THE POWERS OF TERRORISM ON PLANET EARTH is the title of an article by Foundations College Pres. Dr. H.T. Spence (info@foundations.edu) in the September Straightway from which we excerpt below. Our nation will never be the same after [the 9/11] atrocities. We may have to give up certain freedoms in order to secure life. Out of necessity, the liberty of movement throughout the country may be hindered. Greater surveillance of our private lives may take place for the sake of security. We must remember that when the Antichrist comes, humanity will believe him to be the one who has the answers to all national and global perplexities. The nations will be in perplexities, or problems for which they have no solutions ….Out of such dilemmas, Antichrist will arise….For him to rule, a true republic or democratic government must cease….There must come a day when America's lifestyle with its liberties and comforts change…. [Benjamin Franklin warned: "Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." But let's not forget that our God is in control!]

CAN'T BE SAVED WITHOUT BAPTISM?—If salvation was really dependent upon water baptism by immersion, would that mean that an astronaut in space who suddenly came to Christ could not be saved until he got back to earth? What about a lone Eskimo in the frozen north? What about a traveler lost in the Sahara desert who was dying of thirst? Fortunately, Scripture does not call for a baptizing pool as a requirement for salvation, but we are saved through faith … it is not by works (Eph. 2:8-9). [Christian Debater Guide (on "cultic Campbellism," e.g.), P.O. Box 144441, Austin, TX 78714. Phone 512/218-8022]

MISSING BAPTIST MEMBERS—Southern Baptist churches total 15.9 million members but only 5.5 million are in attendance on any given Sunday morning—only 33 percent (10/1 Christian News). A new study showed that the typical SBC church has 233 members but an average attendance of only 70 persons for Sun. morning worship. It may be as bad or worse in some other denominations.

CHRISTIANS PRAY WITH MUSLIMS, JEWS—Across America, Christians, Muslims and Jews are praying and worshipping together more than at any other time in history. Surveys show that the majority of church members maintain that all religions actually worship the same God and that a person must work, at least in part, his own way to heaven. Christians who pray with Muslims and other non-Christians do not show true love to them but lead them to believe that their god actually exists, hears and answers prayer. Muslims reject the Trinity and do not believe that Jesus died and rose again.

THOUGHTS ON HOW TEENAGERS THINK—1. From a very self-centered perspective 2. Shift blame to others (or circumstances) when caught in wrongdoing 3. No respect for authority 4. Very materialistic 5. Motivated by immediate gratification 6. Slow to accept responsibility for actions 7. Worldliness pervades their minds. But wait parents: Most teens think the way they do because they've been taught to think that way. Our children grow up to mirror us and/or the influences we allow them to have in their lives. [Adapted from 10/01 Baptist Banner article]

DOCTORS SLOW TO PRESCRIBE ABORTION PILL—RU-486 is only slowly catching on (11/12 Chr. Today ). The reason seems to be rising safety concerns and bad side effects are becoming common. But more doctors are expected to begin offering the drug soon. Hopefully not.

BUILDING A UN ARMY—The U.S. has been gradually turning control of its military over to the United Nations. So-called "arms control" is not a drive to eliminate weapons of war but to monopolize them. We seem headed for a point in the "global governance" scheme where no state would have the military power to challenge a progressively-strengthened UN Peace Force. (10/22 New Amer.) A UN with sufficient power to enforce world peace would use that power to impose world tyranny.

SCHULLER FEATURES HYBELS, WILKINSON—The Robert H. Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership, set for Jan. 28-31, features the following speakers: Bill Hybels (who has given a forum to former Pres. Bill Clinton, and to a Muslim Imam), Bruce Wilkinson (of Prayer of Jabez fame), Leith Anderson (the new interim president of the NAE), Jack Hayford (charismatic), Lydia Waters (liberal United Methodist Church), and Ken Medema (popular with homosexuals). The above speakers, and others, are listed in a full-page ad in the 10/1 Chr. Today. Sixty pastors associated with the homosexual MCC attended Shuller's 2001 Institute.

THE JACKSON 'SHAKEDOWN'?—When Jesse Jackson shows up in corporate offices demanding not just racial equity in hiring but millions of dollars paid to his organizations, most businesses give in. (9/1 World). Like shop owners in a Mafia-controlled neighborhood, they pay protection money and count it as cost of doing business.

TERRORISM IN COLOMBIA—Colombia is one of the major drug centers of the world. At least 3,000 Colombians are killed each year in its civil war (10/13 World). Colombia had 1,700 kidnappings in the first seven months of this year, the highest rate in the world.

NAE NAMES ANDERSON INTERIM PRESIDENT—The National Association of Evangelicals' Board of Directors met Oct. 11 and named Dr. Leith Anderson to be Interim NAE President. He is senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, MN (since 1977) which has a weekend attendance of 4,300. He has a Master's degree from Denver Seminary and a doctorate from Fuller. A Study Committee is being set up (for up to 18 months) to study the whole concept of membership. In the meantime, no denomination with membership in the WCC, NCC, or ACCC will be admitted into NAE membership during this period. [10/17 e-mail from NAE v-p Richard Cizik to ACCC exec. sec'y Ralph Colas] Surely no ACCC group would apply for membership in the compromising NAE! Former NAE president Kevin Mannoia recently resigned under pressure, in large part due to his establishing a dual membership policy between NAE and NCC/WCC groups.

MUSLIM DECLARES U.S. IS TERRORIST AT HYBELS' MEGACHURCH—Willow Creek Community Church Pastor Bill Hybels last month invited a local Muslim leader Fred Hammouda to talk about Islam to a total of 17,000 churchgoers. Hammouda was provided with this huge forum to spread lies about his false and dangerous religion. He blamed the U.S. for recent terrorism and professed hate for the U.S. and Israel. He said Muslims consider Jesus and other biblical figures Islamic prophets, though not as important as Mohammed. It surprised many in Hybel's audience that Muslims believe in Jesus [not the Bible Jesus]. The deception was evident from reactions such as, "I didn't know they believed in Jesus," and "we have much in common." Some walked out, however, when he said things like "The U.S. is responsible for terrorism." Bill Hybels was a "spiritual advisor," and gave a forum to, Bill Clinton, remember?

RUDD'S CHURCH BEGINS '3 SERVICES, 3 STYLES'—A friend sent us an e-mail concerning a Muskegon Chronicle ad for Calvary Church, Pastor Bill Rudd. It read: "New at Calvary, beginning Oct. 7, 3 services, 3 styles. 8:30 - traditional, 9:45 - blended, 11:10 - contemporary, 6:00 - Bible studies." Rudd is a longtime GARBC leader and a former Chairman of its Council of 18. His church has participated in Promise Keepers events. Churches are changing, and in most ways not for the better. Dr. Falwell's Oct. National Liberty Journal has a big ad titled, "Is Your Church Ready to Make the Praise & Worship Transition?" Worldliness is invading fundamental churches, often through the choir loft! Rock music, more and more, is becoming a permanent fixture.

MacARTHUR SAYS GRAHAM HAS 'UNORTHODOX VIEWS'—In a Feb. 15 letter to a Grace Partner, John MacArthur takes issue (and rightly so) with some remarks Billy Graham made in an interview with Robert Schuller a few years ago when he said that those who may not even know the name of Jesus will be in heaven, etc. MacArthur commented that based on what he told Schuller, Graham's theology includes some unorthodox views. He added: "He claims that the Body of Christ encompasses non-believers and that God's mercy is wide enough to encompass people who don't follow Christ…. Obviously [his] comments to Schuller (and later to Larry King) have caused a great deal of confusion….Can Billy Graham…truly believe people can be saved without the gospel?…Billy Graham is the highest profile evangelist of our time, and when he makes statements about the gospel , people listen. And because he wields so much influence, when those statements are unclear, or contradictory, problems arise…." We have disagreed with certain of Dr. MacArthur's teachings in the past, but he is on target in taking Graham to task on this issue.

GORDON & JEAN GREER NEW CD—As accomplished opera and concert artists, Gordon and Jean Greer have sung in many countries. Gordon was introduced to Biblical Fundamentalism in 1984 and dedicated his life and singing to the Lord. Jean has served on the Bob Jones University music faculty since 1989 and as Head of the Voice Department since August, 1998. Their new CD has been three years in the making. Their tremendous talent is clearly evident, as they sing the great and beloved old hymns of the faith (and a couple of newer sacred and Gospel songs) in arguably unsurpassed blended harmony. Titled "A Tribute to SOLDIERS of the CROSS," this recording honors twelve dedicatees, (including the CC editor), and the accompanying CD booklet gives a brief bio of these men as well as selected quotations from their writings, preaching, etc. The Greers have devoted their lives to honoring the Lord with their talents and defending Bible principles of separation in music. You may contact them for concerts, church meetings, or for this CD at: 605 Del Norte Road, Greenville, SC 29615. E-mail: singingforsouls@altavista.com. Phone: (864) 244-9152. The CD is $15 + $2 postage, or $10 for a cassette version.

ACCC'S 60TH ANNIVERSARY—The American Council of Christian Churches is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. It was begun back in 1941 to be a strong voice for fundamentalism. It rejected the liberalism of the old Federal Council of Churches which later became the National Council of Churches. The ACCC has always repudiated the position of the National Association of Evangelicals with its compromising hodgepodge of believers, new evangelicals, modernists, and charismatics. And while many organizations and groups have drifted far from their historic position, the ACCC has not. It continues the same stand today that brought it into existence 60 years ago, and expresses sincere gratitude to our great God for preserving it as a testimony to His glory in this dark, sin-cursed world…. At its 60th annual convention, in Lancaster, PA, Oct. 23-25, the ACCC declared its dedication and commitment to the precious Word of God. It also reaffirmed its loyalty to the principles of Biblical separation and resolved to continue to look for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. It pledged to maintain a voice for Biblical fundamentalism in these last days. [For how to get resolutions, tapes, and useful literature, contact ACCC at P.O. Box 5455, Bethlehem, PA 18015. E-mail: accc@juno.com Officers are: Dr. Ralph Colas (Executive Secretary), Dr. John McKnight (President), Rev. Mark Franklin (V-P), Rev. Craig Griffith (Secretary), and Rev. Tom Hamilton (Treas.). ]

CONTRAST BETWEEN MOHAMMED AND CHRIST—George Zeller has a interesting paper (flyer) showing the contrast between Mohammed (and Islam's Koran) and Christ. It's "free" by e-mail at: GeorgeZeller@Juno.com or from him at: 349 East Street, Middletown, CT 06457.

FFBC RESOLUTIONS—The Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches (NJ) in Annual Session (Aug.) passed good resolutions on the following subjects: 1. Pornography (on TV, Internet, etc.) 2. Salvation (Charles Stanley's recent wrong teaching on "ones who have never heard of Jesus," etc.) 3. Death Penalty 4. Embryonic Stem Cell Research 5. Harry Potter Books 6. Standing in the Evil Day 7. Apprec. of U.S. Veterans 8. Tri-State Bible Camp (Joe Racite & staff) 9. Appreciation for the Faithful Ministry of BWM's Dr. David Cummins. Read these resolutions at the Web site (www.ffbc.ws) or by e-mail from: pastor@calvarybaptistministries.org. Committee members were: Joe Roof (Chair), Mark Franklin, & Al Martin. Bill Raymond is FFBC pres., Robert Biscoe is Nat'l Rep.

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