VOL. XVI  NO. 18     NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM     September 15, 1999

CREATION DAYS OF ORDINARY LENGTH—The Bible Presbyterian Church last month passed a resolution by this title which stated: "…Following the view that Scripture is its own best interpreter, we believe the six creation days in Genesis one…are days of ordinary length when we compare the same words used in the fourth commandment in Ex. 20….For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is….When the Hebrew word yom is modified by a number such as six days, or the third day, as it is 359 times in the Old Testament outside Gen. 1, it always means literal days…."

A PBS SCANDAL?—Several so-called public television stations, partially funded with our tax dollars, make a regular practice of sharing their mailing lists with liberal political groups and then stonewall when asked direct questions about it (8/14 World). In addition to the obvious liberal tilt of PBS programming, Boston's large TV affiliate, shared donor lists with Democrats. The large Washington, DC station admitted it has shared its mailing lists with liberal advocacy groups (e.g., Planned Parenthood). Congress (and maybe IRS) is investigating.

GORE CHANGES HER TUNE ON MUSIC—Tipper Gore, who over a decade ago led a crusade to require warning labels on raunchy rock records, now has severed her ties with this and has apologized to West Coast entertainment executives in a private meeting with her husband (8/22 H. Times). Her switch has helped husband Al Gore, who has raised more funds from the entertainment industry than any other presidential candidate this year. [She also recently helped raise big funds for the political coffers at a gay-lesbian fund raiser—7-8/99 Fund. Digest.]

WHAT DOES 'GOOD' MEAN?—Recently, Hillary R. Clinton described her philandering [lying, adulterous] husband as a "good husband and father." (8/21 World) Luciana Morad, the mother of rock singer Mick Jagger's latest illegitimate child, told Europe's Hello magazine that, even though Mr. Jagger has yet to meet his 4-month-old son, he is a "very loving father." [See Isaiah 5:20]

WHY TREAT COMMUNISTS BETTER THAN NAZIS?—When World War II ended, the Nazi Party ended. Today in Germany as in the rest of Eastern Europe trying to organize a Nazi Party would be a crime. Skinheads, like their avatar Adolf Hitler, are regarded as disreputable relics of a horrible past. But not the well-funded Communist Parties in Russia and in Eastern Europe whose crimes in their pre-1991 heyday exceeded that of the Nazis simply because communism lasted for so many more decades than did Nazism… (7/99 Schwarz Report)

CHARISMA SAYS GET READY TO ROCK 'N' ROLLCharisma Editor Lee Grady says he believes we're on the verge of another youth awakening, ala the Jesus Movement of the 60s and 70s (9/99 Charisma). He said: "We must speak the message of Christ in their language, and sing it in a musical style they can relate to." He added: "Let's bridge the generation gap in the church—and get ready to rock. Another Jesus movement is on the way."

PENSACOLA 'REVIVAL' GOES TO OTHER CITIES—Evang. Steve Hill, Brownsville Assembly of God pastor John Kilpatrick and worship leader Lindell Cooley took their Awake America crusade to E. Rutherford, NJ, June 28-29 (9/99 Charisma). The crusade was headed by an interdenominational steering committee of 15 local pastors. After the crusade, participating churches will continue working together on other evangelistic programs. "We've come together in unity, in the Spirit." said Father Joe Romanoski of Sacred Heart, a Catholic church in South Amboy, NJ. "This event is not an Assemblies of God event, a Lutheran event or a Catholic event—it's a Jesus event. We've put all the other stuff on the side…."

CHINA POISED TO TAKE CONTROL OF CANAL—Red China is now in position to take control of the world's most strategic waterway, the Panama Canal, after the U.S. turns it over to Panama Dec. 31, 1999. The Carter-Torrijos Treaties were fatally flawed, and a fraud. The ones signed by Panama were radically different from the ones our Senate ratified. To get Senate ratification Pres. Carter had to accede to the DeConcini Reservation, and Panama refused to include this in their version (8/2 New Amer.). This is all another example of our leaders betraying us to godless communism. The 8/9 USN&WR said more drugs are already entering Panama and that when our soldiers leave, traffickers could have a field day.

SAUDI ARABIA REPRESSIVE FOR CHRISTIANS—A new report by Open Doors, an organization that ministers to the persecuted church, said Saudi Arabia is the world's most repressive country for Christians (8/5 Ala. Bapt.). It is rated first on a top ten list of countries dominated by Islamic control. Others who made the top 10 include (in descending order): Afghanistan, Sudan, China, Yemen, Morocco, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

FREE PAMPHLET—A single copy of a free 12-page pamphlet titled "Are We Going Full Speed Backward to Paganism?" may be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped, legal-size envelope to Florida Pro-Family Forum, P.O. Box 1059, Highland City, FL 33846. It discusses the New Age Movement, naturalism, spiritism, globalism, etc.

FALWELL MEETING FEATURES CHARISMATIC CYMBALA & SBC LEADERS AS SPEAKERS—Slated speakers for Dr. Jerry Falwell's Super Conference '99, Oct. 3-6, include the current and three former Southern Baptist Convention presidents. Also featured is Jim Cymbala, pastor of the huge Brooklyn Tabernacle, and his choir. After a positive review of his book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire appeared in the IFCA's July-Aug. '97 Voice, Pastor Gary Gilley termed Cymbala a "charismatic minister." In a short review in the Jan.-Feb. '99 Voice Gilley said he believed Cymbala's book to be "a largely unbiblical, quasi-Charismatic, mystical approach to Christian living." Cymbala was a listed speaker for a "Pentecost, Prophecy & Power" conference at Central Assembly of God (Springfield, Mo., March 8-10), which also featured AOG leader Thomas Trask, and Brownsville Assembly of God ("Pensacola Outpouring") Worship Leader Lindell Cooley (12/98 Charisma). How can Falwell continue cavorting with charismatics and Southern Baptists and remain in good standing with the BBF?

GRAHAM'S DISOBEDIENT MINISTRY—The following is a summary of warnings by O Timothy Editor David Cloud (1701 Harns Rd., Oak Harbor, WA 98277) against Billy Graham's teachings and practices. [The complete article is under the Evangelical section of the topical database at the Way of Life Web site -- http://wayoflife.org/~dcloud ] Graham accepts degrees from Catholic colleges and says the Catholic gospel is the same as his own. He has turned thousands of converts over to apostate churches. He thinks the pope is an evangelist and moral leader. He invites Catholic bishops onto his platform to bless those who come forward at his invitations. He thinks a miracle happens in infant baptism. He does not believe hell is a place of literal fiery torment. He allows that unsaved pagans will not go to hell. He praises Christ-denying Modernists. He promotes…perverted Bible versions…. He says the virgin birth is not a necessary part of the Christian faith. He refuses to defend the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. He agrees with heretic Robert Schuller's false definitions of the gospel. He says theology no longer means anything to him. He does not emphasize salvation through the blood of Christ. [He joins with the apostates instead of separating from them—see 2 Chr. 19:2]

MacARTHUR PRAISES HAYFORD—In Jack Hayford's 1997 book, Pastors of Promise, popular author and speaker John MacArthur praises Hayford, the hyper-charismatic pastor of the 9,000-member Foursquare Gospel Church on the Way. Robert Schuller, Bill Hybels, Chuck Colson, Bill Bright, and Greg Laurie also praised him in the same endorsement section. Hayford promotes Promise Keepers, serves on its board, and speaks at major ecumenical PK events… [Note: The above is a correction of the 9/1 CC article by this name. The BDM Letter (P.O.B. 679, Bedford, IN 47421) discusses this subject at length, and at its Web site www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Letter/]

A FULLER SEMINARY VISIT—Dr. Arthur Houk reports on a 7/27 visit to Fuller Theological Seminary, where he attended a class taught by popular Prof. John Goldingay of the School of Theology. Goldingay told the class that "there is no archaeological evidence that the city of Jericho was there and that the walls came tumbling down." He said, "Perhaps this is a parable." Heb. 11:30 indicates otherwise! Evidently, unbelief and denial of Scriptures is still prevalent at Fuller. Also, the Fund. Digest (7-8/99) reports: "Margaret Suster, a 'pastor, teacher, church-woman, scholar and writer' who teaches preaching at Fuller Theological Seminary, was one of the guest preachers for a SDA [Seventh-day Adventist] sponsored 'interactive seminar' via live satellite, 4/20/99."

WAKE FOREST OPENS DIVINITY SCHOOL—Wake Forest University Divinity School (NC) opens this fall with 24 full-time students (19 women, 5 men) from various denominational backgrounds (Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, etc.). Bill Leonard was named founding dean in 1996 (8/5 Ala. Bapt.). The faculty includes Benedictine monk Sam Webber. WFU is self-governing but retains a fraternal relationship with No. Carolina [So.] Baptists. The divinity school in three years expects to enroll about 110 students (7/31 DMN).

COVENANT COLLEGE & ROMAN CATHOLICISM—A resolution by this title passed by the Bible Presbyterian Church last month stated: "Covenant College, a school whose board of trustees is elected by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, recently sent a choir on a tour of Eastern Europe. While there, the choir sang during two services in Roman Catholic churches. On one occasion they sang during the serving of the mass…."

HOWARD-BROWNE'S 'DREAM' DIDN'T WORK— "Laughing Evangelist" Rodney Howard-Browne scheduled Madison Square Gardens (NY) for a six-week soul-winning campaign last July, prompted by a 1998 "dream conversation" he supposedly had with Billy Graham (2/1/99 CC). But the average crowd of between 3,000 and 4,000 people a night in the 19,000-seat arena was disappointing (9/99 Charisma). Howard-Browne blamed the low attendance on strife and racism in New York's churches.

CATHOLIC CHARISMATICS IN ITALY—There are 250,000 Italian Catholic charismatics (9/99 Charisma). Pentecostal leader Remo Cristallo brands the Catholic charismatic renewal in Italy a fake. "By imitating our songs and our style of worship, the Catholic charismatics fool people into believing you can make do without the gospel," he told Charisma. He stresses that the unity being offered by the Catholic Church is political: "Spiritually, nothing has changed." For him, fellowshiping with Catholics means compromising biblical Christianity because he believes two churches will emerge in the future—"a political church and an underground church."

COLSON, PALAU TO GORDON-CONWELL BOARD—Chuck Colson and Luis Palau were elected as trustees of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, effective May 1. As pro-Catholic ecumenicals, they should fit well with G-C's new-evangelical stance. Billy Graham has served as G-C board chairman, and G-C has received $4 million in scholarship support from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association over the past five years. G-C's Hilltop paper lists ecumenicals such as John Armstrong, Alistair Begg, and Kay Arthur as fall speakers. G-C in years past, has had liberal speakers (e.g., James Forbes of the ultra-liberal Union Theol. Seminary of New York - 3/15/91 CC).

PROMISE KEEPERS ATTENDANCE SLIPPING—Nearly 24,000 men crammed into the Charlotte, N.C., Coliseum Aug. 13-14 for a Promise Keepers rally (8/17 Religion Today). Men were challenged to be spiritual leaders at home and to promote unity in the body of Christ. Speakers included pastors Wellington Boone, Larry Jackson, Glenn Wagner, and ecumenical evangelist Greg Laurie. Promise Keepers officials acknowledge that attendance and fund raising nationwide have declined. Attendance has slipped from 1.1 million in 1996 to an anticipated 300,000 this year, and revenue declined from $87 million in 1996 to a projected $41 million this year. That a number of teen-agers came to the rally was seen as a sign of PK's strong future. Fifteen rallies are being held this year. PK is asking churches to hold "Light the Night" gatherings on New Year's weekend to usher in 2000.

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