SO. BAPTIST TEENS ROCK/DANCE AT NEW YEAR'S YOUTHLINK 2000—A New Year's Eve celebration capped a 3-night, 2-day millennial festival at YouthLink 2000's seven sites. Sponsored by four SBC agencies, this event was the largest youth gathering in SBC history (2/18 Sword of the Lord). It drew over 46,000 SB teenagers who partied to ear-splitting, heart-pounding praise and worship music by nationally known "Christian" rock bands, cheering, singing, screaming and bounce-dancing until about 2 a.m.

'GUN SAFETY' CAUSED MILLIONS TO DIE—The Soviet Union established "gun safety" in 1929. From then until 1953, political dissidents unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated. Germany established "gun safety" in 1938. From then until 1945, some 13 [?] million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill and other mongrelized people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. China established "gun safety" in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 40 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, exterminated. Cambodia established "gun safety" in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, a million people, defenseless, were slaughtered. The U.S. Congress expanded "gun safety" in 1968 in direct violation to the Second Amendment of our constitution. How many will die under our gun laws? (2/00 VITW)

HOMOSEXUALS SEEK A STATE—Homosexual activists desperately need at least one state to permit same-sex couples to marry so they could challenge the federal Defense of Marriage Act. After failing in Maine, Hawaii and Alaska, they have a potential victory in Vermont whose liberal Supreme Court recently directed the state legislature to either allow homosexuals to "marry" or to establish some form of domestic partnership that would create a quasi-marital relationship (Dobson Ltr). Letting homosexuals marry weakens the legal basis for the family.

CATHOLICS COVER UP PRIESTS DYING OF AIDS—The 2/14 USN&WR said: "Since the mid-1980s, hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S. were reported to have died of AIDS, with a death rate four times that of the general public….The widely circulated report last week by the Kansas City Star raised the disquieting specter of a church hierarchy more intent on covering up than coping with the problem." A.W. Richard Sipe, a former priest who has spent over 30 years studying sexuality issues in the RC Church, thinks about 750 priests nationwide have died of such illnesses. This means an AIDS-related death rate eight times that of the general population (2/7 Chr. News). Joseph Barone, a NJ psychiatrist and AIDS expert, puts the number of U.S. priests who have died at 1,000—nearly 11 times the rate of the general population.

CYBERNET PORN—With 75 million adults and 25 million children online, Internet pornography is a huge industry with an immense audience. Currently there are over 1 million easy-to-find pornographic Web sites (3/00 Charisma). Porn addiction is a growing problem especially among men and youth, and "blocking" software is only a partial solution. The power of lust/temptation is the root.

CHARACTER & REPUTATION—Character is what a man is in God; reputation is what he is thought to be by others. Character is always real; reputation may be false. A preacher may have good character and a bad reputation; however, he may have a good reputation and a bad character. Most men are more anxious about their reputation than they are about their character. [Straightway]

INTOLERANCE NOT TOLERATED…OR IS IT?—The intolerant person today is the one thing that can't be tolerated—i.e., if he is a "right-winger." Such people are said to be too sick ("mentally ill") to be entrusted with certain rights, such as freedom of speech/religion. Surgeon Gen. David Satcher recently published a report claiming 22 percent of all Americans suffer from a "diagnosable mental disorder" at any given time, and that "up to half the population will suffer from mental illness…at some time in their lives." (2/14 New Amer.) A baseball player must undergo counseling for expressing his politically incorrect opinions, while the Braves owner (leftist Ted Turner) can use "hate speech" against Christians and escape the sensitivity training counseling of the "tolerance" police.

DECEPTION: 'WHAT KILLED THE RAT?'—The thing that killed the rat was 98 percent hamburger. Only 2 percent of the mixture was poison but the rat died (Gospel Std.). A mixture of truth and falsehood is usually far more deadly than pure falsehood which can be isolated and discerned. Yet today, Christians often say, "But there's so much GOOD in it!" ALL false systems contain elements of truth—in fact, the more truth mixed with deadly error, the more dangerous it is for deception. To be effective, a deception must appear to be essentially true. Over 90 percent of what is conveyed to the "target" must be true. Even in deceptive days, Christians have no excuse for being deceived. God's Word and Spirit are sufficient to expose error/errorists of our day (Isa. 8:20).

NCC'S NEW PRES. ANDREW YOUNG ON ECUMENISM: "It's not just that people are losing interest in the ecumenical movement. They're losing interest in their own denominations and in the mainstream local churches."

For BJU reply to recent attacks, see: http://www.bju.edu

BILLY GRAHAM TRAINING CENTER SPEAKERS—A new Year 2000 schedule of conference speakers for the Billy Graham Training Center (Asheville, NC) includes the following: David Jeremiah, Joe Stowell, Kay Arthur, Anne Graham Lotz, Woodrow Kroll, Warren Wiersbe, Henry Blackaby, Buster Soaries, Franklin Graham, Larry Crabb, Jill Briscoe, Alistair Begg, and Dennis Kinlaw. These conferences and retreats are said to be "A Ministry of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove."

JIM BAKKER BACK ON TV?—After the PTL scandal, prison, divorce and remarriage, charismatic evangelist Jim Bakker says he is ready to go back on television with a new message (3/00 Charisma). He has renounced the "prosperity gospel" message of many charismatic preachers, but his "theology" is still dangerous. On Jan. 25 Larry King Live, Bakker stated (with no Scriptural basis): "I believe personally that every person who died in the Holocaust is in heaven." (2/14 C. News) His former wife, Tammy Faye Messner, is back in NC. She "wants to speak in churches but has no plans to seek stardom."

PK RESTRUCTURES AGAIN—Two years ago Promise Keepers had to lay off much of its staff, but a bailout allowed it to recall them (2/21 C. News). In another major restructuring it has now closed its eight regional offices, resulting in layoffs. The ecumenical PK says this is not a sign the end is near and plans rallies in 15 cities in 2000.

MAINLINE CHURCHES DECLINE—From 1967 to 1997 four major NCC/WCC denominations have declined by 25 to 51 percent. In some liberal denominations, bishops have ordained homosexual clergy and allowed witches to teach in seminary (3/00 Charisma). A departure from Scriptural authority has created same-sex marriage and radical feminism. These and other heresies are rapidly emptying the pews of liberal churches where apostasy is rife. But sadly, many of those leaving the liberal churches are flocking in droves to charismatic churches.

FUNDAMENTALISM'S NEXT GENERATION—Alan D. Cole (Assoc. Prof. of Bible & Theology, Faith Bapt. Theol. Sem.) discusses "Three Perils of Fundamentalism's Next Generation" in the Feb. Faith Pulpit: The Peril of Persecution, The Peril of Pride, and The Peril of Pluralism. 1. On persecution, he comments: "This country which was formed to protect religious freedom has moved from tolerance of religion toward a position of intolerance. 'Religion' is viewed as a good thing as long as it does not get in the way of the social agenda of multiculturalism…." 2. On pride: "The new generation of Fundamentalists faces the peril of thinking that they are superior to the founders of the movement. There is the temptation to look at foibles of past men and respond with disdain toward them and [their] positions…." 3. On pluralism: "The next generation faces the temptation to avoid controversy under the guise of toleration. There is an attitude that affirms that one's salvation is all that matters and that doctrinal distinctives are insignificant. …When one attends ecumenical conventions for male leadership, when one uses 'Christian Rock' or CCM to build his youth group, when one is unwilling to defend and declare personal and ecclesiastical separation, he is guilty of religious pluralism…combining the world with the Word and clouding the lines of distinction between them…."

JOHNSON TO HEAD GIBM—Rev. Jerry Johnson is the new Exec. Dir. of Grace Ind. Baptist Mission, Sellersville, Pa. GIBM Pres. Dr. Richard Harris says Johnson will work closely over the next few months with Missionary Rep Rev. Joel Weaver to ensure a smooth transition. Johnson resigned as pastor of Hope Baptist, Hanover, Pa.

CELEBRATE JESUS 2000—This super ecumenical event features several Catholic and charismatic speakers, at St. Louis, June 22-25. The list includes: Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Jack Hayford, John Arnott, Richard Roberts, Steve Hill, and Ted Haggard. There will be separate programs for 10 denominations (RC, Episcopal, Methodist, etc.) in the morning sessions, but all the different "streams" will meet together for the afternoon and evening sessions. Fr. Tom Forrest (RC) is featured in one evening session. Nine Catholics are on the Steering Committee, which also includes Church of Christ, American Baptist, and other liberal denomination reps. The various denominational rivers are fast flowing into the one ecumenical stream of the one-world church of the Antichrist. God commands faithful Christians (Rev. 18:4) to "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

BBF MEETING—The Baptist Bible Fellowship met last month in Jacksonville, Fla. We had reported last year (see 3/15 & 12/1 CCs) that some states were voting out, or being voted out, of the BBF due to a division over the Bible translation issue and a concern that the BBF's stand on ecclesiastical separation was eroding. The only report we have seen thus far on last month's meeting cited the "disgraceful music." The reporter stated that the host church "had a wide variety of styles of music but the rock music and country music were about as worldly as anything I have ever seen or heard in an independent Baptist church." He also noted that several preachers didn't carry their Bibles to church services.

HISTORIC BBF CHURCH DROPS 'BAPTIST' NAME—Following the teaching of Bill Hybels and Rick Warren, many Baptist churches of all stripes are dropping the name "Baptist" from their name. Temple Baptist (near Detroit) is the latest casualty. Its new name is "NorthRidge Church." This is the old J. Frank Norris and G.B. Vick Baptist Bible Fellowship church. An article in the Feb. Plains Baptist Challenger states: "The BBFI is now in the process of breaking up, because of doctrine and practice."

ADVICE FOR SEEKER-FRIENDLY CHURCH—Seeker-friendly churches are popular in our day, thanks to Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and Ed Dobson. The 2/00 Baptist Bulletin warns: "Fearful that confronting the seeker with the reality of sin will cause the church to lose contact with seekers, the seeker-friendly church will often soften its message so as not to offend….A church must be extremely careful not to limit itself to a 'feel good' message…." A church that is a true friend to seekers will design its services to make the unbelieving seeker see his sin, God's holiness, and his need of a Savior.

WARE CONFERENCE FEATURES ECUMENICALS—Baptist Bible College (Indianapolis) President Dr. Charles Ware is hosting a 4th national Multiracial Ministry Conference, Apr. 5-7. Most of the speakers are ecumenical and/or new evangelical. Included are: Crawford Loritts (PK speaker with ties to Campus Crusade), John Perkins (social action activist who has called for redistribution of wealth), Raleigh Washington (a PK v-p and PK speaker), Alex Montoya (Masters Sem. prof.), and Tom Mahairas. Paul Dixon, president of Cedarville University (a GARBC-approved school), is also a keynote speaker at this event. Ware is on the board of ABWE, another GARBC-approved entity, and spoke at the national conference of the NARBC (2/00 Bapt. Bulletin). [For more on Dr. Ware's ministry associations, see 10/1/96, 3/15/97, & 2/15/98 CCs] If disobedience to Biblical separation commands is wrong for Billy Graham ecumenical evangelism crusades, then it is also wrong for racial reconciliation meetings.

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