HARRY POTTER'S WORLD OF THE OCCULT—The fourth book of the Harry Potter series is due July 8. This popular series glamorizes witchcraft, disobedience and magic. It has frightening dark tales of witches (6/15 USA Today). Among the terrifying images: a disembodied voice repeatedly hissing “kill”; monstrous flesh-eating spiders; children being attacked and paralyzed; an apparently dead cat hung upside down by its tail. And there are creatures that “suck out people's souls.” It gives children an appetite for the occult (see 12/1/99 CC).

VERMONT FIRST TO RECOGNIZE HOMOSEXUAL UNIONS—Vermont's civil union law won't affect just Vermont (6/17 World). “Gay” activists' legal strategy is to legalize “marriage” in one state, then attack traditional marriage laws in all others. Homosexual activists will now go to Vermont, get “married,” return to their home states, and sue for legal recognition of their marital unions.

MISSIONS & PSYCHOHERESY is the name of the latest book by Martin & Deidre Bobgan. It is primarily about the growing practice of mental health professionals and psychological tests to evaluate missionary candidates and to provide psychological care for missionaries. In giving psychology such a place in selecting candidates and providing treatment of missionaries, mission agencies demonstrate their trust in psychologists and their devices. The results of surveying 35 large mission agencies is given. This 168-page book is available at the special price of $9.00 from: PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries, 4137 Primavera Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110, 800/216-4696.

POPE PROMOTES HOAX AS TRUTH—The Vatican May 13 disclosed that the so-called secret of Fatima, which the Virgin Mary is claimed to have told three children over 80 years ago, was a foretelling of the shooting of the Pope and the persecution of Christianity under communism. But the Pope is not telling the truth when he claims Mary appeared at Fatima in 1917 and predicted his shooting in 1981 (5/29 Christian News). Billy Graham and other evangelical leaders praise the Pope and trust his truthfulness, but he is not to be trusted in this and other false claims of Catholicism – nor when he claims that Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians worship the same God Christians worship.

SINEAD O'CONNOR A 'GAY' PRIEST?—Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has apologized for ripping up a picture of the Pope on Sat. Night Live in 1992 and last year was ordained a priest by the Latin Tridentine Church, a splinter group of the Roman Catholic Church (per her Web page & 6/13 USA Today). She now claims to be a lesbian.

HOMESCHOOLER NATIONAL SPELLING BEE WINNER—The top three finishers in last month's National Spelling Bee are educated at home, as are 1.5 million. President Clinton thinks homeschoolers should be made to “prove they are learning on a regular basis” or be forced to go to government schools. Yet homeschooled kids consistently score higher on standardized tests (Cal Thomas, 6/17 World). Homeschoolers forge a special parent-child bond. As for socialization, one said he is happy to avoid school shootings and competition over clothes and cliques. Homeschooled children have plenty of time to socialize.

NCC NEAR DEATH, BUT WANTS RESURRECTION—The proud ecumenical National Council of Churches is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. But its board has adopted a resolution to develop a new ecumenical body that by 2003, it hopes, will include Catholics, evangelicals and Pentecostals (6/17 World). The NCC has a long history of being a hotbed of liberalism, communist sympathizers, abortion supporters, homosexuality supporters, radical theology promoters, and being more political than religious or spiritual (6/00 Maranatha Bapt. Watchman). Bob Edgar is its new Gen. Sec'y; Andrew Young is president.

CATHOLICS ARE STILL WRONG ON SALVATION—Last Oct., representatives of the Lutheran World Federation and of the Roman Catholic Church signed a Joint Declaration on Justification, disclaiming previous differences (12/1/99 CC). But Catholics still pray to Mary for salvation, and still believe that the “merits and graces Christ won on the cross” can only be received in small installments which never fully save and which come only through the sacraments of the Church. They still flagellate themselves and offer good works and suffering to earn salvation (6/00 Berean Call). Be warned, be wise, beware!

TIMMIS EXITS PK BOARD, NOW AT PRISON FELLOWSHIP—Promise Keepers has been closely tied in with Roman Catholics and have used some as speakers. Mike Timmis (RC) recently left Promise Keepers' board and has taken Chuck Colson's place as head of Prison Fellowship (11/15/99 CC). Colson, Timmis, and Jim Berlucchi (PK's Catholic evangelist) were scheduled speakers along with two Catholic priests at the “Catholic Men's Conference” June 9-11 at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, which is heavily involved with Marian apparitions and with PK (6/00 Berean Call).

ANIMAL RIGHTS?—To a Princeton U. ethicist, an infant has no more right to life than another being of comparable rationality, including pigs, cows, and hogs. Jesus asked, in Matt. 6:26, “Are ye not better than they (fowls)?

ROBERTSON, ECUMENICAL ICON—Pat Robertson has become an icon for the ecumenical movement through a variety of venues. He endorsed the Evangelicals & Catholics Together (ECT). He founded the now defunct Catholic Alliance. During the Pope's 1995 visit to New York Robertson led an ecumenical procession including five Muslim leaders and 27 Protestant and Orthodox reps to participate in the Mass. He is quoted as praising the Pope and saying “We all want to build bridges with the Catholic Church.” At Regent University where Robertson is chancellor and its president is a Roman Catholic, mass is said on campus each week. [Dr. Rod Bell, May/June Frontline, adapted. Dr. Bell also said the president and the football coach at Dr. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University are Roman Catholics – see 1/1/99 CC.]

NAE VEERS LEFTWARD—The National Association of Evangelicals recently dropped its by-law prohibiting member denominations from joint membership in the liberal NCC (4/15 CC). Now the Reformed Church in America, an NCC affiliate, has requested NAE membership (6/00 Review). The NAE's newest member is the charismatic Association of Vineyard Churches. NAE's new president, Bishop Kevin Mannoia, said the NAE's reason for existence has changed from providing an alternative to liberalism to calling the church to transform communities (6/00 Bapt. Bulletin). Christian News Editor Herman Otten advises: “True Christians in the NAE should now vigorously protest that the NAE now admits NCC churches. If [it] refuses to change its policy, they should leave the NAE.” Moody Bible Institute President Joseph Stowell joined the NAE a few years ago.

THE APOSTASY CYCLE—Never in the history of religious union has any group ever come out of apostasy, modernism, or liberalism and not ultimately returned to it. Some have taken longer, and others may be in the process, but the record shows the only thing a group can do is delay or retard the return to old roots. Sadly this is also true of educational institutions, missions, and churches. The seeds of their doom appear to exist in their birth out of modernism. In an earlier article, "Burning Bridges and Building Walls," I said in order to maintain an element of safety, nothing can be left which will allow a return. No organizational bridges/ties can be left standing. To leave liberalism behind for long, we must pursue a "slash and burn" policy—destroy all possible means of return. There is no simple way to leave apostasy. Upon leaving the old liberalism/apostasy of the 1920's, evangelicals failed these tests. Their policy of "inclusivism" left bridges standing thus their return to modernistic roots is evident. Sadly, some groups ridiculed as "separatists" are rebuilding bridges back to liberalism. Their error was in leaving intact ties which should have been cut. This was a great sin of Israel when returning to the Promised Land. They failed to destroy and drive out the heathen and paid the price for disobedience. These bridges let them move to idol worship. The historical record gives evidence that once the return has begun, nothing can reverse it. Don't use the Southern Baptist Convention as an example of a return - it is an excellent example of this principle. Though some retardation has occurred, the train is speeding toward apostasy and infidelity. Some people may be fooled when you call infidels "liberals," liberals "moderates," or moderates "conservatives," but changing titles will not hide the awful destination of those who once came out of apostasy but now have long tolerated it. [Dr. Clay Nuttall, adapted]

NEW WEB SITE—The Fundamental Baptist Times is a weekly e-mail update of Baptist, religious, and world news of note. Subscriptions free at: http://go.to/FBTimes

FBF MEETING—The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship approved the following standing resolutions at its June 13-15 80th Annual Meeting at Faith Baptist Church, Taylors, SC., reaffirming its commitment to: 1. The fundamentals of the faith, 2. Inspiration and Inerrancy, 3. Virgin Birth and Deity of Jesus Christ, 3. Vicarious Atonement and Bodily Resurrection, 4. The Supernatural and Sensational, and 5. Biblical Mandate for Separation. Next year's FBF meeting is set for the First Baptist Church of Troy, Mich., pastored by Dr. Mike Harding.

FBF RESOLUTION ON SEPARATION—The FBF reaffirms its commitment to the Biblical doctrines of personal separation from worldliness and ecclesiastical separation from unbelief and compromise (1 Jn. 2:15-17; 2 Cor. 6:14-18; 2 Thes. 3:6; Rom. 16:17). Fundamental Baptists cannot cooperate with New Evangelicals because they disobey the clear commands of Scripture, thereby rejecting the Bible as their final authority. Instead of separation, they favor a philosophy and practice of dialogue and infiltration. New Evangelicals desire to have the commendation of the customs and conventions of our culture (the world), in violation of Scriptures such as 1 John 2:15-16. Instead of influencing a corrupt culture, they are instead corrupted by it. New Evangelicals are more concerned with man's needs than with God's commands….The FBF supports wholeheartedly those who led a May 15 protest [in Toronto] of the Anglican “betrayal [by meeting with Catholic leaders to discuss how to unite the two churches] of the Protestant faith.”

IBFNA MEETING—The Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America held its 10th Annual Conference at Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, Pa., June 20-22. The Fellowship highlighted its history by honoring those who have made significant contributions to the establishment and development of the IBFNA. Drs. Duane Brown, Ralph Colas, and Richard Harris were presented the “Watchman Award” in recognition of their steadfastness, courage, and boldness in guiding the IBFNA in its earliest stages, including its days as the “Regular Baptists For Revival”. The men reminisced, and recognition was also given to others, including those who have served as officers. The new Moderator is Clay Nuttall, Treasurer is Jeff Bailey, Dave Reinhardt is Secretary, and Paul Gustine is Review Editor. A proposed amendment by Bob Payne restricting IBFNA affiliation was tabled until next year. Next year's meeting is set for Williamsburg, Va., for June 19-21.

IBFNA RESOLUTIONS—Three resolutions were passed. The Defense of the Gospel resolution was a strong call for separation, defining it by Scriptures as 1. the mark of God's Holiness, 2. personal, 3. ecclesiastical/corporate, and 4. political. It noted that separation, the hallmark of the IBFNA over the past ten years, must be applied and practiced to be effective. It resolved to separate from brethren who persist in immorality or cause unnecessary divisions among the brethren, and from unrepentant, disorderly brethren who persist in memberships, affiliations and fellowships where leaders and peers deny Bible doctrines, etc. The second resolution pertained to Mormonism—A non-prophet religion. It concluded that “Mormonism, which preaches a false Christ and deceives many, is a cult that is outside the realm of Christianity and the true church of Jesus Christ.” The third IBFNA resolution was against “Identificational Repentance”—the practice of individuals or groups who had no responsibility, authority or adequate knowledge repenting for someone else and asking forgiveness for them. E.g., this practice has been adopted by the pope when he “repented” for the past “excesses of the Inquisition” by Catholicism without condemning its atrocities as a whole.

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