VOL. XX  NO. 1    NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM    January 2003

WHAT ARE EVOLUTIONISTS AFRAID OF?—Most bills pertaining to evolution are not to ban it but only to allow for the inclusion of the scientific evidence for creation along with evolution. But evolutionism leaders are so fearful of allowing even a hint of creation or theism into the public schools. They are supremely confident (so they say) that science proves evolution. So if so, any classroom discussion of the pros and cons should always result in firming up students' faith in evolution so what are they afraid of? (12/02 ICR) Evolution is scientism (not true science) and has no place in public schools, except as an atheistic philosophy.

SCHOLASTIC WITHDRAWS ANTI-BIBLICAL BOOK FROM CHRISTIAN MARKETING—Scholastic, Inc. will no longer distribute a book list to Christian schools containing the book Conversations with God for Teens by Neale Walsch. Walsch purports to answer various questions from kids using the “voice of God.” For example, when a girl asks why she is a lesbian, his answer is that she was born that way due to genetics. Another girl asked if cheating in class was wrong. Scholastic's “God” responded: “There is no such thing as 'right' and 'wrong.'” (5/11 World) New Age and occultic ideas are presented in this best-selling blasphemous book.

GORDON SEARS' NEW BOOK ON CCM—We have reviewed several books by the late Gordon Sears warning about the baneful inroads being made by Contemporary Christian Music into our churches. His newest book The Rapid Decay in Sacred Music has an appendix by his daughter Ruth Ann Sears, and a Foreword and final chapter by David Cloud. Topics include: 1. CCM's take-over of our churches 2. CCM is an unmistakable part of end-time apostasy 3. The fruits of CCM 4. “Christianized” rock 5. Music is not neutral 6. Worldly worship is unacceptable to a holy God 7. Entertainment demands applause. Get this 90-page book for $8 postpaid at: Songfest, P. O. Box 182, Coldwater, MI 49036, or Web site address www.songfest.org 

HARRY POTTER DANGERS—“Spells, potions, dark arts, psychic writing, magical healing, trance possession, ghostly encounters with the dead.…” All fit together in the new Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film, and all enter the viewer's mental bank of occult suggestions. Harry's second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is full of occult thrills (Berit Kjos, 11/25 Chr. News). The 11/22 Friday Church News lists three dangers with Potter. First, he desensitizes our society to the occult, treating it as neutral. Second, Potter promotes curiosity and experimentation with the occult. Third, Potter removes God and moral absolutes. God in his Word strongly condemns occultic practices For example, in Dt. 18:10-12: “There shalt not be found among you any one…that useth divination, or an observer of times… or a witch…or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard…”

NEW 'HATE CRIMES' LAW—Pastors in Pennsylvania now face a new state law that could mean they will be charged for simply preaching against homosexuality. Rep. Gov. Mark Schweiker signed a law last month giving Pa. what some homosexual groups tout as the broadest-written hate crimes law in the country. The bill states that the phrase "sexual orientation" be included in their Ethnic Intimidation Act. Hate crimes legislation is redundant because there has never been a "love crime" committed. It is dangerous because it puts the thoughts of a criminal on trial, instead of his actions. Recently in Illinois a woman was murdered for sharing the gospel with a homosexual, which infuriated him to the point of murder. ALL crime, whether concerning homosexuality or not, is an act of hatred. This type of legislation is often the first step that many homosexual groups take in getting their agenda heard in schools and getting their behavior protected by government. In a similar vein, the U.S. Supreme Court has also recently agreed to hear a case that would overturn the sodomy laws of several states. (PACE TEAM Report, 12/6)

CARDINAL LAW PRAYS WITH MUSLIMS—On a Sunday in November, Cardinal Bernard Law came to pray. Wearing a gold crucifix and a flowing black robe with red trim, he removed his shoes. Then, as the Muslim imam chanted the sunset prayers, Law knelt with his forehead just inches from the carpet and offered praise to Allah. Law said he felt right at home, participating in the Ramadan service (11/25 Boston Globe). Catholicism and Islam both exceed one billion, nearly all entering their faiths as infants. Law apparently played a major role in the scandalous cover-up where abusive priests were just quietly transferred to other parishes.

HOMOSEXUALITY MAY SPLIT ANGLICANS—George Carey retired Oct. 31 as Archbishop of Canterbury but warns that the 70-million-member Anglican Church is in danger of coming apart over the issue of homosexuality. Rowan Williams will be enthroned as Carey's successor in February. He has acknowledged ordaining a practicing homosexual, so evangelicals fear liberals will have a field day (11/23 World). But Williams says he probably won't do it again (12/7 H. Times). But he sees no theological objection to women bishops.

LCMS PASTOR DONALD PRANGE JOINS LIBERAL UCC—Rev. Donald Prange—charged by Christian News editor Herman Otten with denying the deity of Christ and other cardinal doctrines—has joined the apostate United Church of Christ (11/18 CN). The UCC was the first major denomination to officially ordain homosexuals. Prange has said that “Homosexuality is as normal and natural as the earth revolving around the sun.” He supports evolution and the ordination of women to the ministry. He is also charged with maintaining that the Bible does not contain absolute truth and denying that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

POPE TO PURSUE DIALOGUE WITH LUTHERANS—Pope John Paul II has received a group of Norwegian Lutherans at a Vatican audience and pledged to pursue ecumenical dialogue aimed at achieving “full visible unity” between Catholics and Lutherans (11/25 Chr. News). The CN editor observed: “Liberal Lutherans, who reject the scriptural doctrine of justification by faith alone in Jesus Christ, and who maintain that [He] is not the only way to heaven…might as well unite under some form of the papacy.”

NCC LEADERS ATTACK FALWELL, DEFEND MUHAMMAD—The left-wing National Council of Churches' executive board issued a special resolution against Jerry Falwell's “hateful and destructive comments” in calling Muhammad a terrorist. The NCC was echoing criticism coming from Islamic clerics (12/2 Chr. News). Falwell apologized, but the hypocrisy of the NCC is clearly revealed, in that they do not lash out this way against blasphemers of Christianity. Christians are deprived of their freedoms, and severely persecuted, in Islamic societies.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM SPEAKS FRANKLY ON ISLAM—Franklin Graham has called Islam “a very evil and wicked religion,” and criticized its intolerance (12/7 World). He should know – he's made about 70 visits to the Muslim world—from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. He heads up Samaritan's Purse, a humanitarian relief organization. He's built hospitals in Sudan and schools in Afghanistan. He says: “My opinions and views are shaped by years of working and seeing Islam up close.” He adds: “There is no religious freedom. I have seen the persecution. It is taught by them, it is in their Koran.”

GWEN SHAMBLIN, REMNANT FELLOWSHIP REJECT TRINITY—Remnant Fellowship, a controversial new religious movement, was founded about two years ago in Nashville by Weigh Down Workshop founder Gwen Shamblin. RF has grown to about 90 sites, though thousands canceled Weigh Down classes in 2000 after Shamblin publicly rejected the doctrine of the Trinity (12/9 C.Today). Critics see a “graceless legalism” in RF, and “total obedience” after conversion is needed to keep one free of sin and confident of salvation.

NRB CONVENTION SPEAKERS—National Religious Broadcasters are slated to meet in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for its 60
th Annual Convention & Exposition, Feb. 7-11. Campus Crusade sponsors a Public Policy Breakfast. Scheduled speakers include: Pres. Bush (invited), Rick Warren, Jim Cymbala (Brooklyn Tabernacle), Alistair Begg, and Joni. Charlie Daniels will emcee the awards presentation. Music is by Steve Green (concert), Vicki Winans, Charlie Daniels, Sara Paulson, and others. HCJB World Radio chairman Ron Cline serves on a panel. The NRB is mainly a hodgepodge of ecumenicals, charismatics, and New Evangelicals.

THE HERESY OF HAROLD CAMPING—The following is from an ACCC resolution: Harold Camping, founder, president, and voice of Family Radio, has announced that the church age has ended and that “the church as a corporate institution has no spiritual authority,” and is now advising believers who are members of a local church to “withdraw their membership, and fellowship on Sundays with whomever there may be who are of like mind.” He has written: “No longer are you to be under the spiritual rulership of the church. We must remove ourselves from the church….The church has ceased to be an institution or divine organism to serve God.” He instructs local churches to “reorganize their congregation, to become a fellowship of believers.” The American Council of Christian Churches meeting in Monett, MO, October 22-24, warns Christians of this dangerous and false teaching, and goes on record as saying this is heresy….

RUSSIAN ORTHODOX FAVORED IN BELARUS—A new repressive religion law, signed in Belarus, established the Russian Orthodox Church as the favored state religion (11/23 World). It bans activity by “unregistered” religious groups.

IS JIM CYMBALA A CHARISMATIC?—We have shown that he is riding high, back and forth, in both charismatic and New Evangelical circles (9/15/99, 2/1/01 CCs). Cedarville Univ. has had him as a speaker. Yet his charismatic and ecumenical associations can't be ignored. His Brooklyn Tabernacle's statement of faith claims that all the gifts of the Spirit are for today. The 11/02 Charisma says he has endorsed the TNIV, and referred to him as a “charismatic megachurch pastor.”

TAMMY FAYE & 'GAY' FANS—Tammy Faye Messner, former wife and co-host of PTL with Jim Bakker, now ministers to homosexual fans and attends “gay-pride” events nation-wide (12/02 Charisma). She said if someone comes up to her and asks her if homosexuality is a sin, then she tells them that “it's best not to take a chance with your soul.”

THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT—Although the New Age Movement is a catch-all phrase, for myriad of non-Christian beliefs (much of it a blend of counterfeit Christianity and eastern mysticism), there is a common theme that includes the following: (11/18 CN). 1. All is God [Not true, there is only one God.] 2. Humanity is divine. [Not true, it is corrupted by sin.] 3. Humanity's fundamental flaw is ignorance of its divine potential. [Not true, the flaw is sin.] 4. Humanity's greatest need is personal transformation. [Not true, basic need is salvation.] 5. All religions are true. [Not true, only one is true—Christianity.] 6. For humanity's total liberation there must be religious unity on a global scale. [Not true; only faith in Christ brings total liberation.] 7. Liberation will come through the feminine divine (Sophia, goddess of feminine wisdom). [Liberation will come through the Son of God, not from the feminine divine or any other source.] 8. Morality is relative; there are no absolute truths. [Not true; morality is absolute…] 9. God of the Christian Bible is a male construct, a human invention…[Untrue; Scriptures are divinely inspired.]

ACCC RESOLUTION ON BIBLICAL SEPARATION—“IN THAT there has been a continual attack from various sources in recent years upon the doctrine of Biblical separation so clearly taught in the Bible, and WHEREAS there is an ever-present danger that this teaching of separation may be ignored, watered down, or even opposed by succeeding generations of Fundamentalists, and WHEREAS church history bears witness to the fact that many movements have lived to repudiate the very principles that gave them birth, and WHEREAS the process of deteriorating conviction may take place even while lip service is being paid to historic positions, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Council of Christian Churches, meeting in its 61
st Annual Convention in Monett, MO, October 22-24, 2002 strongly urges our pastors, churches, schools, and friends to continue to hold firmly to the Biblical doctrine of separation from apostasy and from those compromising with apostasy, and that we will combat the subtle temptation to use speakers or to cooperate with movements which, while holding many Biblical truths, repudiate or at least ignore in their official or public statements and activities, this doctrine of separation.”

DEMONS IN THE SMOKE OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER is the name of a new book by Drs. R.L. Hymers, Jr. and John S. Waldrip. The book is in two parts. Part I (Hymers), The Invasion of Evil Spirits; Part II (Waldrip), The Blight of Islam. It purports to expose the Satanic forces behind Muslim terrorism attacks on America; it says the Islamic religion is demonic, and says Allah is Satan. Hymers posits an interesting observation that Satan, as master (Eph. 2:2) in control of the airways, used airplanes to destroy the WTC. There is a long “Afterword” by U.S. Sen. James Inhofe on “America's Stake in Israel's War on Terrorism.” Waldrip gave a helpful analysis of Islam. Hymers' topics were often controversial, though we agreed with him most of the time. However we disagreed with, and/or were confused by, his answer to the question of how a person comes to Christ (e.g., p50). For how to order this book, see one of the following Web sites:
www.rlhymersjr.com or www.CalvaryRoadBaptist.Org .

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