VOL. XVI  NO. 10    NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM    May 15, 1999

CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC Under the Spotlight is the title of a big new book by David Cloud. He profiles 200 CCM musicians, gives a definition and history of CCM/rock music, discusses the ecumenicalism of CCM and its close association with Roman Catholicism. He discusses Southern Gospel music and CCM's intimate connection with the Charismatic Movement. This book has 450 large 7 x 8 inch pages, a very comprehensive bibliography and suggested "good music" sources, and answers 23 key CCM arguments. You may not agree with every detail, but every church library needs this helpful book. It is the most extensive examination of CCM we know of. Order from: Way of Life Literature, 1701 Harns Rd., Oak Harbor, WA 98277, $14.95+$4 shipping (U.S.). Phone: 360/675-8311. E-mail: fbns@whidbey.net .

MORE NURSES ARE PRO-LIFE—OB/GYN newborn nurses who say they would work on a unit where abortion procedures are performed is now just 37 percent, a 15 percentage point decline from 1988 (4/24 World). One RN said: "I think more nurses now understand that an abortion actually takes the life of [kills] an unborn child."

SODOMY IS NOT GOD'S FAULT—Fuller Seminary professor-emeritus Lewis Smedes says the homosexual "should simply refuse to accept a burden of guilt for his condition. He is a victim either of biological accident or someone else's folly." He says the homosexual "did not choose homosexuality.…" (6/1/95 CC) It is blasphemous and absurd to suggest the homosexual is not responsible for his perverted lifestyle, or that an adulterer is not to blame for his sin. To do so implies that God is to blame. If a person were born without a choice in the matter, God would never have (under Law) required the death penalty for homosexuality. Capital punishment (see Lev.20) was always for crimes a person committed voluntarily.

HATE CRIME LAWS DANGEROUS—Homosexual activists and radical liberals are pushing for special laws to favor homosexuality and punish those who criticize it (see 11/15 CC). It is already illegal to criticize homosexuality on the air in Canada, even in a sermon based on Scripture (3-4/99 Light). The murder of homosexuals is already covered by existing laws prohibiting murder, so special treatment would violate "equality under the law."

TEEN WITCHES—New Age religion Wicca (witchcraft) is attracting girls to its pagan practices and some popular TV shows depicting teenage girls as glamorous witches may be responsible (4/26 New Amer.). New Age books also influence. We disagree with the 3/1 USN & WR: "The worst thing parents can do is take the books away."

EUTHANASIA: IMPOSED DEATH—"Dr. Death" may be jailed, but the fight for assisted suicide goes on. "[T]he real agenda of the euthanasia movement has always been the legalization of the 'right' to kill 'defective' and 'incurable' human beings, with or without their consent." The Human Life Alliance of Minnesota Education Fund (3570 Lexington Ave. N., Suite 205, St. Paul, MN 55126, phone 651/484-1040, e-mail feedback@humanlife.org) has a 16-page "Imposed Death" 1999 supplement chronicling the 30-year effort to legalize euthanasia. The "right to die" too easily becomes a "duty to die." Pres. Clinton (11/93) said there are a lot of extra costs in medical care at the end of life, and getting more Americans to sign living wills is "one way to weed some of them out." (5/15/94 CC) There are 11 million souls buried in Europe that can tell you that when you make euthanasia a state policy, some catastrophic things can evolve from that (4/10 World). We have no "right" to kill ourselves, and a doctor's priority is healing, not killing.

MANSON'S MUSIC & LITTLETON MASSACRE—Demonic shock-rocker Marilyn Manson's music is once again linked to suicide and violence—this time in the Colorado school killings. The young shooters, Harris and Klebold, were fans of Satanist Manson. His stage antics include ripping apart a Bible (10/98 AFA Journal). He said "Each age must have at least one brave individual that tries to bring an end to Christianity….No one has managed to succeed yet; maybe through music we can finally do it."

LIBERAL WOMEN PREACHERS AT DENVER SEM.—Denver Seminary's (CBA) Focal Point had an article by Chaplain Janet McCormack who directs the Chaplaincy Training Center at DS. She is an ordained American Baptist Churches (liberal) pastor. She mentions "a marvelous scene" from the blasphemous "Oh God" film. Another woman preacher, Roberta Hestenes, was listed for the Spurgeon Lectureship at DS, April 20-22. She is an ordained Presbyterian (USA) minister who formerly taught at Fuller Seminary, thence to the presidency of Eastern College, then in 1996 she became Senior Pastor of a large Solana Beach (CA) Presbyterian (USA) church.

VINEYARD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP was founded by John Wimber and one of its charismatic churches gave birth to the Toronto Blessing, and another was for long the home church of Promise Keepers leaders. VCF's big ad for its new Huntsville church in the 4/17 Huntsville Times was for: "Single Mom's Free Oil Change, Free Car Wash, and Park Clean-up day." It called for "Casual dress, contemporary Praise & Worship." Bribes and entertainment are the lure to carnal Christians today.

'EVANGELICALS' HONOR RED CHINA PREMIER—Chinese Premier Zhu Rongii on a recent tour of the U.S. wooed and wowed corporate America for over eight hours. This was in great part to gain further markets for his nation's slave labor goods. Protester Harry Wu said: "The Chinese come over here with a smiling face but they have bloody hands." They steal our technology. Wu has documented human rights abuses and trade violations. Prominent New Evangelicals attended the White House state dinner honoring the communist leader. Guests included Billy Graham (and wife Ruth) and former NAE head Don Argue (4/24 World). CBN head Pat Robertson and Rabbi Arthur Schneier had a prior meeting with Zhu. Graham beamed during the state dinner: "I think he [Zhu] has turned China around." Forgive me, but this was a pathetic and stupid thing to say and it reveals an ongoing gullibility about communist Christ-haters. Graham's son Ned has an "approved" ministry in China.

NAE UNITY WITH CHARISMATICS, CULTS, LIBERALS—The National Association of Evangelicals' new leader, a Free Methodist charismatic, says he wants to build a bridge of unity between charismatics and noncharismatics "within the broader evangelical movement." (5/99 Charisma) Pentecostals were reported in 1993 (3/15 CC) to comprise up to 80 percent of NAE members. The Colson/Neuhaus ECT (Evangelicals & Catholics Together) document is an example of bridge-building between New Evangelicals and Roman Catholics. Former NAE president John White signed ECT and called Catholics "closest friends" of evangelicals (5/15/94 CC). The NAE has long accepted local churches from mainline liberal denominations into its membership (4/15/93 CC). And, for the first time since its birth in 1942, the NAE's top leader (Don Argue), with a Muslim leader, addressed the liberal NCC's general assembly (3/1/98 CC). The NAE's ecumenical bridge-building is a slippery slope to ultimate unity with apostasy.

SPONG A BRAZEN BLASPHEMER—Pro-homosexual liberal Episcopal Bishop (now retiring) John Shelby Spong is a universalist who has said, "Nobody is fully redeemed unless everybody is redeemed." The 4/26 New American says: "In Spong's judgment, for Christianity to survive it must first discard such doctrines as Jesus Christ's Divinity, Incarnation, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Ascension, and miracles. Moreover, it must abandon its perception of God Himself, since, in Spong's words, that notion was 'fashioned inside a worldview that no longer exists' and 'has been obliterated by the expansion of knowledge.'" He has said "I would choose to loathe rather than to worship a deity who required the sacrifice of his son." He has called the Apostle Paul a homosexual.

HYBELS' WILLOW CREEK MEGA-CHURCH—The Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, with 15,000 attendees, is the largest congregation in the U.S. The 10/96 Willow Creek Assoc. directory listed over 1,500 churches. Many are linked with liberal denoms, cults, or charismatics. Bill Hybels birthed this seeker-sensitive, designer church movement. He often serves on the faculty of Robert Schuller's Inst. for Successful Church Leadership (12/1/96 CC). Hybels' church has no crosses on display, confesses no Creeds, and draws people with entertainment. "Willow Creek is not heterodox, it is no 'dox.' You can't find its doctrinal stance on its web site." (4/12 Christian. News). "There is no fire-and-brimstone here. No Bible-thumping. Just practical, witty messages…." (10/15/92 CC).

REV. CARLTON HELGERSON, Pastor-Emeritus of The Church of the Open Bible in Burlington, MA passed into Glory April 26, at 89. He was succeeded by son John in 1992. He wrote and warned against New Evangelicalism.

CORNERSTONE COLLEGE ADS IN CHR. TODAY—The 1/11 Christianity Today had almost a full column of advertising for faculty members for Cornerstone College (formerly Grand Rapids Baptist College), an approved agency of the GARBC. Dr. John Ashbrook (3/99 OBF Visitor) comments: "The long ad sought teachers in six faculty positions. Nothing in the ad spelled out any ecclesiastical position, or even suggested that the professors should be Baptist….What kind of professors would you expect to get from an ad in America's leading new evangelical magazine?…I [noticed] other faculty want ads from Taylor University, North Park Univ…, Duke U. Divinity School. Strange company?…Would it be out of place to suggest that a new evangelical college is one which advertises for its faculty in Christianity Today?" Cornerstone had a full-page promo ad in the 4/26 CT.

WORLD PRAYER CENTER—Ted Haggard's new World Prayer Center (Colo. Springs) is intended as a "spiritual Pentagon." C. Peter Wagner, who taught church growth at Fuller Seminary, is the "general" who leads Christians in spiritual warfare. He says if Christians will unite in prayer to resist demonic strongholds over cities, states, and nations, "demons have to surrender." But the 5/99 Charisma said rebuking demons that hover over a city is not commonly accepted practice in most churches, and that's why some seminarians dismiss Wagner's teachings as extrabiblical nonsense—and why non-charismatics/ Pentecostals view him and the movement as heretical.

'BACK TO THE BIBLE' ASSOCIATIONSBack to the Bible President Dr. Woodrow Kroll has been speaking at Dr. Billy Graham's The Cove each year. BTTB has full-page promo ads in the April 5 and April 26 Chr. Today, and a smaller ad in the 4/99 Charisma. Its new associate Bible teacher is GARBC pastor Tony Beckett from Pa.

YODER NEW LEADER OF CHRISTIAN HERITAGE—Dr. Vance Yoder, former Dean of Grace College (Ind.), is Christian Heritage College's new president, succeeding Dr. David Jeremiah (pastor of CHC's sponsoring church) who is retiring. CHC is the "parent" of Institute for Creation Research, long headed by Dr. Henry Morris. Dr. Tim LaHaye, CHC's first president, gave the inaugural address. CHC and ICR are strong on creation and inerrancy, but sadly weak on ecumenical associations.

MARTY DENIES INERRANCY—Liberal Lutheran Dr. Martin Marty wrote "I have a theory that no book is inerrant, including the Bible", in the 4/7 Christian Century of which he is editor (4/12 Chr. News). He has long denied historic Christianity, including the doctrine of the physical resurrection of Christ. Marty was an NAE speaker in 1992.

STEVE HILL'S WEAK TESTIMONY—Evangelist Steve Hill has led the "Pensacola Outpouring/Revival" at the Brownsville Assembly of God for about four years. Of his salvation experience he says: "Rev. Hugh Mozingo from St. Mark's Lutheran Church [Huntsville, Ala.] stopped in. "You don't need to say a fancy prayer," Mozingo told Hill. "Just cry out the name Jesus!" Hill did so and felt a "peace like I never felt before" flood his body (5/99 Charisma). But the vital saving Gospel is missing! Matt. 7:21 says not everyone that says "Lord, Lord" is saved. [See 11/15/97 CC for longer version given ABC-TV 20/20]

IBFNA MEETING—The 9th Annual Conference of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America is set for the Adam's Mark Hotel, Kansas City, Mo., June 22-24. Speakers are: Richard Harris, Clay Nuttall, Jack Mount, Willard Benedict, Martin Masitto, Wm. Darrow, Carlos DiLeo, Laurence Brown, Charles Kempf, & Mark Nelson.

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