THE UN IS A PROBLEM—The United Nations seeks to reduce the population of our planet. It has pushed for abortion (as a universal human right) and contraceptives over basic health services. Instead of promoting freedom, it undermines (forbidden by its Charter) family values, and national sovereignty. It has pushed for authority to arrest and try any person in the world before its criminal court. It wants to abolish the right to keep and bear arms, and advocates the creation of a world central bank which can impose global taxes. It exhorts us all to respect nature, and to abide by "precepts of sustainable development." (2/17 World) The latter is shorthand for centralized control of economic activity and restrictions on childbearing—both motivated by a fear of overpopulation. Global governance (one-world government) is at our doorstep.

DIVORCE NUMBERS SOAR—Between 1960 and 1981, divorces skyrocketed from 393,000 to 1,213,000 and, by 1998, there were 19.4 million divorced people in the U.S. Along the way a myth took shape that divorce was a sensible way to effect a cease-fire in the million or so marriages per year that ended in fiery ground wars. But recent studies show that less than a third of divorces result from marriages where abuse, neglect, or even high-octane fighting is the norm. Instead, over 60 percent of marriages break because of creeping loneliness and boredom—or tiny unvoiced resentments that coalesce into volcanoes. Most such symptoms could be repaired with the right kind of help (2/10 World). Sin (pride/selfishness/ adultery, e.g.) is at the root of most marriage breakups. 

EDUCATIONAL DISARMAMENT—Young people are practically clueless when it comes to history, civics, culture, and the arts…but their lack of interest in science and math has made America's technical sector dependent on foreign workers from countries with better schools (Gene Veith, 2/17 World). Some blame goes to parents, teachers, TV, and our decadent culture. Outcome-Based Education and teachers' unions are part of the problem. William Spady (father of OBE), predicts textbooks will be obsolete in the classrooms of tomorrow and says students should be taught about alternative lifestyles, birth control, and to be open with their sexuality (Eagle Forum).

30 MILLION HINDUS BATHE IN GANGES IN INDIA—Over 30 million Hindus jumped into the Ganges River Jan. 24 at the high point of the world's largest religious gathering—to "wash away their sins" and to "assure" Nirvana (2/5 Chr. News). A Catholic bishop praised their faith. Of course, no such ritual can cleanse from sin, only the blood of Christ can do this. Hinduism. with 811 million followers worldwide, is the third largest religion.

ALABAMA'S NEW SCIENCE CURRICULUM CALLS EVOLUTION A THEORY—The Alabama State Board of Education approved a new science curriculum last month that includes a controversial preface calling evolution "a controversial theory.…because it states that natural selection provides the basis for the modern scientific explanation for the diversity of living things." (2/9 H. T.) [Kansas voted last month to overturn its 1999 ban on teaching evolution in its public schools. Three board members who voted in 1999 to drop evolution were voted off the board and the ban has now been overturned.]

CREATION VS EVOLUTION VIDEO SERIESEarth: Young or Old is the title of a debate between Kent Hovind and Hugh Ross, in a 5-part video series with Biblical commentary by James Sundquist and astronomer Danny Faulkner. It answers the most-asked questions about the origin of the universe and us. We have not seen it, but you may do your own checking, toll-free at 1/877-479-3466. We would disagree with Ross' position, but Hovind is a very popular creationist. We do however, disagree (see 3/1/99 CC for reasons) with the latter's ecumenical itinerary, unless he has recently changed his policy and philosophy. You may order from: Last Generation Artists, 551 Valley Rd., PMB #123, Montclair, NJ 07043. 

TV IS GETTING RAUNCHIER—Sexual content on the tube has risen sharply since 1997, showing up in two of every three programs last season (2/17 World). A new study puts the number at 68 percent for the 1999-2000 shows studied, compared with 56 percent in 1997-1998. 

SUPPORT FOR ABORTION DECLINING—Former Planned Parenthood head Faye Wattleton was crushed to learn that women's attitudes on abortion are not what she supposed. A poll from her new group showed that 53 percent of U.S. women think abortion should be allowed only after rape or incest, to save a woman's life, or not at all (2/22/99 H. Times). A nurse friend shared a letter with us that she received from Gloria Feldt, the current PP president, who writes: "We desperately need your financial support…to fight back against…extremists…."

NewsNotes—The U.S. has 62.4 million Roman Catholics, the third largest Catholic population in the world. Rhode Island is the only state with a Catholic majority (64.3 %). *** Federal marshals, for the first time ever, seized a church last month (the Indianapolis Baptist Temple) to "satisfy a $6 million tax debt," wheeling out its former pastor (Greg Dixon) as he protested (2/13 HT, 5/1 CC). Dixon said there are hundreds of similar churches, and churches are disenfranchising themselves from the government. 

GEORGIA BAPTISTS PULL FUNDS FROM ATLANTA ASSOCIATION—The Georgia Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board plan to withdraw funding from the Atlanta Baptist Association after the latter decided to remain in fellowship with two homosexual-affirming churches (2/15 Ala. Bap.). Both churches deny homosexuality is a sin, allow practicing homosexuals to hold positions of church leadership, and affirm same-sex blessings. 

NRB CUTS TIES WITH NAE—The board of the National Religious Broadcasters voted unanimously Feb. 9 to formally end its relationship with the National Association of Evangelicals, which recently began a dialogue with the National Council of Churches. Board members voted 81-0 to cut all ties, communications director Karl Stoll said. The NRB since 1944 was affiliated with the NAE but is now concerned about the NAE's recent interest in becoming involved with the National Council of Churches. Stoll said the broadcasters and the NAE "were going two different directions." Last spring, So. Baptist Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. raised concerns about the NAE's decision to drop its bylaw prohibiting member denominations from joint membership in the NCC. He said "The NAE motto has been 'cooperation without compromise,' [but] if admitting NCC members to the NAE is not compromise, what is?" The NRB annual convention ended Feb. 13 with record attendance of 5,550. Kevin Mannoia, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, called the NRB board vote "a backward step." He said NRB Pres. Brandt Gustavson had expressed concern about the NAE dialogue with the NCC. "We are unequivocally committed to the evangelical message," Mannoia said, [and] "have no intention of merging with the NCC or altering our statement of faith or identity as evangelicals." The National Council of Churches is a liberal consortium of 36 Protestant and Orthodox denominations that coordinates disaster relief, refugee aid and other social and justice programs. The NAE was founded in 1942 as conservative Protestants sought to coalesce around a basic evangelical program and establish an alternative to the liberal Federal Council of Churches, the precursor to the NCC. Last year, the evangelical association joined other groups – including, originally, the National Council of Churches – in adopting a Christian Declaration of Marriage. However, the NCC removed its support for the declaration, which affirmed marriage as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman and opposed same-sex unions. Mannoia said "We will not compromise our evangelical beliefs for the sake of unity." (BP, 2/16/01) Incredible! Mannoia, a Free Methodist charismatic, succeeded Don Argue at the NAE helm in 1999. Argue, with a Muslim leader, addressed the liberal NCC's general assembly (5/15/99 CC). NCC's president is Andrew Young and Robert Edgar is its general secretary. We applaud NRB's action but it still has links to ecumenicals.

PENSACOLA'S BROWNSVILLE ASSEMBLY SPLITS—The abrupt firing of Michael Brown, a Messianic Jew, as president of the Pensacola Outpouring's Brownsville School of Ministry has caused a serious rift in the Brownsville Assembly of God. He denies trying to take the school in a different direction. He has formed his own new school, Fellowship of International Revival and Evangelism (FIRE) School of Ministry, and new church in Pensacola. About 500 attended the first service (3/01 Charisma). Brown's dismissal has caused bitterness and angry accusations among the board, pastors, parents, and students. Steve Hill relocated his evangelistic ministry to Dallas March 2000, leaving on good terms. Attendance at the charismatic "laughing revival" has waned. 

NAE FEATURES CHO AS SPEAKERChristian News Editor Herman Otten called South Korean pastor of the "world's largest church" David Yonggi Cho "a charismatic and occultist who rejects historic Christianity." Two-thirds of his 600 associate pastors are women (8/15 CC). Yet he is the keynote speaker at the National Association of Evangelicals 2001 Convention in Dallas, Mar. 5-7. The National Religious Broadcasters' board last month voted to disaffiliate the NRB from the NAE due in large part to the NAE's cozying with the apostate National Council of Churches, dropping its by-law prohibiting member denominations from joint membership in the NCC. Other speakers at the NAE this year include: Bill Bright, Jill Briscoe, Roy Peterson (WBT pres.), Clive Calver (World Relief pres.), and Crawford Loritts (Campus Crusade). A special afternoon session on "Equipping the Church to Engage Culture" features John Dilulio (recently named to head Pres. Bush's new Faith-Based Initiatives office), Marvin Olasky (World magazine editor), and Bob Woodson. 

JACK HYLES SUCCUMBS TO HEART ATTACK—Dr. Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Ind. since 1959, died Feb. 6 at 74. He was founder and chancellor of Hyles-Anderson College, and the author of 49 books and pamphlets. He hosted 37 annual Pastors' Schools, and the church was acclaimed, though disputed by some, to have the "World's Largest Sunday School." Funeral and/or Memorial service speakers included: Dr. Wendell Evans (H-AC Pres.), Beverly (Mrs. Jack) Hyles, Drs. David Hyles (son), Ray Young, Jeff Owens, Eddie Lapina, and Jack Schaap. Hyles was a very popular speaker at the Sword of the Lord and Southwide Baptist Fellowship conferences we attended in the 70s and most of the 80s—a very dynamic, motivational speaker. Yet, he was dogged in the late 1980s by persistent charges related to morality. He was heard no more at Sword and SBF conferences since about the last decade. Many fellow preachers charged him with various "false doctrine" and "heresy" teachings. Dr. Jack Hyles will be remembered as a one-of-a-kind, ever controversial leader whose ministry touched the lives of multitudes. 

BACK TO BIBLE 'BORDERS' ON FUNDAMENTALISM—Dr. Woodrow Kroll succeeded Dr. Warren Wiersbe as third president and senior Bible teacher at Back to the Bible Broadcast in 1990. Kroll speaks at the Billy Graham Training Center (The Cove) each year and has had promo ads for BTTB in the new-evangelical Christianity Today and in Charisma (5/15/99 CC). The 2/19 CT had this statement concerning BTTB's stance: "Theologically, Back to the Bible hews closely to a conservative evangelicalism, bordering on classical fundamentalism." 

BBFI MEETING HOST CHURCH HAS WEAK LINKS—Central Baptist Church of Tyler, Tex. is the host church for the national Baptist Bible Fellowship's Winter Meeting, Feb. 18-21. A peek at CBC's Web site revealed "links" to various new-evangelical-related ministries. Links included: Billy Graham, Focus on the Family, Awana, and Women of Faith. A preacher studying for the pastorate put us on to this, and commented: "I cannot believe the shift that is taking place in the 'fellowship.'" Dr. Jerry Falwell is a member of both the SBC and BBFI. 

BILL WORRILOW WITH THE LORD—Funeral for our friend and longtime ACCC treasurer Bill Worrilow, 80, was conducted Feb. 15 by Drs. Bob Mayer, Ralph Colas, and Rev. Craig Griffith. Hundreds gathered for the memorial service at Church of the Open Door, Lebanon, Pa. 

DR. HOFFMAN PASSES—We saw in the OBF Visitor that Dr. Wm. Hoffman of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. recently died.

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