VOL. XXII  NO. 11 & 12  NEWS & VIEWS, NOTES & QUOTES, TO WARN & INFORM   Nov.–Dec. 2005

JIMMY CARTER'S NEW BOOK—Former President Jimmy Carter's new book, “Our Endangered Values” is reviewed by R. Albert Mohler (Baptist Press). We quote and excerpt from the review. Mohler says in the review that the book criticizes fundamentalists for simplistic and superficial convictions while Mr. Carter offers superficial and simplistic assessments of urgent moral questions. Some of the most vitriolic language concerns Mr. Carter's criticism of the Southern Baptist Convention and its leaders.[Mr. Carter cut ties with the SBC a few years ago.] Carter argues that fundamentalists are militant in fighting against any challenge to their beliefs [“contend for the faith”] and are likely to be angry and abusive against those who oppose their goals. Mr. Carter says that “fundamentalists” believe that “the past is better than the present.” He argues that fundamentalists err when they “draw clear distinctions between themselves as true believers, and others, convinced they are right and anyone who contradicts them is possibly ignorant and evil.” He continues a pattern of arguing that others are wrong when they assert that he is wrong. Even in this new book, he continues that pattern. Per Carter's own worldview, he reveals: “In the religious realm, I shall depend on the Holy Scriptures…On political issues, I shall rely as much as possible on my own personal experiences and observations.” Just what are the “values” that Carter believes to be so endangered? For one, he blames fundamentalists for being primarily responsible for the raging controversies that now mark America's public life. As he sees it, America is being ripped apart by fundamentalists who push their concerns about abortion, marriage, homosexuality and other issues in the public square. He has been a strong proponent of women as pastors. He has strongly opposed the death penalty. He condemned the SBC for adopting a revised [stronger] version of its confession of faith.

CRIME ROSE AFTER GUN BAN IN DC—Crime got significantly worse in Washington DC in 1976 after a handgun ban there. While handguns are banned for citizens in WDC, congressmen are allowed to have a gun for self-protection on the Capitol grounds (8/8/05 New American).

GLOBALISM GOVERNANCE—A United Nations that seeks to impose its presumed authority on the American people, without their consent, begs for confrontation. A UN that serves the purpose for which it was designed, would not respect U.S. authority, since the UN was designed to be the framework for a future world government (2/28/02 New Amer). David Rockefeller recently said: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

DOVER, PA. SCHOOL VOTES OUT BOARD—A Dover Pa. school board adopted a policy in Oct. 2004 that required 9th graders to hear a prepared statement about intelligent design before learning about evolution in biology. ID holds that the universe is so complex it must have been created by some higher force. The statement read to students says Charles Darwin's theory is not a fact and has inexplicable gaps. The school board was ousted in the Nov. 2 election.

GAY DALLAS MEGACHURCH TO JOIN UCC—One of the nations' largest homosexual churches has voted to become a member of the liberal United Church of Christ. Rev. Jo Hudson is the church's pastor. The 4,300-member Cathedral of Hope, was formerly the flagship congregation of the Metropolitan Community Churches until it left in 2002.

—The largest teachers union, the NEA (National Education Association), held its annual convention this summer in Los Angeles displaying its usual favoritism toward gays and feminists, hostility to parents, and support of liberal causes. NEA delegates passed a resolution demanding that children be permitted to be homeschooled only if their parents are licensed as teachers by a state education licensure agency. [8/05 Schlafly Report] NEA endorsed all feminist goals, including abortion.

ECUMENISTS WANT MORE INVOLVEMENT BY EVANGELICALS AND PENTECOSTALS—The Vatican has called for full diplomatic ties with Russia. And representatives of the most radical and liberal side of the ecumenical movement met at the Interchurch Center (NYC) Oct. 22 to discuss the absence of Evangelicals and Pentecostals from “the ecumenical table.” The meeting was sponsored by the World Council and National Council of Churches in America. Theological liberals and evangelicals are drawing closer (O Timothy & 11/7/05 Christian News).

TH ANNUAL CONVENTION—The meeting was held Oct. 25-27 in Parma, Ohio. I'm thankful that I was well enough to attend the meeting and hear the many good messages. A panel discussion with Dr. Rolland McCune, Dr. Richard Harris and Dr. Ralph Colas answered questions about issues of our day. Several resolutions were also passed including one with a warning concerning Joel Osteen the popular preacher from Houston, Texas. Executive Secretary of the ACCC is Dr. Ralph Colas. He travels the globe with press credentials covering many religious conferences of vital importance. Reports of these meetings were usually carried in the CC. Dr. Colas has been a big help and encouragement for the CC ministry and is greatly appreciated.

AMERICAN BAPTIST EXODUS—The Pacific Southwest region of the liberal American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) has begun defecting in the largest church exodus from any denomination over the issue of homosexuality. Underlying issues also include the authority of Scripture and church discipline. Representing over 300 churches, the regions board of directors voted September 8 to begin withdrawal. At least four other regions are considering leaving ABCUSA, a member denomination in the National Council of Churches. The ABCUSA officially states that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.

FOR FALSE DOCTRINE, SEPARATION IS VIRTUE NOT A SIN—“False doctrine and heresy are even worse than schism. If people separate themselves from teaching which is positively false and unscriptural, they ought to be praised rather than reproved. In such cases separation is a virtue and not a sin.” (Ryle, O Timothy) “Speaking the truth in love” Eph 4:15

“Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures for evermore” (Ps. 16:11). God does not leave His people to stumble in darkness; He guides us homeward to His presence. He shines the light of His Word upon our steps that we may walk safely by His grace. He strengthens us for the journey and guides us by His Word. It is always His purpose to bring His people safely into His presence. He is preparing a blessed place for His people. There we find everlasting joy in fellowship with Him and with His redeemed people. Our steps should quicken and our heart should leap with joy at the thought of seeing Him face to face. (From God's Promises New Every Day by Stewart Custer)

CALVARY CONTENDER--FINAL ISSUE—This will be the final printed issue of the Calvary Contender. My health problems have advanced more rapidly than expected this past year. The Parkinson Disease symptoms, eye problems and osteoarthritis have made it too difficult for me to continue the CC ministry. Plans are to continue maintaining the Web site which has the CC information from 1994. The Web site is managed by Mr. Richard Hall who has been a valuable help to me and the CC ministry. A sincere thank you to Richard.

IN APPRECIATION—I count it a privilege to have served with some choice servants of the Lord in different organizations as I represented the CC ministry. I want to thank all the people who have been faithful readers of the CC through the years and the pastors who have distributed the paper to their congregations. Also, thank you to the editors, colleges and missionaries who have used the CC in their ministries. I want to express my gratitude to those who helped underwrite the ministry financially. A special thank you to my pastor, Dr. Greg McLaughlin, for giving me the liberty to do the CC all these years. Please pray for me and my wife during this transition period.

* * * *
(Written by Dr. Greg McLaughlin, Pastor)

For twenty-three years Jerry Huffman has been “warning and informing” through the Calvary Contender. The CC has been a beacon of light for many of us in the ministry. There is no way of estimating how many preachers as well as laymen that Brother Huffman, through the CC, has influenced to stand strong against compromise and the subtle drift we see in Christendom.

It takes a certain type of man to read over 100 periodicals each month and pick and condense the real issues into a two-page paper. I have been Jerry's pastor since 1979. For those of us who know him personally, we would all agree that Jerry has the most tender and sweet spirit of any believer anywhere. He has no ax to grind with anyone. He is a man who, when he sees compromise, does not get mad and become hateful but grieves because the cause of Christ is hurt. He has been and is a gentleman, a giant of a Christian, who has served all of us faithfully over the years. His only desire is to see God's people standing without compromise, serving the Lord and being faithful to the Word of God.

Brother Jerry is no quitter. He would continue the CC until the Lord took him home, but his health has continually declined over the past several years, and it is now virtually impossible for him to continue this ministry.

On behalf of our readers, pastors and laymen alike, I thank you, Brother Huffman, for your kind spirit coupled with your discernment. You have helped all of us serve our Lord more faithfully. We love you Jerry, be assured of our continued prayers on your behalf. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness!

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