stage is being set for the Antichrist! This 240-page book is available from: Hearthstone Publishing, 500 Beacon Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73127, 800/652-1144, $15 + 3 s. & h.

SUDAN'S PERSECUTION BY ISLAM WORSE THAN KOSOVO—Paul Marshall says Western media are not interested in religious persecution in Sudan, "the largest country in Africa which still practices crucifixion." (3/99 Imprimis) He said: "After enduring over forty years of civil war, the predominantly Christian population in southern Sudan is subject to torture, rape, and starvation for its refusal to convert to Islam. Christian children are routinely sold into slavery. Muslims who dare to convert to Christianity are faced with the death penalty." In the last 15 years, Sudan's death toll is far greater than that of Rwanda, Bosnia, and Kosovo combined. Yet we fight to protect Muslims in Kosovo, while Muslims torture, enslave, and kill Christians in Sudan and other places. 

FORCED ABORTIONS IN CHINA—China's one-child-per-family policy causes abortions and infanticide and results in few females. Only allowed one child, a boy is preferred, and even older little girls are sacrificed if their mother becomes pregnant with a son (4/12 New Am.). Every female of childbearing age is required to visit a family-planning inspection center three times per year (4/10 World). If she has one child and doctors determine she is pregnant again, she is forced to have an abortion - sometimes taken away in the middle of the night for it.

HOME-SCHOOLERS SCORE WELL—A largest-ever study of home-schooled students, sponsored by Va.-based Home School Legal Defense Assoc., found they scored far higher on a national basic skills test than peers in other schools. As many as 1.2 million children are taught at home (4/5 CN). The study used the mailing list of the U.S.'s largest home-school testing service at Bob Jones University. 

PRESIDENT SAYS IMPEACHMENT WAS NO SHAME—President Clinton in a recent White House interview by Dan Rather said he does not see his impeachment vote as "some great badge of shame" and said he felt "honored" that it gave him a chance to defend the Constitution! He said he never thought about resigning, "I just, I prayed about it." (4/1 H. Times) Even after receiving the best [or worst?] counsel liberals/religionists (Schuller, Hybels, Wogaman, Campolo) could give, Jeremiah 6:15 was/is needed: "Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall...."

CCM/ROCK GROUPS PERFORM FOR POPE VISIT—Many CCM/Rock musicians joined in the festivities that preceded the pope's arrival in St. Louis Jan. 26 for the "Light of the World" youth gathering. Audio Adrenaline and others played outside the center where the pope was to speak. The Supertones, Rebecca St.James, and dc Talk played inside the center (BJU's What In The World!). The raucous rock concert/pep rally had priests and nuns dancing and swaying to the throbbing beat of rock bands. 

BARBOUR WINS TEMPLETON PRIZE—Theologian and physicist Dr. Ian G. Barbour, who is credited with breaking age-old barriers between religion and science was awarded the 1999 $1.2 million Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion (4/5 Chr. News). But Alistar McGrath (Oxford) is concerned that Barbour (a member of the liberal United Church of Christ) seems to "compromise the biblical understanding of God, particularly God's transcendence." (4/26 Chr. Today) The 3/99 Berean Call reports that a theology conference at Wheaton College in April is sponsored by the "Unity/Mind Science/New Age occult" Templeton Foundation...and InterVarsity Press. Other well-known Templeton Prize recipients have included: Bill Bright, Billy Graham, and Mother Teresa.

BOXER HOLYFIELD, A HINN DONOR, TO DIVORCE—Champion boxer Evander Holyfield, admitting he fathered two more children out of wedlock during marriage, has filed for divorce from wife Janice (4/5 C.News). He is hailed by charismatics as a Spirit-filled born again Christian who was supposed to have been healed by Benny Hinn, a leading charismatic, and has donated big bucks to Hinn.

HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA TARGETS CHILDREN—Homosexual activists are using the public school system as a propaganda tool. Their vision for tomorrow is an America in which their lifestyle is not simply tolerated, but celebrated (4/99 AFA Journal).Today's school children are already targeted for this corrupting change of heart.

ONENESS GROUP PERFORMED AT CEDARVILLE—John MacArthur spoke at GARBC-approved Cedarville College's Winter Enrichment Conference, and Phillips, Craig & Dean "provided an evening of praise and worship on January 8." (3/99 Bapt. Bulletin, 4/1 CC). The June 1997 Charisma said: "The contemporary Christian recording group Phillips, Craig and Dean is composed of three Oneness ministers." Oneness Pentecostals have been called heretics for many years based on their beliefs concerning the Godhead (6/15/97 CC). This CCM group also was featured at NRB '97 and at a local SBC church.

ASHBROOK: 'NO FUNDAMENTALISTS IN SBC'—Veteran pastor and fundamentalist author Dr. John E. Ashbrook, in a message The Biblical Truth of Separation delivered at the American Council of Christian Churches meeting in Monett, Mo. last Oct. said: "...[T]here are no fundamentalists in the Southern Baptist Convention. There are some Bible-believers, some conservatives and some godly people. But, the SBC is a mixed multitude of belief and unbelief; and the man who remains in that unequal yoke is not a fundamentalist." He said "Fundamentalism is the militant belief and proclamation of the basic doctrines of Christianity leading to a Scriptural separation from those who reject them." [Note: The ACCC has issued this message in a nicely-done, 10-page pamphlet. Request it from ACCC, P.O. Box 5455, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Offering appreciated.

PALAU'S DOUBLE STANDARD—A 4/17 World reviewer says ecumenical evangelist Luis Palau, in a new book, advises a man whose wife had left him for someone else that he should use the situation to assess his own behavior, repenting of sins that contributed to the rift. But, in advising women abandoned by their husbands, or raped, he dwells on the horror of the man's sin, never telling women to look for what good God can bring to them out of the tragedy. He tells women in both situations it is not possible for them to bear even the slightest responsibility. 

GRAHAM: 'GOD MAKES MISTAKES'?—Luis Palau "Again and again assures us [in a new book] that God doesn't make mistakes." (4/17 World) But the 3/99 Plains Baptist Challenger says Billy Graham, in replying to a letter, says "God does make mistakes-that doesn't mean He is directly responsible for everything that happens...." 

WHY WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN ECUMENICAL SERVICES, CRUSADES, & PRAYER DAYS—(4/99 Gospel Std.) (1) We are to separate from those who are not sound in the faith (2Tim. 3:5). (2) We are not to assist the cause of the ungodly (2Chron. 19:2). (3) We are not to give honor to one who denies the faith (Gal. 1:6-9). (4) We are to examine a person's theological position and find it acceptable before cooperating with him in spiritual efforts (1Jn. 4:1). (5) We are commanded not to join forces with unbelievers in the Lord's work (2Cor. 6:14). (6) We are not to emphasize unity at the expense of doctrinal purity (Jude 3). (7) We are not to encourage or cooperate with persons of unsound doctrine (2Jn. 10-11).

CHARISMATIC DANCING—Many charismatics say dance has become an integral part of the fresh wind of renewal blowing around the world. The 4/99 Charisma says: "Whether it's graceful, choreographed ballet, 'stomping' in the street for Jesus or dancing spontaneously as the Holy Spirit leads, one thing is certain: God is leading His people to worship Him with their feet." The article speaks of losing inhibitions and having a "really big celebration in Jesus' name...dancing and praising..." It said dancing helps non-Christians enter into worship! Dance is dangerous and could lead to sensual temptation.

SBC PRES.TO SPEAK AT WORD OF LIFE MEETING?—Southern Baptist Convention President Paige Patterson was slated to be one of the guest speakers at the Word of Life sponsored "New Millennium Conference" April 30-May 1 at the prominent "fundamentalist" Salem Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC (3-4/99 Fund. Digest). Salem Baptist was pastored for many years by Dr. E.C. Sheehan.

CARDINAL ARINZE: ONE CAN GET TO HEAVEN WITHOUT JESUS—A possible successor to Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Francis Arinze, at the Thanksgiving World Assembly (Dallas) in March said a person can get to heaven without accepting Jesus. He said a document from the Second Vatican Council says that "God's grant of salvation includes not only Christians, but Jews, Muslims, Hindus and people of good will." (3/20 Dallas Morn. News). Many Roman Catholics agree with the Pope that Christianity is not the only saving faith and that a sincere Jew, Muslim and other non-Christian can get to heaven without saving faith in Jesus Christ (4/5 Chr. News). United Religions promoter and Episcopal Bishop William Swing also participated in the Dallas assembly. 

PROMISE KEEPERS SUMMER CONFERENCES—We received a brochure from Promise Keepers listing conferences at 14 cities over the summer. These included: Memphis, Detroit, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Denver, Tacoma, San Antonio, Charlotte, Hartford, Stockton, Kansas City, E. Rutherford, St. Petersburg, and Des Moines. It listed a few speakers: Luis Palau, Franklin Graham, E.V. Hill, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, Tony Evans, Joseph Garlington, and Crawford Loritts. 

DISAGREE WITHOUT DISSOLVING FELLOWSHIP?—Michigan pastor Dr. Richard Flanders says the Apostle Paul (Gal. 2) withstood, blamed, and publicly rebuked Peter for acting as if the perverted gospel of the Judaizers was correct (4/2 Sword of the Lord). But, he says, Scripture condemns splitting into Paul and Peter camps (1Cor. 1:10-13). Flanders said disagreement does not necessarily demand the dissolving of all fellowship, though disagreement over truth will limit fellowship. We can still show some love and fellowship with certain of our erring brethren who are "still in the faith," he says. But, he adds, it is not necessarily wrong to oppose openly the doctrine or practice of a Christian brother. 

SECONDARY SEPARATION is ecclesiastical separation from believers or professing believers who walk in a pattern of disobedience to the clear commands of Scripture. The disobedience of failing to separate from a disorderly brother makes one a disorderly brother from whom the obedient man must separate (Ps. 119:63, II Thes. 3:6, 14-15, I John 1:5-7) [This definition is from a Basic Handbook of Theological Terms, a new big helpful document by Prof. Robert Dalton, P. O. Box 159, Powell, TN 37849, $9.95.

GET THIS NEW HANDBOOK—Crown College Prof. Robert Dalton has a new SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE Basic Handbook of Theological Terms, spiral bound, big 44-page document. He defines the big words, such as: Fundamentalism, Neo-evangelicalism, New Age, Separation, Reconstructionism, Social Gospel, Evolution, CCM. Order this helpful reference tool from: Baptist Vision Publications, P.O. Box 159, Powell, TN 37849, $9.95.

VA. BAPTISTS FUND PRO-GAY SCHOOL—The U. of Richmond, an SBC school established by the Baptist Gen. Assoc. 169 years ago, has added to its non-discrimination policy an amendment that will drop the school's ban on homosexual students (3/31 Baptist Standard). They will now be actively recruited by the University's recruiting staff .

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