ALABAMA INDIANS SET TO BUILD CASINOS—Dan Ireland, executive director of Ala. Citizens Action Program, says: “The reason we can't legalize video gambling (bingo or any other game) …is because once Alabama legalizes this type of gambling, the Indian reservations will explode.” They have a contract with Harrah's casinos that says “once gambling is legalized, Harrah's will build multimillion casinos on Indian reservations in our state.” (12/16 Alabama Baptist)

'GANGSTA RAP' IS OFTEN VILE, A BAD INFLUENCE—Today's popular music is so depressing. If today's rock 'n' roll is not anguished and miserable, it is angry and furious. Rap music is filled with violence, promiscuity, and hatred, especially for women (7/24/97 World). Profanity-laden, death-wish lyrics in such music puts harmful ideas in young listeners' heads—glorying assault, death and rape. Eminem is perhaps the most foul-mouthed, angry, bitter—and popular—rapper of them all and shows his rage at his mother and father [via his songs]. Many rappers never knew their fathers.

CONVERSION OF MORMON MISSIONARY—In the Jan. Baptist Bulletin a former Mormon missionary tells of his experience with the LDS cult. He says that in its early days, the Mormon doctrine of God was similar to Christianity's—not the doctrine that God was once a man, that man may become God, and that there are many gods. He said Mormonism taught me that I must earn Christ's atonement for salvation through religious ceremonies and keeping all the commandments of Mormonism (no one can do this!).

SECULARISM A RELIGION—David Klinghoffer says secularism is a religion and the word should be capitalized. He said “just as Mel Gibson is always referred to as a Catholic film-maker, Michael Moore should be identified as a Secular one” (1/05 CT). Young children are being targeted for conversion to Secularism. Hollywood's bias against anything remotely “Christian” is clearly seen in the dispensing of “Oscars.”

THE CORRUPT UN—Apart from the substantial fraud and mismanagement in what may be the largest financial scandal in United Nations history, there is a host of other disasters to warrant a no-confidence vote in the corrupt UN. We could mention the "oil for food" scandal and the allegations that UN peacekeepers raped Congolese girls (1/24 USN & WR). The list goes on and on. The UN's founders clearly intended for it to become an eventual all powerful world government, a goal rapidly being realized. Christianity would be abolished and an international world court established. "Hate crime" could be wrongly used as a pretext charge under such a corrupt one-world dictatorship. Meanwhile, "we fight terrorists, and the UN harbors them." It doesn't make sense.

THE DA VINCI CODE—Dan Brown's book by this name continues to be a smash hit, though it has numerous mistakes. It's characters inaccurately malign Christianity (1/17 Chr. News). The plot involves Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene.

DANGEROUS MEDITATION—Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a veiled form of Hindu/yoga. Initiates to TM receive a mantra (Hindu holy word) to repeat while sitting in yogic postures engaging in yogic breathing. The goal is to find God within their own beings, since God and the self are really one (Nov. 2004 Chr. Today). But seeking enlightenment through meditation opens the soul to deception and to spiritual bondage.

WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?—"Bad men or devils would not have written the Bible, for it condemns them and their works. Good men or angels could not have written it, for in saying it was from God when it was but their own invention, they would have been guilty of falsehood, and thus could not have been good. The only remaining being who could have written it, is God—its real author."—Gospel Standard, 11/04

Sorry. I am swamped with mail and seldom can answer your letters. I enjoy them, however, so email me jhuffman2@juno.com

NEW BOOK ON NEW EVANGELICALISM BY DR. ROLLAND MCCUNE—We reviewed a new book by Rolland McCune in the Jan. CC titled Promise Unfilled: The Failed Strategy of Modern Evangelicalism. (We actually liked the sub-title better than the title!) Most of the following is from the Introduction. Harold John Ockenga is generally credited with coining the “New Evangelicalism” term in a 1947 address at Fuller Seminary. Defining “new” evangelicalism is part of the greater problem of defining evangelicalism itself, and is one of the biggest problems in American historiography. It is said to be a plastic term. The author says: “For our purposes the term applies to a strain of conservative, traditional, Protestant, religious thought that coalesced into a movement in the mid-twentieth century, purporting to avoid the fundamentalist right and the neo-orthodox/neo-liberal left.” Part 1 gives a history of the rise of liberalism. Part 2 analyzes contributing factors to the actual formation of the new evangelical movement. Part 3 deals with the pervasive effects of ecumenism on new evangelicalism thought and activity. Part 4 explores the main issue that divided the new evangelicals and the fundamentalists practically—ecclesiastical separation. Parts 5 through Parts 9-sets forth basic concerns over biblical authority, social sensitivity, status/destiny of the unsaved, and the radical “open theism” view of God. [Note: The Ohio Bible Fellowship passed a Feb. resolution warning that Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church Seminars are now being hosted by Roman Catholic churches. He doesn't warn leaders that Catholics promote a false gospel and worship a false Christ. Order McCune's big 399-page book from: Inter-City Christian Bookstore, 4635 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI 48101 (313) 383-6110, $24.99, “a must read!”

BJU ANNOUNCES ADMINISTRATION CHANGES—Bob Jones University January 20 announced three administration changes effective following Commencement in May. Dr. Bob Jones III becomes Chancellor and continues as Chairman of the Board; Rev. Stephen Jones becomes President; For more information, on BJU's administrative changes, see press release at www.bju.edu 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29614.

GRAHAM PROMISED NOT TO PROSELYTIZE—In preparing for the Billy Graham crusade in LA last Oct., the Billy Graham organization promised the Roman Catholic archdiocese that Catholics will not be proselytized. This is in keeping with Dr. Graham's longstanding belief and policy, there will be no proselytizing, and anyone identifying himself as Catholic will be referred to us for reintegration into the life of the Catholic Church…this has been Graham's working policy since the 1950s. The names of thousands of Catholics have been turned over to Catholic churches for “follow-up.” –turning babes in Christ back over to the wolves!

PURPOSE DRIVEN CATHOLIC CHURCHES—Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church Seminars are now being hosted by Roman Catholic Churches. The marketing message on the seminar's logo reads: “Implementing the Purpose Driven Church – Growth Without Compromising Your Message or Mission.” Since we know the Roman Church cannot, and never will, compromise its infallibly pronounced gospel of works and sacraments, we must wonder if the “Purpose Driven Seminar gospel is indeed the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It should not surprise us that Roman Catholic churches are participating in Rick Warren's seminars. He often quotes Roman Catholic leaders favorably.

ANGLICANS NOT HAPPY OVER EPISCOPAL APOLOGY—Anglican archbishops were not appeased by the U.S.'s apology last month for the consecration last year of V. Gene Robinson. It said the U.S. Episcopal's apology did not go far enough to heal the rift which threatens unity among Anglicans..

SBC SEEKS NEW ALTERNATIVE TO BWA—Two dozen retired chief executives of Southern Baptist entities have declared themselves to be “advocates of the Baptist World Alliance.” Former SBC/BWA leader Duke McCall says “Our purpose is to retain Southern Baptist participation in and support of the BWA.” The SBC's chief executive Morris Chapman said: “We hope for the BWA God's blessings in every work they do for the Kingdom's sake” (1/27 Alabama Baptist). SBC funding of the BWA has been cut but the SBC will continue their dialogue with the BWA toward possibly resolving the dispute.

EVANGELICALS AND MORMONS TOGETHER— “An Evening of Friendship” conference/dialogue was held November 14 and featured Ravi Zacharias (“main speaker”), Fuller Seminary President Richard Mouw, Craig Hazen (Biola prof), Joseph Tkach, and Michael Card. Dr. David W. Cloud writes (O Timothy): “…Mouw, who preceded Zacharias to the podium, apologized to the Mormons, making the following amazing statements: 'Let me state it clearly. We evangelicals have sinned against you….We have demonized you….[We evangelicals] have often misrepresented the faith and beliefs of the Latter-Day Saints.'” Cloud asks: “Is it sin to preach the one true Gospel and to warn of false gospels and christs as Paul did?...” One report said Ravi Zacharias almost pulled out of the event because prior reports had downplayed his theological differences with Mormonism….Ravi's message received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.” But, make no mistake. Mormonism is a cult. Be warned, be wise, beware!

FRONTLINE MAGAZINE—I haven't read it yet, but just reading the index of authors and articles aroused my interest in the new Frontline, published by the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. Its theme for the new issue is “The Evangelical Disaster. Dr. John Vaughn is FBFI Pres. and Editor of Frontline.

SOME FUNDAMENTALISTS NO LONGER DESIRE TO DISTINGUISH THEMSELVES FROM NEO-EVANGELICALS—Dr. John Vaughn said of the new International Baptist Network: “It [IBN] includes the Baptist Bible Fellowship, the Southwide Baptist Fellowship, and the World Baptist Fellowship. The celebration was joined by representatives of the Southern Baptist Convention. Their [IBN's ] attempt to rally around the Great Commission is commendable. But to do so while setting aside the unpleasantness of separation is to ignore the lesson of the Evangelical Disaster. Fundamental Baptists should know better than to board the back end of a train that is wrecking on the other end.

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