VOL. XIX  NO. 6      NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM      March 15, 2002

'GOD BLESS AMERICA'?—Dave Hunt writes (2/02 Berean Call): “To gain God's blessing cannot be as simple as saying, 'God bless America.' Yet in all the memorial services and confident expressions of God's favor, scarcely a word has been said about man's failure to obey what God has written upon every conscience. America has thrown God out of public schools; ridicules, maligns and misrepresents Him in film and media; murders babies in the womb by the millions; flaunts before Him rampant fornication, homosexuality, divorce, pornography and all manner of evil—then asks His blessing!”

'GAY-ON-GAY' VIOLENCE IS THE REAL DANGER FOR HOMOSEXUALS—The people who present the most ominous threat of violence to homosexuals are not Christians or conservatives, but other homosexuals, per a new Justice Department report (Choice4Truth). It shows that 10 percent of domestic violence from 1993-1999 were males who were violent toward male partners. Surveys in the last decade have shown that homosexuals are 2 percent of the population which would mean they are five times more likely to be victims of, or perpetrators of, domestic violence than other U.S. males. FBI “hate crime” statistics now show that efforts to silence all opinions disapproving of homosexuality in order to stem some widespread danger are not warranted.

N.O.W. ASKS MOORE TO RESIGN OVER LESBIAN RULING—Christian Coalition of Alabama Pres. John Giles applauds a unanimous ruling of the Ala. State Supreme Court, which denied a lesbian mother custody of her children. In agreeing that the mother's same-sex relationship made her unfit for custody, Chief Justice Roy Moore wrote, “common law designates homosexuality as an inherent evil, and if a person openly engages in such a practice, that…alone would render him or her an unfit parent.” Moore went on to say in his written concurring opinion that homosexuality is “abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation against the laws of nature (3/4 C. News). The radical National Organization for Women demands Moore's resignation.

CHINA ERADICATES RELIGION IT CAN'T CONTROL—Red China is determined to eradicate all religion it cannot control. Top communists, despite denials, endorse the arrest, harassment, torture, and killing of people—especially Christians—for their political and religious beliefs (3/11 Chr. Today). Documentation of 22,000 cases provide irrefutable evidence that the “new” China is up to its old repressive tricks.

NO TRULY CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF NCC—And, no true Christian should be a member of a church that is in the NCC (National Council of Churches). NCC member churches include: Presby. Church (USA), United Methodist, Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, ELCA, and Church of the Brethren.

ABWE MISSIONARY SEEKS $35 MILLION FROM U.S.—Missionary Jim Bowers whose wife and infant daughter were killed last year when their plane was mistakenly shot down by a Peruvian fighter jet is seeking $35 million in compensation from the U.S. government (3/4 C.News). The plane was targeted in a joint U.S.-Peruvian operation when Peruvian officials mistook it for drug smugglers. Pilot was injured but survived.

CATHOLICISM, LIKE ISLAM, HAS MISUSED POWER—Like Islam, wherever it had the power, the Roman Catholic Church for more than a thousand years forced its false doctrines upon the populace under penalty of death. Its false doctrine offered heaven through baptism, sacraments, indulgencies, the wearing of scapulars and medals and other good works. The popes matched the Muslim promise of Paradise for the jihad martyr by offering a plenary indulgence and instant entrance into heaven for all who died in the Holy Land Crusades. Such practices were directly contrary to the teachings of the Bible and the example of Christ and of the early church. [Excerpt, 2/02 Berean Call]

THE UN IS NOT OUR FRIEND—The United Nations conducted 33 peacekeeping missions in 28 countries from 1996 to 2001, with 15 still underway as of Jan. 2002 (3/11 USN&WR). The U.S. pays 27 percent of the rising cost, and provides troops and arms to the UN's global police force. When UN Sec'y General Kofi Annan recently accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, he avowed more concern for the security of the jihad states than the United States and warned the Bush administration against planning further attacks on Iraq and other terrorists (12/22/01 World). Fight terrorism we must, but does it make sense for us to use up our armaments in UN “peacekeeping” missions while rogue-nation sponsors of terrorism continue to stockpile theirs to use against us?

MORE GUN CRIMES IN BRITAIN THAN SWITZERLAND—British authorities cracked down on guns using a 1996 school massacre as an excuse. Armed crime has grown in London and other UK cities. Firearms murders jumped nearly 90 percent between April and Nov. 2001 over the 2000 rate. Estimates of illegal firearms range from 200,000 to several million (2/11 New American). Meanwhile, Switzerland, with its population of six million, has at least two million publicly owned firearms. BBC reported 9/27/01 that the rate of gun crimes is so low that statistics are not even kept.

LUCADO & DRINKING—Max Lucado, noted pastor of the Oak Hills Church of Christ (San Antonio) and a prominent Promise Keepers speaker stated “I don't have a strong opinion about Christians and drinking. Some of the people that I really look up to, they drink.” [Jan.-Feb. Fund. Digest]

CEDARVILLE HAS JAZZ CONFERENCE—Cedarville University (Ohio) is a GARBC “partner” and is the site for the GARBC's annual convention in June. We have a flyer for Cedarville's “2002 Instrumental and Vocal Jazz Conference” Feb. 15-16 featuring “a variety of jazz concerts,” “clinics on drumming, improvising, jazz piano,” and a festival and jam session. CU's own jazz band and vocal jazz ensemble are listed. CU Pres. Dr. Paul Dixon plans to retire in 2003. Wonder if he would now revise his good article in the 12/84 Baptist Bulletin where he rightly warned about “the devil's” and the world system's music. Sadly Cedarville's new-evangelical/ecumenical speakers, associations, and practices over the past couple of decades have placed it squarely in the new evangelical camp.

PRESERVE SEPARATIST HERITAGE—The Bible mandates a separation from those who reject, or fellowship with those who reject, the basic doctrines of Christianity. With the onslaught of new evangelicalism, which repudiated fundamentalism and taught a new generation to compromise, churches are falling away and separatist churches are becoming fewer. [OBF] “…Earnestly contend for the faith…”

A STAND FOR TRUTH WILL HAVE OPPOSITION—We received an e-mail from Bert Esselink, a 2000 graduate from Briercrest Biblical Seminary (Canada), noting Briercrest's rejection of his thesis paper. His topic related to leadership and was an in-depth evaluation of Mormon Stephen Covey's teachings. Briercrest held Covey's position and teachings on leadership in high regard and often considered them quite Biblical. So Esselink's paper was rejected, but he “came away with a whole new determination to adhere to the Word of God and not be caught up in the compromise and inclusive thinking of today's average evangelical.” He and his wife have since left the Evangelical Free Church they were active in for some 13 years, due to compromise. His conclusions: “Jerry, some might view the CC as being too negative, but I find it to be very encouraging! We are called to be discerning, something that most evangelicals consider anathema (probably not consciously, but in reality). I guess I would have to say that I no longer consider myself an evangelical—the name has come to stand for compromise, inclusivism, and tolerance of error. My heart is heavy for those who sit in these churches and hear nothing of eternal value from week to week. What a different burden the Lord has placed on my heart from the one I had when I began my Master's studies at Briercrest.” “I have come to learn that a stand taken for the validity of the truth of the Word of God will not go without opposition.”

CAMPOLO IS NCC SPEAKER—Tony Campolo, the keynote speaker at the National Council of Churches' general assembly gathering in November, told attendees that the primary hindrance of ecumenical unity between mainline Christians and evangelicals is not political or theological disagreement, but the manner in which the NCC avoids using Biblical language 1-2/02 Foundation). He said both groups share the same social vision, “the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.” He said “you are Biblically-based, but you seem to avoid Biblical language.” He noted, “Language is dividing us, not the issues—and it's a big problem.”

CBF FOUNDED ON IDEOLOGY, NOT THEOLOGY—The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a breakaway group from the Southern Baptist Convention about ten years ago, consists of some 1,600 SBC churches (2/02 Baptist Banner). It arose mainly from controversies over biblical authority. The CBF was founded on ideology rather than theology and doctrine. The premise was that it is possible for diverse entities to work together in common mission. The CBF supports Baptist freedom and the ordination of women pastors but is divided over homosexuality. CBF affiliate, Baptist Women in Ministry, held its 7/01 General Assembly meeting with the CBF and had songs and prayers addressed to “Mother God.”

UNITY IN COMMON MISSIONS—This is the unscriptural premise and glue that is holding many convention Baptist groups together today. This ideology of “unity in missions and diversity in all else” was necessitated by the desire to accommodate the inclusion of growing numbers of theologically diverse groups. Biblical authority and doctrine are being jettisoned. Some American Baptist Churches denominational leaders insist that Scripture must be interpreted through the “eyes of Christ” as if we could know how He would think apart from Scripture (2/02 Baptist Banner). The ABC has qualified its confession of faith as representing what most people in the ABC believe! The SBC is yoked with the ABC in the liberal Baptist World Alliance.

CHARISMATIC LEADERS DIVORCE, REMARRY, RESUME MINISTRIES—Charisma editor Lee Grady writes (3/02): “A prominent pastor in Los Angeles caused a stir two years ago when he divorced his wife and—seven days later—married another woman….[And] in just a few months…he was back on the conference circuit, no questions asked. Today Clarence McClendon enjoys the spotlight on Christian television, and he shares pulpits with top leaders in our [charismatic] movement.” Grady says that when it comes to marital breakdowns or sexual sin, “we charismatics are way too eager to grant immediate pardons.” He gives other examples, such as Larry Lea, who had “nonstop speaking engagements during the time he was divorcing…”; and South African charismatic pioneer Ray McCauley who divorced and remarried in a matter of months. One of his defenders said: “Yeah, Ray's marriage didn't work out, but “really, he is more anointed than ever!” Roberts Liardon may return to ministry after three months following his disclosure of a short-term homosexual relationship. The saddest irony is the planned marital breakup of Ray Mossholder, who has “saved 11,000 couples from divorce,” as a popular conference speaker and author. Sin is at the root of the growing number of divorces in our day. And no movement, including the Fundamentalist one, is immune from such a sad eventuality.

BLAME CATHOLIC POPE FOR CHARISMATICS?—In 1962, Pope John XXIII issued a call for a “new Pentecost.” The result was the charismatic renewal, which has touched tens of millions of people both within and outside the Roman Catholic Church (3/02 Charisma). Of course, Episcopal priest Dennis Bennett, Oral Roberts, and others were early leaders in the movement. Pentecostal historian Vinson Synan believes there are now 400 million Catholics and Protestants worldwide who have received the “baptism in the Holy Spirit.” The charismatic movement has become weirder and wilder in recent years, thanks to such leaders as Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, John Wimber, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne, etc.—giving us the Laughing Revival, the Pensacola Outpouring, etc. It is a tool for building the ecumenical church of the Antichrist.

THE KESWICK DEEPER LIFE MOVEMENT—Dr. Robert Delnay (Clearwater Christian College) discusses this in the March Faith Pulpit and traces it back to the 1860s and 1870s. He lists some problems and concludes that separation was perhaps a key problem or issue. He added: “Few if any of [Keswick leaders] ever went into Modernism; but they did not seem to warn people very much against it, or against the ecumenical movement.” This is a key point. Other problems listed related to prophecy, pietism, and pride. He noted that Fundamentalists and Keswick men stood aloof from each other, but that “each needed the other's message.

WILKINSON RESIGNS—Best-selling author Bruce Wilkinson resigned from his position as president of Walk Thru the Bible last month (3/4 Chr. News). He, the author of the controversial [and doctrinally flawed] Prayer of Jabez book, will move to California later this year and pursue “a broader mission through the medium of television and film.”

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