VOL. XVI  NO. 11    NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM    June 1, 1999

WCC CALLS FOR GUN CONTROL, DISARMAMENT—The liberal World Council of Churches was a founding member of the International Action Network on Small Arms which in a press release last month stated that small arms (handguns, rifles, machine guns, etc.) “are the weapons causing misery and destruction across the world.” Per a 5/10 WCC e-mail, disarmament has long been on the WCC’s agenda. Disarmament is a first step toward a communist-type dictatorship. Outgunned/outnumbered police are of little use in protecting an unarmed citizenry against armed gangs who violate gun control laws.

DRUGS, DRINKING, SMOKING IN TOP MOVIES—U.S. drug officials released a study April 27 that said people were depicted doing drugs, drinking or smoking in 98 percent of the top movie rentals and 27 percent of the most popular songs in 1996 and 1997 (4/28 HT). Our culture promotes violence and immorality in music and movies. TV trash has polluted the minds of two generations of kids.

THE POWER OF MUSIC—“Music is not neutral. There is music that encourages demonic activity, and there is music that encourages Holy Spirit activity. There is music that ministers to the carnal side of man, and there is music that ministers to the spiritual side of man. Rock music has always been associated with the carnal and demonic. It has no legitimate place in Christian life and ministry.” [David Cloud, 5/1 BFT Bapt. Church bulletin].

RELIGIOUS REPRESSION IN RED CHINA—New NCC President Andrew Young led an NCC delegation to Red China last year and said “We found no sign of religious repression.” (See 1/15 CC) A Boston Globe article (4/99 Servant) stated: “To be sure, it is no crime to be a Christian in…China so long as you worship in an officially registered ‘patriotic’ church, with ministers who have been approved by the Communist party and who renounce all ties to any overseas entity. Which means …[it] is a crime to hold a prayer meeting in an unofficial ‘house church.’ It is a crime to travel the country and preach the Gospel. It is a crime to baptize children, to teach of a Second Coming, or to condemn abortion.”

UN DANGERS—From an ad in the 5/20 New American: The United Nations favors population control and even contributes to the forced abortion policies of Communist China. It will not allow private citizens to be armed. “If you want to stop abortion, retain gun ownership, exercise free speech, practice your religious faith openly, and exist as a free American, then work to get our country out of the UN! If our national sovereignty is lost to the godless world body [UN], the other battles will be lost by default.”

ELDERLY FEAR EUTHANASIA—David Stevens, exec. dir. of the Christian Medical & Dental Society, said (6/99 Moody): “In the Netherlands, where euthanasia has been tolerated for more than a decade, one in five euthanasia cases in 1995 occurred without the patient’s consent. The elderly, disabled, and severely ill are afraid to enter local hospitals, fearing they will be euthanized. The legalization of assisted suicide…[gives] doctors a right to kill. With rising health care costs, it’s a deadly prescription.”

PRESIDENT FLAUNTS HIS SIN?—Pres. Clinton does not see his impeachment as a badge of shame (5/1 CC). He now brazenly complains, in mock anger, that his impeachment due to the Lewinski affair didn’t rank in the top 50 stories of the century (5/17 USN & WR). He brazenly said (with wife Hillary present): “No. 53! I mean, what does a guy have to do to make the top 50?”

ELECTRONIC CURRENCY: QUICK FIX FOR CASH CRIMES?—France and other European countries have moved ahead of the U.S. in the use of smart cards to replace cash and checks (5/99 The Futurist). Getting rid of cash is touted as a way to end violent crimes done to steal cash—street muggings, kidnappings, burglaries, and hold-ups. But sinful men would soon find ways to beat this.

GUNS SAVE LIVES, REDUCE CRIME—Gun-control activists exploit gun-related tragedies to force citizens to give up the constitutional right to bear arms. Studies have shown that guns save lives. [See More Guns, Less Crime article in 10/1 CC). In areas where citizens can easily carry guns, criminals are less likely to attempt violent crimes because of the risk of getting blown away. By focusing on guns, anti-gun liberals leave us with no self-defense. An interesting experiment would be for all anti-gun folks to put a sign on their door saying, “No guns in this house.”

FEDERAL FUNDS TO CATHOLIC COLLEGE—Some credit W. Va. Sen. Robert Byrd (a Baptist) for the huge influx of federal dollars to a Catholic college in his state (4/27 Hagerstown Morn. Herald). Wheeling Jesuit College has received about $100 million in federal funding in the last eight years, has a bronze bust of Sen. Byrd at its new technology center, and named a classroom for his wife.

SINEAD O’CONNOR FIRST WOMAN PRIEST?—Irish singer Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the pope on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in 1992, but apologized (4/27 Hagerstown Morn. Herald). She was recently ordained as the first woman priest in the Latin Tridentine Church, a Roman Catholic splinter group. She will use the name Mother Bernadette Mary and has already celebrated Mass.

GARBC-APPROVED AGENCIES JOIN WITH NEW EVANGELICALS—The 5/98 Baptist Bulletin stated: “The Cedarville College Symphonic Band and the Asbury College Band (Wilmore, Ky.) held a joint concert on March 8….” Asbury Seminary in recent years has invited Roman Catholic and liberal speakers to its pulpit, and its president, Dr. Maxie Dunnam, has praised the RC rosary and is/was a member of the Roman Catholic -Methodist Int’l Dialogue Commission (see 2/1/97 CC). The article also stated that Dr. Walter Kaiser, president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, brought the installation challenge for Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary’s new vice president. Gordon-Conwell also has had liberal and Catholic speakers. Cedarville and Grand Rapids are GARBC-approved agencies. We pray that the GARBC will stop flirting with New Evangelicalism and again embrace the separatistic principles and practices it was founded on. It is popular today to be a rhetorical Fundamentalist but an operational New Evangelical.

MERCER PROF. PAUL DUKE’S UNBELIEF—Mercer professor of New Testament and preaching Paul Duke, in a 1994 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (the moderate-liberal wing of the SBC) Pre-Assembly Institute entitled “Homosexuality and the Church,” stated: “Scripture is not our ultimate authority, because the Bible will one day pass away. We won’t carry those in Heaven… Homosexuality is not a major concern of the Bible….I cannot with confidence say that the Bible condemns all forms of homosexual behavior….” Duke affirmed his “broad support” for the union of homosexual couples, but noted that his personal preference was for heterosexual couples (4/99 Baptist Banner). Mercer U. is CBF-funded.

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER ‘99—In recent years, Mrs. James Dobson (Shirley) has chaired the annual National Day of Prayer. Co-chair has been Vonette Bright of Campus Crusade. Charles Colson is on the National Advisory Committee. Rabbi Joshua Haberman, “Father” Robert Siroco, and D. James Kennedy were liaisons. An NDP booklet states: “People of all faiths are encouraged to participate according to their own traditions….NDP was created and intended for all peoples of faith to pray to the God of their understanding.” The NDP Task Force is limited to the Judeo-Christian [Jewish religion, Catholic/Christian] heritage. But how can we join in prayer with those who pray to different gods? Our God is holy and jealous (Josh. 24:18-20) and will not share His glory with pagan gods and the false gods of Judaism and Romanism. The NRB and others co-sponsored a Concert of Prayer carried by Moody Radio and other stations. The May 6 NDP featured Franklin Graham and remarks by a number of religious leaders including Cardinal Francis George of Chicago who gave the opening prayer.

BOOKLETS FOR EVANGELIZING CATHOLICS—Our friend Dr. Bart Brewer, a former Catholic priest, now heads Mission to Catholics, and has new booklets and much other literature. Titles include: Scriptural Truths for Roman Catholics, Luther’s 95 Theses, Roman Catholic Inquisition, The Split between Roman Catholicism and Christ, etc. These are very helpful. They are $1.50 each, with a minimum $2 shipping charge. He also has over a hundred other titles including books, and a sample package of tracts for $5. Write for Order Form: P.O. Box 19280, San Diego, CA 92159. E-mail: bart@mtc.org .

BLACKABY’S ‘EXPERIENCING GOD—The popular Experiencing God workbook by Henry Blackaby (and Claude King) is dangerous, even though he denies he is a charismatic “in the modern term.” For an extensive review send $1 to: BDM, PO Box 679, Bedford, IN 47421.

FALWELL’S AUTOBIOGRAPHIES—Dr. Jerry Falwell in 1997 updated his 1987 autobiography (see 5/15/89 CC for review). In the newer version, he has added some new material and revised some of the old. In the Foreword, Falwell-mentor and veteran BBF leader John Rawlings states his belief that “no clergyman of any faith has appeared in the media as much as Jerry Falwell…ever.” Then Falwell (in Epilogue) says: “My burning obsession is to cooperate with God in building the greatest Christian university in the world, in history.” He said the late Jack Wyrtzen (Word of Life) advised him to take over PTL in 1987. Falwell says ”I am convinced that God led me to Heritage in 1987”, then a few sentences later says: “God wanted it [PTL’s Heritage, USA ministry] terminated.” He still calls Catholics, and PTL partners, “brothers.” He said: “My relationship with charismatic Christians across America and the world has been radically improved…. The [charismatic PTL] supporters and partners are among the finest Christians I have known.” With the Moral Majority, he said: “I found myself sharing the platform with Roman Catholic priests and nuns, Orthodox rabbis, Mormon elders, and pastors from Southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Assembly of God and Nazarene churches.” Falwell’s inclusivism remains a divisive and confusing force within Fundamentalism.

FALWELL IS ON SBC PROGRAM—“Nationally known televangelist and recent convert to Southern Baptist life,” Jerry Falwell, will appear on this year’s annual Southern Baptist Convention program—not to preach or preside, but to give the benedictory prayer after the convention sermon (4/21 Baptist Standard). Although he has addressed the SBC Pastor’s Conference in the past, this is the first time for him to appear on the SBC meeting program. He recently spoke at the Baptist Bible Fellowship’s annual meeting where he was introduced as “the BBF missionary to the Southern Baptist Convention.”

WOMEN IN EVANGELISM III—The May-June Moody had an ad for a Women In Evangelism III National Conference at Wheaton College, July 23-25. Speakers include: Aglow International President Jane Hansen, Life Action’s Nancy DeMoss, Evelyn Christenson, Campus Crusade’s Vonette Bright, Joni, and Christian Women United’s Kathryn Grant. Christenson is also Director of the ecumenical AD 2000, and Grant is AD 2000 Vice-President. All these ladies are linked with the New Evangelical, charismatic, and/or ecumenical movements.

MAILER’S BLASPHEMY—Radical novelist Norman Mailer proudly embraces his reputation as a notorious boozer, brawler, and womanizer. He has had six wives (6/9/97 New Amer.). His 1997 novel, The Gospel According to the Son, has Jesus viewing His death on the Cross as a “debacle and disaster” (4/28/97 C. News). Mailer has Jesus saying, “While I would not say that Mark’s gospel is false, it has much exaggeration. And I would offer less for Matthew, and for Luke and John, who gave me words I never uttered.” His “Jesus” includes homosexuals among his disciples (7/25/98 World) and says, after his temptation: “I could now employ Satan’s manner of speaking.”

WORLD CONGRESS OF FUNDAMENTALISTS—The World Congress of Fundamentalists, sponsored by the International Testimony to an Infallible Bible, meets at Bob Jones University, July 5-8. There are 84 panelists, 41 workshop leaders and seven keynote speakers: Drs. Bob Jones III, Brian Green, Rod Bell, David Innes, Kenneth Connolly, Richard Mercado, and Ian Paisley. The last World Congress, which we attended, was in London in 1990. Eight regional conferences have been held since then. For more information, call 864/242-5100, Ext. 3120.

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