EVOLUTION IS A MYTH—Sir Arthur Keith, a leading evolutionist of the twentieth century, candidly admitted: “Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We [evolutionists] believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.” Yes, once it is admitted that there is a God to whom an accounting must some day be given, belief in special creation must be avoided at all costs.

KENT HOVIND PARK RAIDED BY IRS—IRS agents raided the Pensacola homes and businesses of Kent Hovind, “Dr. Dino,” who runs a creationist theme park and museum saying he owes taxes on proceeds of over $1 million. He travels around the world, on the Internet, in videos and in literature, arguing against evolution and for a biblical view of creation (5/6 AB). He denied any wrongdoing, and no charges have been filed against him. He suspects he is being targeted because of his religious beliefs. Per the Fundamentalist Digest: “For years, Hovind has fallaciously claimed that federal income taxes are 'voluntary' for all Americans, and that regardless of income status, individuals are not required to pay federal income taxes or file yearly reports….”

PRIESTS ACCUSED OF ABUSE WERE MOVED—Between 100 and 200 Roman Catholic priests from around the world were moved from country to country after they were accused of sex offenses against minors, according to an 18-month investigation by the Dallas Morning News (6/19 HT).

'SAVED' USES SACRELIGIOUS SATIRE TO TEACH TOLERANCE—“Saved” is a new teen comedy film that viciously mocks Christians. A Christian film reviewer calls it a “breeding ground for anti-Christian bigotry.” The film's heroine is Mary, who sees it as her mission to sleep with Dean, a homosexual, to “cure” him. So she is said to sacrifice her virginity to conquer his homosexuality. One scene has Mary testing God by staring up at a cross and cursing (6/12 Houston Chronicle). Characters lie, steal, smoke, throw Bibles and curse God. Other such offensive films are coming.

MARIJUANA: AMERICA'S LARGEST CASH CROP?—The social norm creeping into society today is that pot is harmless. Although alcohol remains the primary drug of choice among teens, marijuana is firmly No. 2. Marijuana is more than twice as potent as the marijuana of the 1970s (5/04 Charisma). And because of the increased potency, today's drug remains in a person's system about seven days, not a day or two like the weed of 30 or so years ago. Marijuana has long been known as a “gateway drug.” It is a dangerous and easily accessible addictive drug. Be warned, be wise, beware!

TEN REASONS WHY I CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE MODERN CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT—(By George Zeller, Middletown Bible Church, Ct., Foundation)— 1) The Charismatic Movement teaches that not every believer has received the Holy Spirit. 2) The Charismatic Movement teaches that tongues is the evidence of having received the Spirit. 3) The Charismatic Movement teaches that tongues is the evidence of being filled with the Spirit. 4) The Charismatic Movement teaches that Spirit baptism is an experience subsequent (following in time) to salvation and not enjoyed by all believers. 5) Some within the Charismatic Movement believe that it is necessary to tarry for the Holy Spirit. 6) Within the Charismatic Movement there is often an overemphasis upon the person or the Holy Spirit to the neglect of Christ. 7) The Charismatic Movement includes those who teach that it is God's will for every sick person to be healed. 8) The Charismatic Movement teaches that the Bible is not sufficient! (We need something else—visions, prophecies, added revelations, etc.!) 9) The Charismatic Movement believes that ecumenism is pleasing to God. 10) The Charismatic Movement makes experience the real basis of Christian unity rather than doctrine. [Bro. Zeller has a 37-page study titled, The Charismatic Movement—35 Doctrinal Issues, available, postage paid, for $3.00 from him at 349 East Street Middletown, CT 06457. The Web site address is: www.middletownbiblechurch.org]

FALWELL WORSHIP LEADER LEARNS AT LAS VEGAS—Rev. Ray Rodgers Jr. (Lynchburg, June 27) sent us a copy of his letter to The Forum about Charles Billingsley (Thomas Road Baptist Church's music “worship leader”) going to Las Vegas to learn from “a quintessential showman (Wayne Newton) how to make an audience—or congregation—come alive.” The Wayne Newton Theater at the Stardust Hotel is one of the classrooms where singer Billingsley has sat trying to learn from Newton. He says, “I sit there with a note pad, noting how many songs he sings, where he takes a break, how long he talks in between….” The article said Billingsley “loves it when the crowd is rocking.” This should further confirm where contemporary music is heading—lulled and led by the world instead of vice versa.

LEGAL BATTLE OVER MARRIAGE—Christian conservatives want to ban civil unions and homosexual marriages, but their leaders (Don Wildmon, Mike Farris, e.g.) seem split on how to do it. Farris says: “As much as I want to stop same-sex marriage, I actually believe we would be in worse shape if the currently proposed Musgrave Federal Marriage Amendment were ratified.” The Musgrave FMA bans same-sex marriage but allows state legislatures to create civil unions if they choose (5/22 World). Activist judges and liberal politicians seek to rewrite and redefine the laws. Yet no society in human history has ever defined marriage as anything other than between men and women. Marriage (Divine Institution No. 2) benefits the family (especially children) and society.

NOW IT'S 'SAME-SEX DIVORCE'—They had been together for ten years, but it took only five days for one lesbian couple to decide "marriage" wasn't going to work for them. The two Toronto women were among the first homosexual couples to legally marry in Canada—but now they want a divorce, which is proving to be a bit of a problem. According to the New York Times, they cannot be divorced until Canada's Divorce Act is amended to reflect the "new reality of gay marriage." An attorney for one of the women says the matter of same-sex divorce is "totally a technicality" in Canada's law on same-sex marriage. And an attorney with a Canadian pro-homosexual group describes the issue as more of a “housekeeping matter.” The women's case is scheduled to be heard in September. (7/22 Agape Press)

PARLIAMENT OF WORLD'S RELIGIONS MET IN SPAIN—Unlike previous Parliaments (Chicago-'93 and Cape Town-'99) that focused on creating consensus documents, this meeting was not about the unity of world religions. The Dalai Lama was scheduled to speak at the opening session, but canceled due to illness. Deepak Chopra and three large pagan groups (EarthSpirit, Covenant of the Goddess, and Circle Sanctuary) were among the 125 co-sponsoring groups. Dr. Ralph Colas attended this meeting with press credentials and his report will be forthcoming.

IBFNA NEW OFFICERS—We were unable to attend the FBFI and the IBFNA meetings in June. Dr. John Vaughn months ago succeeded Dr. Rod Bell at the helm of the FBF, and Dr. Richard Harris is the new Moderator of the IBFNA. Gary Freel is Secretary, Tom Hamilton is Treasurer, and Dr. Chick Dear is editor of the IBFNA Review. These are good men and we hope to have further information about the conferences in the September CC.

LABYRINTH: 'PRAYER PATH'—Since ancient times, the labyrinth has been associated with the legend of the evil Minotaur, the half-man, half-bull monster who dwelt in a deep, dark labyrinth on the island of Crete. The 7/10 Huntsville Times had a series of articles on this trendy wave (New Age?) of alternative worship. It is said to be another way to meet God, and that its healing touch can “go beyond” (surpass?) the Christian experience. The local Weatherly Heights Baptist Church recently built a permanent labyrinth of stepping stones on its grounds.

GARBC BRIEFS—A pastor who attended most of this year's conference said most of the preaching was fine but he was disappointed with the “crossed over contemporary” music and the “worship.” He said the “partnering” relationship was ended by a vote of 4 to 1.

DR. RICE'S DAUGHTER SPEAKS AT SBC CHURCH—Southern Baptist pastor Dr. Jerry Falwell wrote in his 7/04 National Liberty Journal: “Dr. [John R.] Rice's daughter, Joy Rice Martin, and her staff conducted a very successful Joyful Woman's Conference here at Thomas Road Baptist Church…” O Timothy had a recent article titled, “John R. Rice's Daughters Speak at SBC Seminary.” We quote: “Two daughters of the late fundamental Baptist Evangelist John R. Rice spoke at a Southern Baptist seminary on Jan. 31, 2002, and the appearance was billed along the lines of reconciliation between independent Baptists and Southern Baptists. Paige Patterson, president of Southeastern, said, “we made history today….” Joy Rice Martin and Elizabeth Rice Hanford spoke at a chapel service at Southeastern. Martin said, “We're so glad we can stand together in the family of God. My dad would be pleased to see what God has done in this denomination.” But the question keeps arising: “What position would Dr. Rice take regarding fellowshipping with So. Baptists who are yoked with unbelievers?” He has given mixed signals on this. Hence a case can be made for both positions, so we give him the benefit of the doubt. More importantly for us God's Word has spoken (2Cor. 6:14-17, 2Thes. 3:6, 14-15, etc.)

DIVISIVE DEBATE DEEPENS AMONG DENOMS—In 2003 the Presbyterian Church (USA) had its highest percentage loss. Leaders say they are losing people to the secular world (8/04 AB). Deep rifts have worsened among Episcopalians and United Methodists over the past year. Liberal theology is a root problem.

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