POPE'S FUNERAL, BIG WORSHIP SERVICE, LEGACY—Pope John Paul II's recent funeral was the biggest “worship service” in history. He stood opposed to extra-marital sex, homosexuality, and pornography. Yet some charged him with protecting and reassigning sodomite priests in the huge priestly pedophile scandal in America. After he was eulogized for all of his “good works,” the pray-ers begged God to let him into heaven, calling on Mary and the saints to intercede for him. But as G.E. Veith put it (4/23 World): “Sadly missing was the liberating gospel of salvation through faith in the free forgiveness won by Christ alone.” In our day, if Muslims and Hindus demonstrate good works, Catholics teach that these in other such religions can be saved, even apart from conscious faith in Jesus Christ. Rome has said even pious atheists will get to heaven. John Paul II's Assisi prayer/peace meetings 1980s with leaders of some 32 world religions (animists, etc.) were a heretical step toward syncretism. He has approved evolution and socialism (4/11 Christian News). He told Muslims: “We believe in the same god,” and kissed the Koran (12/1/99 CC). The St. Louis Dispatch said JP II preached hope. But truly, there is no hope in the Pope! [NOTE: Most of the information from this issue re RC is from the 24-page 4/11/05 Christian News which is available for $1 from Christian News, 684 Luther Lane, New Haven, MO 63068. ]

METHODIST COURT OVERTURNS GAY MINISTER'S BAN—A Methodist court panel in April reinstated a gay minister who had been defrocked for declaring to her denomination that she was in a relationship with another woman (4/30 Huntsville Times). Another UMC appeals panel voted to oust Beth Stroud for violating UMC's ban on “self-avenged, practicing homosexual clergy.”

VAN IMPE PRAISES THE POPE—Pastor Dennis W. Fox comments as follows concerning an April 16 and an April 23 Jack Van Impe program: “How sad to see a man who once warned against Catholicism's errors now defending deceptions of Rome. Van Impe says Rome believes in 'salvation by grace through faith alone.' But they do not exegete the Eph. 2:8-9 passage (and others) accurately. According to Rome, God's grace comes through faith in the sacraments of Rome. Sadly, Van Impe is deceiving Christians with his misinterpretations of the Word of God and his errors. On an April program, his wife read a letter from a Northern Ireland man who falsely labeled Dr. Ian Paisley a 'bigot.' The Van Impes praised the letter. Jack said Catholics believe the 5 points of Fundamentalism. He said the new Pope believes the Bible. He wrongly painted Protestants as people who hate Catholics. He 'corrects' Protestant teaching with the new 'Catholic Catechism.' Dr. Van Impe sure seems to have a deep sentiment against Protestantism and a great admiration for some previous popes and their Catholic doctrines.

EVANGELICALS MORE IN COMMON WITH POPE—After Billy Graham's first “communist” crusade in Communist Hungary in 1977, Poland invited him to come there. Bill Bright and Graham tapped in to the dynamic Catholic youth movement there. Bright challenged U.S. students to go to Poland as students to a foreign university and start ministries (5/05 CT). Catholics later experienced “a strange unabashed mix of Polish Catholicism—Marian devotion included—and American evangelical revivalism. Campus Crusade returned with 30 staff and trained student leaders…“ “Ironically, Bill Bright and others found more in common with John Paul II than with their liberal brothers.” But, how can these “evangelicals” exult in any victory won by yoking up with a Catholic false gospel system, and say “John Paul's biggest accomplishment was his ecumenism”?

FALWELL HAS PRAISED THE POPE IN MINISTRY—Dr. Jerry Falwell on various occasions has praised the Roman Catholic pope and has had Catholics preach in his pulpit. Catholics comprised 30 percent of his Moral Majority membership. Dinesh D'Souza's 1984 biography said Falwell “is a staunch admirer of Pope John Paul II [and said] the Pope and Ronald Reagan are “the greatest in my lifetime.” While admitting doctrinal differences, Falwell said: “I know many Catholic priests who are born again and who preach the same message that I do.” D'Souza says: “To the chagrin and horror of fundamentalists, [Falwell] is sometimes seen at prayer meetings with Catholics and Jews….” “Can two walk together, except they be agreed”? Amos 3:3 [3/1/95 CC]

WESTERN BAPTIST COLLEGE NAME CHANGE—It seems in vogue today to change the name of colleges—especially to drop a denomination's designation such as “Baptist.” Western Baptist College in Salem, Ore. is the latest to officially drop “Baptist” from its name. It will be known as Corban College from henceforth. It had earlier dropped “Bible” from its name. Many former GARBC schools have undergone a name change in recent years. The Northwest Baptist Convention (SBC) recently endorsed Western (a GARBC-related “partner” as an educational institution that their member churches should support (5/05 CT ). WBC had cozied with Conservative Baptist churches (NAE member) for several years. (CBA, 3/1/95 CC).

CREATION, EVOLUTION—A big conference on Creation and Evolution is scheduled for July 17-22 at Liberty University. The conference is emceed by Ken Ham and co-hosted by Jerry Falwell (Chancellor of Liberty University) who also will speak at the meeting. Ken Ham is the popular president of the world's largest creation organization, Answers In Genesis (4/4/05 Christian News). Teaching on creation/evolution in public schools will be a major topic at this meeting.

'REVELATIONS'—NBC is doing a miniseries called “Revelations.” Hank Hanegraaff (“The Bible Answer Man”) is concerned about its “faulty theology.” Among specific errors in the miniseries is a diminished view of the authority and power of Jesus Christ. (4/05 Assist).

BALANCE BETWEEN CONVICTIONS, GRACE—When we have great convictions, the natural tendency is for us to become rough and vehement. It is equally difficult, on the other hand, to manifest a gracious attitude and yet be strong. The tendency in the manifestation of grace is to compromise and be weak. Only in the Lord Jesus are these two things properly brought together in balance. [Dr. Ernest Pickering]

DR. KENNETH BROWN'S HOME GOING[NEWS RELEASE]—Dr. Kenneth Brown went to be with the Lord April 22. He was a faithful servant of the Lord for over 50 years. He taught at Baptist Bible College/Sem. (Clarks Summit, Pa.), San Francisco Baptist Theol./Sem., Detroit Baptist Theol./Sem., and Clearwater Christian College. He pastored several churches, most recently serving at Grace Baptist in E. Smithfield, Pa. He was an ardent fundamentalist and separatist and was a great voice defending verbal, plenary inspiration. He had a passion for the Word of God—in teaching, preaching and expertise in Bible languages (e.g., Greek)—and influenced hundreds of students and laypeople over the last 5 decades. He was recognized as a leading scholar in fundamentalist circles on the text of the NT. Funeral services were held on April 26. Pastor Frank Hayman spoke and Dr. Duane Brown (his brother) told of his memories of Ken. As a special praise, Ken's 6 yr.-old granddaughter (and namesake), Kendra, accepted Christ as her Savior the night of the funeral. Dr. Brown is survived by his wife Zelda and 5 children, all in fulltime ministry.

IBFNA 05 SPEAKERS—Drs. Clay Nuttall, L. Duane Brown, Tom Wolfe, Paul Connor, and two ladies: Mary Singleton and Donna Dear. Meetings will be June 21 – 23 at Farmstead Inn, Shipshewanna, Ind. (Phone: 260/768-4595 (lodging), 734/697-7150 (Meeting)

SOME FBFI 05 SPEAKERS—Dr. Dave Jaspers, President. of Maranatha Baptist Bible College; Dr. Jim Berg (popular author, speaker, and BJU faculty member); Brad Smith, and Art Sinski. This 85th annual Fellowship is hosted by Faith Baptist Church (Dr. John Vaughn, pastor, Taylors, SC, June 14-16). (800) 376-6856.

UPDATE ON DR. ROD BELL—The following note (excerpt) by Dr. John Vaughn was in the March-April FrontLine: “…In the next issue of FrontLine, we will feature an interview with Dr. Bell. When he resigned from the FBFI, the painful circumstances were printed in this space. We believe it is important and right to print this testimony of brokenness and restoration. Many of his friends have asked when it would be appropriate to contact Dr. Bell about coming to their churches to speak. As his pastor, I commend him to anyone who desires to have him come. NOTE: As stated above, you can reach Dr. Bell by e-mail, or by phone at 864/627-0632, OR the May-June Frontline will carry an interview with him.

AN EXCELLENT PAMPHLET BY FORMER CATHOLIC PRIEST—Dr. Bart Brewer, A former RC priest, has tracts, tapes, books and videos. Send $7.00 for an assorted packet, or order multiples of the pamphlet titled, “Scriptural Truths for Roman Catholics.” E-mail: bart@mtc.org

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